Saturday, 19 April 2008

Sunday 20/04/08

On Friday at 1730 I go to the gym and this is not my usual gym, but a different one in (very) central London.  On Friday I’m planning to do legs. 

So I go in and get changed and as I’m about to start, I see this personal trainer guy who I know through Scott and Donnell and this personal trainer guy (who I’ll refer to as PTG from now on) tells me that he’s going to train me today, because he has some time to kill. 

So I says OK.  And over the next hour I get the best workout that I’ve ever had.  We do legs as I had planned, which includes squats / lunges / some twisty lunges / leg curls / leg extensions / calf raises, but we do them in a way I’ve never done them before. 

And during the workout PTG also tells me that a) I should work out my back more, because I seem to be concentrating on my chest too much and my posture is quite bad.  Also, b) when I complain during the workout because it’s too hard, he tells me that I should always work hard, because my body has good potential and I could look so much better than I do now.  

Obviously I like both these things because they come from somebody who knows what he’s talking about and I like the criticism because it recognizes that no, my body of course isn’t amazing (like some people wrongly tell me, but thankfully I have more sense than to believe them) and there is lots of room for improvement. 

Also during the workout: 

-       I find it difficult to walk to the water fountain during breaks, because my legs are hurting and they have never been worked out so well before 

-       PTG tells me that he reads my blog 

-       PTG tells me some first hand experiences with Marky Mark 

-       PTG asks me if I lay out my outfits for each day the night before (because I write so much about them in the blog) and I say that no, they’re all in my head, and it’s not such a big deal anyway, I’m sure everyone plans their outfits, they just don’t share this in a psychopathic way with thousands of people online like I do 

-       PTG gives me information on some other guy in the gym, who I kinda think is sexy but not really (I would let him suck my cock – that kind of sexy), but it turns out that he’s straight 

So there you have it.  The best workout ever, real-life Marky Mark stories, honesty and motivation.  What else do you need from a personal trainer. 

If anyone actually needs a personal trainer I couldn’t recommend PTG any higher, so do let me know and I’ll give you his contact details. 

And this comes after my previous experience with personal training earlier this year (read Jack aka Aussie PT stories here and here - the second one probably being my personal favourite post ever), which had put me off personal training as a concept and I thought it was a waste of money.  But of course I was fucking wrong. 

Staying with body related stories, I mentioned buying the DVD for Real World – Las Vegas earlier in the week, and I should admit that the main reason I bought it is because of Frank Roessler.  Frank is one of the participants and in my own little world I hold him up on a pedestal as having the most perfect body ever. 

These are some pictures of Frank.

At some point in the show Frank says that he used to be a really thin and scrawny when he was younger and then he hit the gym.  You can definitely see this in the pictures above, because this is not a body you can achieve after having ever been overweight / carrying the fat gene. 

If you start from being naturally very thin, all you have to do is do your weights and build up the muscles on top of your slim frame.  On the other hand, if you’re normal and/or fat, you have the extra step of stripping off the fat first before you start thinking about putting muscle on. 

But even then, I don’t think you can achieve proportions like these (see Frank above).  He has very big arms and a very muscled and defined chest (droopy – as Scott might say) but the boy literally still has no waist and no body fat. 

This is not what Marky Mark looks like at all, even though he has a very appealing body shape as well.  Look at the Marky Mark pictures below.  This boy has big arms and chest and all that, but his waist is a lot bulkier than Franks.  His whole frame is rounder.

Saying that, these are not the only two attractive body shapes for me.  I definitely find equally sexy people who are naturally big and strong, even if that means they have some excess fat around the waist / overall really.  One example of this type of person is Ben Cohen – of course I’m not saying you could say he's fat by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m sure his body fat is more than Frank’s or Marky Mark’s.

Now finally, thinking about where I fit in in all this, I would guess somewhere in between Frank and Marky Mark, because I have that naturally scrawny thing going on, but I’m not tall like Frank and I’m not as round as Marky Mark. 

Can people please comment which of the three body types above they prefer the most?  I need to know.

And finally, finally, I’m sort of realizing that I do want to make more effort in the gym and be better, but I need the help of a personal trainer. And because I can’t afford one, if there are any personal trainers reading this who would like to train me occasionally – once a week? once a fortnight? – for charity perhaps (because I AM a charitable case) please let me know.  

