Thursday, 24 July 2008

Thursday 24/07/08

Here’s the daily reminder for Best Reader Body competition, send your pics to, rules here, closing date Friday 8th August. I’ve actually decided that everyone who enters will be put to the public vote* – who am I to judge after all? It’s not like I have to sleep with the winner or anything. Oh wait. (*Unless there’s a sudden surge of hundreds of entries in which case I’ll have to narrow it down for practical reasons. But that’s not going to happen, is it).


On Wednesday morning I wake up at 0852 having slept through my alarm which is set for 0820 (still under the influence of a 0200 Valium) and manage to make it into the office for 0929.

For the rest of the day I pretend to be at work, even though I suspect that I’m actually not. On some level (on many levels, really) I know that this whole thing is a set-up. Surely this broad comedy, the horrific and tragic images, the characters caught in hopeless situations forced to do repetitive and meaningless actions, the dialogues that are full of clichés and nonsense, the plots that are cyclical, all of these things cannot exist in real life outside the margins of the theatre of the absurd.

I play my role semi-convincingly until 1745 and then I go to the gym.

In the gym I continue to rehearse for this part that I want to audition for: a normal person living in London in 2008. I’m not the best judge for my own work, but I think it’s going well. Some of the other gym goers are certainly convinced.

After the gym I take the tube home, going in the same carriage, through the same door as always and standing there behind me is a group of German kids – tourists – who I’m convinced will get off at the same stop as me (they do). There are six, maybe seven of them, aged around 15-16, some boys and some girls, so I turn off Avenue D – Do I Look Like A Slut? that’s been playing on my iPod on repeat and try to listen in. My German isn’t what it used to be so I just pick up random words, but the main reason why I want to hear them is one of the boys. That boy is very, very good looking.

Even as a teenager (and let’s face it, teenagers are awkward looking, with adult noses on still childlike faces, facial hair they’re embarrassed to shave, blank looks not from pain but from inexperience, etc), he is stunning. And for the next four stops I’m trying to avoid making eye contact with him (I can’t help myself) and consider the following:

- Has the influence of his extraordinary good looks started affecting his life? Or does this happen later?
- Is he aware of it?
- Is he more popular amongst his friends because of it, or the opposite?
- Does he have a girlfriend?

Then we get to my stop, the door delays to open for a few seconds, I’m standing there right in front of it, one of the German kids uses his best English to ask me “excuse me, can you press the button to open the door for us” (if you’re not from London please note that the tube doors open automatically and no matter how much you press the buttons nothing will happen), I ignore him, the door opens, we all get out.

At home the issue of Attitude with my article in it has arrived. I open it and read it, I cringe at the pictures, I’m very pleased with the article itself – nothing has been changed.

And I wrote this in the comments yesterday, but I have to say again: I’m happy with it, because I’ve written it in the usual London Preppy style and Attitude were cool with that and just put it in as it was.

I hadn’t mentioned this before, but the theme of the article is: How available is casual sex to gay men? I.e. How easy is it to go out, find somebody you don’t know and sleep with them. And I had to go out to bars and test that, and write about it. Yes OK, hardly the most highbrow topic, but it’s a lifestyle magazine, that’s what people read in lifestyle magazines I guess.

Of course I’m not going to copy the article on here, but I’ll share one line, the line that they’ve picked to single out in big, bold font in the middle of the article (I’m sure there’s a word that describes that in magazines, but I don’t know it), and this line is:

“"After half an hour of looking at my feet, I remember that I'm out to meet people"

Anyway, this is the cover of the magazine (August ’08 issue)…

…so what we have to do now is go out and buy it, and write in to them and tell them how amazing that piece of writing is on page 59, where is the Pulitzer prize please, and can we have more of that writer. Thanks.

Finally, there’s a new poll on the right now and this is a poll that asks you to choose between the (mainly straight) people I have obsessed over in the last few months. And the shortlist is:

Jack the Personal Trainer (
sample story here)
Superman (sample story here)
Pale Personal Trainer (sample story here)
Hairy Guy (
sample story here)
Ginger Personal Trainer (
sample story here)

And finally finally, how should I take it that Bel Ami porn star Lukas Ridgeton (or the people who manage his facebook page anyway) has become a “fan” on the facebook London Preppy fanpage? Because I’ll sleep with him if I have to.


Toby said...

Is casual sex available to gay men? Um. No offense, but that's even more obvious than what I initially suspected the article to be about (what it's like being a gay blogger, blah, blah, the usual).

Also, isn't every issue of Attitude the "Sex" issue?

Anyway, I wonder if this issue is available in the States? I'd still like to read it.

j said...

nytol no longer enough for ya? perhaps you developed a tolerance. much like the tolerance you have not developed for your job.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can take you up on very generous offer - Juraj

Forehand Pass said...

In publishing lingo, that singled-out sentence is called a "pulled quote."

Congrats on the article. And nice pulled quote. Wish that issue is available in the US, but it'll take a while.

Steven said...

Sadly, the Pulitizer committee doesn't have a lot of time to read Attitude.

d said...

how should you take it?

hmmm... anyway he wants to give it to you... hehehe

any porn star who contacts you is only ever after sex, as ive read on the internets.

London Preppy said...

toby: Yes, the topic was quite/very ridiculous. But I maintain it's quite readable because I wrote it in the usual stupid LP style

j: Speaking of which I'm still at work. It's 2032

anon: What now?

forehand: Cool, thanks - I knew someone would know!

steven: That's a shame because I was really expecting one

Trybaby said...

