Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Thursday 28/08/08

So I’ve now prepared the London Preppy booklets. As I mentioned there are three and two of them are going on ebay. Here are some specs:

- The booklets are 53-pages long (of text)

- They include some of my favorite stories

- Each one also contains 6 Polaroid pictures (stapled on)

- These include me smoking, me on Scott’s motorbike, close ups of my tattoos (blurred unfortunately), etc

- The front cover shows a picture of my torso (in colour)

- The back cover shows a picture of my back (in colour)

- Each booklet has three sections / chapters

- These are called: In / Out / About

- There are handwritten introductions to each section / chapter

- There are some handwritten comments through the booklet

This week I’ve been trying to put them together, a process which consisted of: stealing the office Polaroid camera / going out to buy film because there wasn’t any in the camera and finding out how expensive it is / sneaking around in the office trying to print out 159 pages of text and 6 pages of semi-naked pictures of myself / learning how to use the office binding machine, something which I never did knew before.

A Girl has been a very helpful ally in this process, taking some of the pictures, helping me with the sneaking around, etc. In fact, on Wednesday this week, the final day of the preparation, I send her the following email.

My original email is in blue and A Girl’s response is in red.

I’m afraid I’m going to need your help for some jobs today. Namely, they are:

a) I need to print out the covers of my booklet. This is a very precarious, risky job as they consist of a naked full page picture of me front and back This is risky, my middle name has known to be Danger so instead of shutting this email now and wishing I had never seen it I will read on. And this needs to be done in colour Holy mother of god. The only way I can think of doing this is that I send them to the printer but you are already stood there waiting to pick them up. Or the other way round. There are only 6 pages though. Yes okay, I can do this. Either way is fine with me. I think we can pull this off as well as we have pulled off anything in our lives.

b) I need you to take some pictures of me on the Polaroid. Only two, mind you. One of them will have to be taken in the toilet Tricky but doable, and the other one on the street at lunchtime. I suppose the graveyard is a good site for that. Even trickier given my already two hour lunch but we can make this happen.

Are you up for these challenges? Yes I am We can split the projects through the day of course. Okay

Here is the link on ebay for the first booklet. This will stay on for a week – once this is over, I will put the second one up.


If the link doesn't work, go on ebay and search for London Preppy. It comes up. I think.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the booklet.

The front cover:

The back cover:

A really bad, blurry picture of my Chapter 1 summary:

An example of one of the Polaroids (I will write comments on each Polaroid too):

Erm...a picture of a page of the booklet (comment on the right):

That's all I guess.


FireFawkes said...

Yikes! When I looked at it last night the bid was £20. It's now at £155. Think I'll just stick to the online version.

Oh do the Polaroids have red rectangles over the eyes? Disappointing if they don't!

London Preppy said...

Yeah I know. Unexpected eh?

Yes, the Polaroids have red rectangles of course!

Nathan said...

I have the following comments:

1. It is a well known fact that smoking is sexy (especially if you're Italian... this may be less fact than personal preference, but hey). Hence you were right to take that photo.
2. I know you hate your job, but A Girl is a rare find. You will miss her sorely in your next job (I think you probably know this already).
3. Today, I feel like numbering my thoughts sequentially.
4. I love your unabashed commercialism. My flatmate has started reading your blog and was stunned at the gall of having a wishlist. I think it's sensible.

That is all.

Tim in Italy said...

155 GBP (my keyboard doesn't have a GBP symbol. Can you believe it? So much for there always being an England)! LP, you're a marketing genius. Imagine where it would be if you had worn speedos instead of trunks. But there has to be a line, of course. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I'm jealous!

d said...

yeah, i saw that same jump in bid. 155 lbs is like $300 american dollars... i think

wow! at this rate you may get a free ticket!

good luck... unfort its too rich for my blood!

semistraight said...

That leaves the less financially endowed of us with making up stories about your ebay history, musing about what kind of items were "hand delivered" ;-).

Anonymous said...

