Saturday, 12 July 2008

Saturday 12/07/08

On Friday night I’m sat at home even though I should probably not be, and I’m thinking that a few people have asked me to recommend books on here, so I start playing Possibly Maybe by Bjork on repeat and make the following list.  These are the books that I like.  Some of them I would go as far as to say that I love.  I will not single out which ones I’d say I love, because I want to punish them like that.  Punish them for turning me the way that I am.  So here they are in alphabetical order of the writer’s name.  Yes, there are some obvious, clichéd ones in there, so sorry.  Also I’ve not included any Bret Easton Ellis ones, I’m sure we’re all sick of that joke by now.

JG Ballard – Cocaine Nights

JG Ballard – Super Cannes

Marty Beckerman – Generation S.L.U.T.

Nicholas Blincoe – White Mice

Guy Browning – Never Push When It Says Pull

Stephen Chbosky – The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Anne Frank – Diary

Alex Garland – Coma

Franz Kafka – The Castle

Chuck Klosterman – Killing Yourself To Live

Nick McDonnell – Twelve

Nick McDonnell – The Third Brother

Jay McInerney – Brightness Falls

Jay McInerney – Brights Lights, Big City

Jay McInerney – How It Ended

Jay McInerney – Model Behaviour

Jay McInerney – Story Of My Life

Mikel Niemi – Popular Music

Chuck Palahniuk – Lullaby

JD Salinger – The Catcher In The Rye

Curtis Sittenfeld – Prep

Donna Tartt – The Secret History

Oscar Wilde – Major Works

Dirk Wittenborn – Fierce People

Another thing that happens this Friday night, is that I take some pictures of myself.  And these are pictures that show different body parts, and I've taken them to demonstrate that pictures can present anyone in any different way they want, and that there is no truth.  
These pictures come in pairs.

Pair One: Abs

In this picture I seem to have abs.

In this picture I do not.

Pair Two: Bumbum

In this picture I seem to have a bumbum.

In this picture it's flatflat.

Pair Three: Chest

In this picture I appear to have pecs.

In this picture they are gone.

Pair Four: Waist

In this picture I have a small waist.

In this picture, not so much.

Pair Five: Legs

In this picture, there is some leg definition.

In this picture, they are mostly thin (what you can see of them anyway).

All these pictures are taken within a space of 15 minutes, so I didn't have time to lose / put on weight, definition, etc.  I've just changed the way I'm stood, what I'm wearing and moved around to catch the best/worst light.

And I know a lot of them could be have done better to demonstrate the point, but I'm just one guy with a mobile phone camera (plus I got bored after that).  Anyway, about the point - I'm sure there is one I'm trying to make, but I don't know / care what it is anymore.


Trybaby said...

OOOOHHHHH I get it!!! YOU'RE GAY!!! It all makes sense now. Lol are you arching your back in the bumbum photograph? *ahem-hussy-ahem*

Was it only your pose or was flexing involved? ie flexing in "good" photo and not so much flexing in "bad" photo?

Eddie said...

You changed your underwear 5 times in 15 minutes? Try the Dexter books although the TV show is better for once. Plus a little shout out to Bret- Glamorama rules.

Bill said...

In the final picture it is still pretty obvious your upper legs are highly-muscled, because the muscles peep out below your shorts - the lower legs don't look bad either ;)

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

hey LP, on a totally unrelated topic, i picked up this book yesterday, called Gods behaving Badly, and it's about actual greek gods living in modern day London. I'm midway through it and it's funnier than i expected it to be.

that's all.

skountouflis said...

Polu endiaferousa h mikrh sou ereuna! Pragmati ta panta eksartwntai apo poia optikh gwnia tha ta deis! Ola telika einai toso sxetika... :D

Neb said...

In the last picture, what is that on top of your right foot?

dickophile said...

why didn't you take one of your dick and show it looking bigger and smaller? i think that could have been a very interesting and artistic photograph exploring the complexities of size in our male dominated, phallus obsessed society. that and it would have given me wood for a whole week. though i guess you came close in the first waist photo. cause there is definitely something poking out there.

