Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Wednesday 09/04/08

Older readers may remember when I wrote about getting a cat last year.  Newer readers can read about it here.  Anyway, I guess I got my wish last weekend:

On Saturday Scott brings around to mine a cat, a cat that I’m supposed to look after while he goes to visit a friend up North.  This is not Scott’s cat, it’s in fact the cat of some Matinee dancer who’s a friend of Scott’s and Scott is looking it after for him.  So basically the cat is in its third house over the course of one week, which has done wonders for its mental state and stability.

Being the caring, completely non self-involved person that I am, I like to think of myself as an ideal cat-sitter.  It’s a shame that nobody else, including the cat, does.

Here’s what we know about the cat:

This is a cat that goes under the name Momo

- It’s a cat that comes in the colours of black and white

The cat is female, but I refer to it as a “he”.  I have no good reason for this

Here’s an overview of the interaction between the cat and me, and the sequence of events since we became housemates: 

On Saturday Scott brings Momo over in a cage (I think people refer to them as cat carriers though).  Once Momo is released into my living room, he makes a mad dash for a corner behind a giant chest of drawers and hides there underneath a radiator.  Luckily for Momo the radiator does not work.  This is a very remote corner and Momo is not visible to the naked eye, unless you move the chest of drawers, lie down on the floor, squeeze your head between the wall and radiator and squint very carefully.

That’s fine by me of course.  Momo likes to sit there in the dark covered in cobwebs scratching the carpet, I like to sit there in bright lights covered in a soft blanket watching sitcom repeats, neither of us wants to talk to each other, both of us are happy.

But this is what happens in the daytime.  On Saturday evening around 2000, Momo slowly emerges.  I guess this cat is what one might call “nocturnal” (if you don’t want to throw words around such as “schizophrenic”), because over the following 12 hours (early evening plus the duration of the night), the following events take place:

Momo comes and rubs himself against any exposed part of my body (which results in me putting on socks, trousers and a light jacket)

Momo jumps on every available surface spreading cat litter around

Momo sits and stares and meows relentlessly at me

Momo rolls on the floor in a playful manner

When I go to bed and close my bedroom door behind me, Momo sits outside, meows and scratches the door

When I get up to go to the toilet, Momo (who I had forgotten about as it’s 0430 in the morning and I’m half asleep) races into my room and tries to sniff everything before I chase him out

Momo generally has a crazy old time

When I get up in the morning, around 0900, Momo has resigned to his state of self-imposed isolation and is not to be seen again until later that evening.

On Monday night, my timing is unfortunate as I come home from work/gym just as Momo is about to paint the town red again.  Not wanting to offend him again (he is a guest after all), I try to humour him by:

Stroking him a couple of times (and washing my hands with two parts water, one part Dettol after each time)

Throwing his toy mouse at him once (which he gets very excited about)

- Filming him doing backstands and scratching the table whilst trying to attack my hand

Occasionally meowing back at him

Playing Break The Ice by Britney Spears for him

And here's a video of us playing, I don't know why it's sideways and I don't care.

Then I stick him back in the living room and go to bed.


rickisimus2 said...

You have the occasion of posting the film with your guest-cat.

Northern Monkey said...

I feel you are dare I say it bonded with this animal. If he/she ever escapes you may have a visitor! I recommwns an electric fence!

London Preppy said...

ricki: I have done now

northern: Well I can't say I haven't grown almost tolerant of the little fella, but I can't wait for him to go now

Toby said...

That is my favorite Britney Spears song from her new CD.

Graham said...

It's a lot of responsibility caring for and entertaining a creature as selfish as a cat.

Momo really looks, dare I say it, evil, just at the end of the video. I wouldn't trust him/her.

chabang said...

....so why does everyone (when confronted with a cat) go "psssssst" at it- a noise i have NEVER heard a cat make other than when being run over?

Will said...

Hey LP,

Cute pussy you've got!

I think you secretly love / like it really!


London Preppy said...

toby: Not that I've heard all of them, but mine too

graham: This one's not that selfish actually. More needy. Which is worse

chabang: I don't know. I thought English people made a different sound anyway - something like puss-puss? I go psst psst, which is the Greek way. Neither seems to work mind you

will: He's alright really. I just don't want to clean after him

Dick Pics said...

aww. he's so cute. i want one. how long until you lock him out of the house?

S said...

You have a sexy little laugh. I had to reply the video to listen to it again.

London Preppy said...

dick: Soon now. Scott is back but he's reluctant to take him to his house again

s: Well...thanks

Dick Pics said...

why, he doesn't like him?

London Preppy said...

dick: I'll go with no

jhkirkendall said...

Lucky cat!

Daver said...

I was brought up saying "here kitty-kitty" but I also say chicky instead of chicken sometimes so maybe that's just another odd thing I say.

Trybaby said...

