Thursday, 3 July 2008

Thursday 02/07/08

So on Wednesday at 1753 I get an email and the email says: 

Hi London Preppy 

___ here from Attitude magazine. Hope you’re well. One of my colleagues has pointed me in the direction of your blog and we totally love it here.

I’m contacting to see if you’d be interested in writing a small feature for us for our ___ issue. 

If you’re interested can you call me on my mobile asap ___. 



And I’m walking down the street with Scott as I’m reading this email and the emotions I have are, in the following order: joy / panic / panic / joy / fear / nothing. 

So I start moaning at Scott and Scott says here we go again, because this is what I always do when something unexpected happens – I become unsettled initially, then I become a bit more unsettled and then I just deal with it. 

So I ring up ___ and we talk about the article and he tells me what it involves, but I’m not going to write about it here, because I’m not sure that I should and then I agree to do it. 

What the deal also involves is a photo shoot and this photo shoot is arranged for Thursday. 

This is the first photo shoot I have ever done, where I don’t have to take my clothes off.  It’s just me and two other guys who are also writing articles and we’re fully dressed and in public. 

On Thursday I go to work, and then I go to the doctor’s for my regular Guillain Barre Syndrome check-up and then I go to meet the people from Atittude, the photographer and the two other writers. 

And here are some pictures that Scott was taking during the photo shoot, on his mobile phone: 

Picture 1.  In this first picture, we are ‘art-directed’ as you can see from the Art Directors hand gesture.  I am on the far left and I’m holding my hands behind my back, which is a pose I held a lot during the shoot, because I didn’t know what else to do.

Picture 2.  In this second picture, we are sitting on the steps at the front of some house, channeling SJP as one of the other writer guys pointed out, and we’re improvising with out ‘chat’.  I am on the far right and I’m holding my hands together in front of me, which is a pose I held a lot during the shoot, because I didn’t know what else to do.

Picture 3.  By this point the other two guys have left and I’m doing my individual shoot.  My individual shoot had to take place in the middle of Soho, on this warm Thursday afternoon, surrounded by hundreds of walkers-by.  This went OK, because everyone who went by might have stared, but then quickly looked away when they realized I wasn’t remotely famous.  In any case you can see by my posture how comfortable I felt during the whole thing.

Sorted.  Oh.  I suppose what’s left to do now is write this bloody article. 

PS. I know that somebody who reads this blog suggested me to Attitude.  I don’t know who it is, but genuinely, thank you very much.


AlwaysReadySF said...

That's really great! Congrats, LP!
You will just have to let us know when the article comes out... :)

michael01 said...

Could I, by any chance, be psychic?! My overly-earnest and slightly banal (but I think, nonetheless, valid) career advice, in response to your previous post, suddenly seems vindicated. You will write this article, and it will be splendid. Many more will follow. I'm also sensing screenplays...

dickophile said...

will you be keeping us updated about this article like you did with the last one?

Anonymous said...

The first person to comment...yaaa.
Such a pity it is a fully clothed picture shoot. They obviously want you for your mind not your body.
You could become a regular contributor to Attitude, take the money and sell out to old media. We don't mind as long as there's a few shots of you minus your shirt.

Anonymous said...

we walked past in old compton st and I thought you looked very comfortable :)) just shows how deceptive appearances can be... also shows how presumptive I was as I thought it was you having your entourage take some pictures of you on their mobile phones in the middle of it all just because you would love it... now I know better. obviously I was too shy to stop and stare and figure out what was actually going on.

timbo said...

Congratulations! This is where people who have been reading your blog for a while can now start to say how much they liked you before you got popular and sold out.

So odd that they would get to taking the pictures before the article is even written or accepted. Someone must have confidence in your ability.

Dave said...

I am genuinely disappointed. Your first photo shoot where you don't have to take your clothes off, and you neglect to detail what you wore. We aren't to believe you just threw something on, are we?

Michael said...

Holy crap. You're smiling in the last picture.

Anonymous said...

lovin your solo shot. this is probably the sexiest pic i've seen of you. lookin so manly in those clothes and uberly hot in that pose.


Alex said...

Money is always a good thing.

Nathan West said...

Fantastic ay, mate. Awesome stuff, write a spanking awesome article!

Anonymous said...

On Monday I wake up at 0655 and for the next 85 minutes I lie in bed trying to think of a single reason why I wouldn’t lean over, open my bed-side drawer, take the bottle of Valium out...

Doesn't this adventure qualify as a reason???

Morgan said...

Art Directory guy needs to pull his pants up...I'm just sayin! In what months issue will this article appear?

