Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bloc Party - Song For Clay (Disappear Here)

My Top 20 songs of 2008.  In sort of reverse order.  

20 to 11 (alphabetically):

Burning up - Ladytron
Divine - Sebastien Tellier
Heartbeat - Madonna
Kittin is high - Miss Kittin
LES Artistes - Santogold
Lights and music - Cut Copy
Mercury - Bloc Party
Sexual sportswear (SebastiAn remix) - Sebastien Tellier
Sister siam - The Whip
Think of England - IAMX

10 to 6 (alphabetically):

A&E - Goldfrapp
Best revenge - Fischerspooner
My mistakes were made for you - The Last Shadow Puppets
Ready for the floor - Hot Chip
Songs remind me of you - Annie

5 to 1 (alphabetically - any of these could be no.1):

Blind - Hercules & Love Affair
Falling down - Scarlett Johansson
Hearts on fire - Cut Copy
Machine gun - Portishead
Stuck on repeat - Little Boots

Special mention because I discovered it too late: I lust you - Neon Neon.

Oh and my album of the year: In Ghost Colours - Cut Copy.

Happy 2009.


Alex said...

Gasp! You wrote Goldfrapp with one "p"!!!

Burn him! Burn him and his silly glasses!

dickophile said...

happy new year! looking good.

Nathan West said...

Hahaha, awesome mate! i was just about to do my top songs of 2008~~!!

Love your list,mate. Its unique and wicked!!


London Preppy said...

alex: Oh dear. Shameful indeed. Amended

j said...

i don't know if this list seems eccentric because i'm American or because i listen to britney spears exclusively.

London Preppy said...

j: I have nothing against Britney. In fact, if Blackout had been out this year instead of last, a couple of songs would have been in the top 20. I just don't like the new one very much

Ja said...

Did you move to Australia to extend your summer look into 2 seasons?

Is this numbering system your out from listing Scarlett as your number 1?

Oldyeller said...

You shore do love your music, but nary a Tony Bennett song? (I kid)You look contented, its not raining, and your sunburn appears to have dissipated. Hope everything goes your way in 2009.

Neil said...

Look at that smile. London Preppy really is dead.

george said...

happy new year.....hope sydney was good to you.....i love those glasses.....can i have them when you change over to new ones? ....have a great 2009....george

scott said...

Your twin brother is cute. I know this isn't the LP we've come to know, because this gentleman is 1) tan, 2) happy, and 3) clearly not hollow and empty inside.

Trybaby said...

ohhhhhhhh I get it, you are in Australia. :D That's why you posted this so early. You're in the future.

Gomer said...

OMG! The blogger formerly known as LP in my neightbourhood. How was the rooftop cinema? [insert grin]

Keep us mere mortals updated so we can stalk you better.

Happy New Year

Chris said...

If you like cut copy, try Grafton Primary.

Godfrey Off the Grid said...

you look so happy and full of life here. glad to see that oz is treating you well.

se said...

I've just finished reading this blog from the very beginning and I say, you should have a big come-back and stop making people miss you.

Allen said...

what brand of sunglasses are those???

London Preppy said...

se: Very nice of you to say that. It was a lot of hard work though and I felt too much under pressure too. A break has definitely been good

allen: Unfortunately they are Dior

Natalie said...

Do I get to take the credit for the introduction to Cut Copy?

I'll email you my list. Its pretty depressing though, clearing living abroad has affected me more than i thought!

Darren said...

Hey perhaps an odd question, but do you have a knee condition called osgood slatus?

London Preppy said...

darren: Yes

thebewlaybrother said...

Best thing Cut Copy have done is their Fabric Mix CD (Fabric 29).

I've stopped going clubbing because I can't find anywhere that matches that... (and because all the London clubs are shit now)

thebewlaybrother said...

Just a thought - you should publish your chart as an iMix on iTunes?

rcLoy said...

Love 3 out of ur top 5 songs. especially Little Boots and Hercules~ great taste!