Thursday, 5 February 2009

New Order - Bizarre love triangle

And I've had lots of free time in my self-imposed exile, a self-imposed exile where there is no one around me to talk to, but at least what is around me is still, frozen and white.

And during this free time I've come up with my top 50 albums from the last decade, seeing that we're suddenly in 2009, even though I would have sworn that 1999 was only a few weeks ago, and this means that I've done something with the last 10 years, something which I can't remember and I have nothing to show for, but I won't think about this too much, because if I do, I'll just cut a hole into the frozen lake that I'm facing and jump in and never come out.  

So here they are, my top 50 albums from the 2000s.

I have written a note about my favourite part of each album, and a note about how it connects to my life at some point in the last ten years.

This is a long post and I don't expect anyone to read it, but I care so little for things like that right now.

1. Discovery - Daft Punk (2002)

My favourite part of this album is in Face To Face, where the guy sings “tried to forget” and then the music drops, there’s a second’s silence, before he continues with “until I hit the bottom”.  That’s a great pause, I like that.  

I remember this album being played non-stop in the background as I was doing my lifeguarding course in Manchester in 2002.  There was a team of 10-12 of us doing the course and we were doing a written test at some point and one of the questions was: Name some high risk groups of people that might be in the water.  And one of the guys wrote down “forigners” (original spelling).  I Remember loving that guy for this.  They don’t make them like that anymore: straight, dumb and Mancunian.  Or maybe they do, but I don’t hang out with them anymore [insert sad face] 

2. Robyn - Robyn (2007)

My favourite part are the first couple of seconds of With Every Heartbeat, where this wall of sound launches on you and you don’t know whether to dance or cry.  Not that I’m capable of doing either. 

I remember seeing videos of Brendan and Donnell and Scott and a few others dancing around to Who’s That Girl from this album, in a country mansion somewhere celebrating Donnell’s birthday AND I WASN’T THERE.  I don’t know where these people got the right to enjoy these songs without me, especially as I introduced them to them. 

3. Odyssey - Fischerspooner (2005)

My favourite part of the album is not even on the album, it’s the Thin White Duke remix of Just Let Go, but there you go. 

I listened to this album all the time with Scott when we first started going out.  I wonder what Scott is up to these days.  If anyone knows, please say hi from me. 

4. Confessions On A Dancefloor - Madonna (2005)

My favourite part of the album is how it’s all mixed and there are no gaps between the songs, so there’s a constant flow, well, up to tack number 9 really, where you basically are happy to press stop because it then goes downhill. 

I remember being at a house party before this album was actually released and somebody has downloaded it already (as had I, actually) and they were playing it there, and I was at the party with Bryant who’s a big Madonna fan and then I Love New York started playing and one of the guests at the party said that he didn’t like this song and then Bryant told me “I don’t trust him” and we didn’t speak to this person again.

5. #1 - Fischerspooner

My favourite part of the album is 22 seconds into Emerge, when a very loud singular blip sound goes off and takes you by surprise each time, because you had forgotten it’s there, because you’d rather forget everything, because it hurts less that way. 

I remember being at a festival years after this was released and I was warching Fischerspooner and then they started playing Emerge and I started doing some ridiculous dance where I was also clapping and I was there with Nats, who didn’t like that at all.

6. Kittenz And Thee Glitz - Felix Da Housecat (2002)

My favourite part of the album is when Miss Kittin sings that “she’s famous, she’s vanish, she’s rich”, with vanish presumably being an alternative version of the word “vain” that she just made up, because she didn’t know any better.  Or maybe I’m mishearing this. 

I remember being in the car with Andrews when I had just bought this CD and playing it for the first time and thinking, WHAT is she on about?  But more importantly, I remember being in a club in Athens years later, in 2005 and Silver Screen Shower Scene was playing and I told Andrews that I was gay and this was the first time that I had come out to anyone.

7. Bloodsport - Sneaker Pimps (2002)

Some of my favourite things on this album are the sound of the drums on the song Bloodsport, the image on the cover which implies action and violence, and the extensive mention of the word blood, of course. 

I remember going through my I-like-the-Sneaker-Pimps-a-lot phase in my early 20s, and Enid’s friend G who was in a band had supported them or something, so she knew the singer, and this meant a lot to me at that point, that I had a – remote – connection to the singer from the Sneaker Pimps. 

