Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thursday 02/10/08

This is the last London Preppy post.

No wait, this doesn’t sound nearly heart-wrenching enough.  I’m rephrasing.

London Preppy is dead.

I could write a typical last-post-ever entry, where I would say “my heart’s not in it anymore”, “I’ve run out of things to say”, “I’d rather end on a high”, etc.  But none of these things are true.  I have lots more to say (regardless of who wants to hear them), writing is one of the things that makes me genuinely happy so my heart will always be in it and I don’t care about ending on a high – in fact I’d rather keep on posting, dragging my sorry blog around until there were no readers left, being in denial about its success.

But this website is not where I want to say these things anymore.

I’ve never thought of this as a typical blog anyway.  OK, there have been silly lists of things and there have been ill-conceived (regretful) picture posts, and there have been youtube videos with music that I like, but what I’ve mostly tried to do on London Preppy is create a character, create a narrative and write every day like I would if I were writing a book. 

There are around 500 posts on here and give or take all the visual rubbish and typical blog padding, I like to think there is some solid reading material that stands alone outside the blogging world.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’d like to write professionally and that I want to have my work published.  And now I want to focus on that.

I will continue writing every day – because I can’t not write – but what I write will not be posted on here day after day; instead it will form the basis of a series of short stories or a novel or whatever I end up coming up with.

The London Preppy fanpage on facebook remains, and if you want you can join that, I’m sure I’ll send something out to let people know if anything happens with the writing malarkey (link here)

Also, the London Preppy reading is still happening at the Polari literary night on the 10th of December, held at Freedom Bar in Soho (link here).  Maybe you should go.  Who knows maybe somebody will give me a publishing deal then and put me out of my misery.

Finally, and because I may have been called a lot of things, but I’ve never been called a fool and I realize that London Preppy is a brand, a brand that holds some power in the gay blogging world at least (blimey, what an acclaim, it’s like being second runner-up in the Miss Scunthorpe beauty pageant; but I’ll take anything I can get really, any old slap in the face) and I’m not just gonna let it go like that; I’m not shutting down this page.  I like my three quarters of a million hits, thank you very much. will continue to exist and I will post intermittently, but it will not be London Preppy stuff.  It won’t be about “me”, it won’t be the usual trademarked big ego/low self-esteem formula that's proven more popular than Coca Cola (thanks Orville for the quote).  So I’ll just ruin the brand.  Oh well, I guess I wasn’t paying attention at my Marketing degree after all.

Finally finally, I can’t even begin to thank everyone who read London Preppy.  It was kinda of a big deal by the end, wasn’t it?  Who would have thought.

But as we said, London Preppy is dead.

My name is Might Have Been

My name is Never Was

My name’s forgotten


Joe said...

Really? Reconsider, please. You are the only blog I read every day , religiously, much like a soap opera I have become hooked on. I am glad I am the first to comment - not that I am your biggest fan (I would never demean myself in that way) but because, well, it's cool being the first to say thank you.

Joseph said...

Oh no! I had to re-read that. Now my little heart is broken and I have to adjust to life without the usual LP posts.

But good luck with your post-LP writings. Will you let us know if you get published and if we can buy your novels? Also, will you give us regular updates on how you get along in Sydney?

Thanks for writing this. It's been exciting following your adventures. Good luck LP/____.

Darren said...

Oh nooooo. London Preppy cant go!!!!! How will I day dream about living in London again, rather being back in Melbourne.

Thanks for daily walk through London and best of luck in Sydney.

Quigley Cox said...

"Better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody."

deikse mou said...

You forgot the best reason ever for quitting anything: "So I can spend more time with my family."

I will miss London Preppy. :-(

Tim in Italy said...

Oh, my. Were you wearing taffeta and carrying a bouquet of wilted lilies when you wrote this? Oh, and sun glasses, I suppose.

Nothing is forever, I suppose. But if this has propelled you on to the next level, then it's been a privilege making this journey with you.

I think it's a rather fitting metaphor that your parent's Athenian household sail on, completely unaware of the explosion that's just happened right under their noses!

London Preppy said...

joe: At this point in time, I feel this is the best thing for me to do. I might start writing again, but I don't know when that would be

joseph: I will certainly let people know on here if anything happens with publishing my work. And I'll probably give Sydney updates. I'm just done with the soul baring relentless posts for now

darren: Well, if you feel nostalgic about London, there are always the archives [insert wink]

quigley: And I'm both

deikse: Quite literally!

tim: There were lilies, there were sunglasses and I also jumped off the balcony as soon as I posted...And yes, we'll see how it pans out from now on

AlwaysReadySF said...

Well, all good things must come to an end, right?

It was indeed a pleasure reading your blog, and always a source of great entertainment.

I do feel a bit like when they aired the last episode of Sex and The City...;-)

Good luck with everything, LP. Have a blast in Sydney! We shall all miss you!

Should Know Better said...

LP thank-you for the highs, the lows and most of all the belly laughs that have me an avid fan since day one.

If this really is the end of LP can I start calling you by your real name or will I be murdered in my bed before your Sydney departure?

A x

London Preppy said...

always: Thank you and yes, you can imagine You Got The Love playing over the rolling credits of London Preppy as well, I like that song

A: You can only call me by my real name at my leaving party and that's it! Otherwise, I WILL rent out that spare room and God knows what will happen if you leave your door unlocked one night :-)

Dave said...

