Saturday, 5 July 2008

Saturday 05/07/08

On Friday I decide to go to work in the morning, just so that I remind myself why I lead a life of fear, stress, being told what to do, being terrified of doing it wrong, racing against time to catch imposed deadlines for insignificant tasks, and co-existing with people who have the same feelings only with different levels of acceptance. 

Then I have the afternoon off because I’m going to the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park. 

The Wireless Festival is the best festival ever, mainly because it takes place about 10 minutes walk from my house.  It’s a shame they never have anyone good playing though. 

But this Friday Morrissey is playing, so I’ve got to go to that. 

So after work I go to the gym quickly and then I go home where I get changed and then I walk to the park where I meet A Girl. 

Then we get in and then we sit down and use a combination of: black marker pen / eye pencil / liquid black eyeliner to write Morrissey lyrics on our skin.  The black marker pen stops working after about three letters because I haven’t thought this through and I’ve put on factor 50+ sunblock, but the remaining materials are much more resilient.  

I get CRIMINALLY VULGAR written on my chest and back from the Smiths song How Soon Is Now (full lyric: “I am the son of a shyness that is criminally vulgar”) and A Girl gets “but on the desk is where I want you” written across her arms. 

Then we walk around doing whatever festival-goers do.  

Then some woman comes up to me having recognised my lyric and tells me that she first saw Morrissey play live sixteen years ago. 

Then some indie guy comes up to me having recognised my lyric and tells me that I am the muscliest Smiths fan he has ever seen.  Now this would usually be a compliment in a gay club, but I know Smiths fans too well and I’m not sure he means it as a compliment or an insult.  Then I tell him, yes, it’s a contradiction, isn’t it?  Then I don’t remember the rest of the conversation. 

Then I meet up with Bryant who’s also there and we watch Siouxsie Sioux play together, then Morrissey comes on and he’s a bit shit to be honest (but at least he plays How Soon Is Now at which point I take my top off as he’s singing the criminally vulgar line, a top I had put on by then because it was getting a bit cold), then the whole thing is over and everyone goes home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prep,

I was just looking at that photo of you without you shirt on (not in a gay way) and was wondering what exercises you do for your lats, because you have a very impressive V shaped torso.

I'd also be quite keen to hear a bit more in detail what you do at the gym, because you always seem to make off the cuff remarks about it as if you don't really know what you're doing there - but I'm pretty sure a guy with a body like yours is a bit more involved in his weight training programme than he makes out!

Anyway I'm just starting out so I'd really like to hear some tips.

Cheers mate!

Alex said...

Your smile is so cute!!

(Thankfully I can appreciate it with the eyes blocked out-- for their emptiness would surely suck any emotion out of the picture like a black hole of drear.)

Alex said...

You're smiling in 2 photos and almost-smiling in one other... this is a new record!

P.S. Fifth photo makes me happy in my homosexuality. Yum.

Luke said...

Morrissey looks a little old and jowley. Trouble is, being a bit morose looks cool when your a young rock star, when your getting on a bit it just makes you look like your due a slot on grumpy old men.

Only Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman seemed to have managed the growing older and looking cooler trick by variously being disgraceful or hyperkinetic. I guess Keef Richards does ok too through looking like he should have died long ago.

I guess at least he's alot cooler than Paul Mc Cartney.

Jon C said...

Really like your smile!

Michael said...

More A Girl please.

Gemini's Life said...

You look genuinely happy in these pics. Perhaps there is hope in the world after all.

London Preppy said...

anon: I do back once a week (I go to the gym six days a week and do something different every day). Exercises I do for back (lats) include: the lat pulldown machine, seated rows, pull ups (self). I really don't have a clue, you'll have to believe me!

alex: Thank you! Yes, not seeing the dead eyes probably helps

alex: Ha ha, it must be. That's a 60% smile rate

luke: I agree with all your points. The young and grumpy look suits me now because it's a contradiction. I love contradictions like that: muscled and pale, young and grumpy, gay and wearing unsexy underwear, etc

jon: Thank you!

michael: Fair enough...

gemini: I slipped. I slipped momentarily. Sorry!

Trybaby said...

So what does it say on your red belt?

Nathan West said...

great line to use ay.

Now that's a cool statement~

dickophile said...

could the indie guy have been hitting on you? cause it sounds like it to me.

Dmom said...

Hello LP,

You must tell your readers what your tatoo reads. I have tried to decifer it for a while now but with no luck, im sure we would all appreciate it if you would post the words that read on you left side. Also you seem to have lost some muscle in your abs - you are not as defined as you were prevously, however on a brighter note your back has filled me with envy. On another note you do not look preppy or how I would define preppy you seem to have combined the nouvelle prep with the clasic prep but they have somewhat shifted you into the "nicely dressed" catagory rather than the "summers in nantucket" one, over all you look absolutly ravishing but on a different flavor than your blog title would suggest. Anther thing i have noticed over the months i have read your blog is that you are not as bitter and cynical as you portray your self to be. In your comments you seem happy and refreshing, in your pictures you look vapid rather than depressed, and 56% of the time you have a look of happyness small but none the less there. over all i love your blog and hope you continue writing.


Maluminas said...

A Girl looks handcuffed in the first picture... But its her bracelets... And you smiling a bit devilishly right next to her, close enough to be mistaken for protectiveness, makes it a bit awkward lol

I wanted to share this "WTF" moment.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: It says Duffer. It's the brand

dickophile: Nah, he wasn't hitting on me. I think he was just making a genuine observation

dmom: Aaah-ha

maluminas: Ha ha, she does, that's funny. I'll point this out to her

Ben said...

I think we need to raise a question about LP's Greek origins - maybe some genetic testing, to see if there really is Greek in him, as how is it that he is sooooooo hairless?!

It's just not right! haha

London Preppy said...

ben: I strongly encourage this investigation. If you find out I'm not actually Greek, I'll pay good money

Gav Dublin said...

Hey LP,

After DMOM's ah,,interesting comment, perhaps the Americans are correct about the mental acuity of Canadians after all!! Just a thought, but I am sure you are finding it difficult not to cry after being insulted about your physique by an aparantly fat ugly North American? Not that I have any objection to fat ugly north americans but the old refrain about people in glass houses throwing stones comes to mind.

Oh, I thought your reply was very restrained so I thought I would insult him on your behalf! I hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

take a look at am not blog ..... time to leave cyberspace baby

London Preppy said...

anon: Because....?

Maluminas said...

Don't insult the Canadians, eh? You don't know what you're talking aboot.

I'm Canadian and I'll take this opportunity to destroy some myths...

1-We don't drink beer all day. Well I don't.
2-We don't live in round wood houses.
3-We don't live in igloos.
4-We don't hunt moose for sustenance.
5-We don't say "eh" at the end of every sentence.
6-We don't say "aboot".

And we laugh at your Aunt Jemima fake syrup :P If you're gonna ingest useless calories, make them tasty maple calories.

Jack in Sydney said...

I don't know why Anon wants you to leave cyberspace, but I think he's referring you to one of the photos on the most recent entry. Is that Scott passing out ManHunt pamphlets?

Guy Ruben said...

Leather elbows on a cheap coat?
Is that the best you can do?