8. First Album - Miss Kittin (2001)

My favourite part on this album is the last second of Frank Sinatra, where a beep sound censors the word “dick”, even though it’s been heard about 25 times in the song already. 

9. The Menace - Elastica

My favourite part on the album is the way Justine pronounces the word “arse” in Your Arse My Place, a very southern, very London way, which was so sexy and alien to me back then living in bloody Sheffield. 

I remember being in a lecture at University and sitting with some Greek people (I know, right?) and me writing the phrase “your arse, my place” on a note pad and passing it on to one of them – a girl – even though I didn’t want her arse anywhere near me to be quite frank. 

10. Bleed American - Jimmy Eat World (2001)

My favourite part of this album is the last verse of Hear You Me, where he sings something about a person “whose heart was so big, God wouldn’t let him live”.  And I don’t care if this is a calculated, pseudo-sentimental line written to appeal to 12-year-old virgins with ambiguous sexuality and a grudge against the world, it appeals to me too.  Oh well. 

I remember seeing the video for The Middle and thinking, oh this is what American college kids listen to, my God, I must join in.  So I bought the album.  Those were the days when I was trying desperately to be straight and generic, which I later gave up.  Now I’m just still striving for the generic. 

11. Anniemal - Annie (2005)

My favourite part of this album are the first 13 seconds of Greatest Hit, where you basically think that Everybody by Madonna is playing instead.

I remember seeing Annie live in a free “secret” gig in some pub in East London with Mean years later, but we left soon after she started playing her last (and best) song, Heartbeat, in order to catch the tube. 

12. In Ghost Colours - Cut Copy (2008)

My favourite bit on this album are seconds 1:12 to 1:19 in Lights And Music, before the first chorus kicks in. 

I don’t really have any great memories from this album, because it’s too recent and I haven’t had the time to wrap it up in unrealistic idealisation. 

13. You Are The Quarry - Morrissey (2004)

My favourite part on this album is the line in America Is Not The World, where Morrisssey sings (in amazing socio-political commentary – he thinks), that he can’t take America seriously until they have a President who’s black, female or gay.  A couple of years later of course America did vote for a black President, but I don’t think this had any impact in how clever Morrissey thinks he is.  What a clown. 

I last saw Morrissey live in Hyde Park with A Girl last year, and the playlist was a bit shit.  Regardless, I enjoyed taking my top off to reveal the words CRIMINALLY VULGAR written in my chest and back in black eyeliner when he sang How Soon Is Now.  That made all the difference to everyone’s lives. 

14. Statues - Moloko (2003)

My favourite part on this album is that they’ve added a two and a half minute intro to Familiar Feeling, before anything vital really happens.  Well actually I hate this part, but there you go. 

I remember seeing Moloko live in Manchester at some point, and I saw this guy I recognised from the gym there, and I could tell that he was gay, and he said hi to me.  Oh my God, a gay guy just spoke to me.  That’s what I thought at that gig. 

15. Pop-Up - Yelle (2007)

My favourite part on the album comes in 1:10 to 1:27 in A Cause De Garcons, where Yelle’s vocals are looped and she repeats “ton ton ton ton ton ton ton ton ton ton” in a very French way for 17 consecutive seconds.  This of course is followed by 32 seconds of more looped vocals which go “ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah” before getting into the chorus.  Amazing. 

I remember first seeing/hearing Yelle last year when I was sat at home in London in those tortured London Preppy days, watching some Greek satellite music channel.  It was lust at first sight. 

16. A New Morning - Suede (2002) 

My absolute favourite part on this album is when Brett sings “You don’t read Camus or Bret Easton Ellis” halfway in Obsessions.  Do you know when two of your favourite worlds collide and come together?  Like your favourite writer and your favourite band?  Well that’s what happened.  How does this work?  How do I choose such unrelated things to favour and then they converge in an unsuspecting moment in time like that hmm? 

I remember seeing Suede live with Andrews after they’d released this album, and they were playing Obsessions, so when the Bret Easton Ellis line came on I turned around and mouthed it to Andrews (he’s always stood behind me at gigs cause a) I’m more into it and b) shorter) and then Andrews said, I knew you’d do something when they sang your stupid line. 