Wow LP, it will be odd without you...

Ever since I first started reading this, every time I ever get on the internet it's become , followed by

Good luck with your trip to Sydney, you deserve to have a good time!

Please let us know if you have any success publishing wise because you truly are a brilliant writer and I would love to buy a copy of whatever it is you are going to sell

Alex said...

Blimey :-(

shawn said...

Great, just great. First the great cock hunt, then LP. I'm relatively new to LP's world so I'm disheartened to hear of your departure. But best of luck mate.

LC said...

i finally understand what you mean by slap on the face. it felt good while it last. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Coming this fall, the spin-off series "Sydney Preppy".

Good luck with the move (and the typing fetish).

London Preppy said...

dave: I'm just glad I had some readers who also visited the BBC website! And I will let you know, no probs

alex: Innit?

shawn: I'm unaware of this blog, but I'm devastated by this tragic news

lc: It hurts, doesn't it? But we like it

anon: I didn't even think of that. Cool, thanks for giving me an excuse if I ever wanted to make a comeback. "It was all a joke, I was setting up my next blog, etc"

Mean said...

Good. It was using up space on my iGoogle page.

Stewart said...

No regrets - if you think the time is right, then only you can make that call.
Hopefully we can inspire you here in Sydney - maybe not "Sydney Preppy" but something even more appropriate to your new life...

Dyke Tales said...

Even the lesbians are devastated!

paul said...

My morning read from San Francisco gave me the post that I (and others) knew was inevitable. I can only thank you for your editorial diligence, entertainment, thoughtfulness, humor, sense of play and willingness to share. May your commitment to creating original content give you pleasure and rewards. Do what you love and the money will follow...

You are welcome to our house in SF anytime as an honored guest.

Anonymous said...

well that was our slap in the face!

is there some kind of help line or rehab for us?


London Preppy said...

mean: Yeah, yeah. Your involvement with London Preppy is not over and you know it

stweart: Never say never eh

dyke: Sorry lesbians!

paul: This is all very kind. Thank you very much

anon: I'll give you my mobile. It's not like I have anything to do here in Athens anyway: 0044791, oh wait, I shouldn't really

Ben said...


Oh alright then, off you go. At least I might get a bit more work done now.

I sincerely hope everything works out for you, LP.

Anonymous said...

this is not sinking in.

i'm still on denial stage.

love you LP.

you will be dearly missed.

thanks and i wish you all the best.

- rommel

franck said...

Wow... well... thanks for the hours of entertainment you have provided. I think you're a great writer and I wish you the best of luck.

Once, several years ago, I took 3 months off, went to Auckland, and wrote full-time. In fact I wrote a whole novel. I doubt it will ever get published (there's a link to it on my blog) but in the end that doesn't matter. They were a wonderful three months because I got to dedicate them to my passion, which is writing.

So I understand where you're coming from. And I'll definitely buy your book.

michael01 said...

Congratulations, you've graduated.

Finn said...


(That's cockney rhyming slang for 'good luck for the future').

jhkirkendall said...

Thanks for all the fun, LP! I've enjoyed reading your work and hope to see more of it in the future. Have a brilliant time in Australia.

Best always,
Joe in L.A.

Todd said...

Yo.. I've never left a comment before but I just wanted to tell you that your blog really made my day. I laughed so many times while reading it and really loved the style. Best wishes on... well... your life.


Anonymous said...

A little piece of me died when I read this post. Just like when Geri Halliwell put Ginger to sleep.

Hope everything goes well for you. You are a fantastic writer.



London Preppy said...

ben: Yes, I think everyone's productivity (including mine) should increase now

rommel: Very good, an LP-worthy response there

franck: Brilliant. The idea of writing a novel seems overwhelming but I might have to give it a go

michael: Seems like it, right?

finn: Shabba Ranks (this is London rhyming slang for Thanks)

jh: Thank you and thanks for commenting as well

todd: Cheers, it's interesting that you say you haven't commented before, it's easy to forget that there were lots and lots of people reading but few commented. Thanks for reading

anon: Well I hope my career is as successful as Geri's post Spice Girls. Oh wait

Nathan said...

Nice jacket.

Of course now I'm doubly wounded, as if Friday's departure from 'real time' work avoidance emailing wasn't a big enough blow.

But as I said before, Well played.

Well played indeed.

BY23 said...

I never really had to time to read every entry, but whenever I did have time I enjoyed your blog a lot. I mean, we don't know, but I hope to hear from you again - whenever that may be. All the best for you, I truly mean it!

Amhantar said...

Well, I can't say that nothing stopped inside me as I was reading this last post...

I've absolutely loved reading you every day and I sincerly wish you all the best for your future. Days at work will now seem longer than ever without the joy brought by your blog.

The door will never be shut for you to come back, I'll be waiting for news of your news of your book.

Take good care of yourself LP!

Bon voyage!

B said...

Thank you for this post. It gave a little bit of feeling to a day otherwise full of emotional anaesthesia.
I'm a grad student and work just round the corner from your old work place. I've read your posts religiously everyday, folllowed by and and
Somehow I've never managed to spot you out on the scene but your life seems to have been a very real presence in my life (at least my life at my desk). Living similar things in similar places.
I'm also moving abroad for a while but somewhere a bit more challenging than sydney, and I was hoping you would carry on your posts and talk about your transition as I go through mine too. But it's obviously not meant to be!
All the best for Sydney, you have a lot of people thinking of you!

connecticut yankee said...

