Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tuesday 27/05/08

EDIT: To the people who've complained about me not publishing their country of origin / country of residence comment yesterday - I'm sorry, I did publish everything I received. I don't know why some of them didn't show up.

This is Saturday morning and on Saturday morning I clean my bathroom and kitchen (although not very carefully) and hoover the flat and do my food shopping and then I go to town where I meet Scott and we go to the gym, where we do arms in a way that shows that we can’t be bothered, we don’t really want to be there and then Scott goes off to meet Brendan and I go to the shops.

And Saturday morning is sunny and warm (despite the rest of the weekend being cold and rainy) and lots of people are wearing shorts and flip flops and sunglasses and I’m wearing jeans and a 1970s Greece football shirt and trainers (and I don’t have my sunglasses with me) and I feel inadequate for not having worn shorts, I feel like I’ve failed myself.

So I go to Topman at Oxford Circus which is insanely busy and overwhelming and prompts me to send the following message to both Donnell and Scott…

“I love Topman. It’s full of cheap clothes I want to buy and pseudo-fashionable boys I want to fuck”

…and I buy two skinny ties (one black, one grey) pick up some shorts but the queue for the changing room is too long so I put them back, pay for my ties, wonder what I’m going to do in Sydney with no Topman, no H&M and no Gap and leave.

Later in the evening I go to a friend’s house to watch Eurovision and this friend is from Cyprus and during this Eurovision evening the following things happen:

- There are seven guests in total: two Cypriots, one Spanish, one English, one Canadian, on Venezuelan, one Greek (me)
- When the time to vote comes I realise that the number is blocked from my mobile phone (which is provided and paid for by work) because it’s a high rate number (or something). Before panic sets in, the English guy offers me his phone (also provided by work but with a more liberal policy) and I vote for Greece five times
- The non-European guests don’t understand why I dive to the floor every time Greece gets a top score from any other country
- Greece finishes third. I’m happy with that

During this event, I exchange messages with Tom and Alexei who are attending a different Eurovision party, which quite frankly sounds a lot better (fuelled with a lot more alcohol and __) as Alexei later reveals that there are points where people attempt to recreate Kalomira’s breakdown. I won’t pretend this is something I haven’t blacked out and hallucinated I’m doing.

Oh yes, I’d also like to point out that the Greek entry (artist: Kalomira, song title: Secret Combination, you’ll need these for when you’re buying it) is now available to buy in UK iTunes and at some point on Tuesday it was at number 39 in the top 100, which makes it the highest selling Eurovision song this year in the UK, even higher than the UK entry. I like to kid myself that it might be in the official chart on Sunday.

Anyway, on Sunday I go to the gym and then I eat (but not much) and then at 1830 I go clubbing. I will put up a usual clubbing post tomorrow, so how about you don’t come and read it if you’re offended by that sort of thing?

In the meantime, here’s a list of the foods I consume on Monday, during the day, post-clubbing:

Four individual pizzas (barbecue chicken)
Dough balls with garlic butter dip (approx 12)
Two chicken breasts with beans
Three chocolate muffins
Four ice cream cones
Bag of popcorn (butter flavour)
Three eggs with toast

I’m starting to think it’s worth going clubbing just for the food the day after.


Dick Pics said...

so, no superman or ppt at the gym? if not what's the point of going?

Maluminas said...

Did all this food travel all the way through your gastrointestinal tract? I hope so ^^

Nix said...

Topshop's on-line store will deliver to Australia, but I know it's not *quite* the same as browsing in-store for something fast. Generally speaking, you will pay more for your clothes in Oz. eg $500/£250 for Diesel jeans.

Anonymous said...

This is what I think about the Greek eurovision entry: that the country that once was the home of writers like Euripides and Sophocles sends someone to sing about herself as a female safe is a mystery to me (not for me, I should think). Nevertheless, I totally understand your patriotism. I would have done the same thing. I wouldn't have voted though. Imagine. My money, all gone.

London Preppy said...

dick: We went to a different gym. And no, nobody hot was there. Which does make it more boring

maluminas: It did travel all the way and it stayed there too!

nix: Oh my God, it looks like I won't be buying anything over there. Is there something similar to H&M/Topman though? With disposable inexpensive clothes?

anon: My favourite lines from the Greek song are:

"My secret combination
Boy you have to try it hard
To win a destination
In the center of my heart"

A combination of words that look like they belong together, look like they might make sense if swapped around a bit, perhaps in a different universe even, but right now they don't. Neither in English, nor translated in Greek (if we assume that the writer just used babelfish)

Wayne said...

