Thursday, 18 September 2008

Thursday 18/09/08

So enough of blacking out underground and crying on the South Ken tube platform, there are pressing matters at hand, and these pressing matters are: 

What the fuck am I going to wear this Friday? 

This is a question difficult enough to keep you awake on any given week from Monday night onwards, but this Friday combines a series of events so unrelated, so haphazardly thrown together, so diverse that the phrase sartorial nightmare doesn’t begin to cover it. 

Here are the different variables: 

1) First I’m going to work so I have to wear something appropriate for work.  Please note, this is a dress-down Friday 

2) Then I’m going to a work night out, so I have to wear something appropriate for going out, but still within colleague specifications 

3) Whatever I wear has to be coordinated with A Girl’s outfit, because we have decided to do that and here’s what A Girl is wearing: 

I think I will wear a red patterned knit skirt with a white button up short sleeved collared shirt, my mustard yellow sweater and just for one bit of raciness, my high heeled black patent leather strap shoes. My aim is 1950’s University preppy with the shoes adding a bit of raciness but acceptable rebellion. 

4) Then I’m going to an indie bar/club type place for Bryant’s birthday, so I have to wear something that says I’m still indie, I may be 28 and past it, but I know where it’s at, or at least I knew where it’s at at some point in the past and I own every Suede 7-inch ever released 

So I’ll have to think about this one. 

Anyway, in other news, last week this person who reads the blog but I’ve also met in real life (even though he doesn’t live in London) sent me a CD with songs he thought I might like.  And this CD has 60+ songs on it and this person was right – I do like them.  In fact this is the best compilation CD I remember anyone having ever made for me.  So we’d all like to thank ___. 

In any case, inspired by this I thought I’d make a list of my favourite songs of 2008 so far, so here they are, in alphabetical order by the second letter of each song title. 


This is a song by Hercules & Love Affair, which is the musical project of New York DJ/producer Andy Butler.  I saw Hercules & Love Affair live a few months ago and realised that Andy Butler is gay and ginger (very ginger) so I sent an email to his management team asking if he wanted to meet up with me.  I never heard back.  I like the song 4% less now, but still enough. 

Just dance

This is a song by New York-based artiste Lady GaGa.  What a nice lady.  Shame the rest of the album sucks. 

Hearts on fire

This is a song by Australian duo (I’m guessing here) Cut Copy.  I like this, partly because I do and partly because I’m desperately trying to develop a taste of Australian culture before I get there. 

Wearing my Rolex

This is a song by a guy who calls himself Wiley.  He is ridiculous, so is his song, I’m sure it’s listened to by the lowest of the low, deadest of the brain people in suburban clubs, but you know what?  I like it.  Plus I like how he pronounces the word dance.  “Darnce”. 

Best revenge

This is a song by New York-based band Fischerspooner.  People see no worth in Fischerspooner, oh but I do. 

Falling down

This is a song by Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson (so I’m told, I’ve never seen her films myself).  Scarlett released an album of Tom Waits covers this year and it’s fucking brilliant because she can’t sing, she just growls in a dreary monotone.  This is the aural equivalent of the emptiness of my life.  

LES artistes

This is a song by New York-based artiste Santogold.  On the cover of her record, Santogold vomits a sea of gold.  I like the rest of the album too, and not just because of that. 

Songs remind me of you

This is a song by Norwegian singer Annie.  If I were Norwegian I would just sit in my little town and enjoy the scenery and the cold and play with the reindeer.  I guess Annie is a lot more ambitious than I am.  It’s a shame then than nobody cares for her music (apart from me), so she’ll just have to return to her little town sooner or later anyway. 

Time to pretend

This is a song by MGMT.  I have no idea where they’re from.  The lyrics of this song are very London Preppy – perhaps I should sue. 

Sex on fire

This is a song by Kings of Leon.  This is a very good song indeed and I like the guy’s voice because it sounds like he’s in pain.  Also in the video he’s tied to a bed (I think) and the rest of the band hold him down, push him around, etc.  More of less what happens in my basement then. 

Stuck on repeat

This is a song by somebody called Little Boots.  What a ridiculous name.  It’s so cute and twee, isn’t it?  I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to google and find out this person’s real name.  OK, it’s Victoria Hesketh.  Little Boots it is then.

So there you go.


Ja said...

2 things: good point, Lady Gaga is an artiste -I mean she rhymes hypnotic and symphonic 4 times in a row. pure genius.

second, Scarlett. I can only assume you chose to replace the video with a second viewing of Best Revenge as a metaphor. As apparent in the video, that isn't Scarlett, nor her voice. It's costume and cheap over production.

Julien Aguiar said...

Blind. Great song, but I think Hercules Theme is even better.

Oldyeller said...

Hazard a guess that this work night out is your "leave do" which jointly celebrates A Girl's birthday 2 days hence. Don't suppose you could get away with wearing your skimpy red Adidas shorts, a white vest, and a yellow cardigan?

Anonymous said...