Big sigh. So hard to find a good read and this one will be missed. Best of luck with the writing, you certainly have developed a great character here and I think you should run with him. And if you do want to go somewhere with a book, you should drop me an email and come to Soho House and meet some publishers.

Anyway, best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I knew something like this could happen, but I'm prepared, the time has come to put my plan in motion: The hunt for London Preppy.

I would give you more details, but I don't wanna spoil the fun, but don't worry, I'll find you, I'm sure.

Thanks and good luck.

Anonymous said...


I feel like my whole world has just been turned upside, and my heart wrenched out of me, and my spleen splattered across the floor. Ok maybe not, but you get the idea. I'm sad at what I just read and for what it selfishly means for me. What did it mean for me?:

LP, you gave me 5 minutes of escapism, humor, envy, sheer laughter, and warm feelings every day for the past ~2 years since I discovered your blog.

For that I thank you.

There always has to be an end, and if this is yours (at least for me), then so be it, grudgingly, but gratefully.

I wish you all the best.

Barry (the guy who sent you the Office for Mac cd).

PS: Please consider creating a new [different!] persona for your Sydney adventures, and tell nobody, and see if the blog is discovered and becomes as popular as London Preppy. That is my dying wish. kinda. :)

Jay said...

Say it ain't so!? Well have fun in the land of oz!


London Preppy said...

nathan: If only we had a personal email for each other!

by: Thank you very much, I hope that I'll be back somehow too

anhanter: Thank you, it's good to read all this

b: Good luck with the move as well

yankee: That's really cool of you, thank you

anon: Hmm...I'll have to think very hard about a next blog. I feel dirty from this one still

jay: Cheers [insert smiley]

Oldyeller said...

I've been dreading this day since I first started reading your blog every day 10 months or so ago. It really has become more important to me than I care to admit. I wish I could meet you in person some day just to embarrass you for a minute about how much I've enjoyed your excellent writings. Keep positive about Sydney--it will be a great experience. Look forward to reading your forthcoming stories/book. Always remember, you're young, black, and your hat's real low.

Steven said...

Oh well.

I'll live.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, you can't leave! I just found your blog a few months ago and reading has become a major part of my day!

Please let us know if and when you get published, I would love to buy you works. You will have to let me know where to get as I live in small southern town in America.


queer asian said...

I've never read anything by Bret Easton Ellis, but I finally came to watch American psycho the other day (i know it took me this long)..and even though i didn't really get the point of the film, I did however gain a new perspective of your blog. =P

It was fun reading it anyhow (most of the time). =P

Dermot Carter said...

Fucking love it. Keep on truckin'

Nancie Pants said...

I had a feeling this was coming. I echo everything that's already been said. Gonna miss this place so much. Salivating as I wait for my computer to start every morning, it's the only blog I read. Wishing you all the luck, and can't wait for what your complex and intriguing mind dreams up for you to share with us next.

(Wiping a tear from the corner of my eye)


Dan said...

Adieu babe.

London Preppy said...

oldy: I'm looking forward to that face to face meeting. Thanks for all the comments

steven: You have left so many snide "I don't care" and "I'm above this" comments over the last year+ that I actually considered collecting them all together and putting them in a post, so that you can see that so much negativity is actually really uncool. I never did. So I'm telling you now. You're like a a devoted Madonna fan who keeps buying the records and occasionally emails her record company and says "I don't give a shit really, she isn't good you know". Or going to a concert, getting there at 10am to be the first to run in when they open the gates so you get near the stage, and then spend the duration of the gig saying to the guy next to you "couldn't they put anyone better on?". I also like the fact you had to go over to vivid blurry's blog to make a similar comment. OK, we get it, you remain unaffected by the demise of this blog. We get it, we really do

mo: Thank you very much and I will

queer: Yes some exposure to BEE does generally help with an understanding of the blog

dermot: I most certainly will not! *raises eyebrow*

neal: Please save your tear and water a plant, a plant that will alway remind you of this blog. Then send it to me

Anonymous said...

"It must have been love, but it's over now"

"Listen to your heart, when he's calling for you"

sob sob sob

blueyedboy said...

So, another one bites the dust... The list of blogs on my RSS feed that get regularly updated has been dwindling during the past few months, and now that you're giving it up, that only really leaves the weekly updates on DTB. Well, all the best for whatever you do next - hope that the move to Australia brings you everything you want...

BrianB said...

LP, I've always enjoyed your blog, always brings a smile when I start reading in the morning. Gonna miss seeing your red-blocked pictures (I've seen it on other blogs, it's totally catching on!).

Best of luck to ya with the writing and the Sydney move!

uberbastard said...

The world is waiting with bated breath for your next "thing".

Θα μας λειψεις αγορι

London Preppy said...

anon: Thanks I'll listen to those now, I was only staring at the wall looking for something to do anyway

blueyed: At least it seems that you have you taste in your blog choices

brian: If I see the red blocks, I'm suing

bastard: Thanks. Thanks for writing in Greek too. Can I let go of the London Preppy persona and say that's sweet? I guess I can

Geordie.londoner said...