Eeekkk, what an evil looking cat. I don't really like cats, all they do is scratch you and your stuff. And then leave all their dirty hair everywhere. If I had to get a pet I would want a ferret.

It was interesting to hear your voice at the higher end of the scale though and also to see you interact with 'it'. It made you seem really human...... I don't know how I feel about that.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: Yeah I must like that little cat on some level because, hearing back this clip, I realise I'm using a very soft gentle voice towards it. Plus it makes me laugh (twice in 25 seconds)

Bobby Van Quish said...

Remember that cats will always protect you from the Evil Eye. And that's good.

Trybaby said...

It made me laugh too when I first watched it. I think people act like that towards animals and not people because with people you can't really just go "pssst pssst, come here" and then fondle them. Well you can't but those people are sluts.

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

I am with trybaby ... you actually seemed , dare I say, normal ... err human. I really like that you laughed. May be consider trying it more often.

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

I am with trybaby ... you actually seemed , dare I say, normal ... err human. I really like that you laughed. May be consider trying it more often.

LA_mkup said...

I completely agree with trybaby's 2nd paragraph, but I add that it made me a little uncomfortable.

Andy said...

well, but what an awful name for a cat. it sounds either like (a) a handicapped person who can't quite say "meow"; (b) a sugary japanese dessert; (c) something you should wear, not pet. although, i guess the last one is an option, depending on how annoying it gets.

when i used to live in brooklyn, my housemate had a cat. small, black, very cute. used to scamper back and forth between rooms all night, which at the time was actually kind of pleasant - nice to have some movement to greet me, especially if i got home late. i figured, yeah, i'll pet you. i'll dangle this feather in your face for fifteen minutes. i'll sit you in my lap while i'm working.

the cat and i were getting along swell until, at some point, she got so used to my affection that she would actually claw at my ankles every time i tried to leave the house.

i stopped liking her so much after that.

Natalie said...

I'm guessing that clip represents the entirity of your playing right? I feel justified in advising you against the cat idea last year. Makes for an amusing blog though.

Forehand Pass said...

From the laugh I can tell you're deep down a happy person, despite the manufactured oh-life-is-empty-all-is-nihilism posture.

From the post I dare say you like declarative lists. (As in: Here's what we know about London Preppy...)

You said 8pm instead of the customary military 2000... Momontary lapse or the thawing of London Preppy?

Let Momo stay!

Sexy laugh btw.

Jon C said...

Did you purposely write "around 8pm"? I feel like that is the first time you haven't used military time in a post.

I could be mistaken though.

Moscow said...

I knew you had a heart :)does it not feel nicer to care a little for something or someonene than feel that the world is conspiring against you ? which it is clearly not . It is so easy to fall into a downward spiral of depression but, the little kitty obviosly touched something in you ! Go there London Preppy !!

Neb said...

You are one of a few rare bloggers that interact with their readers.
I have to give you a credit for that and praying that you will stay for the long haul.

"Toast" to the Pussy!


Riky said...

Yea I say Here Kitty Kitty too.

London Preppy said...

andy: I'm going to guess the name was given to him by a small child actually

forehand and jon: That was a slip. Thanks for pointing it out

seescapist said...

Something to make you reconsider having a cat:



Painfully true.

Ben said...

Cats are so weird, but so soothing too (even for someone who doesn't really do pussy! lol)

My friend has a cat with a mistaken identity - it is a she-cat, but is kept as a he-cat (again for no reason) and for has an unhealthy obsession with sitting/standing/nuzzling up to me... And will only eat when someone stands over him.

A very odd creature!

Only just found this blog, via a Fa n thing on Facey - am liking it. Lots :)

Grace said...

Awww thats so cute! And your voice - very hot !

kim said...

the cats gotta go LP.

ditch it.

george said...

your slipping in your blog???? remember what happened to mr. bateman when he started slipping......lose those emotions and get cracking. remember everyone is watching and waiting for you to slip......george

Maluminas said...

I have two cats and I luvs them, even though they put hair everywhere. Whenever I feel down, I pet them. It makes me happy and it makes them happy. Its the perfect platonic relationship.

Gert said...

Sweet. Who would have thought?

[ timo ] said...

next up: a night with a staffordshire bull terrier? (they don't really bark - if that's a consolation). and if it ends up beneath your sheets - a video please!

Christopher said...

That cat needs to be declawed! LOL!

AlwaysReadySF said...

I don't know LP.....are you showing a tender heart now? Animal-loving, laughing....what should we expect next? P.D.A.? Cuddling? SMILING AT STRANGER??!!!

Jim said...

Could we be referred to as "long time readers" and not "older readers" please?

Guy Ruben said...

Lucky for your skin, clothes, and furnitre, the cat seems to have been declawed. I hate my boyfriends roomates cat!

London Preppy said...

jim: Of course, apologies!