Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Gene - Haunted by you

I reckon if I post sporadically on here I can control it and it doesn't have to take over my life again and leave me with no time or inclination to do anything else. So the London Preppy who posted obsessively every day may be dead, but I'll probably write as and when, like this is just a blog, like it's not that important to me, like it never was.

And here's one of these - very casual - posts.

Now a propos of nothing, I love love love this.

Finally, here's a blog that's good. I mean that. It's intelligent and it's funny and other positive adjectives that I can't think of right now because I'm watching Greek X Factor and 67% of my brain has fallen asleep.


It's written by Nats' friends. You know Nats. She used to be one of The Lads.

And finally finally, remember my article for Attitude a couple of months ago? Well they still haven't paid me for it. And now they're not returning my emails. I'm trying to be surprised by this, but


Anonymous said...

darn, i was in athens last saturday. would have been cool to have seen you there.

then slap you in the face for dying on us. and then hug you afterwards for all the good fun you've shared.

but yeah, catching a glimpse of you there is next to impossible. and you're sort of back anyway.

i'll be just as equally happy with the 'new' LP.

- rommel

Anonymous said...

darn, i was in athens last saturday. would have been cool to have seen you there.

then slap you in the face for dying on us. and then hug you afterwards for all the good fun you've shared.

but yeah, catching a glimpse of you there is next to impossible. and you're sort of back anyway.

i'll be just as equally happy with the 'new' LP.

- rommel

Anonymous said...

I love you for this

Joseph said...

Looking forward to these casual posts, Preppy.

About Attitude, I got an email from them asking me to subscribe for £35/year. Now I won't because they haven't paid you. Or maybe they haven't paid you because no one subscribes to it?

Grace said...

I don't know why, but that video amuses me greatly...

Thanks for brightening up my day :-)

P.S. You know this sporadic posting things won't last long, you'll be back to daily posts soon enough. We your adoring readers miss you too much x

Anonymous said...

The sweet hello the sad goodbye! (or vice versa)


jhkirkendall said...

LP, have you ever thought about writing a screenplay? Your dialogue is very playable.

--Joe in L.A.

LC said...

glad u decided to bust back blogging, did you managed to check out the mag ___T? what do you think?

timbo said...

Sounds like brother has an eating disorder. Love to see him in a restaurant he didn't recommend.

Have you noticed him hording toilet paper?

The video is amazing because the lead guy really sounds just like Bonnie Tyler!

I can't imagine what would appeal to you, of all people, about a group of shirtless young men lip-synching to a melodramatic song...with very awkward straight-boy "choreography". Maybe you're a sensitive little pussy.

You should marry the slow girl and let her support your writing career.

London Preppy said...

rommel: Cool, I'm very happy with the 'new' relaxed LP too

anon: Love you too mate

joseph: Damn them! Maybe they were too busy sending out those emails to reply to mine. Oh well, I'll continue sending them

grace: Sweet Grace, I think it's best for all of us if I post sporadically. We don't want to go crazy again, do we?

anon: x back

joe: Thanks. I don't find it easy writing dialogue actually. I'm more descriptive

lc: The mag?

timbo: I think I need to analyse this video more extensively and write all my thoughts second by second. Maybe I'll do that in the next post

deikse mou said...

Is there any significance to naming the post instead of just a date?

My favourite line from the song:
your chance has gone,
you're not so strong,
your tongue it cannot harm me now

dickophile said...

lp doesnt have a brother. or a stepfather. who are you and what have you done with lp???? Where is he you monster??

p.s. I secretly kinda like the new you. in fact this post wasn't all that different from all the others. Which just goes to show that all those times you said lp was a character you were in denial.

AlwaysReadySF said...

The video is great. Nothing like straight college boys singing that song shirtless.

Glad you have back, LP.

Although I don't know if the words "relaxed" and "LP" go well together.... it seems like they clash.

bregalad said...

LP, that really you? Somehow this post does seems different.

Also, it sent chills down my spine, I don't know why. Maybe, it was because you reveal that your parents are not together.

Anyway, how are you doing?

DL said...

I was having a so-so day but when I saw that you had updated your blog, I immediately lit up. :) I'm glad you haven't decided to just leave it behind.

Thanks! :) And I had a good laugh with the shirtless boys. heh

London Preppy said...

deikse: No, it's just the new way of doing things, I'll just mention a song I like every time I post, that's all

dick: Does he not or does he? I don't even know myself anymore. As for the writing, I'm afraid I only have one style and it would read the same whether I'm writing London Preppy, a diary or a sequel to Harry Potter and the Half Brother's Blood or whatever it's called

always: OK I'm defo commenting on this video next

brega: I'm very well, thanks

dl: Cool, glad about that

dickophile said...

since you don't know your self i'll tell you all about...you! you're london preppy one of those fabulous london gays. you're the opposite of asexual. and you have a hot boyfriend (me) who you make a point of satisfying sexually at least once a day.

J.B. said...

My family is slightly less likely to all sit at the same table. My mum point blank refuses to sit at the table with my fathers other children (from a previous marriage). Us kids are now 24-44 so we all get along fine. We are without the Greek Mum to make us all feel certain ways.

God bless the Preppy for all his wonderful writing.