I've never posted before but considering its the last I thought i'd throw a few words your way.

Came across your blog in january searching google for 'josh lewsey gay', i, like u, pretty much love the guy...That was back when i lived in newcastle, doing my masters and i've gotta say your blog pretty much mirrored a lot of myself (wanting to move to london to be one of those suited guys on the tube, being gay but people not necessarily realising, MASSIVE admiration for bret easton ellis, slight gym obsession (maybe mine will grow) a love of how soon is now by the smiths, studying marketing etc) So yeh i've just moved here (to london), and just had my first month working in market research...i'm pretty sure thats what you work in?...i'm probably mirroring a lot of your steps when you first moved here...but in a non-stalkery way

But anyway the point of this is just to say thanks very much, i've enjoyed your blog loads, i think its opened my eyes a bit, probably changed my behaviour and made me laugh so many times.
Its been a pleasure but i think the one way it could be improved is through 'the personal touch', i'm pretty sure, most of the people who read this blog, read it because its you in particular...we want to know more of the personal...whats exciting you, killing you, annoying you etc (stuff like your relationship with scott...what happened with the third guy, where'd you guys meet, maybe i've been a bit crap and just not read those blogs, but i'll go back now theres no more), i think you didnt wanna do this coz of people you knew who read but i really think if you wrote an autobiography with the works or something, a LOT of people would read it, you've obviously got a major talent for writing, give it a thought, you've got a lot of custom on here at least


prepster said...

dude, i think you just destroyed 1000 gay lives out there. that's very straight acting.

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker, 1st time post-er. Got hooked onto your blog from about 10 months or so and reading it has been a daily ritual for me.
Anyhow, thanks for writing, enjoy Syd but pop by melbourne.

Guess it's back to real internet porn.


James said...

I just put my head down on my desk for a moment. I had hoped that if I looked away for a minute this would not be true.

You will be missed LP!!!

London Preppy said...

geordie: Yup, the first paragraph pretty much sums it up. As for the second paragraph, whatever I write will be partly autobiographical (mostly because I lack imagination to write anything else plus can't be bothered to do research). Thanks for writing this

prepster: Comment. Of. The. Day.


anon: Cheers, and good luck with the proper porn, I'm sorry I never went al the way on here [insert smiley]

Simon said...

Perhaps you should now consider creating more books and selling them on eBay, or those who bought them should consider re-selling them on eBay. I'm pretty sure their value just shot up through the roof.

I've read every single word you wrote on this blog LP, and enjoyed every syllable.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields.
Until we meet again...

Long-time listener, first time Caller.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to say a sincere...Thank You.

It has been rather fun reading your blog for the last year or so and I appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

I know there were times when uncalled for negativity came your way but as you move on know that 99.? % of what came your way was positive.

Thanks again and we will miss you. Good luck in your future adventures.

Jeff said...

I'm going to miss it. London Preppy has been very funny and entertaining for me over the past few months. I'm kind of glad, though, for your sake. You are obviously very talented and have amazing potential. You can only say so much and grow so much when confined to the bounds of 'London Preppy', despite how well done that's been. I always thought that you would would be bit like David Sedaris if you wrote as yourself instead of in character(If you've never heard of him, look him up. He's hilarious). Anyways, i look forward to the things you'll right in the future. Good Luck and Have Fun

London Preppy said...

james: I don't have a desk to put my head on anymore, but I'm feeling kinda sad. Well, very sad really

simon: Nah, I said those books would only be 3 and I'm keeping that.

Thanks for commenting today, I like these first time commenters a lot

anon: I agree, I'm definitely keeping the positivity. Thank you

jeff: I've read Sedaris, I like him a lot. Hopefully I'll find my way too :-)

Anonymous said...

jesus man this is sad but it is a happy occasion to for you i hope in certain ways..wishing you the fondest luck and well being on your new adventure and a amazing Sydney experience!

you touched a lot of hearts wiht this blog and helped me deal with shit too.for that i thannkkkkk uuu

irish student(straight)/18 years/avid reader for a long long time ;) Good luck.

Ade said...

Oh my god, it's like the last episode of Friends, but I knew it was coming... this is just so random. You will always have a little place in my heart LP x x

London Preppy said...

anon: Thanks buddy, and we know that I have a particular soft spot for the straight readers. For reasons I don't know, but still

ade: Thank you, I like the heart comment v much

salman said...

That was too dramatic for my usually conservative self but the news demanded a strong reaction.
Your daily posts will be sorely missed.
All that's left to say is, please consider the LP down under spin off and best of luck.

a.s. said...

nomizw oti mas kaneis plaka / sta plaisia passive/aggressive state of mind kai paizeis me tis antoxes mas /oso gia ton prepster, exei piasei to nohma / i hate u L.P.

Anonymous said...

Did vivid blurry have anything to do with this? I am sorry is such a douche bag. I am boycotting his blog. He slagged u off, slagged the muscler. His yakyy.

Please reconsider!!! Ur my top gay blog. Please Comeback.

Contemplating playing My Heart will go on and Its all coming bcak to men now and This used to be my playground.

Wish u all the best...

VIVID IR READING THIS u are: Co-- Suck--- A--hole.

