Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday 27/03/09

I'm sat in an office and it's Thursday afternoon and people are doing work around me and maybe so am I, I can't be sure and then the following email conversation occurs:

LP to Ace at 1541: I've made a mistake

Ace to LP at 1542: Do tell

LP to Ace at 1543: I started playing The Immaculate Collection on my iPod.  Now I can’t concentrate on work at all.  I NEED TO DANCE.  Somebody has to come and stop this

Ace to LP at 1544: Let's see you Vogue, come on

LP to Ace at 1545: Well, in-your-face self-expression and weird body language seems to be de rigueur in this office…

But nobody dances, nobody vogues, though nobody works


J.B. said...

I think you need to convert to twitter #londonpreppy

J.B. said...

i think you should switch to Twitter #londonpreppy