Saturday, 19 April 2008

Saturday 19/04/08

On Thursday I finish work and I skip the gym and I catch the tube and I go to Hammersmith.  At Hammersmith station I go to Tesco and I buy smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes, which I eat sitting on a bench just outside, next to a Muslim woman in headscarf and black robes covering her whole face/body to stop men from lusting over her, which I find very presumptuous on her part anyway. 

Then I walk to Hammersmith Apollo, join the queue, get to the door, show my ticket, have my bag searched, get told that I’m not allowed to take my water bottle in with me, put the water bottle in a big plastic bag, pick up my water bottle from the big plastic bag when the security guy turns his head, go in, sit and wait for a bit, watch Bjork play a concert.

Last time I saw Bjork play a concert was in 1995.  This was also my first concert ever. 

This time, 13 years later, we still fucking like Bjork.  I’m not good at describing positive experiences, so I won’t even try, but during the gig I: 

-       Do not get bored much 

-       Try to make myself cry during Army Of Me; cry for the person I was when I first heard it 13 years ago and cry for the person I am now 

-       Fail to cry 

-       Shout the words to Hyperballad back to Bjork when Bjork wants me to 

-       Consider that I love Bjork.  Realise that I can’t actually love (or hate) a person I don’t know, think of the people that hate (or love) me from reading my blog, settle that I love what Bjork produces for consumption from a wider audience and assign this feeling to her actual person, conclude that people love or hate me for what I produce for a wider audience and assign these feelings to my actual person 

-       Think of the supermarket I did my food shopping in when I was in Reykjavik and try to picture Bjork in there (chances are she must have been there at some point) 

-       Wonder if Bjork is nervous at all standing there in front of all those people 

-       Make sure the people either side of me can see when I’m mouthing the lyrics 

-       Make sure the people either side of me cannot see when I’m not mouthing the lyrics (when I don’t know them) 

-       Receive a text from Scott asking if Bjork is screamy / reply yes 

-       Hate the fact that some people start leaving before the end when they realize it’s the last song “to avoid the crowds” 

Then Bjork finishes singing Declare Independence and I leave the Hammersmith Apollo with a few thousand other people, we walk to the tube, we get on the train, I take my iPod out, put Pagan Poetry by Bjork on, leave it out long enough for people around me to notice I haven’t had enough, listen to Pagan Poetry a few times, get home.

Finally, Scott once saw Bjork walking around in Camden and he went up to her and said, you are Bjork aren't you, to which Bjork said, no I'm not, to which Scott said, yes you are, you are Bjork.  I would never, ever walk up and talk to a celebrity.


Dick Pics said...

did you go by yourself?

Jeff said...

I saw her once at cafe in the west village in New York City. I wanted to say hi to her but decided that would have been impolite and rude. Instead I just watched her drink coffee and then followed her a bit down the street until i lost her in a crowd. I think stalking is much less intrusive way to let somebody know you care.

Alegoo92 said...

I'd hate to point out hypocrisy (though I love it), but you said you were recently reflecting on how you can't hate/love someone you don't know; but then hate people you don't know when they leave early.

Still- cool that you got to see Bjork.. I'm no fan but my friend was overcome with jealousy of brits when he heard!

Rico said...

Despite her random tendencies to go completely batshit on reporters every 5 or 6 years, I think Bjork is one of the most talented musicians of our time. I'm envious you were able to see her live! She very rarely performs in my corner of the U.S.

Trybaby said...

Yay Bjork!! I must attend one of her concerts one day. It must have been magical. Were there any surprises about actually seeing her in person? Did she do her kinda silly dancing :) The tube must have been packed, ikcy.

London Preppy said...

dick: Yes I did

jeff: Agreed. I actually added a bit in the end of the post about Scott seeing her out in public, I would definitely take your approach though

alegoo: That a very fair point, I've amended my phrasing now. I don't mind hypocritical at all normally, but I'm determined to avoid using the words love/hate for people from now on

rico: I agree, it's such a cliche but she is truly one of a kind. That doesn't make her amazing alone, but she also has the music apart from the kookiness

trybaby: She did pretend to be an animal at some point and claw at the audience. That was a bit odd

Nino said...

why am I so addicted to this site?? It's like the cocaine of my internet world!!

London Preppy said...

nino: Cool, and I wouldn't worry, nobody died from having an addiction. Oh.

Dick Pics said...

why'd you go alone? only one ticket or no one else wanted to go?

London Preppy said...

dick: If I had asked around I might have found somebody to go with, but when I found out they were selling tickets I went online instantly and got one for fear it would sell out.

But I like going to gigs on my own anyway, it's not like I'll sit there and chat

george said...


Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

Around the time you went to your first concert I was living in London, next door to her, in London's Little Venice.

I remember feeling self-conscious about playing her first album with the windows open in case that made me seem stalker-like somehow - although blythely would play opera full-blast...

We didn't 'chat over the fence' - there was a fence involved - but she seemed besotted with her little boy.

Ben said...

OK, so you were listening to Bjork live, and then Bjork on your Pod: does this mean you know *all* the words the MM song, off by heart?

If you do: then good. If not, then you have not only let yourself down, but all of us too! :-P

I agree: people who leaves gigs/games/whatevers early to avoid the crowds are losers. The only exception to this, is to leave a party/club early to get the last tube, when you know you'll regret the extra stay to make the horror of the night bus worth it.

London Preppy said...

red: That is so cool. I wonder where she lives now, I'm pretty sure it's not London

ben: I've been listening to MM almost non-stop and I'm pretty close to knowing what comes next, but I'm not confident with mouthing to it. It might take another couple of weeks!

skountouflis said...

h Bjork einai apo tis liges tragoudistries-tragoudopoious, oi opoies kanoun auto pou pragmatika theloun xwris na lamvanoun upopsin ta mousika reumata...einai mia oash mesa sth mousikh...kathe album, kathe tragoudi kai mia kainouria protash...einai ainigmatika uperoxh...Mia fora hrthe sthn Athhna, alla hmoun polu mikros, molis 13 etwn kai den mporousa na paw...Elpizw na erthei suntoma gia na mporesw epitelous na th dw live...Pros to paron eimai ikanopoihmenos pou eida mia allh agaphmenh mou perisu to kalokairi, thn Tori pernas kala! :)

aurix said...

i'm seeing her on sunday! very excited.

Guy Ruben said...

You brought back memories of when i saw her last year! Hyperballad, Dull Flame of Desire, Pluto and Declare many highlights!

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