Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Wednesday 02/04/08

So on Monday at work it feels like a Wednesday, which means that the week will seem short and go quickly, and while Tuesday actually feels like a Tuesday, Wednesday feels like a Tuesday too, perhaps even a Monday, so I don’t think we’ve gained anything really.  I am trying to be surprised by that, but I’m not – I’ve learnt my lesson well by now.

I am hoping for a Thursday that feels like a Friday, perhaps even a Saturday, even though I know better, because I like to punish myself like that: hope for the best and build up my expectations, only for them to be inevitably shattered, sometimes in a spectacular fashion, sometimes slowly and painfully reducing themselves to nothing.

On the positive side (if we wanted to assume that there is one), Mean has started working near me, so we can meet at lunchtime and walk around aimlessly together.  Meeting a close friend every day can put a serious strain on your relationship (how much conversation can be had between two people, really?) but so far we’ve managed OK – after two days.

So on Tuesday we meet and we walk around and then we go to Boots where I buy my chicken wrap (half of which I have at 1500 and half of which straight after my workout) and Mean asks me why I have to buy this particular chicken wrap at Boots, and I tells him that for some reason Boots sells the chicken wrap with the best combination of protein / carbs / fat.

And Mean has the audacity to challenge this – like I haven’t spent innumerable hours comparing nutritional values on the back of every sandwich sold in central London – so we proceed to play what he refers to Anorexic Top Trumps, comparing my wrap with the one he’s having.

So I call the category Protein where I have 26g/pack and Mean has 23g/pack, so I win.

Then Mean calls the category Sodium where I have 0.7g/pack and Mean has 1.3g/pack, so I win.

Then I call the category Carbohydrates where I have 39g/pack and Mean has 54g/pack, so I win.

Then Mean calls the category Fat where I have 1.8g/pack and Mean has 8g/pack, so I win. 

Then we wander around a bit more and go in GNC, Urban Outfitters, back to work.


W said...

OK i give in - you really are pretty funny. Not once in this post but twice. A'norexic top trumps' and the bit at the beginning. I think you could make a living out of writing for sure. Tres entertaining

Moscow said...

Does sound like Mean...........................

How is Scott today?

Btw we love your blog at the law firm

Dick Pics said...

so i think i had a bit of a break through while reading this post and figured something out about you. while reading the "i like to punish myself" line i realized you're a masochist. and i realized your sex life with that hot slab of beef you call scott is probably colorful. and it all makes since. you do after all have that harness and the nipple clamps. and i think you have a sling too. and i can't even begin to imagine what other things you and the beef get up to. but i want to know. i want to know all of it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know Boots does sandwiches who knew! - I only buy sex stuff from them :)

I wish I had a n Urbam Outfitters near my office too... It'd be nice to lose yourself in uneventful but somehow nice clothing and novelty home items for a bit of the day.
They have some great cd's as well btw.


London Preppy said...

w: Wow, even the most skeptical readers are turning round. Very good

moscow: Scott's not great still.

Really?! What is the appeal of this blog for a group of high flying straight lawyers?

dick: You've got completely the wrong picture here, but I'm not here to stop anyone thinking what they likes :-)

anon: Nai paidi mou to Boots tora exei ginei yperagora!

Moscow said...

The high flying lawyers work too hard...........and we need some entertainment

Btw: city firms do operate an equal opportunities policy :) not all high flying lawyers are straight

I do hope Scott is on the road to recovery

London Preppy said...

moscow: Ah, of course. Fair enough

Dick Pics said...

i do like. i like a lot. and no matter what you say, in my head you will always be into hardcore s&m. i don't know why, because if we were to ever become a couple you would have to give it up because i don't want to do any of that, but that's just how i like to think of you. but yeah, its good you aren't really into any of that cause it could cause some problems in our relationship. what could also cause problems is the fact that i have an overactive imagination and you might choose to get a restraining order. but don't worry. nothing you do can keep me away. :p

Anonymous said...

I suggest that Scott just needs a kotosoupa, tripsimo me vix and fresh orange juice with aspirin on it.

(who doesn't have a Blog account)

London Preppy said...

vasilios: Ha ha, i syntagi tis mamas vlepo!

Anonymous said...

but mean's tastes better, right?

Trybaby said...

Wow that does sound like a good wrap, but what does it taste like?

That sounds distressing having to meet him everyday like that, especially if you don't have a tonne in common (I wouldn't know in your case). But I guess your his friend because you like how mean(bitchy) he is in the first place. Just hope you don't overdoes on that and go from thinking he's a funny guy to just a jerk.

London Preppy said...

anon: No, seriously, go try Boots sweet chili chicken wrap. It tastes great

trybaby: Well, he's my friend, I'm sure we have things in common. The nickname comes from his actual name. I don't like bitchy people!

Trybaby said...

Oh I see. But it does seem like you try to make him out to be "mean".

Now I'm trying to think of what name could contain 'mean' in it or something that could be perverted into sounding like 'mean'.


Moscow said...

Trybaby your comment and analysis is bang on !!
You made my day !

LP you are terribly diplomatic , you are now the pin up for my two gay trainees , great bod !

Anonymous said...

LOL. I love how you win it all.

G said...

You must work in a great office to be able to mouch around central London in your lunch hour.

G said...

"I don't like bitchy people!"

Urm...not to be too rude...but judging by your comments about Lee's skin (from the Apprentice), was your above comment a joke I didn't get?

Craig said...

No bondage/s&m? Tres disappointing. But then you always remind us that we're not to take anything you say seriously.

London Preppy said...

g: Yes it's a good office. As for the bitchy people thing, I mean that I'm not attracted to people who have a bitchy, queeny attitude for the sake of it (because they entertain me or something) As for Lee's skin, well it is bad, but I said I still like him. I can't pretend I don't see it!