I cannot part with 156 pounds. I guess might have to fly down-under to stalk you in person instead

btw...Do you think A girl fancies you?

AlwaysReadySF said...

Cute pics. I wish the straight boy boxers were gay boy tight white briefs but I suppose one has to go with the look of the LP persona...

On a completely different and unrelated note...

Is there a way to read the article that was published on that UK gay magazine?

Joseph said...

Will you do a JK Rowling, ie, tell everyone that you'll handwrite 6 limited editions of your book and encrust them with gems and wotsit, but then later allow someone else to print facsimiles of that book so that mere mortals like us can have the pleasure of owning a copy? Pleeeease?

Graham said...


This is wonderful. I don't think there has been so much excitement in my life since.... well since ever. The finished article looks great, not too polished and flashy, just the right balance. Do they each have different hand written comments in them?

Oldyeller said...

Excellent idea for the front & back covers-revealing yet on the tasteful side (I would have preferred your aussiebaums, but...). Good luck on making big bucks.

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Wow. I don't know whether to be impressed or appalled.

Simon said...

Special Attributes: 1st Edition, Signed. Would that be you or the book?

And where to go next with the LP merchandising. LP clothing? The LP diet? LP binding services?

JamesR said...

I'm falling in love with A Girl.

Should Know Better said...

£207 and counting!! Woop Woop! You better be throwing a mean leaving party or I'm going to start dishing dirt!

jhkirkendall said...

Wow! Its up to $380.00 already! At this rate, you'll be flying first-class to Australia.

Perhaps the 2nd copy should have a few more scanty shots in it to attract even higher bids. You know--something like "London Preppy Models the AussieBum Line".

--Joe in L.A.

London Preppy said...

semi: Ah, I remember the day of that hand delivery. So nice

anon: No, she doesn't! [insert smiley]

alwaysready: I'll put up the magazine article when the new issue is out. I think that's fair enough, right?

joseph: Ha ha. Whoever buys them can do what they want with them!

graham: The "chapter" summaries are all the same but the comments throughout are all different. Also the Polaroids are slightly different between the copies of course

Alex said...

A Girl needs her own blog! :-)

London Preppy said...

neighbours: Neither of course. Why demonstrate human emotion?

simon: I think this is where it ends really. No other merchandise!

jamesr: Aren't we all?

should: I am most definitely throwing a mean party, and I promise this time I'll be a lot more coherent and up for it. We need to start at the same party you see. Let's do that next time

joe: Is it really? I'm scared to look. I just hope these are genuine bids and somebody will end up buying it though

OK, I don't know what to say about the bids so far. I'll add an extra story, a story that I'll never post on here to each copy, just to give them a bit more value for whoever ends up with them. Sorry to people who wanted to get this but had lower budgets. Maybe the second one will sell for less though innit

Anonymous said...

Visual and verbal are easy. Why not up the game and throw in a CD of your favourite tunes? Frankly, squeezing it onto a CD should be a tough ask, but at least you'll it'll be audiovisual, which is the 21st century version of 'glorious technicolor'...

London Preppy said...

anon: I could definitely do that!

AlwaysReadySF said...

So, LP, I was driving home and was almost in front of my building when I noticed a sign that advertises (I quote) "San Francisco's biggest Greek Food Festival" which is going to be held in the parking lot of the church down the road (which, as it turns out, is a Greek Orthodox Church).

I couldn't but smile inside (I know, emotions again. how undignified.) thinking about what you would have said/commented so I had to let you know..

What am I to expect?

[insert smiley]

dickophile said...

i have to say, your definition of naked and my definition of naked are two totally different definitions. nipples!

Jon C said...

I like how you use the word "Excellent" in the feedback for the items you've bought/sold on eBay.

London Preppy said...

always: You are to expect a full on nightmare

jon: I like how you looked into this

Ja said...

this is all to brilliant for me. I envy. A Girl deserves a nod in the credits, no? Or should have possibly written the introduction. Nice work.

London Preppy said...

ja: Looking forward to the gym ra(n)t ebay booklet

criag said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

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