Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wednesday 05/03/08

And on Wednesday in the office, whilst chewing and spitting out a piece of cake that was given out in the office for some girl’s birthday, I decide that I should start a facebook profile for London Preppy.  And the purpose of this profile is that people who read this blog can go and add London Preppy as a friend.  And they can talk to him and each other and they can see who else reads this blog and poke them and play with them etc.   

And the thinking behind this is that in theory I’d like to add every reader as a friend on facebook, but at the same time I want to maintain the anonymity of the blog (shut up, I know) and also keep the homicidal maniacs at a safe distance.  I’m not exactly convinced that many homicidal maniacs are reading this of course, but I’m human after all and I do have my suspicions. 

London Preppy’s facebook profile has the usual features: pictures with blocked out faces, self-loathing and adulation in equal measures, pretension and snobbery about things that I, in fact, know nothing about, all that shit.  So go on then, log on to facebook, search for London Preppy and add him as a friend.  The profile is on now. 

And now, here’s day 5 of answering your questions. 

Category: Cemetry Gates 

99) Why do you write the blog / What do you get out of blogging? 

I write the blog because I’ve convinced myself that I’m quite good at it and – just like the England football team – I will continue to repeat this to myself endlessly despite all indisputable evidence against it.  Also, I’m deluding myself that if I continue writing, one day, somebody, somewhere will discover me and throw a large wad of cash at me to publish my ramblings.  Basically, I live to see that 9th edition of the London Preppy hardback carefully lined up on the coffee table in my Reykjavik house, whilst I’m accidentally drowning myself in the living room Jacuzzi, a tragic writer with an early demise, a riddle with unfulfilled potential, pornographic and tragic in black and white, my bony white body floating in the water, Carnival by The Cardigans playing in the background…I will never know cause you will never show…. 

100) What don't you like about your writing? 

I don’t like how sometimes I have ideas in my head and I can’t find the words to put them down to paper because I’m not smart (or eloquent) enough. 

101) What's your favourite post? 

I’ll make a list of my favourite posts on the year anniversary of this blog, which is coming up at the end of the month.  I am quite impartial though to the posts when I go off on one and start rambling, usually making up stories about people and their background, when I don’t really know anything about them. 

102) How much of what you write is REALLY your life? Allowing for the odd bit of artistic license, are we talking 50% real-life stuff / How much of what you say is objectively true? 

I have only written one post where things were 100% made up.  Every word I say is true. 

103) How do you feel about your blog? Why did you start it? Are you ever going to stop?  

I love my blog very much, even though it keeps me up at night sometimes.  I can’t remember exactly why I started.  I must have been pretty bored that day, Frasier wasn’t on, the drugs had run out, I don’t know.  I guess at some point I will stop yes, as anyone who maintains a blog knows, it’s bloody hard work.  Especially when you write relentlessly day after day like I do. 

104) If you could make the same money you do at your work via advertising revenue on your blog, would you blog full time? 

Are you kidding, this is my absolute dream. 

105) Do you plan on writing a book or is writing your blog enough for you?  If you do write a book, will it be fiction or nonfiction and what would it be about? 

I do have an idea / storyline for a book.  It’s fiction but based on things I know from my life.  If I do go to Sydney I will try to work on it there; might have more time.  I can’t say what it’s about, but if you’re familiar with this blog, the theme is not too far off. 

106) Your writing seems so totally effortless and I am completely envious.  What is your process?  Do you think out the subject during the day/at work/days in advance or just stream of conscious? 

That’s really very nice, thank you very, very much.  To answer, there are two ways that I write: 20% of the time, I do think about something and make notes about it and prepare it and then when I have enough, I sit down and write it.  80% of the time, I sit in front of a blank screen and start typing.  Then I get into my own story, usually I start laughing (if it’s a funny one), then I finish it and I’m relieved that I can go and watch TV. 

More questions and answers tomorrow.  Finally today, here are my top 25 most played songs in 2008; there’s been two months now, we have enough data. 

25. Carnival – The Cardigans

24. Blind – Hercules & Love Affair

23. The national front disco – Morrissey

22. I’m on fire – Bruce Springsteen

21. Gimme more – Britney Spears

20. Starcrazy - Suede

19. With every heartbeat - Robyn

18. That’s how people grow up - Morrissey

17. Clowns - Goldfrapp

16. Only you - Yazoo

15. I know it’s over – The Smiths

14. Faster – Manic Street Preachers

13. Brianstorm – Arctic Monkeys

12. Best revenge – Fischerspooner

11. Feeling good – Michael Buble

10. No one – Alicia Keys

9. I’ve got a little something for you – MN8

8. Careless whisper – The Gossip

7. Feedback – Janet Jackson

6. The journey continues – Sarah Cracknell

5. Stay together – Suede

4. 4 minutes – Madonna (with French DJ shouting over the top)

3. A&E – Goldfrapp

2. I want your soul – Armand Van Helden

1. Grand Canyon (dirty south mix) – Tracey Thorn


W said...

You sure you dont just want to see what everyone looks like/

London Preppy said...

w: Of course. I want to be faced with the motley crew of my readers

Bolt Upright said...

If you are taking reader suggestions on favourite posts for perhaps a separate list, I nominate the one about should I get a cat (05/06/07). I can't remember laughing harder at one of your stories!

Also, yay for song #24! How cool are Antony's vocals singing over an infectious disco beat?

London Preppy said...

bolt: I can't even remember that one! Well I remember considering getting a cat, but not writing about it. Damn it that's why I want these stories to be printed somewhere, cause it's easier to flick through some pages instead of online.

Yep, loving the Hercules song!

davey z. li said...

i just noticed that in your poll that so far 51% of your readers want your dick. you ought to make yourself a medal/trophy/certificate to commemorate this momentous achievement.

London Preppy said...

davey: Ha ha, I saw that. I've taken the poll down now (got bored of it) but I'm kinda glad that the majority of people at least didn't want my soul

Brian said...

LP - You should take a look at this blog if Tracy Thorn is your #1.

London Preppy said...

brian: Thanks a lot I love Tracey Thorn and I love those remixes. Thanks!

kim said...

facebook/myspace is so yesterday.

get onto (seriously!) it's the way of the future; all the kids are talking about it.

McKenzie said...

Come on and love me now, come on and love me now

London Preppy said...

kim: The opening page of that scares me

mckenzie: The perfect pop song!

McKenzie said...

How might one catch the the Dirty South mix of Miss Thorn? That was the only other song I liked from the album besides the lead single

London Preppy said...

mckenzie: It's on iTunes, there's a Grand Canyon ep

franck said...

I know it's over by The Smiths is one of my all time favourite songs!

Adam said...

Instead of a profile you could have created a fan page for the blog...(I see many advantages - including an RSS feed)

Richard said...

I am quite enjoying reading the Q&As, even though I didn't send one!

London Preppy said...

franck: Mine too. Prob THE favourite

adam: Can I just do that? Can anyone start a fan page?

richard: Thanks, and maybe start thinking for next time eh?

Jon C said...

Is there a reason why you have the red blocks on your "London Preppy" facebook account, but not on your MySpace?

London Preppy said...

jon: The myspace account is a personal one, the facebook London Preppy one is a London Preppy one