Thursday, 23 July 2009

Wednesday 22/07/09

I receive this message on a 'dating' website:

"Hello. My name is ___ from [place where I am] but now I move to Hong Kong stay and set up my cafes and clubs and restaurants and GYM for high classes gay members. I will fly to [place where I am] for an interview. 

I hope you can work in my companies. I willing offer you return tickets and staff flat and duty meals and US$8500 to $12500 plus extra on top per month. You can work for us from 3 to 6 months. Or up to 2 years. I will help you apply work visa. Please consider my offer. Please send photos and CV and mobile phone number so I can call you and add you online and arrange time and place for an interview. If you have friends want to go to HK and work for us. You can ask them send me details. Thanks. 

Please reply with thanks, 

___ ___"

Now if anyone can hazard a guess on what my job description will be, what exactly I'll have to do for this $12500 plus extra on top per month, you know what, I'm off.