17. Overpowered - Roisin Murphy (2007)

My favourite part on the album is not on the album, it’s on the video for Let Me Know, where Roisin does a sideways kick / dance move in the cafe she’s at 1:02 exactly.  Like a crazy. 

18. Music - Madonna (2000)

My favourite part on this record is the insane Daft Punk beat that Mirwais has applied to the Music for Madonna to sing her bits over.  Oh my God, when that beat drops after the “Hey Mr DJ...I wanna dance with my baby” line. 

When this song was first released on the radio/TV it was the summer of 2000 and I was stuck in Athens between University semesters.  I did not have access to the internet.  (Had the internet been invented then?  Probably not).  Anyway, all I could do was keep switching between any radio station and TV channel I thought might play it constantly throughout the day.  It was the height of my French house obsession and for Madonna to bring out THAT, I couldn’t believe it.  I haven’t been into a leading track from an album campaign so much since then. 

19. Libertine - Gene (2001)

I like the fact that Does He Have A Name is a 7:15 minute song, and I can listen to it endless times from the beginning to the end and it never feels longer than 3 minutes. 

I remember seeing Gene play live for the last time, their last gig before they split up, and I went on my own to appreciate it more, and in the end Martin used a market pen to turn the name Gene on the drum kit, into Gone.  I want pathetic sentimentalism like that please.  Where is it now? 

20. Things To Make And Do - Moloko (2000)

My favourite part on this album is the opening 5 seconds of The Time Is Now.  What is that instrument?  Is it a bass?  I can’t tell instruments.  It’s perfect anyway.  Every song should open like that.  Apart from Madonna songs which should open with a Daft Punk beat as mentioned above. 

I remember spending a couple of years thinking that The Time Is Now is my favourite song of all time.  I now think Bizarre Lone Triangle by New Order is. 

21. Silent Alarm - Bloc Party (2005)

My favourite part on this album is at the end of This Modern Love, where he band drops out and Kele sings “throw your arms around me”. 

I remember being in an indie club on my own, the first week after I got to Sydney, and having gone there because I was missing home, and they started playing Banquet and predictably all the English backpacker kids stormed to the dancefloor.

22. Party Monster - OST (2005)

My favourite part on this album is the last minute of Give Me Tonight by Shannon, when the multi layered vocals kick in and Shannon is singing the chorus, Shannon is ad libbing, Shannon is singing oohs and aahs, it’s just all kicking off. 

There is no other album that reminds me more of the first few weeks when I came out in February 2005.  I can remember it right now, like it was yesterday, getting dressed to go to a gay club for the first time with this soundtrack playing the background.  And how scared I was but also excited and curious and…well, mostly scared really.  

23. Fever To Tell - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2003)

My favourite bit about this album is the story that when playing a gig, Karen O would turn her back to the crowd and face the other way when signing Maps, because it’s such a personal song and she couldn’t do it with all the people staring at her.  I don’t know if it’s true, but what a story. 

I remember seeing Yeah Yeah Yeahs live in Manchester actually and she didn’t turn her back to us, but there you go.

24. Volta - Bjork (2007)

My favourite bit on this album are the punches that pass for beats on Innocence. 

I remember that I played Earth Intruders so many times when it came out, that I eventually reset the play count on iTunes, because I didn’t want it to be my most played Bjork song (as others deserved it more).

25. Sexor - Tiga (2006)

My favourite part here is the middle part of Pleasure From The Bass, where Tiga sings the first half of each line and the bass is used to finish each sentence.  Like a conversation between man and machine. 

I remember playing 3 Weeks quite endlessly after ___ broke up with me and I was devastated, because 3 Weeks had the most appropriate lyrics I could think of, even if they’re set against an electro nightmare backdrop.

26. Fancy Footwork - Chromeo (2007)

My favourite part in this album is the rap in Call Me Up.  Once I heard it I knew I had to go back and listen to it 56 times until I learnt it. 

I don’t want to comment on the Chromeo memory at this point.

27. Talkie Walkie - Air (2007)

I don’t have a favourite moment on this album, it just flows well.  Poor Air.  Not even one highlight in the whole album. 

I remember going to a gig in Manchester to see Air after this album came out and there was a guy there with amazing shoulders and I said to my friend who I was with, oh my God this guy has amazing shoulders.  And this friend was a girl who I think fancied me and even though I wasn’t gay/out back then, well I think this comment put an end to that anyway.

