Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Wednesday 21/05/08

This is Monday and even though Monday is supposed to be my day off from the gym this week, I decide to still go and train because I need to stalk Superman.  Let’s try to remember that I last saw him on Wednesday, then he wasn’t in on Thursday, then I wasn’t in on Friday, then it was the weekend.  This makes it a total of four days without love. 

Four days without love is not something to beat yourself up about really, but that’s only when you’re already in a relationship – not when you’re trying to start one.  When you’re trying to start a relationship, it’s best to have regular and frequent meetings with the object of your affection, because otherwise you might end up forgetting what they look like and then you’re back on square one.  And square one is the furthest away from love you can be. 

So this Monday I go to the gym and Scott insists on coming with me, something which I’m not happy with, because I need to appear: independent, alone, approachable.  In any case we turn up, and Superman is not there yet, so we start doing abs and then Superman turns up and I say bye to Scott and go over to do shoulders, near where Superman is.  

Superman is wearing a t-shirt that is not destroyed in any way so I can’t use my tattoo line as I was planning to (I can’t see it – as far as I know he doesn’t have one) and I can hardly go up to him and say: “I remember your tattoo from the last time I saw you five days ago, so tell me more about that”, because that might sound a little creepy. 

And unfortunately I have lost any sort of momentum I had with him two weeks ago when we chatted briefly about some exercise and now we don’t even say hi. 

But that’s OK, I think that Superman and I both know that these are just minor mishaps in our long-term love plan and we’ll get over them, we really will, and one day we’ll be looking back and thinking how silly we were playing these stupid games, talking / not talking to each other, sideways glances burning a hole in our hearts, the blind yet quiet desire elevating us to unreachable heights and punishing us to the very core at the same time. 

Then I collect Scott, we shower, and we go. 

On the way home I get a text from Donnell, and this Monday evening Donnell tells us:  “I am in Abercrombie buying an overpriced pair of clingy shorts to wear on Sunday, as usual I am overwhelmed by how flirty the guys in here are, you would have been crap at it”.  So I says to Donnell: “You are so ridiculous for still shopping at that stupid shop.  Are you: a) a 39-year-old out-of-shape queen from the suburbs or b) part of a straight couple in their early 30s who just bought their first flat in Chiswick?  These are the only demographics who shop there”.  Then Donnell tells us: “My shorts are cool to go clubbing in.  It’s not like you’ve thrown all you’re A&F stuff away, is it?  I’m not bothered about demographics”. 

And because I am bothered about demographics, here’s another request.  I have banged on about this in the past, but I won’t relent.  Is anyone in Iceland reading this?  Do we know anyone in Iceland?  I must have some Icelandic friends.  I must go back there before I move to Australia and I need to know people there who will show me round and perhaps put me up.  Why not. 

So maybe I should type some random Icelandic words to get some hits from there: 




Kerry Katona

Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon


Moose moose

And finally, quite randomly, here is a list of bands that I like from countries which are not exactly major in the international music scene.  If you are from one of these countries, can you please message me and let me know some brief info about the bands I mention?  I.e. Are they big there, are they cool and I’m allowed to like them or not, etc.  Thanks. 

Denmark – The Fashion

Sweden – Shout Out Louds

Sweden – Kent

Belgium – dEUS

Denmark – Grand Avenue


kim said...

flashback to when you wanted to learn a new skill, how about this one:


Dick Pics said...

i can tell that your love for superman is a love that knows no bounds. you just have to make contact again. maybe you should write him a love letter or something. and just spill all.

London Preppy said...

kim: That is definitely an enviable talent but I think I'm too old for it

dick: Maybe I should just go and hug his leg and never let go

Anonymous said...

dEUS is very big in Belgium. The group is headlining the famous Rock Werchter festival this year. Werchter is the Belgian equivalent of Glastonbury. Nevertheless, because the group is so omnipresent, some have started to hate them and call them overrated. Which is correct, I believe. But to like dEUS in England is pretty cool, I guess. Nothing really ends still is their best song! You may also like: Hooverphonic, Soulwax, Vive la Fête.

Belgium said...

Right on Preppy, dEUS produces excellent music and is one of the leading bands in Belgium though they have been around for a couple of years now. According to their website they'll be preforming in UK on July 19th (www.dEUS.be). The name of the curly haired singer is Tom Barman and the bearded guy is Mauro Pawlowski. Enjoy without shame! ;-)

AlwaysReadySF said...

HAHAHA!!! The post was great but even better was the comment about hugging is leg. I have this vision of him walking around the gym with a slightly bovvered look on his face but somewhat resigned to the fact that he can't quite shake you off....

Superchilled said...

The Icelandic are supposed to be the most literate people in the world. You would expect they'd have a significant web presence too. But the hits I've had from Iceland are very rare... Maybe they don't like the idea of being even more superchilled. Heading there in June July I'm keen to continue exploring where you left off... perhaps I can interview potential LP friends. I expect we're chasing the 99% fat free albino look. I can do that.
(oh and Scott needs to find his own new boyfriends it would seem)

Jay said...

yeah lp, hug his leg, never let go, and take some pics!


michael01 said...

If everone would do as you do, by choosing some unlikely object of fantasy as their rebound-man, a lot of damage would be avoided. I know you won't agree, but this is a genuine compliment.

Oldyeller said...

