Thursday, 17 July 2008

Thursday 17/07/08

On Wednesday I’m in the gym with Scott and we’re doing legs and abs, and this guy that we know from going out comes in and we chat for a bit. And Scott tells the guy that he’s looking very tan and the guy tells us that he’s been on holiday to Israel and then to Spain. And the guy tells Scott that he’s also looking very tan and Scott tells us that he’s been sitting on his balcony sunbathing, plus – I add this actually – he’s been on a sunbed this Tuesday. And then the guy turns to me and says, oh yeah you’re not getting a tan this year, are you? And he doesn’t remember who told him this and he jokes that it’s a story that’s going around town. Which I suppose is a good story really.

On Wednesday I’m on Scott’s motorbike and we’re on our way back from the gym and we’re near my house by this point, just three streets along really, and we’re driving past some people (European, early 20s, two guys and a girl) who are standing outside their house chatting – it’s dry and warm and still light – and somehow this depresses me. Because I’m thinking, this is a nice area, I really wish that I lived here. So I nudge Scott who turns around and I tell him that. And Scott points out that I do live here for God’s sake, and what’s wrong with me. And this is the kind of brain that I operate: if I catch my reflection in a car window as I’m walking past and I like the t-shirt that this person is wearing, I am likely to fell upset. Because this person is not me. Even though it is. Still, I don’t know if I’d want a different brain.

On Wednesday I’m starting to research ticket prices for Sydney and these tickets are very expensive any way you choose to look at it, and that’s when I start to panic and think about the following things: I can’t leave my job, I will never find a job again, should I really waste my savings on this trip, what is the last resort I can sink to in order to make money when I’m in Sydney.

On Wednesday I’m lying in bed and I’m trying to sleep so I start playing re-runs of some Greek TV show in my head that I used to watch when I was seven, maybe eight years old, thinking that this will help, even though it turns out that it doesn’t – it wakes me up even more because the next thought that comes in my head is trying to identify the point in my life where I would go back and turn everything around if I could turn back time. And as I slowly rule out every year one by one I guess I get tired at some point and fall asleep.

On Thursday is a day when public buildings in the UK are supposed to put up the Union Flag, according to this calendar here (, so when I go to work and see that the Senate House building (where the University of London library is) hasn’t raised the flag, I send them an email that says:

(please note: I've just taken bits from previous blog posts and stuck them all together)

“Dear ___

I emailed Senate House recently and got a list of dates when the Union Flag is raised at the top of your building. One of the dates was meant to be today.

The flag is not up.

I’m trying to be surprised by that, but I’m not, really. Every now and then in my life, something good threatens to happen. Whatever it is, it usually ends before it’s even begun.

Eventually, I will learn not to be hurt by things like that. Being dead inside will certainly help, so I’m trying to kill my spirit as quickly as I can. Until then, could you please tell me why the flag is not up today?



My most played bands in 2008 are:

1) The Smiths / Morrissey (494 times)
2) Suede / Brett Anderson (353)
3) Madonna (248)
4) Robyn (151)
5) Yelle (137)
6) Saint Etienne (132)
7) Bruce Springsteen (130)
8) Chromeo (129)
8) Sneaker Pimps / IAMX (129)
10) Roisin Murphy (123)
11) Tracey Thorn (117)
12) Gene (116)
13) Jimmy Eat World (111)
14) Sebastien Tellier (103)
15) Bjork (100)


deikse mou said...

Poor Camilla. How much more disrespect must she endure?

Are you going to Lovebox at the weekend? Ladyhawke on Saturday and Sébastien Tellier on Sunday!

Superchilled said...

So, when you look at people, or a reflection of yourself that you like, you are sad... Does that mean that if you look at a reflection of you that you don't like - you will feel happy?

Also do we now define Madonna & Bjork (and a few others) as bands? Will they ever become Orchestras?

fleetmonkey said...

I'm not familiar with that building - but as a University Library - that doesn't make it necessarily a government building in the same way as say the Bank of England building is.

Anonymous said...

If all else fails in Sydney, you can use your looks to hand out flyers for gay websites, and dance at gay nightclubs ??? ;-)

Oldyeller said...

Keep the quirky brain--its what keeps us coming back. Speaking of reflections, when you're in the gym (with mirrors everywhere), have you ever caught your side or back reflection, not realizing for a second that its you, and think "that guy's got a nice body"?
But I guess that would be when you fell upset because you don't measure up to the reflection.

AlwaysReadySF said...

Do you ever your own reflection through a couple of different mirrors as it happens sometimes in locker room in gyms - when it seems it is someone else but it's really you reflected in a mirror which reflects into another mirror - and start checking out that guy who seems hot before realizing that it is, indeed, you?