London Preppy said...

salman: I'll write things about LP down under, they'll appear somewhere sometime!

a.s.: Lypamai einai alithia. Thelo na grapso kati allo...prepei na prospathiso e? Sto facebook akoma se exoun apagorepsei? Mporoume na ta leme ekei?

anon: Nah, he didn't have anything to do with this. Even though I can't say I enjoyed this aspect of being so public. Everyone having an opinion of me/my life. But that's what being public is by definition. I'm not complaining

Tim said...

I truly hope you make some good friends in Sydney, or perhaps the perfect room-mate at least. Best wishes on your travels and hope you always land on your feet.

mark said...

i think if you write as your actual self instead of LP everyone would still read!

chabang said...

Damint, i'm going to have to move forward my plans to take over and assume your life whilst you were away now!

Anthony said...

I'm so happy your finally pursuing your dream. About god damn time. Maybe the self loathing can end? it can't, because how will I justify my inequities without it?

Gav Dublin said...

Prep, while I appreciate that all good things come to an end can I say, perhaps on behalf of all of us, that you have become somewhat part of us, not in the stalky sense but in the sense of enunciating all of the angst, troubles, joys etc of a man in whatever country you live in. I am not saying "gay man" on purpose as you articulate general issues, but, as a gay man obviously with a certain slant.They are applicable to all. I am going to miss you very much and that is surprising for me as I, like you, don't really like anyone (insert smiley).

Actually the above bit about your highlighting issues is just shite, I just really love your writing and I sincerely hope that you publish, in whatever form, most successfully in the future.

Can I wish you all the very very best. You will be hugely missed. Dublin (and your worldwide audience cities) is a lesser place without you.


Trybaby said...

I can't remember how long ago I started reading this blog. It must be pushing on 2 years. At first I read it for skin, then the writing, and then after I quickly stopped enjoying it I read it just because I've grown accustomed to you.

To be absolutely honest I can't say I particularly enjoyed the writing(there were a few laughs along the way). It's formulaic, doesn't deal with real things, and it is quite lifeless.

But saying all that my heart still swells with sadness. I guess the real reason I kept reading was because I care for you and checking everyday was me making sure you were all right. I feel very helpless about all this.

I don't know how you feel about me or about my comments/presence. But I do know how I feel about you. I feel like I am losing a friend.

I can't help but think about how appropriate the video you made before would be here. The one about you going to Athens for the weekend. How happy you are in it and saying how you said you thought it would be the decent thing to do to say it in person. The finality of the church bell in the background and at the very end you say "..but that's, byyee." If this was a TV show they would have put that as the last clip of either the second to last episode which is an interview with the cast and crew clip show or final episode at the end or after the credits after the main character has died and this is their message from beyond the grave. The cheerfulness, sunlight, and spur of the moment mood just punctuate the suddennesses, darkness, and sadness I feel at this moment.

I can't even say good luck or best wishes because I don't want you to go. Please don't go. Please don't leave me. God I need a hug now.

Anonymous said...

The first thing I tought when I woke up this morning was that I was cold, and then I thought, what new and exciting tale London Preppy have for us today?

This is new, but not exciting.

You just can't leave that easily, is not possible, you are like an internet entity, so you better stick around.

Ok. Great.

bregalad said...

How can everyone be so cool about this?

LP, please stop this madness and let us return to our regular scheduled program. This does not make any sense at all--cutting us off when things are about to get really exciting. I really wish I had some ways to coax/cajole/blackmail you into changing this decision, but sadly I don't. So, I am just hoping that you will reconsider and reverse this decision

(And this happens when I have finally summoned enough courage to write you an email. Can I still contact you at your gmail address?)

anonymouse said...

It's a wise decision because it was becoming a bit repetitive and boring.

London Preppy said...

tim: The house mate situation is looking good. And thank you

mark: We'll see eh?

chabang: Come and have a go if you think you're disturbed enough

anthony: The self loathing will have to be part of the dream - what else would I ever write?

gav: You are extremely sweet, thanks for all the comments along the way too

trybaby: Thanks for this and for being part of the blog to a considerable extent with all the comments. Not to mention that wikipedia entry! Don't be too sad, I'm still here plus I'll be back in some way

anon: Thank you. I'll still exist on here yes, albeit in a different form

braga: I'll still be on the email, yes :-)

anon: I guess 450-500 posts took their toll

Nix said...

Hey LP. Big news... but I will save my thoughts for a private message.

I actually visited the blog tonight to post a link. When I read this article, I thought of you, had a giggle, and had to share it. I'm sure other people have had similar experiences with stuff they see and hear. That is the effect that LP has had on us... and that is as good a tribute to anyone that I can think of.

Here's the link:
Hathaway 'Embraces' Pale Skin


devon said...

I knew there was a reason I was putting off reading today, but I couldnt figure it out.
I never put off reading.
Good luck, and very very many thanks!

A said...

I'm one of those people who've read your blog religiously and never responded... But I suppose now's a good time as any. As some others have said, your blog is the only one that I check daily (read: three... four... no twelve times a day). Sigh. You're leaving such a big hole in my heart. Dunno what's going to fill it. Donuts?

Anyway, I would like to wish you luck with your future writing endeavors. I was also in a situation similar -- I was a pretty successful fanfiction writer, but since fanfic is such a dead end, I decided to "turn it off" and focus on original material. (I guess this is karma biting my ass, huh.) However, I never managed to leave fanfic completely -- there was an ease to writing it, probably because I never thought it was "important" (read: publishable). In short, I'd like to encourage you to keep your teeth sharpened on this blog, because your tone and humor are amazing, amazing gifts, and it's so easy to lose these natural talents when you try to go for original/worthwhile/etc. stuff. Also, I get more reading material. :)

Anyway, thanks for being really cool, and best of luck!

