Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Thursday 22/05/08

On Tuesday I’m at work and then I have to go to a client meeting and for this client meeting I’m wearing a navy pinstripe suit from ___, pink and white striped shirt from Zara, black leather belt from Hugo Boss, black leather shoes from Hugo Boss, black socks from I don’t know where.  I have decided to edit out (i.e. use ___) some of the brands of the clothes that I mention/wear, because I’m not proud of them, in fact I’m embarrassed.  

And these brands are high fashion brands that some people really aspire to, more specifically people who get facials, refer to Dolce & Gabbana as “Dolce”, go to house parties with hired staff serving champagne and (pretend to) read Wallpaper*.  I have nothing against that crowd anyway; I’m just not part of it. 

I can mention other fashion brands that are not in that category (e.g Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren), but I’m imposing a self-ban on: Dior, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Armani, etc.  Not that I own anything by the last two. 

So anyway, I go to that meeting and I’m with my boss, and when we get there it becomes apparent that wearing a suit has been the wrong choice, because this is a media company and the people who work there are dressed in jeans and trainers (the men) or jeans and these ridiculous tiny ballet shoes that women wear (the women) or hotpants and heels (the receptionist).  Not to mention that they have boards and multi-coloured chalk in reception for people to be creative at lunchtime and floor-to-ceiling abstract art everywhere.  Seeing all this, I take off my jacket and undo another shirt button, and I kid myself that this makes all the difference between a) somebody who’s there to work with them in a friendly manner and b) somebody who’s there for a hostile takeover. 

After all this work and fun, I go to the gym where Superman isn’t, and I won’t even pretend that The Superman Song by the Crash Test Dummies comes on my iPod by chance; the truth is, I put it on myself, and I listen to it non-stop until I finish my workout (key lyric: “And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man like him”), because I want to feel the pain, I want to feel the pain of everyone and then I want to feel nothing. 

Then I rush home, because it’s nearly 2000 and I have to watch the Eurovision semi-final that Greece is in.  And this is a semi-final with 19 counties, 10 of which will get through to the final on Saturday.  I may have mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with Greece, i.e. I can’t stand being there but at the same time I’ll support them in any international competition of any sort and I want them to do well in everything. 

In fact, there are few times that I’ve been happier in my life than when Greece won the Euro 2004 (that’s soccer in case American readers are not following).  This was a scene that was played thus: 

I have just moved to London a couple of months before, I don’t have really good friends yet, I’m living with a guy I went to Uni with, we hardly speak.  It’s Sunday night when the Euro final is on, I’m home alone, my housemate has left me (on the one night in my lifetime when my country is playing to win a major sporting tournament – but don’t worry, I moved out a few weeks later and haven’t spoken to him since), and I’m watching this on my own. 

I generally avoid even speaking but this time I’m shouting at the TV at regular intervals, I can’t sit down, I’m watching the whole thing standing up, when the referee blows the final whistle and Greece has won, I fall down on my knees like bad actors do in badly directed movies, drop my face in my hands, and sob. 

I can’t say I was equally shocked to the core / overjoyed when Greece won the Eurovision song contest in 2005, but I liked that one too. 

In any case, back to this Tuesday night, and this year’s Greek entry is a girl called Kalomira, a girl who’s as Greek as I’m English, i.e. she was born in the States and moved to Greece when she was 18 and she speaks broken Greek with a heavy American accent.  (fair enough she does have Greek parents though). 

So I’m watching all the other semi-finalists, Scott turns up (I like to share my over-excited moment with someone), Greece comes on, I obsess over it, Scott concedes it’s the best entry he’s seen so far, I make sure he doesn’t look away during the three minutes that Kalomira is on – he is NOT allowed to look away – a couple of hours later the results are in and Greece is through to the final. 

I don’t care how ridiculous Eurovision is, I don’t care if I’d never listen to this type of music for fun and neither would you, but do watch this clip from Tuesday night if you like and see what I got so excited about. 

If nothing else, just watch the breakdown at 02:23 to 02:40 and don’t look away.  I obsess over this breakdown.  If I were straight and were thinking of getting married, I would not marry a girl that cannot recreate that breakdown. 


polislag said...

They teach every girl in America to do that breakdown in 8th grade.

Trybaby said...

