Saturday, 24 May 2008

Saturday 24/05/08

On Thursday after the gym I get home to watch the second Eurovision semi-final, but this is a lot less exciting, mainly because it lacks such vital / life-changing performances as the Greek one from Tuesday.  In any case, to sum up, my favourite entries this year are: 

1) Greece: Because I am genetically pre-programmed to like this regardless of its objective quality and merit, not that anyone can question the quality and merit of that breakdown, plus the ingenious and discreet passing round of the microphone when Kalomira needs to have her hands free so she can grope herself during that Jennifer Lopez impersonation 

2) France: Because I genuinely like this and it’s produced by Daft Punk and I will continue listening to it as a serious song on my iPod after this whole circus has ended 

3) Iceland: Because this is the most ridiculous/sublime entry this year and I don’t understand how a country of 300,000 has managed to find talent to put together a) a song that sounds like a hi-NRG Adam Rickitt b-side from 1997, b) amazing matching costumes combining fuchsia and black, c) a choreography where the two performers are following round all the different camera angles as they change every five seconds like that Chucky doll with the spinning head.  Can this country do no wrong? 

Incidentally, I am not implying that any of these people will win, it’s just who I like.  Apart from Greece who will actually win. 

On Friday I’m wearing the same G-Star jeans I wore last Friday, the same white Lonsdale trainers, but this time I’m wearing a Fred Perry belt to keep my trousers up instead of braces, because I’ve had enough of senior company staff snapping those against my chest.  I also decide to wear a shirt and this shirt is short sleeved, it’s light pink and it’s from Reiss. 

In the office everyone is playing the same old parts, this is starting to feel like a tired old sitcom that’s not funny anymore.  The script writers have taken the day off again (it’s a long weekend with Monday being a bank holiday and they’re making the most of it), so we’re all left to improvise and ad-lib.  My lines aren’t very good – but I was never cast for my acting skills – and I suspect I’ll be written off soon, some ridiculous storyline about moving to Australia or something. 

After work I go to the gym where I don’t use the gym but I use the swimming pool and then I go home where I have some salmon and two tomatoes, maybe three, who’s counting and then I head out. 

And to head out I’m wearing: Energie jeans, Adidas trainers, black I *heart* NY t-shirt which I’ve peeled the I and NY from so it only has a big *heart* on it and I’ve also ripped it down the side to look like Superman.  Also I’m wearing a big silver chain around my neck, which I thought might go, probably not though. 

And this outfit looks like this.  (Please note contrived casual pose with hand in pocket, trying to look cool, which only goes to indicate the opposite)

So I go to town and I meet Alexei, Ryan and Tom and some of their friends at the Box and we play the parts of people who socialize and are out having a laugh on a Friday evening. 

Then I take my ridiculous outfit (which I wore to entertain/provide laughs as Tom points out and I definitely agree) and I head back home. 

For this trip back home I choose to take the bus, because the tube doesn’t feel safe for reasons I can’t get into, won’t get into and as I never take the bus I feel particularly lucky when the bus I have chosen takes me near my house – eventually. 

At home I watch a couple of episodes of American Dad, then I turn over to a programme called The Greatest Ever Screen Chases, so I watch the greatest screen chases numbers 15 to 12, then it gets a bit claustrophobic and that’s when I crush half a Valium, go to bed.

Finally, I want to thank the people who've sent gifts through Amazon and/or monetary contributions and whatever else.  I really appreciate it.  Because I like stuff.  And money/  And even though I don't see the blog as a job, and I don't think that I need to get rewarded for it, it certainly takes up the time of a part-time one anyway.


Alex said...

LP, you actually looked good in the ripped shirt (despite my previous comment indicating that I 'absolutely loathe' the look.

But, I don't know if the judgement is fair, because your tri/biceps have put me in a brief trance-like state where all judgements will be made in my crotch rather than my head.

A tout à l'heure!

London Preppy said...

alex: Ha ha, thanks. I suppose it doesn't matter what exactly makes you like the outfit, as long as you do :-)

scotrock said...

I, too, think that ripped shirt makes your arms look awesome. I suppose the pose helps too but the overall effect is hot.

London Preppy said...

scot: Yep, pose definitely helps. I should walk around like that constantly when I'm wearing this

Neil said...

Are baggy jeans the fashion in London? Cause everyone with a body like yours in NY wears jeans so tight you can tell if they're cut or not.

London Preppy said...

neil: It's just a personal preference I think. I don't like the look of tight jeans either on me or on others

Dick Pics said...

looking at the second outfit all i can say is i think marky mark would be proud. maybe not mark wahlberg as he is a serious actor now and wears suits. but definitely marky.

Anonymous said...

id like to see you in an east london look... ie, tight jeans and a baggy vest and aa hoodie. with white plimsolls.

can we play dress up london preppy?

London Preppy said...

dick: Thank you! What a great compliment

anon: That's a great idea. As for the particular outfit you suggest, well I was actually shopping for white plimsolls today, but didn't find ones I liked. So it could happen very soon. I don't know about the tight jeans though - mind you I could do the same look with shorts. I'll do that

Dick Pics said...

your welcome. you've earned it! so what are the rules of dress up london preppy?