London Preppy said...

nix: We'll talk over email then

devon: You knew. You knew, didn't you?

a: When I write, I'll keep the same style. It will be an extension of the blog. You make a very valid point though about keeping my "teeth sharpened" via the blog. I don't know what to do at this point. Might have to try writing and see how it goes, and if I feel the need come back to this

Superdrewby said...

Thanks for the entertainment - it's been a lot of fun:)

Anonymous said...

Auf wiedersehen, Liebchen.

Anonymous said...

Wait! I'm not done stalking you yet!

Thanks for the great posts and good luck!


London Preppy said...

super: You're welcome, might see you down there eh

anon: I love that. I think I love you in fact

scott: Missed your chance innit :-)

Grace said...

Awwwww..... I'll miss your blogging lots....

Plus, I want to know what happens when London Preppy goes to Sydney......

Sad times....

Whats a girl to do at work now?!

AlwaysReadySF said...

"There are those [relationships] that open you up to something new and exotic," [Carrie] LP says, in one last voiceover.

Those that bring you somewhere unexpected. Those that bring you far from where you started.

And those that bring you back.

But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself."

[You Got The Love swells up...



Gav Dublin said...

F**k off, I'm not sweet, I'm a c**t. (insert smiley)

London Preppy said...

grace: Miss you too! My one female commenter!

always: Aaaaaahhh!!!

Anonymous said...

its been great lp, thanks.

Maluminas said...

Aw dude :( i feel like crying.

You better write books and make them popular enough that they show up in Canada, because i want to buy them.

Thanks for the entertainment, it was awesome.

Maybe you could edit the whole blog with the relevant comments in each post and publish that. Kinda like the 3 prints you made recently, but more complete and in more copies :)

AlwaysReadySF said...

Now don't start crying or we are all going to start crying too.

And on this blog we don't cry or get emotional.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed that you ended with a Hole song rather than The Smiths or Morrissey, but it's been a pleasure reading your blog every day. Thanks and see you in Sydney.

London Preppy said...

anon: My pleasure

maluminas: Now that would be the easiest job ever. Publishers, are you reading this?!?

anon: Finally, someone mentions the Hole reference! And I questioned using it because it was too obvious

Jon C said...

Well that's the most depressing thing you've ever written. Nicely done.

London Preppy said...

jon: Well it had to end on a wait, low

J.B. said...

Thanks for the happy reading and good luck

kim said...

This is the post I've been hoping for. Seriously. We can now look forward to the book.

Thanks mate.


DL said...

LP, I'm so saddened right now at the thought you of leaving the blog. I just went through all the comments and all your responses to them - and I know you say you will return in some way, it just won't be the same.

When I read the first sentence of this post, I think my mouth dropped and a little bit of me seriously died. I've enjoyed every bit of your writing and I don't know what I'm going to do without your daily updates.

You've motivated me to start my own blog and write. it's become therapeutic for me, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I guess my only regret is that I didn't start reading your blog sooner. Best of luck with Sydney and please please keep us updated! You will be terribly missed. :(

Woodsman said...

Great Work LP.
I prefer to remember the happy/morose times.
Look forward to bumping into you in Sydney.

Troubled said...

Good luck with what you are doing LP. Your post will be missed! Have a safe journey to Sydney! Sto kalo na pas kai na prosexeis! Fronima ee?

Neil said...

I think you just said that get a lot of comments. Maybe I should reauction the book and see if I can make some money back.

Mike said...

That's Okay. Im used to disappointment in my life. But just to torture myself here are my top 3 LP moments.

1)Aussie PT, pale PT, Superman, and all other beefed up hopefuls that you fell in love with on first sight then climbed over within a few posts
2)Clubbing post quote 'Im waiting for the bag INNIT'
3)The photo of you hugging your new TV. (What happened to it?)

And bottom 3

1)The freaky mask walking around phase.
2)That tattoo
3)The month after you broke up with Scott. Posts suffered.

Phoenix said...

Well, artists are always appreciated better after they die (Banksy is an exception).

I got on this train at practically the second to last stop, it seems. I guess I can while the time away reading all the old posts (some of which I did flick through, and btw I read one where you said you wanted a wiki page devoted to you. I did consider making one but but having read the wiki rules, knew it would be deleted before you even saw it).

Anyhoo, it's been a pleasure to read your whimsical musings and I hope you'll let us know where to find your future projects. Not everyone reading and enjoying your blog is necessarily gay so don't pigeonhole your writing.

All the best in Athens, Sydney and beyond. Try not to overdose on anything!


d said...

kalo taxeithe!

Graham said...


I would say I'm sad to see the end, but really I'm getting numb to this now. Yours will be the 5th reall great blog whose end I have witnessed, though I will admit it has really been an exceptional blog and one which really did invite input, much more than any other. For that, I thank you sincerely.

All the very best of wishes for your time in Oz and in the future. One suspects it will be every bit as bright as LP has been addictive.

