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Tuesday 15/07/08

Some Considerations About Moving To Sydney 

And these are some considerations about moving to Sydney, well some of them are considerations and some are decisions, so I suppose the accurate title for this post if I used titles and not the dates that I do use because I want to write relentlessly and not trouble myself with coming up with a witty pun for a title on top of everything else, would be “Some Considerations And Some Decisions About Moving To Sydney”. 

1) Consideration: Who do I live with? 

I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a misanthrope, because I don’t lack complete faith in humankind, I just maintain an overwhelming, bone-crushing disappointment in it, but it’s fair to say that I prefer my own company.  And this is why I love on my own.  I meant to write “live on my own” there, but I’m leaving my mistake there (as I always do).  It fits better. 

Anyway, in the interest of not living like a hermit in a new country / continent / hemisphere, I think it’s for the best that I have a housemate.  A housemate that could be my pass to a social life, should I ever feel the need to get involved in one of those. 

The question is: do I live with a straight or do I live with a gay?  I have never lived with a gay before.  Is it something that’s commendable?  And what happens if I fancy said gay?  Won’t this complicate things?  Am I just setting myself up to be destroyed?  I don’t care.  Let me be destroyed.

2) Decision: Cultural readjustment 

Foreigners who come and spend a few months / a year in London, manage to integrate as little as possible with the locals and they generally keep themselves to themselves.  Well, maybe that’s not strictly true; after all Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans tend to all hang around together.  Anyone English speaking will do, as long as they’re not British.

This is exactly what I’m planning to do as well.  I will hang out with other British ex-pats, find the English equivalent in Sydney of The Walkabout, and go there every week.  I might start drinking Carling and listening to Oasis, as well.  I will watch Jamie Oliver on TV (his shows are on Down Under, right?) and if any English band comes over and play a gig, no matter how shit they are, I will go and see them.

3) Decision: Cultural readjustment part 2

Hold up, this is what straight foreign people who relocate to London do.  Gay people integrate A LOT.  Gay people are not shallow like that.  They don’t discriminate using nationality or culture.  As long as someone’s obviously on steroids, they’re willing to socialize with them. 

Maybe I’ll take the gay foreigner approach.  Especially as Australian boys are outdoorsy and sexy.  Alsom they are bound to like me, because I’m pale and ghostly.  Surely that’s a benefit in Australia, because nobody’s like that and I will seem exotic.  This is true in my head.

4) Consideration: What is there to do socially in terms of music / gigs / going out?

Over the last few months I’ve been going to a few gigs here in London.  Over the last week, I’ve practicing my gig shout.  You know when you’re in a gig and you applaud and then several people shout “whooo” because they get so into it (presumably)?  Well I’d never done this before, but I thought that I really needed to, if I’m going to be a real outgoing straight-lad music fan.  So I practiced my “whooo” in the house a few hundred times.  Right now, I’ve reached a point where I’m happy with it.

Will I get the opportunity to show this off in Sydney?  Do you get lots of European / American bands coming over for gigs?

Apart from that, I have really got into Cut Copy.  They’re from Melbourne, right?  Do they play in Sydney a lot?  And can I see them please?

These are my considerations and decisions for now.

PS.  If you have a profile look me up and add me.  The username is londonpreppy.

PPS. Let me remind you that I’ve started a page on facebook too, if you wanna join that.


fran said...

my last experience living with gay flatmates was terrible.
3 gay guys living under the same house is a lot of drama!

dickophile said...

wait. you may get a roommate? the possibility of this trip producing your best blog posts ever just keeps getting better. and if you hook up with an aussie boy im officially going single white homo on you and stealing your life. speaking of which where does one apply to become your roomie?

Maluminas said...

About 1)

You could just as well fancy the straight guy, which would destroy you even more? Solution: find a member of the species who owns two X chromosomes. Its not really easier...

Jackie said...

So I'm sorry but I just have one thing to say actually. I am anonymous innit.

But I seem to remember someone on a blog once saying that they could only live in two places in the entire world; London and New York.

So why are you giving up?

And mate, "chuck another shrimp on the barbie." Remember - Australia is full of Australians.
Okay, so that was two points but still.

AND... a month after you get to Sydney you will wake up and go "what the hell am I doing here?" I'm just saying.

Connecticut Yankee said...

Ah Prep, yes, well if we joined your facebook page then you'd know who we are and some of us like our anonymity as well you know. Oddly, we all seem to know who you are - at least those of us who are London based. I believe this has come up before. Not to mention the double standard it would entail for you to know all about our lives and us to know about yours in a detached kind of way. I like reciprocity.

As for Sydney, live in a house with a bunch of other people. Do not live alone; it will be boring and lonely. Trust me; I've lived in six countries. Based on my experience it always better to have housemates when you first arrive. I prefer to live alone as well, but it does not work well when you first arrive.