London Preppy said...

always: Thank you. And I will do

michael: I know! I read your comment and then it all happened. Well done. You can take credit for this, ha ha

dick: Yes, I will

anon: Well, let's see. I have to write it first!

anon: Really! Cool. I like your presumption as well. Maybe that's what I was doing and I made the whole story up ;-)

London Preppy said...

timbo: Hmm...I don't know about confidence, I think they're just running out of time

dave: It's true! I actually arranged the photo shoot when I was at work on Thursday morning and I just turned up wearing my work clothes. Which were shirt, jeans, belt from the Gap and Timberland deck shoes

michael: = nervous!

anon: Really? [insert smiley] well thanks!

alex: Isn't it just?

London Preppy said...

nathan: Thanks guy. I'll try. The pressure's on

anon: Good point, I guess so!

morgan: I don't know yet actually

Robert said...

Click, click, flash, flash. Click, flash,click, click. Flash, flash. Guys, guys, just give me a break, darlings! Just give me a break. I have a life to lead! Click, click. "This way, Patsy!"... "Fellows, fellows, fellows. Sweetie's darlings, can you just leave me alone?"... Click, click, click. Flash,flash. Click,click. Patsy, Patsy!......

"You alright, darling? You're not letting this get to you, are you?"
"No, of course not."

Gav Dublin said...

I'm sure,from reading the blog that you don't, or at least pretend not to, enjoy platitudes so just a very well done LP!!

Trybaby said...

Heheh that sounds great you lucky duck.

"Sorted. Oh. I suppose what’s left to do now is write this bloody article. "

I don't get this 'Sorted' business here. What do you mean?

Kai Santorino said...

wow, congrats for this man. I think you're hot. Stop hiding your face =)

Graham said...


I'm conflicted now. I'm happy that you're getting to do this, but I'm distressed that you won't be 'our little secret' anymore. By 'we' I mean all of us who read regularly. We'll now have to deal with all these randoms posting comments like they know you. They don't know you.
Like I said, I'm conflicted. But I'm still happy for you.

george said...

oh you're famous. if i see you in london or in sydney can i come up to you and say hi and stare at you?......maybe even a touch, not sure where?

Tom Gaylord said...

Go for it! I used to write for the Aussie gay rags before I came to Ireland.

I was always frustrated that it wasen't funny enough, or interesting enough, and spent hours trying to write something meaningful, and imagined bitchy queens torching my efforts...... But it's worth it, you'll gets lots of interesting responses:)

London Preppy said...

robert: Maybe I should watch Ab Fab some time

gav: Thanks!

trybaby: Sorted. English slang I guess. Means, alright, everything is fine/arranged/sorted out. Like you said to me once: don't you have the internet to look up things like that?

kai: Thank you. NEVER! (well...)

graham: Nah, I don't know if an article in Attitude will increase my readership so much really. Will people really care? Nah

george: We have to agree where beforehand please

tom: That's good advice. Just go for it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

london preppy said...
anon: Really? [insert smiley] well thanks!

yes, really. i find you hotter with clothes on. primarily cos your sense of style gives you tremendous appeal and sets you apart from the generic topless muscled dudes. the idea of not knowing exactly what is underneath those clothes and the thought of undressing you (either in a slow sensual manner or in a rip-your-clothes-apart way) is just titillating.

but then, maybe it's just me.


Foxx said...

Lp thats great news! Attitude just gained one more reader, atleast for a couple of months :0)

Happy for ya!

Daver said...

Dave's must think alike. I was wondering where the clothing description was myself.
As for increased readers, that will depend on whether LP is mentioned in the article.

Trybaby said...

Oh no you did not! I'm surprised you remembered that in your old age :D And maybe I'm just as lazy as you ;)

Actually I though maybe you spelled sordid wrong or something, I didn't clue in to that it was slang. I just thought it was some kind of weird sentence fragment because you pushed out the post so quickly. I've never heard sorted used as a declaration.

Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

Gosh. All that flash-white skin and you've covered in up in jeans! LOL

Attitude: ah yes, back in neolithic times (when it was more editorial than premium dial-tone or renters; not necessarily therefore, the good old days), I read it loyally.

It is not distributed in Russia.

Thus, if the publisher will allow, please re-print edited highlights on your blog...

...albeit a (gay) banker friend of mine, on the small island, rumours the magazine is in desperate straights financially and has yet to secure its working capital for SEP/OCT.

Dull of me, but I hope your hard scribing (a) sees the light of day for your enjoyment and (b) you get paid the going freelancer rate (and the cheque actually clears)...

I mean, you're not giving your genius away are you? LOL

badabing said...

It looks just like one of those photo-stories in Viz - do you end up married to a teapot or dying horribly in a freak accident involving a fried egg and your fiancee's time-travelling ghost ?

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's me in one of those photos! Have you written your piece yet? I failed...:(

London Preppy said...

anon: Hi there :-)

Did you? I look forward to reading it!

I just finished writing mine, I kinda succeeded, but I'm not sure success is the right word here ha ha