Monday, 15 September 2008

Monday 15/09/08

On Friday morning I wake up at 0600 after having gone to sleep at 0200 and as I’m having my breakfast of three eggs and two pieces of toast, I stab myself in the bottom lip with the fork and blood comes gushing out, blood which reminds me that I might be human after all.  

Deciding against calling in sick, because I’m strong and resilient like that, I bite on some tissue for 15 minutes and go to work. 

At work, the following things (OK, emails) happen. 

A Girl (0937):  

“In other less important news, I got 1 hour, yes, 1 hour of sleep last night between the hours of 6:30-7:30 so obviously I feel fantastic. 

What on earth are we going to do today?” 

Me (0943): 

“You look fantastic for one hour’s sleep.  I had a new delivery of prescription sleeping pills yesterday so I held off until 0140 when I took one.  These were the best 4 hours of sleep I’ve ever had because I woke up at 0600 again. 

I don’t know.  I’m open to anything that won’t kill me instantly.  Other than that, I have no fucking clue” 

A Girl (0956):          

“I was afraid of this.  Oh well.  At some point later in the day I need to take a picture of you at your desk for day 2” 

(Note: A Girl has decided to take pictures of me sitting at my desk – one each day for my last weeks at work – and put them up on the left hand side of her desk, so that when she looks up she thinks that I’m still there after I’m gone) 

Me (1002): 

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot this with all the turmoil our lives have been thrown in. 

Right now I’m starving.  I’ll have some biscuits and some pills”

A Girl (1005): 

“I was just going to ask you what you were eating.  If I weren’t so tired I might be hungry.  I haven’t eaten since the snack of chicken and tomatoes I had here yesterday around 1700.  I’m working on just withering away” 

Me (1007): 

“This is a strong look, but I’m confident you can carry it off” 

After work, where I manage to stay awake for most of it, I go to the gym where I do arms and abs, and then Scott picks me up and we go to Sadler’s Wells to watch a dance production of Dorian Gray with Brendan, Donnell, V and D. 

Unfortunately on this day I happen to be wearing my Smiths t-shirt (again) and then it hits me how embarrassing it is to be wearing a Smiths t-shirt to an Oscar Wilde play (with Morrissey being one of the people who have championed Oscar Wilde so much of course). 

So I tell Scott that my t-shirt is ridiculous and I shouldn’t have worn it there and that it’s like turning up at a gig wearing a t-shirt of the band that you’re going to see… 

…and Scott says, but you do that anyway, don’t you… 

…and I ask him when, when did I ever go to a gig wearing a t-shirt of the same band, and you don’t know anything about me, do you, no answer that, do you know anything about me? 

Then Scott does not answer that and then we watch Dorian Gray, where I manage to stay awake for some of it, and then I go home. 


DJ said...

Hey LP,

I was at Dorian Gray on Friday night as well. Saw you guys sitting to the side of the stage.

Did you enjoy the bits you were awake for? I liked the production, quite dark and seductive!

Also did you notice how pale the dancers were?


London Preppy said...

Hi D___,

Cool, where were was your seat?

It was good, wasn't it? I particularly liked the main woman. And yes, they were pale - I guess they must be told to not turn up with tans and shit. I should get a job like that

dickophile said...

don't let the blood trick you into thinking you're human. even animals bleed. if you stab a vampire the blood of its victims leaks out. i think. i dont know.

Trans Fat said...
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d said...

off topic...
why are greek guys dicks and cockblockers! i just started dating this very pale german/norwegian guy (yum) and he has a greek friend. when the greek friend found out my guy was dating me (another greek) he told him to run as fast as you can from greek boys! WTF!

devon said...

It's so true about the shirts to concerts, but so many people do... And I always wonder if I am the one being uptight about not wearing them, but your right it's just kinda strange...

Trybaby said...

Have you seen the original Dorian Grey movie? It's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Toast?! Isn't that slang for slightly burned bread? I didn't know people who had abs were allowed bread, even at breakfast time. Ah, hang on, you are back to chewing on tissue; that sounds more like it.

I thought Dorian Gray was a real disappointment, the music was excruciating. I kept trying to block the sound out and focus on the dance. Some bits were really good, love the bit where the revolve spins to reaveal all the corpses in Dorian's house and they slowly turn to stare at him. Matthew explained that there isn't actually supposed to be a "painting" in this production, and the doppelganger is the portent of Dorian's demise. I wish he had explained that in the programme notes!

MR style said...

god that blog is still full of sexiness !! that's insane ! :)

Anonymous said...

So come on LP, you've gotta give us a bit more of an insight than: 'and then we watch Dorian Gray, where I manage to stay awake for some of it, and then I go home.'

We need a bit more LP on DG - or maybe there are just too many similarities between the two.

I thought the second half was awesome but I thought the first half was just giving the Matthew Bourne fans what they wanted - a bit of cheap homoerotica.

London Preppy said...

try: I haven't, no

specky: I've given up on the diets by this point to be honest!

I'll have to agree about the music. It varied from the startling to the seriously distracting

anon: I'm absolutely with you on the homoerotica comment. I actually said to Scott et al in the interval, am I the only one who was shocked by that sex scene? Was it not too elaborate and unnecessary? Well nobody else in my group agreed

Trybaby said...

Maybe you were the only one who thought that because you hang out with a group of homosexuals.

Quigley Cox said...

"What Dorian Gray's sin was no one says and no one knows. Anyone who recognizes it has committed it." What a crass, gauche age we live in where someone takes it upon themselves to spell it out for those who need it to be spelt out.

DJ said...

We were in the upper dress circle above you. Didn't think it was appropriate to yell hi across the theatre.

Have to agree with anon that it was overly homoerotic. I was also shocked by the sex scene...


Nix said...

The nightclub scene was fantastic.

Have you read Will Self's Dorian? I couldn't put it down.

London Preppy said...

nix: No, I haven't I'll look into that