I'm happy to have seen all the movies and of course, I got to see the absolute best ever LP post, the one that didn't exist, but if it had I imagine it would have been where LP played a wildlife documentarian for a couple of hours, or something like that.

This comment has been long enough I think, so good bye and good luck.

Luke_Sydney said...

If they ever take Oprah off the air then I really will have to stop breathing.

LP you will be missed.

Lucky you are heading to Sydney and I may bump into you and say things like , "Hey didn't you used to be London Preppy?"

Anonymous said...

LP, thanks.

Anonymous said...


I heart you. Yours was the only blog I've read every single post from. I'll miss your wit, sarcasm, and funny/silly/depressing/interesting stories from your daily life. Oh, and your incredibly yummy body (especially your pecs).

Take care! With love,



Unbounded Moderation said...

el pea, I will miss you :(

Ja said...

enh. sometimes you have to stop to know what it really was/is.

Good luck man, (I say "man" when I'm being sincere (I don't know why)) with whatever you do. Maybe it'll be written in English, then we can go, and read it.

I'll be looking.

Anonymous said...

Ho dear, you leave me without answering my reader's question, despite the fact you said you would answer every single one. Fortunately, I got a a story about a last time, it should do.
So, thanks for the blog, was a pleasure, we'll be keeping an eye on ya.

Good luck


Timmy said...

I'm so glad we had this time together. Just to have a laugh or sing a song. Seems we just get started and before you know it. Comes the time we have to say, "So long."

NGM said...

so i guess i will never work out if i love you or hate you, all the best, might run into you on the streets of sydney.

Aaron said...

Haha way to rip my daily routine apart. For the first time in a long time, I'm at a loss for words, but that won't stop me from trying because you've become a strange part of my life - the degree of which I hadn't been conscious of until tonight. Before I could start reading this post the words "London Preppy is dead" jumped out at me and it took a minute to gain the courage to continue on. In what amounts to a form of e-mourning, I've spent the last hour reading your post repeatedly and then reading every word posted above me. I'd just like to say thanks for all that you know and don't know that you've done for me and good luck in Sydney. All the best.

b-ag said...

I don't know, I guess I feel like trybaby.
And it hurts with every heartbeat.

neb said...


What am i going to do without your daily dose?

Please reconsider this and i am not smiling, LP!

Sam said...

I understand. It kind of sucks that I just found out that this blog existed about a week ago. That always seems to happen to me...I suppose I'll go back now and try to read as many of the old posts as possible. You are a skilled writer. :)

MrM said...

Farewell, and good luck.

London Preppy said...

Thanks everyone for all the comments and general love. This is very painful at the moment, it feels a bit like I killed off my child or something. Mind you, if I had actually killed off my child I wouldn't be sitting here calmly in my Mum's living room watching daytime TV (Menegaki panta fysika giati eimai kai laiko agori) and typing this, but there you go.

Give me some time, I need to know what to do about this, I'll have to think everything through and decide what happens with London Preppy.

I've been writing every day for 2 years, so give us a chance for a bit, come back soon and check. Thanks.

MrM said...

Oh, and oh - a little breach in the cold and distant reader-cum-stalker - your face, at last!
You look so....... British. And the worst part is, I really mean that. Professor, the metamorphosis is a success.
But back to business:
You trod your own little path, young man, and I wish you the best of luck with it. I owe you that at the very least. And should you ever come back, quite like the prodigal son, there will be a space for you in my (virtual) home.
So long, LP, so long... and don't kill any children.

James D said...

Well every morning in Hong Kong I used to read your ramblings and now I will have to find something more productive to do at work...

WORD said...

Nooooo! This was the only blog I checked every day. All the best for the future! I hope we get to see a book or something from you very soon.

WORD said...

Nooooo! This was the only blog I checked every day. All the best for the future! I hope we get to see a book or something from you very soon.

Quigley Cox said...

Will your pen name be 'London Preppy' or something like 'Rosemary Windrush'? How will we be able to tell if a book's by you?

London Preppy said...

quigley: I should write thos book first, shouldn't I? I'd use my real name though. If anything does happen, I'll definitely give updates on here

dickophile said...

Just hold me please and let me suck on your nipples and some of your other body parts for a little while.

London Preppy said...

dick: Thanks for infusing some sanity into this comments page. Effortlessly like that

gill said...

Damn it. I'll miss your writing. Loosing this blog will be as painful as discovering the Taliban just missed offing Ant & Dec.

I dont know about anyone else but I've always considered 'London Preppy' is as much a state of mind as he is an Internet character/caricature.

Be a terrible shame to loose him or witness his evolution.

Take care mate. Hope to hear/see from you again.


(you'd better get used to being called 'mate')

Bowie said...

Wow LP,

definitely didn't see that one coming. Not yet, that is. Actually, it's been around a year since I first stumbled across your blog, don't really know what I was looking for. The one thing I do know is that you caught me right there and then and inspired my life ever since. If this is really the end I want to thank you for all the experiences you shared with us and wish you all the luck in the future. However, I hope to hear from you soon!
You are a wonderful person, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Superchilled said...

Now you really only needed to ask for people to comment to get hundreds of comments, but no you go and kill yourself to get more. Great marketing move! But...

I can't accept that LP is dead until I see the coffin shot, we've had the preparation ones, the revisits of the grave, I need to see the dirt falling before I'll accept it (this is the denial phase).
Where is the after-party?