The B&G said...

Six different underwear changes in 15 minutes? Nice job! I likes the variety.

george said...

where is the picture of you that is really fat?.....or the picture where you look really ugly and one where you are the most handsome guy in the world?

Jon C said...

I wish you weren't using a Mac so I could enlarge your photos and see what your tattoos say.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: "OOOOHHHHH I get it!!! YOU'RE GAY!!!"


eddie: Sure. But who's counting?

bill: Yeah the last picture could have been a lot better (worse) but I was bored by then

ram: I saw an advert for this on the tube and looked it up!

skountoufli: Etsi einai. Aftes tis erevnes kanei kaneis ama varietai monos tou spiti...

neb: That's the screw from the mirror

dick: Never!

b&g: Ah, there, that's who's counting

dickophile said...

so what do i have to do to see you naked? date you? cause im good with that option too.

Trybaby said...

"And I know a lot of them could be have done better to demonstrate the point, but I'm just one guy with a mobile phone camera (plus I got bored after that). Anyway, about the point - I'm sure there is one I'm trying to make, but I don't know / care what it is anymore."

I was pretending to discover the "point"
you seemed to forget. And trying to be a little bit of a jerk. I think I succeeded :D.

AlwaysReadySF said...


It's "The Catcher IN the Rye", not "The Catcher of the Rye" but I agree it's a great book....

Did you ever get around checking our Margerite Yourcenar's work?

I actually like the pics with the boxer shorts.....although they would need to be a little shorter and a little tighter ;)

Gemini's Life said...


Is this your way of telling us your a 40 year old woman? That the only reason we believe that you are a 20-something buff gay guy is because of lighting, posing and rather sharp dressing.

Well to that I say, bravo. Bravo London.

george said...

4 changes? this could be an issue? whose right?

London Preppy said...

dickophile: Yes, that's the only option I'm afraid. So, tell me more about you...

always: Thanks, amended now. But I have read honestly, etc, etc, ha ha!

No, I haven't had the chance to check MY yet.

I agree that the boxer shorts would benefit from being shorter and tighter, but I wouldn't look as clueless and straight then!

gemini: Uh oh. I've been found out. Let's pretend this didn't happen, and I'll continue posting as a 20-something remotely buff gay guy though, OK?

george: Four, six, none, a thousand? They're all numbers, they don't mean anything anyway

dickophile said...

18. 6'2''. btm. american. hate gym but its okay cause im skinny. think about sex too much. oh and i am slightly obsessed with you. but only slightly. so dont freak out or anything. so is it a date?

Tim in Italy said...

You're turning into Virginia Woolf. If you haven't already, read her "A Room of One's Own". Just change all the pronouns.

Anonymous said...

we are definately missing a picture of your cock.

Ben said...

Your legs look in fine shape - and the frumpy boxers show them off pretty well too, and your thighs fill them out!

You have a dead good physique anyway :-D

Alfred said...

Your ever horny moderator

Maluminas said...

Im at the third book of the Space Odyssey quadrilogy by Arthur C. Clarke. Yes its science fiction. Yes it was written ages ago. But its still good! Not lots of action, but it makes you think.

"Im afraid I can't let you do that, Dave."

I havent read any of the books you listed. Are there any book in this list that doesnt make you want to slit your wrists? But I still have a huge pile of classic science fiction that i want to read...

Jakob said...

Haha! What a crappy attempt to hide your pecs and abs! Just face it LP, those babies look fantastic whatever weird contortions you try.

Anonymous said...

just fyi.

mr man said...

have you read this before? give it a try if not...

Anonymous said...

LP, I´m afraid to say it, but from your replies to these comments it seems that you are... in a good (humourous, even?) mood. What happened? Did somebody die?
And just a note of plain old boring rationality - of course with poses and cloth(se)s and lighting you can change your appearance in pics, as in YOU can make your pecs or abs disappear (bumbum? teddybear much?), however, your fat neighbour will NEVER be able to make it seem like he has that belly and chest of steel. There are limits to everything. Even in our 21st cenutry world of digital magic. And in the words of the Berlin mayor "and that is a good thing".
And by the way if you are opening applications for boyfriends, count me in - tea at the Wolesley? My treat? Please? Marry me much?

