Friday, 27 March 2009

Bloc Party - Song For Clay (Disappear Here)

There is a style magazine called Fantastic Man and the current issue has Bret Easton Ellis on the cover and an interview with him inside.  

At some point during the interview, the journalist starts talking about BEE's fans.  I'm copying from the magazine:

The proximity between Mr Ellis and his work is an enduring fascination for his fans. You can call Bret Easton Ellis fans "fans" in a way that you cannot with other authors but that you might with a rock star or film director.  Bret himself tells of a fan that runs a blog under the name LONDON PREPPY who has "BRET EASTON ELLIS" tattooed inside his biceps.

"My mother has something locked in on Google where if there is something posted about me she gets it. She sends me all these links. So that's really how I keep up"

Bret Easton Ellis takes the hero worship that follows him politely. "I guess ultimately it's nice to have people respond to your books that way".  Pause.  "It's a good thing".  Pause.  "I can't even begin to think about what would be particularly negative about it".  Pause.  "And there is nothing I can do about it and realistically it is something that I have no control over, so...You certainly do not decide your own reputation".

How does it feel to know that there is a stranger wandering about with your name tattooed on him?

"It's strange, you know?"

This time there is a longer pause than usual.

"It makes you feel like that's the other Bret. There is the Bret that is dealing with all of his stuff in his life right now and it's all very mundane and typical and work-related and relationship-related and family-related and all these are very simple things that everyone deals with. And it's a very simple life, too. So it's very weird to see that. But you get to a point where you're used to it and you realise that they're referencing something different from the mundane reality of that life. They are referencing Bret Easton Ellis, not Bret Ellis, which is the name on all my cheque stubs. It's Bret Easton Ellis. They are referencing this thing that has been sometimes, over the years great. And it suggests a whole litany of associations and references".

So there we have it.  Bret Easton Ellis' Mum has seen this blog.  Bret Easton Ellis has seen this blog.  If this doesn't mean London Preppy has come full circle, I don't know what does.

Screenshots of the magazine interview can be seen here (I didn't take these pictures, I found them online):

I was told about this article by a fashion journalism student in London who wanted to interview me for her project.

She asked me about the tattoo and why I had it and whether I consider myself a big fan.  My answers (before reading the article) were:

"The Bret Easton Ellis tattoo is a declaration of how appealing his work is to me.  I’m not really interested in Bret Easton Ellis as a person, or as a celebrity.  I wouldn’t want to meet him and “hang out” with him and neither do I idolise him.  I appreciate his philosophy as it comes through his writing.  I share similar concerns.  Therefore, I don’t consider myself “a fan”.  I don’t want to go through his rubbish or get his autograph"

I then went and read the article and, what can I say, I'm pleased with the way BEE describes the same thing that I had on my mind when I got the tattoo.  I am referencing his work, his ideas, not the actual person.  (Although he also sounds a little bit scared...sorry)

Anyway, I'm done.  That's all.  That is well and truly all.

Friday 27/03/09

I'm sat in an office and it's Thursday afternoon and people are doing work around me and maybe so am I, I can't be sure and then the following email conversation occurs:

LP to Ace at 1541: I've made a mistake

Ace to LP at 1542: Do tell

LP to Ace at 1543: I started playing The Immaculate Collection on my iPod.  Now I can’t concentrate on work at all.  I NEED TO DANCE.  Somebody has to come and stop this

Ace to LP at 1544: Let's see you Vogue, come on

LP to Ace at 1545: Well, in-your-face self-expression and weird body language seems to be de rigueur in this office…

But nobody dances, nobody vogues, though nobody works

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Thursday 26/03/09

And it's Thursday and on this Thursday, I decide that I will no longer use full stops at the end of paragraphs.  This gives a sense of hunger and urgency not seen since the delivery of Open Your Heart by Madonna