Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday 20/11/09

And because I sat down and wrote something in the comments yesterday that almost fully explains (ALMOST fully - I never do anything by wholes) why I was so annoyed by this person and his rant(see previous post below), I’m going to copy this on the front page now for maximum exposure and then forget about it.

So yesterday, in the comments section a reader, W, said: “I thought what he said was quite interesting. I think he did understand the point of your blog, but just found it raised difficult feelings inside him and I think its fine for him to express those to you, as it is fine for you to share with everyone else your thoughts about how he makes you feel i.e. that he is a cowardly idiot. At the end of the day it’s just different perspectives, there isn’t any objective truth about the meaning of 'London Preppy', people take from it what they will and clearly some people will find it the way that reader does, if not in whole, certainly in parts. There are certainly aspects of what he says I think I recognise. Does that make me a cunt too?”

And W made me sit down and think, well not so much sit down and think, because these thoughts were already in my head, but he motivated me to sit down and write them. Mind you, it was late Thursday night and I’d just come home from my play date with Scott’s cat and then my Dad called with some intensive questions about the weather and what have you, so I was a bit distracted and it’s not perfect, but it’s all I have. So here it is:

“No, certainly not.

I'm actually finding it difficult to respond to this with clarity. I don't know if I want to write as myself, or if I want to continue writing from the LP perspective. Actually, I don't know who he has an issue with either, as he wrote his piece, closed any comments and didn't provide an email address anywhere on his blog for me to get back to him either. Which is a bit shitty.

At the end of the day, you're right, everyone takes away whatever they want from the blog and they can express themselves accordingly.

Having read his piece and a lot of the rest of his blog though, plus from I what I've found out about the person himself (hello, friend who told me his name and hello, open facebook profile), his whole persona irks me.

I can't stand this moralist act. (I'm saying act, even though it's not an act - he lives this). In fact, he's not being a moralist. Being a moralist, being conservative would be the 1950s equivalent of what he is now. Because now, in 2009, it's safer and easier to be liberal and hide your fear, hatred and disapproval behind that front. If you're an activist for everything that's right, a martyr for the minorities, who's gonna stand in your way, right? Who's gonna tell you that you're wrong?

His thought process is so basic: I'm liberal and left-wing. I'll jump on every bandwagon going: Obama, Ghurkas in the UK, anti-Conservative, pro-civil partnership, Stonewall, anti-Boris, kill Jan Moir, etc.

As I said, he's right in being pro- and anti- these things accordingly. I can see that. I'm not blind and I'm not racist/bigoted/closed-minded (delete as appropriate to cover all the above for 100% liberalism rate)

So of course his heart is in the right place, but in this snowball of activism, he though London Preppy was worth attacking too. And that's where the misunderstanding comes.

Anyway, I'm bored of writing now and I want to go eat some ice cream and choose my clothes for tomorrow.

My final thought is, fucking hell can you imagine being friends with this guy and making a negative remark on civil partnerships as a joke? He'd stop talking to you.

Or being his boyfriend and mid-fuck you mentioned that the Daily Mail is misunderstood? He'd go ballistic.

No sense of humour. Doesn't know where to stop and what belongs where. The end"


athlonnyc said...
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abristolnovella said...

'Because now, in 2009, it's safer and easier to be liberal and hide your fear, hatred and disapproval'

Kudos for this one, loves it

Jeff said...

I know the person that you're talking about (Not this specific person, in general). On one hand, their general beliefs align with mine and, to be honest, the've probably put more time and energy into causes than i ever will and I have to respect them just a little for that. On the other hand, just spending time with these humorless, self righteous, somewhat stupid kind of people makes me want to go out and bash a fag, tell a foreigner to get out of my country, tell a women to learn her place, throw trash into a river, all before a nice afternoon spent killing whales.

Edweena said...

What a dreadful, irritating post he wrote; he sounds like a clueless idiot. Or perhaps he is just very young, in which case time can smooth out the earnest self-absorption of youth.

Some have speculated about the cause of the gym obsession in the gay community and made a connection with HIV/AIDS in the 1980s; I think for me and my generation the cause is far more likely to be deep insecurity

Jeebus. What about all the straight young men obsessed with the gym? How do they factor into the equation? What about the world of gay men and women who don't go to the gym, they must not be a part of the gay community. Ugh.