I'd be embarrassed too if I bought a navy pin stripe suit from Abercrombi & Fitch.

Is there any significance to the large white space at the bottom? Are you trying to subtly convey the emptiness of your soul?

Should Know Better said...

Kalomira has a really good chance of winning. 3 out the 5 five past winners have all done a very Shakiraesque breakdown, booty wiggle.

I'm having a huge quandry over what to do this Saturday. Traditional Eurovision party (as explained before) with lot of booze or Revolver with lots of _____. I could possibly do both but then how would I survive the Vauxhall Street Party thing, Salvation and then Orange the next day.

Dick Pics said...

so you started out really straight and butch and into sports and then somewhere in there it all went horribly gay and the worst part is you dragged me down with you cause i liked it to. and the breakdown? made me cum. there i said it.

Graham said...

I understand LP, the dichotomy of feelings surrounding the Eurovision. The music is camp and the singers (?) overact the performances and generally they are all shite anyway, but there is something strangely mesmerizing about it all. I particularly like the ridiculous presenters. It's always better when English isn't their first language, at least they can't be held responsible for the dreadful scripting!

Alfred said...

Had you try to think when you will marry.
I got the news "UK vote marks parenthood victory for gays".It mean homosexual oartners is legal recognition as parents

kim said...

i seem to always be a day behind with my comments even though I'm literally a day ahead ... regardless, this is Iceland, this is music, this is Icelandic music;


for their better song

London Preppy said...

polislag: That would explain it then

trybaby: There is no white space - there's a video from youtube (maybe you were reader on google reader?)

should know: I like those stats (from the Office for National Statistics I presume): 3 out the 5 five past winners have done a booty wiggle!

Well I'll be seeing you in one of those events for sure...

dick: I can't lie and pretend I was every very straigth and butch, but yeah...let's go with that

graham: Thankfully they keep a lot more quiet these days I think!

alfred: I don't know if I want a gay wedding to be honest

AlwaysReadySF said...

That was cute. It kinda sent me back in time for about 3:21...
...but, being born in Italy and not having lived there for the past 15 years, I can definitely relate to the feeling of not caring at all and at the same time being obsessed with supporting it when it comes to sports and most certainly when it comes to soccer!
I had 20+ friends over for the final of the last World Cup in '06 and shamelessly embarrassed myself shouting at the TV for what was probably the longest I have ever watched a soccer match... and I don't really like soccer! :)

On a different note - why is it ok to mention Hugo Boss and not Prada, for example? Where is that invisible line?

Luke said...

Seems like typical eurovision fare to me, I particularly like the guy in the sparkly Tshirt waving the greek flag at the end. I think we can infer something about her fans from him.

Do you have a Grecian version of Wogan, who segues into drunkeness throughout proceedings making darkly comic references to the politics of it?

δείξε μου το χρώμα του δεξιού χεριού σας said...

Kalomira was great, but I still want Iceland to win!

Anthony said...

well the performance was great. She can really shake that ass of hers. What exactly is this competition, I live in the States? I do love the set design for this show. Seems like it cost a pretty penny or two.

Jamie said...

please please please LP make a video of you doing that breakdown, that would make my week :-)

Jules said...

without considering the esc as a ridiculous event, the performance of kalomira was weak and superficial. no offense LP, I hope, she'll get only 12 points from cyprus - as usual for the greek act

i'm from the old europe, so leave the east and its cruel music, and the crap from the british isles, it's funny evening entertainment to watch this freakshow, not taken too serious.

so i'm shouting for the german act No Angels and Israel with Boaz

Trybaby said...

Oh the video just didn't load for me.

London Preppy said...

kim: I left Sigur Ros out cause they're pretty big in Europe. Not really my own discovery. I like them immensely

always: Well Hugo Boss is kinda less camp. Both the clothes and the image etc.

luke: No, we don't have the drunken uncle presenting style on Greek TV I'm afraid, they still do take the piss though

deikse mou: Iceland's in my top 3 I'd say

anthony: It's a ridiculous/sublime competition where each European country sends a rubbish song in and they all fight it out. Whoever is wearing the shiniest outfit and has the most 80s beat in the backing track usually wins

London Preppy said...

jamie: I do not have the moves!

jules: How was the performance superficial? Is it because she didn't get a copy of Das Kapital out to start reading from?