I'm just a little crushed that it's all ending as we know it. It's been a great escape from the every day, and regularly hilarious. Writing takes a lot of work and you've obviously put a lot of work into LP. Congrats, bon voyage and good luck with your next project.

Robert from NY said...

Good for you and the best with your future in writing or wherever your life takes you. Yes, I may have given you a hard time about your legs (I can't help it, mine are built to withstand a category 5 hurricane) but it was still a pleasure to read about LP.

Best sexy boy.


Anna said...

London Preppy we still love you!

So am I said...

Neil might be thinking of selling his London Preppy book, but I will never part with my copy. NEVER!

And I love the non-blog story. I hope your novel takes a similar direction.


Dirk Muir said...

Wow. It has taken a day to sink in, and I'm still hoping you reconsider. I've really enjoyed your work, and I found you have really hit a good balance in the last month, despite all the complaining from some people. Thanks for everything, and I hope you write again soon - I'll miss your efforts to stay in the family will, and not knowing how it all turns out in Sydney (unless ....)

Anonymous said...

Thank God! Now I will be able to get some work done.

London Preppy said...

Thanks everyone for the nice words, I mean that.

Meanwhile, superchilled: Coffin shot eh? I'll see if I can arrange something with A Girl when I'm back in London

robert: No worries about any leg comments, if I had hurricane legs I would do the same, I like hurricane legs very much

david: That's brilliant, thanks for the "extra story" feeback, as it's one that hasn't been tested on here

chabang said...

...could you add LP in Sweedish(chef) to that translation pane

London Preppy said...

chabang: There's a very good reason why there is no Greek translation there by the way. I tried reading it in Greek and it was hi-la-ri-ous (in a bad way). Then I figured that it must be the same in all the other languages I've stuck on for native speakers, but I didn't care as it doesn't affect me. Ha

george said...

i knew this was going to happen...but not this, can i stab you now?

you have been great....good luck....have a great time in sydney. drop by melbourne some time.

looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeves for your next trick. take

Anonymous said...

Just to echo all of the above... Really enjoyed the blog, will miss it lots, but looking forward to the novel. Enjoy Sydney and do keep us posted.

X Specky

Arkhimago said...

This sounds suspiciously like the way that "Frasier" ended, but with you going to Sydney instead of San Fran??!?
I suppose that you will return annually to London to attend the opera with Mean (but only the German Ones!!!)

Seriously though, Thanx for the fun and the insights. I must admit that I WAS looking forward to reading your first impressions of Sydney...(which would no doubt be somewhat akin to Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land"!!?!)

Anonymous said...

So sad you are ending. I'm now comfort eating, losing abs definition and wearing stuff from Primark. What's the point trying anymore now that there's no chance of accidentally running into you at some Vauxhall club.
The fantasy kept me going, but now I might aswell turn straight.
Bye LP

Anonymous said...

Loved your blog, it was a daily fix. Can't wait to see what is going to happen next.
Enjoy Australia, and

Thomas said...

Maybe you could start a new blog as the change..
I think Sydney Bookworm sounds lame but appropriate!

Trans Fat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James said...

So long and thanks for all the flesh.

London Preppy said...

Thanks everyone once again!

Julien Aguiar said...

Well, you better write a book! ;)

nouveau étoile said...

i've loved it
don't know what i'll use to get my daily fix now...

you WILL be missed ;)

Gert said...

Thank you! Thank you for LP, the good writing, your regular posts, the thrills and excitement, and as a whole, this inspired and inspirational blog.


Al said...

This was by far the best blog on the net, gay or straight.

I'm really going to miss your daily take on London life.

Can't you be like Parky and do Christmas specials, etc??

Well, its been fun but everyone needs to shake things uo every now and then.

Good luck with the writing career and keep us posted. I would definitely pay to read your work.

I am off to buy Boyz magazine so we can give you a weekly column.


Jim said...

I saw this coming from the minute you said you were moving to Sydney. I thought for a while you might have put a "deathwatch" countdown on the side of the blog.

While disappointed about losing a blog to read, I am VERY excited that you are moving forward with the short stories and novel writing. I wonder which part of you they will be?

And if indeed you stop in LA going from one continent to another... I'm easy to find and can offer you shade in sunny Southern California.

skountouflis said...

tha mas leipseis... :(

Anonymous said...

In the nicest possible way - thank god. I was an addict, and the only solution was cold turkey (greece?). Now I can have my sorry life back. An extra half an hour a week for the rest of our lives, for each and every reader on here. Think of what a gift you've given to the world. We salute you.

I thought I did this already said...

much like the conflicted queer that I am, I have hated that I enjoy this blog so much and as much as I wondered what would become of LP down under, I am truly saddened to hear that I will not be able to make references to it and you in my dialogues with other blog-o-philes.

Good luck god speed, and I'll be sure to look for your book in the bargain bin many christmasses from now.

London Preppy said...

I thought: That bargain bin comment was the sweetest thing anyone has told me. Thank you [insert smiley]

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

Oh My God - I can guess that in Sydney you are going to meet a Greek-Aussie princess, marry her for her money and have 3 kids : just like your Mother wants ... because you really are a Mummy's boy !!

Good Luck = I look forward to reading about that ! XXX

Todd X. said...

Here lies one whose name was writ in water.

We will miss him.