Does that depress you too?

Anonymous said...

It's Camilla's birthday, and it's rather absurd that one would have to hang the Union Jack for that...

michael01 said...

"What is the last resort I can sink to.." Well, we all know what that is. When I lived in Rome, I was briefly a rentboy. If you can manage to only cringe on the inside, then it works. (I wasn't very good at that part.) I think I managed to make many of my clients feel guilty--enough to start throwing wads of cash at me. (So maybe I WAS good at it...) Perhaps, with your business acumen, you could do it in a more systematic way. Like, right before getting down to the act, you begin to sob "uncontrollably." Maybe that only works in Mediterranean countries, though. I also looked very very young.

Anonymous said...

you SO arent going to australia are you...?

London Preppy said...

deikse: No I'm not going - there are many people I'd like to see (Tellier definitely!) but it's too expensive

superchilled: No, I will always feel unhappy, innit.

OK - Madonna And Her Group and Bjork And Band then

fleet: They actually emailed me the list themseleves a few weeks ago when I first asked. They should get their story straight

anon: I am so doing that. Maybe I'll get some practice in London first

London Preppy said...

oldy and always: Snap! Yes this has happened and my instant thought for that millisecond is who the fuck? Then I realise

anon: I know. Maybe they snubbed her on purpose

michael: Any long term regrets?

anon: We'll find out I guess

prepster said...

"...if I catch my reflection in a car window as I’m walking past and I like the t-shirt that this person is wearing, I am likely to fell upset. Because this person is not me..."

You can be so blonde. Sometimes, I wish I were truely blonde.

On another note, what's your body fat percentage? If you'd like to know mine, it's 6.2%.I promise you it's true.

prepster said...

oh and if you want cheap tickets, I suggest you chat some pilot or flight attendant up. I'm sure they'd hook you up with something.

I got 50% off to Brisbane like that.

michael01 said...

About that--none whatsoever. It would be nice to expunge certain specific memories, but on the whole it makes one's history more colorful. It certainly gave me experiences--and experiences are grist for creativity.
Of course, I wouldn't advocate it.

AlwaysReadySF said...

I am still laughing that there were 2 of us who wrote the same thing :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey LP! Senate House is not a public building, it houses the central administration of the University of London. There's public access to the University library, but the building is in fact private. One of my favorite buildings in London, it is in fact rumored that Hitler selected it as his British HQ once he conquered Britain, which of course never happened!

skountouflis said...

super h lista me tis agaphmenes sou mousikes...the smiths, suede kai madonna sto top3...endiaferon..! :)

Luke_Sydney said...

I understand what you are getting at, I always feel I am quietly watching the world without acutally being an active player. When I am reminded of the better things in my life, I always think that they never belonged to me, I just 'watched' it somewhere.
As for the Union Flag, who would have picked you as a tradionalist. Come to Sydney - you left Greece for better or worse, whats different this time?

Andy said...

ah, i love chromeo! i used to go to school with the lead singer, dave.

nyc said...

Surprised that Springsteen made #7 -- what songs?

dickophile said...

why does scott put up with you? no offense. i find you really fun and entertaining but i dont think im like most people which explains that. which makes me wonder, is scott crazy too, or are you just that good in bed?

adaMD said...

Something completely random that I've wondered whenever you mention riding Scott's bike: do you hold on to the seat with your hands behind you or with your arms around his waist?

Brandon said...

superchilled: it's, bitch

working definitely sucks. i've experienced much anxiety about my future in the workforce lately.

Trybaby said...

600 000's visits! :) too bad you don't count in base 6 then this would be more of a mile stone.

London Preppy said...

prep: What an excellent idea, I'm on it

nyc: I'll look at home later and comment with top 5 songs

dick: Why does anyone put up with anyone else really? Plus, try to remember I am not London Preppy

adam: Seat, always!

Anonymous said...


Trybaby's comments usuaully annoy me but today's is quite funny.


Graham said...


Have they replied to your email yet?

London Preppy said...

nyc: Top five most played Bruce Springsteen songs: I'm on fire, Philadelphia, Girls in their summer clothes, Dancing in the dark, Born to run (live)

nyc said...

Thanks. Great selection!

thebewlaybrother said...

Brave of you to publish your stats - I'm always trying to fiddle my scrobbling (oo-err missus!) so that there's not too much uncool stuff like Bruce Springsteen (which there is) and more cool stuff like Hot Chip or whatever's cool this week...

timbo said...

Would've guessed Brilliant Disguise for sure.