Monday, 1 September 2008

Monday 01/09/08

On Saturday evening I'm sat at home waiting for things to happen, either in real life or online, but in the end nothing does happen, not in either dimension. So I decide to get ready, get on the tube, travel around on my own for a bit, end up at Scott's house at the edge of Zone 2, and wait for him to come home (he's out working).

During this journey, I'm listening to L.E.S. Artistes by Santogold on repeat, and I'm reading a trashy read that I'm embarrassed to admit on here, oh fuck it, I'm reading Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edward-Jones. It's all about Balenciaga bags and Roland Mouret dresses and Miuccia Prada's fashion-forward vision. I don’t really know anything about it, but I love shit like that (but don't tell anyone).

And for this journey I'm wearing grey suede moccasins acquired in a small shop in Cornwall, charcoal short shorts from Zara that I've stitched up to make even shorter, a green and grey stripy t-shirt from Lyle & Scott, glowing white skin.

This is why I like being extremely pale, because you can use pale as an accessory with outfits like that. If you put on short shorts and moccasins meaning that your whole leg is exposed from the ankle to the top of the thigh really, your skin tone becomes a feature, an accessory. How good would this look be if I had a mild tan or a normal skin tone? No good at all. I'd walk on the tube and nobody would look at me and think oh my God, does he have jaundice? Now people do. They think: sooo much leg and sooo white. This person is working a strong look.

Now of course this short shorts and moccasins look would also work with a very deep, Cote-d'Azur tan. People on the tube would think oh my God, is he ALWAYS on holiday in the south of France? They would think: sooo much leg and sooo tan. This person is working a strong look. Anyway, either extreme is good.

When I’m in Sydney I might actually give in and have a tan. I’ll go for the easiest option, the option that straight guys adopt. In London straight guys are pale because it’s always cloudy and they don’t go on sunbeds or fake tan. I presume that in Sydney straight guys are tan because it’s always sunny and they don’t hide away from it. So I’m going to try to emulate them.

But yes, where was I? I get to Scott's house, watch some French & Saunders, eat 500ml of cheap Tesco ice cream I bought on the way and then he's back.

Another thing that happens this weekend is that Scott and I go to the gym – both on Saturday and on Sunday – and we see this new guy that we both love, really really love from the bottom of our broken hearts. This is a guy that I’ve only seen in the gym once before, again on a weekend. So he must work out at a different time to me during the week.

This is probably not a very good thing for me, because it means that I will only see him very infrequently, just on the occasional weekend, meaning that I will never get used to him, the novelty will never wear off, his beauty will always be too painful.

For example, yes I still think that Pale Personal Trainer is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life and I would kill Bret Easton Ellis if it meant I could either be him or be with him, but I see PPT in the gym every day now, and even though I think he’s still gorgeous, I’m quite used to him and it doesn’t give me chest pains every time he walks past. (It used to)

And finally, a couple of days left now on the ebay auction for the first book:

London Preppy Book on ebay


george said...

love makes you do crazy things....go do crazy

kim said...

re posting the pics of NGG --- think of it as therapy; the next best thing to having him at the gym everyday ... you know it's the right thing to do.

Tim in Italy said...

Um... you've discussed this before, so I'm just going to nudge you a bit about're going to OZ to work at a new life, so I'm wondering what sense it makes to think about being there doing things the same way you do in London that makes you miserable.

Regarding the questions we're contemplating: A)Yes, so long as people can do the same to you, and B) No.

kim said...

while here in Oz you'll be spending countless hours watching SBS no doubt, and not because of the 10.30am daily Greek News, but because of Ben Fajzullin, the hottest thing on Australian TV. Smart too.

AlwaysReadySF said...

I love how your really made up your mind the very minute you took those pictures but you want to hear from us that it's ok to post them.

So, ok, here goes.

Yes, it's ok. No really, seriously. It is.

[insert smiley]

Dirk Muir said...

On question a)
Not so appropriate, but hey, if it makes the time at the gym go faster
On question b)
You have them, might as well share them

Anonymous said...

mmm... highest bidder a new guy with zero history on ebay. always a good sign.

don't send out the stuff before the money's arrived :-)

MrM said...

a) yes
b) yes. very much so. it might be an obligation, even.
And I have just returned from a two-week vacation on the Côte d'Azur ('cause mummydaddy live there, you see) yet I am still pale as a Parisian (ooh, wait no, you hate alliterations...). The sun is just so over-rated, you know.
And I confess, I missed this little blog of yours during those fig scented days on the treacherous shores of the Mediterrenean which only idle fools would refer to as a "holiday"... An obsession is an unhealthy thing.
And since when do you update before evening on a weekday? Is it because of the insane pleasure it procures your sadistic soul to mess up my vital... routine?

Neil said...

Yes is obviously the answer to both questions.

Gert said...

To me, the point is not if it's allowed to post these pictures but if it's a good idea. PPT e.g. has by now become a very beautiful as well as charming man in my imagination and a picture would only make him real. (Come to think of it, the way I picture him, he's not even pale.) Same goes for the new guy. We're no children anymore. We don't need pictures on every page.