Also, she will get more than 12 points form Cyprus (thanks for the cliche by the way, we hadn't heard that one before), she will come in the top 4 and I'm gonna stop writing the blog if she doesn't. This is my promise to you Jules.

Finally, where is the old Europe please? I take it you're Greek, I can't think of an older European civilisation. And I'm not being nationalistic here, I do realise they've gone downhill in the last 2,000 years

Jules said...

hey LP

how intense, but your reaction shows the patriotic fever this contest creates

old europe meant a metaphor used by former US-Defense ministry D. Rumsfeld. Didn't want to discredit your greek proud, sorry ;-)

to reveal the secret, i'm from (western) germany

and please don't shut your blog down because of a female greek contest act...

... i'd be disappointed, 'cause i like your blog too much

but how about this: if the german act has a better ranking than the greek, you'll do a short post on it on your blog, otherwise if kalomira's better, i'll do it on mine...

i'd like to answer you in greek, but my skills of speaking ellinika are minimal, δυσυχώς

London Preppy said...

jules: I did sound a bit angry there, didn't I? I'll take my pills.

You've got a deal on the Germany/Greece thing

London Preppy said...

jules: Oh also, last year's German entry was one of my favourites (the Frauen... one)

Jules said...

not angry, you sounded patriotic-competitive

the viewer reception of the ESC is a bit different in germany, they argue against the "blocks", former yugoslavian republics voting for each other, the eastern block with his cruel music (well, for a western european ear) and finally the cliche of a lot of acts: woman, too much make-up, too short dress, big breasts made by plastic surgery and music without substance

ok, deal!

Jules said...

Roger Cicero - "Frauen regieren die Welt" (women rule the world)

he was nice, a bit too sophisticated for the esc, but in a great tradition of famous singers like gigliola cinquetti

her "non ho l'eta" is my alltime favorite

Jules said...

deal's verified, lol

semistraight said...

Hmm...isn't Top 4 a little ambitious? But no, I haven't heard most of the other songs (as every year I practice my habit of just having the show on in the background with sound turned off 90% of the time...that does make it more bearable). Shockingly enough, the song contest obviously overshadows other inherently more important superman :-X

Anonymous said...


Kalomira's breakdown is a blatant ripoff of Beyoncé's breakdowns; still I've got to admit it was very good.

Take care.


Morgan said...

Where did she put the microphone during that? It was there, then gone, then back again. Just wondering. And you should put a vid of you doing that breakdown on the blog. Scott and Mean, Donnell, and A Girl could be the backup dancers.

London Preppy said...

semi: Top 5 then. I'm not going any lower!

anon: Definitely. Also I'm sure I've seen the same breakdown in the last 6 Jennifer Lopez videos

morgan: I have no idea! This is something I was thinking myself. I knew it was coming up and I was thinking what's gonna happen with the mic? But then I was mesmerised and I forgot about it

Alfred said...

I found more about this video girl you can go to
but it is not a english

Anonymous said...

I know where the microphone goes - the centre dancer takes it from her, and gives it back after her impressive J. Lo imitation. You can see the dancer holding it most of the time.

Graham said...

I've solved the mystery of the mic.

If you look closely, really closely, because she's that fast, she passes the mic to the guy behind her. He holds it while she does her thing and then, in the blink of an eye, he passes it back to her just in time. It's genius really.

This girl MUST win.

London Preppy said...

alfred: Thanks, that's actually a blog I occasionally read, but hadn't seen this

anon and graham: Excellent thanks. Mysrtery solved. I'll look out for this again on Sat evening

fran said...

good luck for tonight greece.....
we'll be cheering to eurovision.
i totally back u up about eurovision. it's utterly crap but it's lovely!

Jules said...

now... after seing her video a few times, I realise from where I know the kind of beats used in her song...

striking similarity to the beats of Freemasons-Remix on Kelly Rowlands "Work"

well after seen the two semifinals on portugese public television (in germany not possible) and all the typical female singers with their appearance and ridiculous songs in cruel english, I'd give Ukraine the best chance to win

i'll cross my fingers for boaz (Israel), his song shows how nice hebrew vocals can sound

London Preppy said...

fran: Thanks very much. And I agree!

jules: Oh my God. That's so similar! I do like the Israel song too definitely