Hey LP,
Nice mix of songs.
Cut Copy = trio.
If ya wanting us (Oz folk) to assume that you're a 'normal' &/or 'str8' guy once in Australia, you need to develop at least one meathead Aussie pub rock band - think Powderfinger, Grinspoon, Cold Chisel or at a stretch Silverchair.

Dirk Muir said...

MGMT is from the United States (New York? Maybe Boston?) They're a duo. This song features on their first EP and their first album. The best song, IMO, but other songs are really good too. Judging by your choices here, I think they'd appeal the indie-dance recension of LP. Oh, and Annie has been pretty big in Norway for about three, four years.

Good taste in music you have.

Dirk Muir said...

Oh, and thanks for mentioning Hearts on Fire. I just bought the maxi-single on iTunes, and I'll hunt down the CD album tomorrow (I'm still a sucker for packaging).

Anonymous said...

Can we get some pictures of A Girl in that outfit?



Jeff said...

I don't know how dressed up you will be, but I think you should wear something dressed up enough to wear a tie with, and this tie should be plaid and match A girls skirt. That would make it a little funky and edgy. It should be noted that I know nothing about dressing up and coordinating. Also, MGMT is based in Brooklyn.

Jeff said...

A group that's in inline with this this kind of music is Simian Mobile Disco. They can sound sort of generic but I love their song "I believe" here is the link if you want to check them out.

Anonymous said...

The Kings of Leon vocalist does have an interesting voice, but the lyrics....all their lyrics.. not so good. Fischerspooner on the other hand - great. Just Let Go is superb, in fact Odyssey is one of my favourite CD's. There are people who see no value in them? Not even in Casey? Tragic.

Sorry, can't work out how not to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that the video you have for Falling Down by Scarlett Johansson is actually the Best Revenge video above it that I think you accidentally posted twice. That is all.

Oh, and I like the songs too.

James said...

I don't see a black patent leather pocketbook in your outfit checklist...

johnjohn said...

dont forget Sweaty by muscles -- another part of australian culture you should familiarize yourself with

London Preppy said...

ja: Ah. Noted and changed, thanks

julien: Yep. like that one too

oldy: I'll have to go with yes on that one

sam: Great tip, thanks!

dirk: I have the MGMT album but haven't really got into it apart from a couple of songs

London Preppy said...

anon: I'll my best

jeff: I actually like that very much. Shame I don't have time to custom make a tie from her skirt material

anon: Fischerspooner is prob in my top 5 bands ever. OK, maybe top 10

james: No I left that one out

john: Oh are they Australian? I didn't realise. I have that song. Great, I'm ready then

Quigley Cox said...

'Little Boots' is a name too closely associated in my mind with the Roman emperor 'Caligula': certainly no cute and twee connotations there. If that's the image she was going for she should have chosen a different name...'Rancid Bile' or something.

Nathan said...

I wonder what your favourite songs would be if your criteria was 'things I enjoy listening to' rather than 'things which are sufficiently obscure and non-mainstream to fit with my contrived aural aesthetic'.

Anonymous said...

I like your song selections!
I DJ a bit, maybe I could DJ at your next house party (or party for one)...

London Preppy said...

nathan: I've followed aesthetic for so long now, about 15 years, so it's actually what I listen to effortlessly

Nathan said...

Indeed. It's nice when our contrivances are so well practiced they become habits/preferences.

Sometimes now when I buy food for homeless people outside the shops etc I think I'm doing it because I'm a good person, rather than to impress people I am with / passers by / myself with my virtuous generosity.

LC said...

MGMT is from Brooklyn, NY

check out Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone


lyrics extract
Stepping, I'm stompin'
I'm all gone
Give me the tone
And i'm all gone
Yeah, i'm walking by the line
Not here, but in my mind

Hugo said...

MGMT is from Brooklyn, NY. BTW, you have to watch Gossip Girl. Very London Preppy. Boat shoes. Cardigans. Young attractive people doing drugs. Boarding schools in Switzerland. Suicide. Scandals! Gay husbands! What's not to like?

Nancie Pants said...

Hey, random question: What do you think of Roisin Murphy? She is coming to NYC for her US debut and she looks awesome. Wanted to hear your thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Is that Antony the tranny, of Antony & The Johnsons I hear providing the vocals or the Hercules song? sounds awfully like him....

London Preppy said...

lc: I like Lykke Li too!

nancie: I love Roisin Murphy. Her album was in my top 3 albums of 2007

anon: Correct

Anonymous said...

MGMT is from Brooklyn, NY

...I'm just messing with you ;)

Trans Fat said...

OMG, your musical tastes are so gay. While I'm concede that a lot of your life is hetro-oriented, but not your music. Where is the HIP-HOP?

Even with that said, I concur "The lyrics of this song are very London Preppy – perhaps I should sue", but while the lyrics mimic your vision in life, the visuals contradict it. Big TIME. Aren't you missing half the message. The beauty is the contradiction.

Trybaby said...

I liked Les Artists a lot. Thanks!

London Preppy said...

trans: This is England you know. Straight boys don't listen to hip hop - they listen to boys with guitars

Chris said...

Little Boots is a huge talent. Thanks for the intro to her music.