Anonymous said...

your mum sounds hilarious.

why don't you get a picture out of scott and tell her you have a sexy boyf to keep you company, so will pass on the "slow" girl thank-you-very-much.



Anonymous said...

Oh no, hold your preppy horses.

I know you want your book and all, but writing some Harry Potter fan fiction is not the way to go.

Although you could write another epilogue because the one on the last book just sucked.

Yes, I read Haary Potter, so kill me now.

Gav Dublin said...

Cool vid, I am rather fond of this one too!


Very welcome back, occasionally , LP.

electricshame said...

Ah yes, good to see you are going to be sporadically posting... was just getting into it...

Oldyeller said...

So, I'm curious about whether your half-brother looks like you (i.e., nice looks?) and keeps in shape?
Does he kinda look up to his older brother?

Has your father seen the new tat? Or perhaps he doesn't care in real life. Sorry if these questions are too intrusive.

Gav Dublin said...

Oh, yea, does your Mothers Husband just happen to be your Pater?

Brad said...

I knew you wouldn't last not blogging. Welcome back - may there be many more sporadic posts

Anonymous said...


Welcome back and Thank you!

I want more more more more..

Gimme moreeeee and moreeee of your writing.

Your No.1 Fan
Los Angeles

michael01 said...

A few minutes ago I had this sad thought: LP is fading from my mind (with, admittedly, much else). Then I hurried to your site, assuming it was still moribund, to find that there IS life after death. I feel better now, calmer, stronger.

damo 1980 said...

Hi there Lp
Been a long time since I last had a good read....seems i missed a lot lol
Luv the virtual family thing haha
Omg you dont have a good time with these magazines do ya? lol
Axm and now attitude!! haha
Well when they fold due to credit crisis well see who gets the last laugh. HEHEE

Anyway good to see your still going strong.

LC said...

hi LP, I sometimes forget that I am vying with a 1,000 odd dudes for your attention.
Expanding on my earlier question posed: The mag I was referring to is appropriately titled butt. I wonder what you make out of it?

Anonymous said...

You know there's a full version of that video. They also did other songs, too. The blond guy was a basketball player at some college and he got made fun of a lot.

Oh and then they all got naked and had sex with each other. Just kidding.

Paul Burston said...

Sorry to say this, but I'm still owed for articles I wrote for Attitude back in Feb. And they don't return my emails either. Lesson learned - don't write for Attitude and expect to get paid.
Nice to have you back, however casually. px

London Preppy said...

lc: I've only seen Butt in passing (I think they sell it in American Apparel, could be wrong)

anon: Is there really? Linkage please? I'm already halfway writing a tribute to this video for my next post

paul: What is WRONG with people? Anyway, I guess lesson learnt

Phoenix said...

So London Preppy died, and then a few days later rose from the dead? I can see a copyright infringement lawsuit starting...

re:youtube video - Oh. My. God.

Maybe if you get bored of posting about your neurotic ramblings you can sing us something instead :D

ethan said...

well once a blogger, always a blogger

James said...

Has anyone commented on your uncanny resemblance to Bear Grylls? ;-)

Gav Dublin said...

Prep, can I just say that I think Phoenix's comment in relation to copyright infringement is, probably, the best one I have ever read here. (Sacrilege aside)


What dost thou think?

Timmy said...

OMG! On the off chance that you had reconsidered, I came to the LP blog and found some new posts. I can now have a good night's slumber knowing that you have not completely deserted me.

paul said...

more.... i want more... yes more... i like it better when it is unexpected... like death - LP will come upon us when we are least prepared

We will think he has gone - but he will come back and surprise us. The pitter-pat of my heart each time I log on to see if he written... if it is there he loves me - if it is not then we are done - until he posts again and all is forgive

I wish I did not have a 7AM call...

Graham said...


The plate swapping at dinner with your family sounds familiar. My mum needs to know what everyone else is eating before she decides what to eat, then complains that everyone elses food looks nicer than hers. I've taken to changing my mind at the very last second, just because I know it irritates her, even more so when I claim that it's the MOST delicious food I've ever had, while trying to refuse to let her taste it. This this make me a bad son?

Luke said...

Hah, Awesome, your back,

Thats kinda weak, but not quite as bad as me for coming back to check.

This does put a dent in the Nihilist points though, but consider your day / thoughts interesting and your ego massaged

AvidReader said...

How could you did like this to me?
Your writings had always been my motivation to go to gym (and shopping complexes) so that I'll look as good as you.

Your posts always soothed me when I was feeling down.. when the world around againts me, and I felt so lonely. Now, you're.. leaving... me alone.

I love you LP. I love you very much. Please continue writing as of often as you could. I beg you.

gill said...

Preppy where the hell are you when Krispie Kreme have introduced limited edition chocolate doughnuts.

4 new chocolate drenched yummy sugar highs.

I damn well need it with the economy tanking, and you going awol

Anonymous said...

Attitude seem to always be changing publishers, maybe that's why they haven't paid.

Mykonos was warm and quiet and we even managed to see the Acropolis on the way back. Greek men have the best legs.


Oldyeller said...

I miss my prepster an awful lot. There's a quote from an old tear-jerker of a movie, Its a Wonderful Life: "Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"