28. Sound Of Silver - LCD Soundsystem

My favourite thing about this album is the fact I’ve been trying ti learn the words to All My Friends from beginning to end, but I still can’t manage it. 

I remember being in bed with ___ at some point and the album was playing the background and ___ says, what is this, and I says, LCD Soundsytem and ___ says, where DO you find this music (because ___ is quite sheltered culturally) and I says, for God’s sake ___, it’s only LCD Soundsystem, where have you been?

29. Long Gone Before Daylight - The Cardigans (2003)

My favourite thing about the album is the bored delivery in most the songs, but not bored like I can’t be bothered, but bored like oh, I’m just dead inside. 

I remember being 16 and seeing The Cardigans live in Athens at some festival and then hanging out near the backstage gate and getting my Cardigans t-shirt signed by two members of the band who came out to talk to the fans, but unfortunately Nina didn’t come out, because “she was too tired”.

30. Blackout - Britney Spears (2007)

My favourite bit on this album is this line in the bridge in Toy Soldier (a song with Britney at her robotic sex best, really) where Britney sings “peek-a-boo, he good, doing things you wish you could” (I had to look this up online because I couldn’t make it out) and her voice is so distorted, so electro, that it pisses on anything Ladytron have ever recorded. 

Of course I remember the Gimme More performance at the VMA and Britney being at her absolute sexiest on four types of sedatives at once.

31. Finisterre - Saint Etienne (2002)

My favourite bit on this album is either 1:25 into Action where the beat drops, or the opening spoken line in Shower Scene about Notting Hill.  I can’t decide. 

I remember seeing Saint Etienne live when they were touring this album, and Sarah introduced New Thing by saying, OK you’re going to have to be patient now, because we’re going to play one of the new songs and I was thinking, oh shut up and play Only Love Can Break Your Heart.

32. The Alternative - IAMX (2007)

My favourite part of this album is clearly the opening line of The Negative Sex (“pay not attention to obedience”) followed by all the lyrics of The Negative Sex actually, which include a blood reference in the chorus.  Thank you. 

I remember being really pissed off when I realized The Sneaker Pimps were playing a gig in London two weeks after I left for Australia.

33. 604 - Ladytron (2001)

My favourite part of this album is the opening Bulgarian line in Discotraxx. 

I remember seeing Ladytron live in Manchester at some point, and because Ladytron traded on the fact that they pretended to be emotionless humanoids at that point, some fat lesbian in the audiende thought it would be amusing to throw her bra Helen from the band as she was playing the keyboard.  And it was funny, because Helen spent the next five minutes trying to stifle her laugh.

34. LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem

My favourite part on this album are the two Daft Punk namechecks, in Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, plus in Losing My Edge. 

I’ve run out of LCD Soundsystem anecdotes after the one above.

35. X-Factor Vol.1 - Richard X (2003)

My favouite bit on this album is at 3:01 on You Better Love Me Tonight, where Tiga shouts: drums.  And then there’s a drums bit. 

I remember working at some office in Manchester and talking to some girl who also worked there and we had just bought this album and I was quite annoyed because she had also just bought the new Dannii Minogue album and I was thinking, oh my God, do I have things in common with this person?

36. Black Market Music - Placebo (2000)

My favourite thing about this album is the fact that Taste In Men is a re-write of Pure Morning (only a little worse) and why not just release the same song over and over again if you can get away with it? 

I remember having seen Placebo live maybe three times within two years when I was 17-19, but that was quite accidental because I never really liked them THAT much.

37. Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea - PJ Harvey (2000)

My favourite thing about this album is the scene that’s set in the lyrics for You Said Something. 

I remember listening to Radio 1 when PJ Harvey got a Best Female nomination at the Brits after this album came out, and Jamie Theakston said, what is that for?  Just one the strength of one single?  (He meant Good Fortune).  And I thought, no you idiot, it’s a great album and she’s ace.  That’s all.

38. Stainless Style - Neon Neon (2008)

My favourite part of this album is the electro sadness of Belfast, the usual electro sadness that appeals to me so much for some reason. 

Again, this album is too new to have attached pathetic melodramatic memories to it.

39. The Teaches Of Peaches - Peaches (2002)

My favourite part of this album is the Blondie reference in Fuck The Pain Away. 