If Superman has a blog, I’m sure he was expressing the same anguished pangs of deeply-felt but suppressed desire, silently cursing himself for his timidity and cowardice in failing to ask about your BEE tattoo when you came near to perform dumbbell presses.

But on the bright side, since you two haven’t talked in two weeks, he at least doesn’t consider you a bloody leech. So, you’re kinda working off a clean slate. What you could do (on arms’ day) is do Superman’s stupid bicep/forearm exercise so that he sees it and then complain jokingly to him that you must be doing something wrong cause your arms don’t look like his yet or some such shameless pandering.

Ben said...

OK, I now have my own gym person to stalk. I have always had the gym stalker tendecies in me - maybe it's a gene? But, reading your blog makes me feel not so alone anymore!

My gym guy is the type you hope is gay, but probably isn't, but....

*crash of thunder*

My shower nicely conincided, and he is a shaver. Not just a groomer, but a complete baldy (surely that must be a sign!), and he seemed to be very aware of himself in the showers (not communal, but doorless cubicles), picking the one which can be viewed from the most places...

I might have to go back to uni, and do some gay vr straight, forest vs groomed garden research. Or, I could just pretend to be at uni!

Dick Pics said...

yeah. yeah that sounds good. who doesn't like to get their leg hugged? you know what? i bet you'll be the first guy that's had the balls to go and hug his leg. he'll be yours forever.

London Preppy said...

anon: Great, thanks for the info and recommendations too!

belgium: Cool thanks very much as well, and for the UK tour date

always: You won't be able to shake me off, but it's OK I can live there

superchilled: According to an article sent by a reader last week they have one of the highest internet penetrations in the world. Why the fuck are they not reading our blogs? Please hand out flyers when you're there

London Preppy said...

jay: And a very nice leg it is

michael: I see what you mean. Nobody's hurt, right? It's definitely better this way, I would recommend living in their head to anyone

oldy: I bet he does have a blog and I'm a permanent fixture. I also like your recommendations, it seems that everyone knows how to play this game better than me

ben: Having a gym obsession is very healthy (I'm making this up of course) and it helps you go to the gym more often

Graham said...

Kerry Katona

This made me laugh out loud. Genius. But will that get you hits from the right demographic?

London Preppy said...

graham: Well I'll take what I can get, right?

Andre said...

We are taling about music and here I emerge from the shadow...

I just recently fell in love with The Fashion! They are getting some good exposure in indie clubs here in Italy.

What do you think of Alphabeat? They are Danish and probably sound a bit too jolly for you, but I think they are cool! Their "Fascination" video reminds me of Radio Ladio by Metronomy (another great - British - music act).

London Preppy said...

andre: Good to see you here again.

I discovered The Fashion through some random Greek satellite music channel, I don't think they have any exposure here at all, which is a shame because songs like Like Knives are BRILLIANT

As for Alphabeat, I do love Fascination and like Boyfriend, but haven't heard any more...

NGM said...

hey LP,
do you nude up in the change rooms before and after your shower at the gym, or are you an 'under towel changer'??

i find that different gyms have different nudeing up cultures. your thoughts?

London Preppy said...

ngm: I would never get changed in front of everyone in the changing room. I take my underwear in the shower cubicle. Everyone that I like seems to be doing the same. Scott does the opposite. We argue about that a lot

AlwaysReadySF said...

That's a great topic of conversation.
You should poll readers on it.
I always found it a little odd when people actually walk around the locker room naked but I don't have a particular problem in someone doing a quick change (i.e. take briefs off and put a towel around my waist) as opposed to going in the shower with my underwear. I never quite figured out the logistics of that. Where do you put the underwear? Doesn't it get wet? It seems a little much...but that's just me :)

NGM said...

lol, i should have known the answer shouldn't have i.

but disappointed LP, share the joy.

Ja said...

Everytime I somehow find myself at Abercrombie, I end up complaining to whoever is around me, whether I know them or not, that the music is too loud and there's not enough lighting. These are complaints that make me feel older than I care to feel. The new clingy shorts do look nice though.

polislag said...

Word on the street is that Superman made another appearance at the gym today too...

Luke said...

Concerning the groomed versus non groomed thing my guess is that straight guys only do it if they realise that they might be loosing out on blowjobs if they force a girl to floss at the same time.

I do have one mate who shaved a heart shape in his chest as a surprise for his wife; who seeing his daft smile when he got back, immediately guessed exactly what he'd done. (female telepathy who knew?)

Nix said...

Kerry Katona! ROTFL.
Pls tell us at some future time what search queries resulted in hits on LP.

Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

Saw this & thought of you: http://tiny.cc/lagQN

You would, evidently, be less London Preppy and more *cheery* Preppy.

London Preppy said...

always: I hang it up outside / on t op of the shower door

poli: He certainly did. He was in a rush though. I'll explain in next post

ja: I'm just glad I haven't been in there yet

nix: I will do!

red: I'm saving this article for lunchtime reading, thanks

Ben said...

I am glad you think it is healthy to have a gym obsession: that is, someone to obsess over at the gym, and not an obsession with going to the gym. But then again, the two are linked, maybe that could be my Masters research?)

It will get me there more too!

Also, he plays squash. When is your next match? Is it easy to play? Maybe I should take it up, but am not really that good with balls of the sporting kind....