Out of curiousity, do you ever go clubbing on a regular Fri / Sat night? Or just on a bank hol?

george said...

the best shopping is in melbourne...sydney was good a few years ago but melbourne has left sydney for dead......george

fran said...

i'm still feeling ukraine and denmark tho!

Graham said...

Your post-clubbing, food binge (was it a binge?) sounds great. I know that while I feel like pretending to be all healthy the day after the excesses of clubbing, all I want to do is eat stodge and junk and watch mindless tv, particularly something like the shite on MTV, Bear Grylls or Deadliest Catch.

Nix said...

Zara is supposed to be opening their first Australian store at Westfield Bondi Junction (a shopping mall that I think you'll like), but there is no definite date, just "sometime between now and 2010"!

A few local fashion chains do come to mind, but they don't follow the H&M/TopMan business model for inexpensive/disposable fashion: the style is IMHO mostly either stuffier or chavvier, it's usually more expensive, and the turnover of the range isn't as quick as what you'll find here. I wouldn't worry too much: you've got a good eye, so I have no doubt you'll get by in Oz.

DRD said...

hey congrats on surviving another crazy weekend. I miss H&M and Topman so much. Have you gone back to the buy shorts?

I cant wait to read your new clubbing post. It will be the only that will calm me down from a whats to be hectic day. They bring back memories of my own clubbing days overthere.

London Preppy said...

wayne: I haven't been out on a normal weekend for ages. So mainly just Bank Holidays now

george: I see. I'll catch a flight when I need to buy a pair of trousers then??

fran: I have both on my iPod :-(

graham: The worst thing is that I still have crappy food at home (e.g. two bags of pop corn) and I can't bring myself to throw it away

nix: Cool, thanks. And nice to see you on Sunday

drd: I'll defo go back this weekend. I had an idea of something else I want now!

Trybaby said...


Anonymous said...

on a completely different topic, i went to the jubilee hall gym in covent garden, and i ran into that roman soldier guy who was in salome. maybe this is old news, but running into him made me think of this blog :)

he took a very very long time to put all that silver paint on himself, namely from before the beginning of my workout to the end...

h&m is brilliant, and for eurovision, i still miss helena paparizou.

Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

Please forgive being wildly off-topic, but *how do you survive* clubbing noise?

I just went to - if I may say so - a wildly rich-Moscow-cool launch party for a TV station; held in the (Harrods-lookalike) GUM building, overlooking Red Square.

Transvestites were paid to host and be lauded (skin-tight latex must be so hot to wear)...

It was an *amazing* party: TaTu were there (here in Moscow we think that retro-ly cool).

But now, at home, I have this dulling, cotton-wool, ringing in my ears...

No shit, how do you cope with that without going deaf? Week in, week out?

GT said...

Speaking of Eurovision, thought you'd be interested in this:


London Preppy said...

anon: Interesting. How did he do his back?

red: Well, the deafness lasts for about half an hour after you've left the club but surely it goes away, right?

gt: That's cool, thanks

RobSaint said...

Hey LP,
here's another blog you may find interesting. There was a whole run down of the guy's favs on Eurovosion with vids etc.
Not sure if Spanish is one of your many strong points, but here it is.


fran said...

it's such a shame but i'm also getting the tracks to listen in the tube - actually in the metro, cos i'm in spain!

i'm soooo back up up!

AlwaysReadySF said...

Actually the deafness does not go away....I mean, you are slowly (but surely) damaging your hearing. It's kind of imperceptible at first but it becomes more apparent with time.
Years ago I started using earplugs when going out to clubs. At first it was kinda annoying but I soon got used to it and it makes the whole experience more tolerable, especially when some random idiot who can't hear his own voice is leaning over in your ear and shouting and literally piercing your brain! :)

Anonymous said...

I saw Salome at the ROH and the Executioner bloke had a very impressive body but the essential equipment was not to scale - perhaps it was chilly on stage.

London Preppy said...

anon: Really? I suppose if you're that big, everything is bound to look small in comparison