I remember having sex to Fuck The Pain away on several occasions, not that I have sex.

40. Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All - Chicks On Speed (2000)

My absolute favourite part on this album is when Athens gets a mention in Euro Trash Girl. 

I remember going to this really tiny, obscure electro club in Manchester when I lived there during the electroclash height and wearing a white t-shirt that I had heavily customized and written I Fucked Dior on the front in black marker pen, because I thought that I was so electro and they always plays Chicks On Speed there.

41. Devin Dazzle And The Neon Fever - Felix Da Housecat (2004)

My favourite part on this album is the chorus for Ready2Wear. 

I remember that I had gone back to visit some friends in Manchester after I’d moved to London in 2004 and I was playing on the computer and I came across Ready2Wear and I hadn’t heard it before, so I downloaded it and I ended up listening to it for more than an hour on repeat as everyone was getting drunk before going out.

42. Or - The Golden Boy Ft Miss Kittin

My favourite part of this album is the verse in 1234, where Miss Kittin gives some advice to straight boys through the following line: “Aren't you the one that looks that woman body is walking down the street?
You like girls, you have to know 'bout fashion too. 
And that's the way it is”.  Wise. 

Again, after four mentions of Miss Kittin on this list, I’m running low on anecdotes.

43. Out Of The Woods - Tracey Thorn (2007)

My favourite part of this album is a line in Grand Canyon, which says something about a hole in a person’s heart that nobody can ever fill and a gap between this person and the world and I want to relate to this line, because I think I’m so fucking special.  

I remember playing this song to Donnell and Scott and poiting out that line to them and how amazing it is, and them looking back at me blankly and saying that they don't get it.

44. Deep Cuts - The Knife (2004)

My favourite part on this album is the vocal on Is It Medicine, which sounds quite demented for the first minute at least. 

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve ever spoken with anyone about The Knife or doing anything of importance related to them.

45. Since I Left You - The Avalanches (2001)

My favourite part on this album is the female vocal on radio, even though I don’t understand what she says or what language that's in. 

I remember talking to some girl I used to know at University about the video for Since I Left You, which features a fat guy tap dancing, and she was saying that he’s so graceful, and I was thinking no he’s not, you’re just saying this because you want to sound open-minded an encompassing to groups of people that society unfairly ostracises, because you’re a fucking student.

46. Chase This Light - Jimmy Eat World (2007)

My facourite part of this album is the line in Big Casino, which says: There are lots of smart ideas in books I’ve never read, when the girls come talk to me I wish to hell I had. 

I remember that I had tickets to see Jimmy Eat World in London in 2006, but I ended up not going because I was clubbed out from going out at the weekend.  I would never do that now.  I was too young and recently out.

47. Production - Mirwais (2000)

My favourite thing about this album is that the track Never Young Again is basically the backing track for Madonna’s Music, only a bit less intense. 

No stories about Mirwais.

48. Light & Magic - Ladytron (2004)

My favourite thing about this album is that beat for Evil, which sounds like it’s slapping me in the face.  

I remember reading an interview by Ladytron before this came out and they were saying that Evil is the closest they will get to sounding like Kylie.  I did not like that very much.

49. Made In The Dark - Hot Chip (2008)

My favourite part of this album is after the breakdown in Shake A Fist, where they start playing laser noises for the next 2 minutes. 

I’ve never really connected with Hot Chip.

50. ( ) - Sigur Ros (2000)

My favourite part of the album is that it all sounds like one big sequence of noise, but in a good way.  Oh and that they’re from Iceland. 

I remember starting to play this album to Scott when we were just relaxing one time before going out, and him freaking out and telling me to take it off because it was stressing him out.  Madness. 

Well, if you read up to here, what can I say, you’re a patient man. 


george said...

OMG that was a long post. since you don't care about i did not read it all. skimmed it because you had NEW ORDER - BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE as your post heading. can i ask why your title is NEW ORDER - BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE? that is one of my all time favourite is syd treating you? are you going to mardi gras party/s?

S said...

Feck prep, there are just too many to read it all now haha, but I skimmed it and I'm impressed to see we share mostly the same taste, kind of. Good work.

Geordie.londoner said...

Dude...i read to the end and i'm the first post...number one fan? (but in a less gay and more cool way)

love the music, got some ideas (your a cultural beacon) great post, vintage london preppy, your now vintage, this is wrong...hows the writing?

kim said...