Eddie said...

ok I did this. Americans can only do 4 months on the work visa but I dit it. $1600 for airfare for a 21 hour flight. Luckily the exchange rate was nice at the time. I found a flat in Haymarket (Chinatown)- 1 Canadian, 1 Danish guy, 3 Northern English guys where it took me a while to understand, 1 Welsh guy and 2 girls from Gibraltar which I think is Spanish England. I barely met an American, it was great. I was a novelty. Everyone I met seemed to be British which got annoying. Best time of my life. Go to 3 Wise Monkeys!

Eddie said...

I wasn't really g at the time but I had this 19 yo flatmate in Sydney who would come home effed up from wotking at some bar. Great shape and had morning wood in his boxer briefs always. One morning I started to suck his peen and he didn't stop me. Happened more than once. Hot.

Eddie said...

Oh and he was uncut which was unfamiliar but cool.

Timmy said...

Live with a gay. Make sure it gets complicated. Be destroyed and then write about it. I'm sure it will be some of your best writing ever.

PS Be sure to properly yell woohoo and don't say wahoo. They'll wonder why you're yelling for fish.

J.B. said...

Who do you live with? I suggest starting off in a short term share flat that is central with other transient gay people. You wont like any of them but they will help you get acclimatised and you will be able to blame them for the misery you experience in the first three months.

You will then find someone to feel close too (probably someone you compare to your current friends) who you will move in with.

There are quite a few straight and gay expats here. They are all better at integrating into Sydney life than Aussies are about London. (I am half half so I can say this).

kim said...

Cut Copy = good

The Presets = better

Tom Gaylord said...

I'm from Sydney, we get loads of big acts! I'm sure you will love it there - Places for great gigs are noramlly the Metro Theatre and The Enmore Theatre in Newtown (they get big name acts and are off the mainstream).

Gav Dublin said...

Don't live with the Gays Prep,

They are depressed, narcissistic, obsessed with the colour tone of their skin, speeping pill addicted and congenitally unable to make decsisions as to what continent they wish to inhabit!

Stick with the Girls. They have the added advantage that you won't, constantly, be tempted to shag-em.

Oldyeller said...

I think you should continue to love on your own whilst in Sydney so as to minimize the transition trauma, but if you decide to have a housemate, I don't think it matters whether he's gay or not. (How bout a she?) No need worrying about fancying said housemate (gay or straight) since there's no chance that he'll be a very pale, handsome, muscle mary/book worm. You will soon despise your mate for his shortcomings, but that would make for some interesting blog entries.

j said...

I wouldn't watch Jamie Oliver no matter how nostalgic I was for London. His show is mind numbingly dull and he is borderline retarded. Better to go with one of the various incarnations of Nigella.

Alex said...

Who do the Americans hang out with in London? We're English speakers too...most of the time.

Anonymous said...

LP, I too am moving to Sydney come August...have some similar concerns given everyone says "Melbourne is so much better culturally"...wankers. I'm also concerned about being the pasty one on the beach, exotic though it may be, I have failed to shake off my obviously Scottish skin and junkie physique despite living south for 8 years, catching some sun and discovering vegetables. I'll drop periodic messages to let you know how I'm getting on.


London Preppy said...

fran: I don't have experience, but I'm leaning towards straights too

dickophile: you even live in Sydney?

maluminas: I don't know really. That's pretty gay. living with a girl

jackie: Well, in the long term of course I want to live in London. But Sydney is gonna be a bit like a long holiday

connecticut: If you join the facebok page, I still can't see your profile (if you have the right settings). So everyone's privacy is still protected. Mind you, even from the tiny profile pics of some readers, trust me, I would really like to see their full profile!

London Preppy said...

eddie: Very good, I like a good success story (as long as it's not mine)

Oh and nice follow up stories too

timmy: I don't know. The more I think about the gay houseshare the more complications I find. Plus if I lived with a straight, can you imagine how great it would be if I obsessed over them as I do?

jb: That doesn't sound like a bad plan. I better get a month by month contract though!

kim: Oh my God, I like them. I just youtubed them. Thanks

tom: Nice, thanks for the tips innit

London Preppy said...

gav: But, but, girls never got me. This is a recipe for disaster

oldy: Maybe I'll expand my criteria just so that I fancy whoever I live with for the stories

j: Do they have Nigella down under? I do prefer Delia Smith out of all of them to be honest

alex: I think they integrate more than antipodeans

garry: Cool, good luck to you too then!

dickophile said... i dont. it was just a joke in reference to single white female.

London Preppy said...


Gav Dublin said...

Just point em to the blog in advance Prep, they will soon learn. Or else discover what a good fiction writer thou art!

Gav Dublin said...

By the way Prep, whats with the facebook page. It's a fan page, not a proper one! Bigheaded, innit!!

London Preppy said...

gav: It's just an online advert, innit!

Gav Dulin said...

Did not realise that when you mentioned you had a page, apologies - innit!!

kim said...