London Preppy said...

anon: What are your stats please so I can consider the application? (Even though the Wolesley is an excellent start). More specifically: age? and are you English please?

Gav Dublin said...

Boyfriend material? Marriage?? NO NO NO

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!!

Is being rich a factor by the way?

London Preppy said...

gav: No, not really. Rich would make me self-aware anyway. Just not so poor that we can't do stuff together for financial reasons

Timmy said...

You look good from any angle as opposed to those of us who have one pose and one pose only that makes us look quasi-good.

AlwaysReadySF said...


Is it just the angle or...where the heck did the tat on the side go on the "small waist" pic??

It's again back there in the "big waist" (yeah right) picture.

London Preppy said...

always: It's a mystery!

Joe B said...

Since always mentioned the tattoo, I just wanted to note that the BEE tattoo made an appearance in this post.

Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

Homosexuals are odd, for a variety of reasons, not least because often they wish to graft 'better than you' aspects onto the public appreciation of their character...

...I only mention because, strictly-speaking (Socially) no-one care's about one's Friday or Saturday nights: it is assumed you'e 'out of town' for the weekend.

Thus - especially in London - 'Grand' parties are always on a Thursday night. Never, ever Fridays or Saturdays...

...(in my day it was considered rather vulgar to hold a party on either: weddings on a Saturday, of course, but only if in the country: a City wedding was *only* acceptable on a Friday)

Or 'Sunday early supper' is also respectably QOCD ("can we make it plonk&nosh after 7pm darling? The traffic back from ####shire was ghastly").

I only mention because some of us have revelled in 'quiet' Fridays and Saturdays for decades...

I have never quite worked out how 'tweaked-out-gay-stoner-clubbing culture fits into the classic English social weekend: "Tristran wishes he could be in the country this weekend, but he's absolutely hard up against it, he says, 'working it': the poor boy is a slave to his career..."

Anonymous said...

Same height as dick (Richard, is that you?). Same age as you LP (actually, a couple months older - ok?). And you know my nationality/ies... neither English - nor Greek for that matter.
See you at the Wolesley - I'll be wearing a blue striped shirt and will avoid eye contact at all costs, whilst flirting embarassingly with one of the cute Polish waitors.

Gav Dublin said...

Ah well Prep, afraid we cannot get together then. One is afraid that your relative poverty would make me far to "self aware".

What a pity!!

I would add a smiley face saving that I recall that you detest them!

AlwaysReadySF said...

I think you have been busted - AGAIN.

If I did not have reliable sources to the contrary, I would start believing the rumors that you are, indeed, a 40 something desperate housewife!

Nathan said...

Could you possibly sort those books according to a) gayness b) drug references and c) general trashyness, so I can choose to read the first one.

I haven't read a book this year so far, and feel the above represents a good place to start.

I'm serious, by the way.

Graham said...

A couple of things.

1) Lighting is king when it comes to showing off the best of you, but it is limited by the laws of physics, much like our bodies are by biology. If good lighting can make you look great, then maybe you're not so bad afterall.

2) The tattoos. I love how important they are to your readers. Are they real, are they fake? If they're real, fair play, I like them. If they're fake, fair play, they look real. Also, don't people understand that much as lighting can alter the appearance of things in images, so too can horizontal flip?

London Preppy said...

nathan: I'd go for a Jay McInerney one for those ingredients. Possibly How It Ended or Story of My Life

graham: Excellent second point ;-)

Jarrod said...

i decided i must read one of the books on your list, and for some reason i was drawn to the title "the perks of being a wallflower". i bought the book and read it, and i must say it was an excellent read and i related very much with charlie. thanks for the recommendation.

i think i will try to read all the other books you mentioned as well. i'll go with the recommendation you gave nathan and make "story of my life" the next.

i don't comment much, so i ought to also just say that i really enjoy your blog. i'm glad you share yourself so well.