I'm going to Sydney soon and as Mean pointed out if I didn't have a good body I wouldn't have any friends, and I need to make some friends over there.


montreal guy said...

Did you get to listen to the James Yorkston song?

Ben said...

Of the three body types you have identified, I think all three of them look good, but in different ways.

Frank has good shape but is too lean. MM is in good shape, but could probs lose a few pounds and be more defined. Ben looks good (I have a thing for rugby bods! Grrr...) but I wouldn't want to look like that - bit too bulky.

The ideal, IMO, LP, is to be between Frank and MM (not literally, tho that might be a good thing too! :-O) - have you seen James Toseland? He's in good shape, I think (tho maybe not that different to Frank)

I don't get why PTG just decided to train you. Can he not train you some more, for free.

Also, the fit guys are always either a) straight, or b) taken. That is life.

Dick Pics said...

oh crap. do i really have to choose between these three? crap. hmm. can't i just have frank for breakfast, mark for lunch, and then ben for dinner? of course for desert i would have all three. oh and have you ever seen dunbar? loved him. he was from real world-wait for it-sydney.

Steven said...

Frank is fug.

London Preppy said...

montreal: I couldn't actually find that particular one on youtube?

ben: I just googled him, oh my God he's very nice. Everyone should look up this boy.

PGT is a friend of friends, and he's nice, that sort of thing I guess. Plus he had some time to kill

dick: Just checked out Dunbar too, I don't really like him. Bit too big in the wrong way?

steven: Fug?

Maluminas said...

I like any body type between Frank and MM, Maybe even a little bit more muscle than MM is fine too, but not too much. Im the very scrawny type and do not intend to stay like this much longer, i can barely stand my own reflection... Ill probably end up closer to Frank than MM, which is like id prefer to look like. That is making the assumption that ill end up anywhere in the first place, because you have to start to end up somewhere... lol i have no idea where to start. Ill buy some books...

London Preppy said...

maluminas: Well I do think that the scrawny frame is the ideal starting point. So you've got an advantage. As for books, they'll teach you anything, much more than people or experience will. Well I don't know how accurate this is, but I want to believe it

Timbo said...

Frank's body is the most beautiful by far. I also used to think he was quite fugly (from the neck up) but he was on the most recent RR/RW Challenge and he looked better than ever. His main problem is his bristly hair, but once he was in the pool and it was wet down...oh my! He looked awesome.

I've never really been attracted to Mark Wahlberg -- face or body.

I find Ben attractive too. To me that more natural look, while not the prettiest, is probably the sexiest.

Ja said...

i love that feeling of wobbly knees and ankles after I do legs. I know I look like a fool walking around, but it means i accomplished something good.

I lean more the range of a +/- marky mark to a slight ben as my ideal.

London Preppy said...

timbo: I actually have to agree with all points.

Frank did have problems with his hair, and also he just looked a bit young and like he'd grow into his face. I haven't seen the recent pictures/show.

I'm not really attracted to Mark Wahlberg's face or body either to be honest. I do recognise the body is very appealing to most people though (not so much the face still).

And yes, I'd agree the natural Ben look is the sexiest.

So all in all, very good!

Ben said...

James Toseland pictures can be found here:

London Preppy said...

ja: That's the thing, when I train on my own, I never ever get to the point where anything aches. Or where I sweat actually

bi-polar said...

Sweetie I think you will make friends in sydney without needing to work out further! You have a beautiful body !

AlwaysReadySF said...

It's not about which body type is the best though, is it, but which body type you like the most...

Marky Mark was DEFINITELY on steroids when he looked the way he looks in that pic.

You can make yourself bigger to a point but beyond where mother nature (why isn't it father nature, I wonder) gets you only HGH or something similar will work.

So, in my mind, you have three choices:

1. Eat 12 steaks, 27 egg whites and a TON of protein shakes each and every day for the next 4 months, get fat (Gasp!)and only then spend another couple of long months shedding the extra fat and morphing the extra meat into lean muscle
2. Juice up (yikes, 'nuff said)
3. Stay the way you are

I think it really depends on how much time you want to invest in this project and what you are willing to give up in the short term (i.e. lean looks/good abs) for a longer term effect, which you might or might not like.

Besides, you are never going to please or be liked by everybody, are why bother? :-)

London Preppy said...

alwaysready: Nah, don't worry, I wasn't suggesting I want to look like any of those people or that I'm going to try to. It was just a question out of curiosity. What people like

AlwaysReadySF said...