Of The Presets, I draw your attention to:

My People
This Boy's In Love
Talk Like That
Are You the one?
Down Down Down

in the same style, check out Muscles (Ice Cream) and Pendulum (Tarantula).

also have a look at The Cops, Gotye, The Grates, Cog ... there are plenty others, just make sure you listen to Triple J (radio) while you're here and you'll get the best bits, not the commercial crap.

sure we do get forgotten by some of the bigger gigs doing the world circuit, but the home-grown stuff is just as good, plus the festivals we have are some of the best anywhere (it's not Glastonbury though) plus Bjork was out here for a few weeks earlier this year, if that helps ...

Graham said...


These are all valid concerns. Living with a gay might be helpful in gaining access to the g-A-list, should you wish to partake of the gay world there. But, you will have to deal with a) liking him b) him liking you c) sleeping with him d) not being able to sleep with him, even though he is gay.

If you live with a straight boy, you get to be the clueless, straight acting new guy in town who doesn't really fit in with the gays as much as they wish you would. Also, if you fancy him but can't sleep with him (which I assume you can't, because he is straight, right?) at least you can still obsess over the possibility that if he were gay, then maybe you could sleep with him. I think it would be much better inspiration for your writing.

Joe B said...

London Preppy,

This letter is to inform you of my intent to apply for the roommate position as detailed on your blog. I believe my experience as a roommate the past several years, along with my exceptional personableness make me an excellent candidate for the position.

I have a wide range of skills and knowledge as a roommate, including the ability to be both a friend and confidant or distance myself as appropriate, along with basic skills such as cleaning and providing transportation when needed. My past positions as roommate have involved little drama and I remain in regular contact with past roommates. While I currently reside in another country, I am able and willing to relocate.

Enclosed is a copy of my resume, which details the skills and knowledge highlighted above. I appreciate your consideration and thank you for your time.


Joe B

AlwaysReadySF said...

Hmmmm. Who to live with....

Well, if you were going there and didn't know anybody and especially because you are only there for six months I would definitely say go the gay roommate option. Whether that gets messy or not it's only for six months so probably not a big deal.

But since you will know people there... couldn't you live with your friend Matty? Or what about that hot trainer with the kitchen cabinets full of supplements?

Facebook: I agree with the comment that I like reciprocity too. Otherwise it's no fair.

And no - don't hang out with the Brits when in Sydney...

Luke_Sydney said...

Live alone - Sydney is a great city to live alone in. Plenty to do and besides, who wants a) smashed gay boy room mate who works in 'retail' patying at 3 am every night, b) unwashed straight flatmate, or worse desperatley in love with you, serious crush, no life straight chick?
Culture, FFS we speak your (adopted) language, share your (adopted) humour and we get Jamie Oliver who seems to lack both. You can hang out in Kings Cross (full of backpackers) think Earls Court or Bondi, think fat slappers from Birmingham hooking up on the beach. Your skin and accent will make you exotic, for a time - love the limited life span of the gay new meat. Make the move, if it ends in tradgey or happiness I am sure you will treat both those foes equally.

kim said...

and why on earth aren't more people voting for Mean in the current poll? he's by far the most interesting character in this show.

Matt said...

I'd like to weigh-in in favor of a gay flatmate. Preferably an Aussie.

A note on the poll. I voted other, because Andrews wasn't an option. And I voted for Andrews because of this: "I’m lying on a hospital bed and we're becoming aware that what I have is very serious. It's a good time for honesty. I ask him: do you like boys? He says yes. I ask, do you like girls as well? He says no. I say, yeah, they’re not very good, are they." And just because you may not hear it enough, I would like to say this. I think your blog is great. I love your style of writing, and I always look forward to your posts more than anything else I read on the internet.

London Preppy said...

joe: Do you live in Sydney though?

always: Matty's an option yes

luke: Ha ha, the smashed gay boy from retail is my biggest fear!

matt: Oh my God, and there we go. I forgot to include my best friend

(Sorry Andrews)

Nathan said...

More Mean! Definitely more Mean!

george said...

all excuses cos you are getting cold up!!!

Joe B said...

No, I live thousands of miles away in the US. Just a minor issue, right?
I was going for humor in the last comment, but my life could use mixing up. Maybe some day...

Brad said...

Plenty to see in Sydney music-wise. In the past month I've seen The Presets, Cut Copy and just last night, Sam Sparro. All Aussie (originally in case of SS) and all great. Plus other acts generally make it here and you get to see them in smaller, more intimate venues than London as they usually are here early in their career or they don't have as big a fan base.
And definitely don't stick to Brits when here, just as I refused to make friends with Aussies in London - it's about getting to know the locals

timbo said...

I'd vote for living with a few straight guys. They're far easier to get along with than the gays or the girls. They make great roommates. Everybody should get one.

If you end up with gays/girls, make sure there are at least three of them so that when you choose to be out of the mix, it won't be taken as a personal affront as it will if there are only one or possibly even two.