As for Fashion Babylon, don't worry, I won't tell anyone. I like s*** like that as well. What's more, reading the book was like a nice form of transvesty without actually having to wear women's clothes.

I finished reading the book during August 2007 whilst getting a tan lying next the swimming pool of a rented house in the south of France. My friends were reading the latest literary sensation in Flanders (De helaasheid der dingen by Dimitri Verhulst) so in order to save some face I read JPod by Douglas Coupland as well. I couldn't be sure if that had a big influence though, considering they had never heard of him.

Which of course is a shame.

Anonymous said...

doesn’t give me chest pains every time he walks past. (It used to)
That was awesome, almost made me piss myself

Discotheque GQ said...

Hopefully I'm not responding to a sarcastic rhetorical question, but wouldn't that be a little stalker-esque? I guess maybe I've become a little too outgoing cause I would suggest just actually meeting these guys and bringing them into my world. I make it a point to meet people (men & women alike) that I've secretly lusted after which usually results in one of 3 things:

1. I find their personality to be repulsive, and it ruins the fantasy.
2. I enjoy their company and become friends with them.
3. I have sex with them.

Technically all 3 ruins whatever fantasy you might have but it's better than wondering, right?

London Preppy said...

george: Thank you, I will

tim: Which things do you mean? Emulating straight boys? I'm afraid that's inherent, I can't shake it off

kim: Hmm...I'm not sure about Ben. He's alright, you know? Meanwhile, is there really daily Greek news? I just shared a tube wiht 4 Greek guys in suits. I farking hate them

always: Yes, it seems you know me quite well

London Preppy said...

dirk: Cool, tune back in tomorrow then

anon: I'm thinking positive about this (for a change) and going for the theory that it's somebody who didn't have an ebay account before, but opened one because they wanted this item

mrm: Well I didn't post on Sunday so I put it up early on Monday. There is reason to this madness

neil: I thought so too

gert: OK, how about I post this guy but also make extensive commentary, i.e. pictures AND long read. Perfect

disco: Definitely stalker-esque, but we like that

Trybaby said...

I think that it's one thing for you to take pictures, which is questionable, and another for you to post them especially because you have a lot of readers. If you had an obscure blog I would be more inclined to say yes, in a show-your-buddies-the-stupid-pictures-you-took kind of way.

If you do decide to post the pictures I would suggest that you only leave them there for a day. And of course if you are contacted to take them down you will concede.

Anonymous said...

It would be cool to have skin that's translucent like "a G&T glowing under black lights" and you could also see your muscle fiber and blood pumping through your veins and the faint outline of your internal organs at work. just saying.

London Preppy said...

anon: I LOVE that. How can we do it? I like the way you think

timbo said...

Hey, if you're going to surreptitiously take pictures of this guy, why stop there? Why not go up and act real friendly (in a straight way, of course) and pat him down real good...and don't forget to steal his underpants afterwards. It wouldn't be classy otherwise.

London Preppy said...

timbo: I suppose this is the way things are done in my gym. You're right

kim said...

LP says: "Hmm...I'm not sure about Ben"

Kim says "it's all relative"

Muscler said...

I think i know who new gym guy is/should be...

let me guess...white tshirt on sunday? I love him- he's hot and his friend with blondish/brown shaved head is hot too....

Graham said...


Apparently there are laws which state that if someone is in a public place and their photograph is taken, that picture can be used in any reasonable way, once it causes no harm to the subject and/or his reputation. Some gyms specifically prohibit the use of mobile phones and camera phones/cameras. What harm can come of posting his picture here? None. If he reads your blog, wouldn't you imagine that he is actively teasing you in the gym for the very purpose of you taking his pic and posting it here?

I am pretty sure he is.

Maluminas said...

A) Yes.

B) Hell yes.

C) Get Superman and PPT while you're at it. You're moving to Sydney anyway, don't you want to bring a little something to remember them by? And then post them here. Because the internet is the ultimate backup drive.

Bobby Cox said...

Take the photos. They should be flattered for the attention.
But don't blame me if they beat you up.
and a co-incidence. I'm reading Airline Babylon or whatever it's called. At the moment they're wheeling some dead man out of the plane on the drinks trolley. I refuse to even pretend to be vaguely shocked by this because it's like, well how else to they get him out?
Style Babylon sounds the same. Ohmygod models take coke. Who knew!?

.Gash said...

If from now on the only liquid you consumed was G&T and you only went to places that had blacklights this could possibly be an achievable look. Theres no telling what a high G&T % blood count could do. A portable UV striplight with a car battery could also be quite useful when traveling from blacklight A to blacklight B.

Post the pictures but red block out another part of his body for extra anonymity. Maybe a thigh?

Luke_sydney said...

We're not all really tan in Sydney or Aus.. it's just a life time of growing up in the sun... all our freckles have joined up and we just look tanned.

London Preppy said...

muscler: It's him. Did you SEE him with his top off?

graham: He most definitely does not read my blog...

maluminas: I have a plan about PPT now that you mention it. Maybe I'll share at some point

London Preppy said...

bobby: Yes, she's full of revelations that Imogen