Hmm don't you mean Avenue Q?

And about Lukas Ridgeton being a fan, That could be true but maybe not. There are a lot of fake accounts out there. If you facebook search celeb names and model names you will find multiple accounts.

Speaking of hot people in the tube, here are clips someone who had the nerve to film hot guys on the tube. I think it's London. I think you will like the second one best.

I know exactly how you feel. You don't so much look at these young people and lust after them but so much as you are envious of them. Wishing you had their life because somehow it would have been better being so beutiful and happy instead of being this age and bitter and jaded. Knowing the truths of the world. A yearning of missed opportunities and a life that never was and never will be. Well at least this is true for me.

AlwaysReadySF said...

I am not sure it's on the online version of Attitude magazine.... I looked but couldn't quite find it :(

Gav Dublin said...

How should you take it that Lucas has linked to your Facebook page?

In the ASS LP, in the ASS!!! He is HOT, innit!!!

(Yes, I know, that remark was like an open goal in the best traditions of the gayboy but I could not resist!)

London Preppy said...

trybaby: No, I mean Avenue D. Like I would be listening to show tunes!

I like then both. I also like the fact that both realise they're being filmed and they don't do anything about it

always: I really couldn't put it up here right now, it wouldn't be fair to the magazine. I guess we'll all have to wait, sorry about that

d and gav: Hmm...I'm not sure about that one!

Trybaby said...

Oh "Do I look like a slut" just sounds like something that would be in Avenue Q.

If you didn't notice the clip of the guy in the green shirt is a three parter. This person has some nerve!

Oh and was I right? That's London transit?

London Preppy said...

try: Yes

Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

LOL - well if you only deign to pitch up at at work at 09.29, of course you should be there at 20.32

Londoners pose as hard-working but *really*: can take the boy out of Greece...

London Preppy said...

red: But I'm supposed to start at 0930!

In any case, hard work is the most overrated virtue. I would never claim to be hard working and I'd never want to

d said...

as gav said, you line 'em up, we'll knock 'em down... hehee

and what are you not sure about? am i wrong in thinking that LP is a bottom, or at least wouldnt once for Lukas. not that we discuss the trivialities of gay shagging around these parts, but really? i would have guessed he was/would.

London Preppy said...

d: No, we don't discuss such topics. And LP is asexual anyway

d said...

thats right! my sincerest... i forgot hes a ken doll under those designer ______ jeans.


Nix said...

Q: Did German Boy have dark-blonde slightly-spiky hair, long curled brown eyelashes, and powdered-porcelain-white skin?

London Preppy said...

nix: I believe this to be a VERY accurate description. Did you see him?!

Nix said...

Haha - yes! On the bus this morning. Another bizarre coincidence. I never thought that ______ station being closed could be such a lucky break.

My thoughts on your questions re G-Boy:
- Not just yet; still a bit awkward. Will definitely, later.
- He's becoming aware.
- Less popular. The small number of mingin' boys in the group were more confident and talkative.
- No girlfriend. But he did chat to one girl. She has no idea that G-Boy will end up being gay. He's too polished/pretty with eyelashes-too-long for this not to happen.

In summary, G-Boy is a shoe-in for a job at Abercrombie & Fitch... and I don't mean cashier, LP.

Nix said...

I forgot to mention one thing: G-Boy is the closest match to my idea of what Dorian Gray looks like.

Timmy said...

Can't wait to read your article and I'm glad they didn't edit it!

Maluminas said...

I often glimpse hot guys on the Montreal metro/buses. Like a stab in the heart every time. If its on the way to work in the morning it wrecks my day, if its on the way back home it wrecks my evening. If both happen on Monday it wrecks my week. So you must imagine most of my days are wrecked, because there is an improbable amount of hotties around, which makes me wonder "why the hell not me?". Yet some days i don't see any and it makes me feel sad...

I need a car...

Maluminas said...

Or maybe i just need to find someone to tell me im hot... No one ever told me im "not"... That must mean something, or maybe its just wishful thinking and/or selective hearing.

Anonymous said...

The term is 'pull-quote', actually, and not 'pulled quote' (which sounds like a sandwich).

dickophile said...

if its too much of an inconvenience i could sleep with lukas for you.

seahorse said...

innit wonderful being half drunk and asleep sitting at luton airport waiting for that italian flight then i ponder into whsmith and grab a book and suddenly realise 'hank on' sure LP mentioned a little sumfink on attitude recently so i picked up steve jones and headed to the toilet. Not a nice thought i know but i couldnt bare to stare at the plebs in the terminal no more. Good article and photos came out maturely. On another note i have an enquiry about greece which i will ask later once settled in rome. Im due in athens next week but theres another place im supposed to go to and need some input. And a last fing if any LP fans want a copy of the magazine im due back in the states on august 18th again and will offer the courtesy of buying 10copies and bringing it with and mailing it to your US addresses for a fee of $10incl. Provided LP approves of this offer! My US banking details and other info can be obtained through LP or myself. Is that ok?

chris said...

Sleep with Scott.

WORD! said...

Read your article last night. I even took the time to read it before going back to knock one out over Steve Jones' dirty face. Very good!

EmmaK said...

is casual sex available to gay men? that's a no brainer

might have been more fun to put a straight guy, a straight woman, a lesbian and a gay man in a nightclub and see who scores first?

Graham said...

This is great news. I will pop out later and look for the issue. I'm glad you put a picture of the front cover up too, it's a big help.

London Preppy said...


Anonymous said...

Casual sex certainly isn't available to this gay man !