Thursday, 27 November 2008

Saint Etienne - Pale Movie

And on Wednesday 10th December it's the Polari event at Freedom in Soho (66 Wardour Street at 1900-0000), where the London Preppy reading will take place.  Here's an ad for it.

Mean will be doing the reading and other ridiculous characters from the blog (like Scott, A Girl, Donnell, Brendan, Nathan, etc) will be also attending.  So if you're in London on that date, why not just go along?  You won't even have to talk to anyone, I'm sure.  I know I wouldn't.

Also here's an article on Polari that was in The Independent on Sunday last week, and it mentions London Preppy.  It doesn't say anything about London Preppy of course, apart from the words London Preppy, but nonetheless I thought I'd stick it on here.

In yet other news, I gave an interview to Boyz magazine about the blog, for their Passions feature, which I think will appear in next week's issue (I'm guessing Thursday 4th December).  For this interview I wore light blue Ralph Lauren jumper, grey stiped tailored-but-casual knee-length shorts from General Pants and white plimsolls, even though it didn't really matter because I did it over email and nobody saw me.


dickophile said...

that last paragraph is genius!! thanks for making my day brighter person who used to be lp.

Paul Burston said...

Hey Preppy
Looking forward to your friend Mean's reading at Polari. People can read that article in full at:

Or visit the Polari site at

czechOUT said...

I thought you had moved away?

I guess I am behind with the times?


Angelo said...

Signature LP -- to describe clothing for an email interview. :P

London Preppy said...

dick / angelo: Thanks, it was an inspired moment

paul: Indeed, thanks for the links

czech: Hmm...might have moved away, yes

Stephen said...

Well considering General Pants is not to be found in London, I know where you are.

Will you ever stoop to Cotton On?

AlwaysReadySF said...

Hey LP I hadn't come on here in weeks and I thought I did tonight... good to see you still write something every now and then.

I have to say what prompted me checking this was the fact that "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is on TV and I just canNOT stop giggling watching it and thinking that it might be the story of your life.

Only you are not a girl, you are not straight and you are not fat but who cares about details, right?

How's Sydney?

Graham said...

"....even though it didn't really matter because I did it over email and nobody saw me."

This is my favourite line from this post. Classic LP stuff.

I hope all is well with you.


Oldyeller said...

Glad to hear (kinda) that you've made it safely to your sunny, warm destination. Perhaps you're even starting to relax a bit (sans the xanax).

Let us know how the reading goes. You're fortunate to have so many ridiculous friends.

Kaio said...

Loved the blog and saw the interview.
So did you stoped writing?

BreadandButter said...

Has Sarah Cracknell lost her voice? Does anyone remember her at V wearing no underwear under her white outfit (according to my female friend who pointed it out to me at the time)?

Nix said...

Ralph Lauren + General Pants = Transcontinental LP