LP, thank you.

London Preppy said...

george: If you read the post, you'll see the Bizarre Love Triangle reference

s: Well, you can read the rest in instalments

geordie: Well third post, but cool, number one fan (in a cool way) it is

kim: [smiley]

george said...

OMG...your making me read it.....i'm a NO and LP fan so i must (stomping my feet). going to be up all

george said...

skimmed i can go to much as i do not care much about upper is BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE not bizarre LONE triangle. we now have one thing in common......stalkers unite!!!

Guy said...

I was hoping for some Hatful of Hollow, or perhaps The Queen is Dead? On the other hand, your northern climate may be bleak enough for you at the moment. Thank you for this LP, I am off to iTunes to check some of these out. I have a London Preppy playlist on my iPod with stuff you have recommended over time.

Anonymous Blogger said...

we basically have the same taste in music. more then half of what you listed have been featured on my blog at some point. ANd its weird, I just did a post about cut copy, and how they've always been my favorite band.

and the knife, my favorite song from them is pass this on, if you watch the music video the lead singer looks like a drag queen. haha

and my favorite song from new order is crystal

deikse mou said...

Of course I love this list and the little stories, but I'm especially fond of the way you mis-typed your new favourite song as "Bizarre Lone Triangle" in the body. Keep it that way. :-)

London Preppy said...

guy: The list only includes albums from the 2000s

anon blogger: That's a man in the video (I researched)

deikse: That typo says a lot more about me than anything I've ever written in the blog

devon said...

Wow, Another great post, but am I reading in installments so I can put on the appropriate songs your mentioning, waiting for the lyrics to pass.

Oldyeller said...

I enjoyed the musical flashbacks in your life, even though I must admit we have somewhat different tastes in music (although I appreciated the reference to Frank Sinatra). Judging from the cover of this travel guide, I wouldn't mind being in an isolated and frozen environment either:

mint_tea said...

Since you're so into Electro and Brett Easton Ellis, have you heard the song Brett Easton Ellis by Le Le. It's in French.

se said...

There's something unbearably depressing in "If anyone knows, please say hi from me."

czechOUT said...

my, you're blessed in length!

If you have some time to read a book, I'd be interested in your views. Not quite Richard & Judy, but a cross blog thing.

You can find me here

Made in Scotland: Pull Out, Blow Hard

and if you fancy reading and posting (about 5 of us) it's appreciated,


atomicum said...

It's seems that you put Blackout instead of Takk...

Dont worry, you can edit it later.

s said...

I just read that whole post and I don't even know any of those bands. I don't understand it. How come I enjoy reading your writing but I don't understand what you're talking about? I think it was the little reflections on your life that did it for me. Anyway, it's nice to be able to read a long post from you again.
It's been four months already, and it still hurts...

London Preppy said...

mint: I looked this up, but can't find the lyrics anywhere. And I don't understand. Any hints?

Thanks for all the other comments, I appreciate everyone still checking in after all this time

Hermes said...

Kon How is sydney treating you

Miss reading your stuff mate

Cal said...

Seriously, this is great music!!

Dan said...

PJ Harvey's "You Said Something" is one of my favourite songs of all time. I first heard it when a friend of mine made it the song for her first dance with her new husband at their wedding. I was in tears by the end, just from the imagery.
Great list overall...

mint_tea said...

lol I have no idea what they're saying, other than brief snatches of phrases like "blablabla HEROIN, blablabla PIERRE CARDIN". Still it's the perfect 80's song along with


by Miss Kittin :)

D. said...

Hey Preppy,

Just stumbled across your blog via NoFo.

I have to say It's really well written, witty and downright honest.

We do use the same gym on occasions (great marl)but glad to know you aren't as moody as you come across when training :o)

Anyway keep up the good blog


Matt said...

I just read this and I loved it. I've been putting off reading it since now you're gone I have to ration your posts. I miss LP.

Matt said...

PS I was reading the comments and I thought I should note I also have a London Preppy playlist on my iPod

London Preppy said...

matt: So do I!

alex said...

This is such a sad, melancholic post.

alex said...

It's amazing nobody picked up that you and Scott are not together --unless you didn't approve the comments

hope the breakup was not too traumatic (emphasis on 'too')