Oh I wasn't worried ;-)

Marcus said...

By far I prefer the Ben Cohen Body. I just love the feel of spooning in bed with someone who has just a little bit of padding over rock hard worked out muscles, and the feel of the body of someone you like is so much more important than how it looks in a photo or something.

kim said...

Frank's type would be my choice ... but not that head.

also, my imagination has decided that you look like James McAvoy, but with a better nose.

Andy said...

all three have hot bodies - but, i'd select ben cohen. part of this is probably because he's got hair on his chest - always a fan - but also because his body looks more like one you might acquire from being outside, playing sports, staying generally active. there's something very sexy about that projected lifestyle: being fit because you like to play rugby in the sun, and looking great as only as side benefit. even if it's a total crock of shit, and that type of body is carefully crafted in a gym somewhere.

also, he looks a bit soft, which is a total compliment. with guys who are too perfectly chiseled, i feel a bit like i'm touching things in a museum that i shouldn't. i guess i judge a body on how good/bad it's going to feel to the touch.

Jon C said...

Ben looks good to me.

george said...

frank and ben both have a great body....MM is too big and i think you are heading will find plenty of friends when you get to sydney....your body is

Neb said...

of the three body types, i think Frank's bod is the closest to yours.

Marky M is rough, chunky and fugly-fug and Ben Cohen is too hairy for me.

But i have to tell you, you have the same body type as Rafael Verga. Maybe not - you have bigger breasts :-P

Neb said...

One more thing.

Is it official that you are moving to Aussie?

London Preppy said...

marcus: I like the last sentence (about how something feels vs how it looks in a picture), agreed

kim: Are you in Sydney in Australia? I guess you might see me around soon enough. That boy does have one fucked up nose

andy: Yeah, it's that outdoors, active illusion we're all looking for. Sadly I am the opposite of that

jon: Yeah me too from where I'm sitting

george: I'd never think of myself of being too big. But maybe that's part of the problem

ned: Ah, yeah, you're right. I just looked this boy up, I'm closer to him than any of the other three guys.

And yes

Rogue said...

Hate that I love hating this blog.
God knows why I still read it but never mind.

Sydney should be good. My friends moved there last year.

It sounds, from Mean's comments, that you and Sydney should be well-suited.

London Preppy said...

rogue: The problem with people who don't like the blog is that they don't quite understand it. For example, when I put that Mean statement in, of course I'm joking. And of course Mean is joking when he says it.

I have four different people that I can call my best friend ever (I'm not saying names) and none of them could give a fuck what my body looks like.

But of course you knew this and you get all of this and you were being cheeky and facetious like I am on the blog. That's why you keep reading

Graham said...

Definitely MM has the best underlying bone and muscle structure (body wise) and he looks well, but he's too short and the muscle doesn't sit well on him. Frank has no waist because he has wide hips which you can see in the first pic. He does have very low body fat but I think his body is out of proportion. His arms are too big for his legs...he looks unbalanced and I cannot condone that in the slightest. Ben is hot and the sexiest of the three. Having said that, my bodytype is very similar to Ben, a little less padding maybe, but I would rather have much less bodyfat.

Can I borrow your rusty blade? I think you have no need for it now.

London Preppy said...

graham: We do demand more information on Frank's hip situation, that much is true.

Scott's taken the dagger back I'm afraid...

chabang said...

scott's taken back the dagger - is he still looking after the kitten :-o

London Preppy said...

chabang: Uh oh

Anonymous said...

I also like Frank's body. I think you have a great body. Don't you think we are harder on ourselves than others??

L.A. Fireman said...

I used to watch Real World Las Vegas when it was on just to watch Frank's body. Sure he was a bit of a dork, but his body was killer. I saw him recently in a Real World Vegas reunion show, and he still looked fine. I guess if he had the personality like Steven on the show, he would have had a lot more girls coming his way. MM is okay too, but Ben is way too hairy for my taste.

Oldyeller said...

Frank's the best but you have better genetics than him cause you aint got no hips at all, which is my ideal for muscily guys. (The swimmer body complemented by pumping iron.) My favorite body to look at is someone who is really ripped (chiseled abs) but also really well developed with rounded muscles--almost impossible to achieve. You're heading there though.

Anonymous said...

Ben Cohen is god! His body shape is amazing!