Trybaby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matty said...

I bet you're excited right now as I write this. Give it 20 mins and u might feel robbed. But it's looking good for u.

But I hope u take sole credit for the UK vote.

Alex said...

How come the date of posts don't always match with the date on your title?

timbo said...

Tight jeans are a bit faggy or femme, to paraphrase one of the great minds of our time.

Jules said...

shame on me - the most ridiculous ESC ever

made my homework on my blog, pic and clip will follow

London Preppy said...

dick: Well I don't know, it could be tricky. You'd have to dress me up in clothes I already own or send me some?!

trybaby: Maybe not!

matty: I do take credit for the 12 from the UK - well if my 4 votes did it!

alex: Do they not? I don't know. I type the date when I post it. Maybe blogger has a different timezone set

timbo: He's a beacon to us all!

jules: Well if we had come last as well I would be calling it the most ridiculous one ever.

However, let's try to remember that all the favourites did as predicted. No surprises. Russia was a favourite, so was Ukraine so was Greece. Based on songs and people's reactions. And they were the top 3. Let's not try to blame political voting for everything

Dick Pics said...

so how little will you wear? cause my version of dress up london preppy involves the skimpiest pair of underwear you own and nothing else but your braces.though i don't know what pair those might be. its not like i watch you through your window or anything.

Jules said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
London Preppy said...

dick: New rule - have to be dressed enough to go out!

jules: This is my last comment on Eurovision and the result, cause I don't want this to be a Eurovision argument, there are pages and pages on other relevant online forums right now and they're best left there instead of or whatever my blog is called.

Russia was a favourite months ago, from when everyone heard the song. They went all out. They had an ice rink on stage. For God's sake THE SONG WAS PRODUCED BY TIMBALAND! They paid big money to the biggest producer IN THE WORLD right now and then they won.

Oh dear, I'm bored of this already. Even Sex And The City that's on TV seems more interesting. End of Eurovision here

Dick Pics said...

you wouldn't go out in that?

Eddie said...

Dude you are an absolute trip. American Dad however is the stupidest piece of crap ever.

Alex said...

How could it be if blogger says

"Saturday, 24 May 2008"

and you say:

"Saturday 23/5/2008"

Can Saturday be on a different date in different timezones? Did your blog bring light to some incredible phenomena that only occurs every billion years or so?!

Graham said...

I almost won 250 euro because somehow, maybe it was a miracle, I don't know, I plucked a card that read 'greece' from the bag. If it wasn't for all the ex-soviet countries dividing again and again to make more and more countries to give Russia 12 points Kalomira/I would have won. In was the best song. Well Iceland were good too. Gutted!!

kim said...

dick pics - i reckon those gold swimmers could go well with the braces ...

Jay said...

Hey LP,

Having seen all of you, i hate the pics with your eyes/face covered, But i know why you do it, so i respect that. I love your 'here's what i'm wearing today' pics ;)

I may not be as well read in this blog as some people so tell me, what do you do for a living?


P.S. You're one of my fave hotblogs on my blogroll!

Anonymous said...


May I just say I am utterly entranced by your choices in casual footwear? I mean, your outfits are always fantastic but this is the first time I actually noticed your shoes! Could you give us, maybe, the model names for those awesome trainers? (The Adidas ones, at least. There's no Lonsdale in my corner of the world.)

I'd greatly appreciate it, and when people stop me in the street to inquire about them I'll say a slightly mentally dysfunctional Greek friend recommended them ;).

Love the outfits (every one you've ever posted). Keep up the good work!

Take care.


London Preppy said...

eddie: I like the alien, but that's more or less it

alex: Yeah so I put the wrong date down

graham: Oh well. Third is good too, can't complain much! Sorry you didn't win the money though

jay: Thanks. I'd rather not say exactly what my job is though

anon: The Adidas trainers are ones from the Y3 line

DRD said...

LP. I discovred your blog on Monday night and I actually took three days off school mainly so I could go read every single story in your archives. I have so much fun reading your crazy ass stories. Because of you, I decided to try blogging again. If you do ever get chance give me a shout over there!!


Nix said...

Hmmm... I had a very unsafe feeling travelling through TCR last Bank Holiday Friday. Same presence this week? Or are we thinking of two very different things?

London Preppy said...

nix: No, you're absolutely right. Talking about the same thing. Why do they have to do that!?

george said...

i can't believe you wore that outfit

Jay said...

No prob, and once finals are over, i'll probably have to do what drd did, go through every post of yours from way back. Did you have a blog before you started this? I went to the earliest post and it seems that it was continuing from somewhere.


London Preppy said...

george: Yes George, I did. Yes

jay: I was blogging on myspace for a couple of months prior to this. But that's gone now

Anonymous said...

i like the idea of peeling off the i and ny to leave the heart.... very cute, might try that myself but def without the superman rip

London Preppy said...

anon: Cool I'm glad I've given you this idea - I steal outfit ideas from other people, I pass mine one to others, this is how it works. I like that

Alex said...

Very anticlimactic.

NGM said...

heart shirt looks good mate.