Thursday, 20 March 2008

Thursday 20/03/08

So on Thursday I have to go to work again, like the past four years haven’t been enough, and this Thursday is a special one – being the last day of the week because it’s “Easter”.  Now this actually confuses and infuriates me: am I supposed to dress like it’s casual Friday, or am I supposed to dress like a normal Thursday?  I wish somebody would write a book about these things, so we all know what to do. 

And what I decide is something halfway between the two.  I’m not wearing suit trousers and a shirt, but I’m not turning up in jeans either.  What I’m wearing in the end is: soft cotton white shirt with blue stripes from the Gap, pale blue thin Ralph Lauren Polo Golf jumper, pair of Ralph Lauren chinos, dark brown leather belt from the Gap, dark brown leather boots from Gucci, navy Ralph Lauren bag with brown leather handles.  

In the office I take off the jumper and roll the shirt sleeves up and I’m ready for the day. 

Then I meet Mean for lunch and he asks me if I came straight from the Hamptons.

Then I go back in the office and some guy asks me if I’m off to the Hamptons later. 

Then I investigate the good looking guy from the Apprentice a bit more (see yesterday’s post) and I can’t say that this has reached a level of obsession yet, but it’s pretty close.  And what we know about this guy so far is: 

His name is Lee McQueen. 

(= a decent Anglo-Saxon name) 

He is a 30 year old … 

(= a good age, he’s lived his life, he’s had his fun, he’s now ready to settle down with me) 

…Recruitment Sales Manager… 

(= unfortunately he’s a twat) 

…from Princes Risborough. 

(I have no idea what this means, but I’m negatively predisposed) 

Son of a milkman… 

(I’ll pretend I didn’t just read that) 

…Lee realised at an early age the importance of working hard… 

(= we have nothing in common) 

…and getting your foot on the property ladder. Lee bought his first house aged 18 and then went on to buy one for his mother in return for all the support she has given him. 

(Oh fuck off) 

Lee describes himself as a cat – sometimes purring with affection and other times just biting. 

(A master of allegory) 

He has over eight years experience in the recruitment industry gained predominately in IT. To cheer up his colleagues he likes to do a "reverse pterodactyl" which involves him standing on a chair and screeching. 

(I’m starting to change my mind here) 

He says: "There is no airy-fairy stuff with me, I tell it how I see it." 

(= Homophobic) 

I still love him.


MediocreMonster said...

Can you imagine the aristocratic holier-than-thou gay power couple you two would be though? This really fits in with your Dynasty story line.

You guys can spend hours felching each other in your Banana Republic fetish gear.

Dick Pics said...

i love him more. you have scott. let me have this one.

Jeff said...

"reverse pterodactyl" hmm. He could either be a fun freak or just a freak. That sounds a bit like a really bizarre sex position.

Neil said...

Allegory is a crazy big word.

London Preppy said...

mediocre: Which reminds me, I need to go to the new Banana Republic shop on Regent Street

dick: If I come across him, I'll make sure to pass your details

jeff: I don't actually get the reverese bit. How is what he describes reverse? Of anything?

neil: Yeah, I don't know what it means either

Dick Pics said...

i notice you haven't promised to keep your grubby hands off him should you come across him. i wonder if you'll be passing along my details before or after you've shagged him.

Richard said...

Ehh, he's okay. The reverse pterodactyl thing just seems like something that he thinks cheers people up but they actually really hate.

London Preppy said...

dick: You're an observant one dick :-) I've left it hanging, not clarified, just like that

richard: Yeah, he's definitely stopping that when we meet

Dick Pics said...

fine. but if you take my man, i'll take yours. and you've made him fairly easy to find. the minute my flight touches down in london i'll merely ask the first poof i see where the hot beefy one from london preppy is. the game is afoot!

London Preppy said...

dick: Ha! That could be one of a number of people. Good luck

george said...

you can stab him with your dagger. a sign of

Dick Pics said...

fine. ill print out his picture and hand it around to make sure everyone knows exactly who i mean. scott, if you're reading this i'm coming to set you free. your nightmare is almost over!

kim said...

aren't you the son of a milkman???

London Preppy said...

kim: Deep down, aren't we all?

Orchis said...

Could he be related to Ernie the fastest milkman in the West ?

I found this definition of 'reverse pterodactyl' on the notoriously unreliable -

"a girl eats poop, while it's in her mouth she gives you a blow job, then you stick in in her butt. pretty simple...and gross

"Dag Yo! That bitch has Reverse Pterodactyl breath!"

billybudd said...

Eh. Sometimes hottness is too cultural and doesn't translate. I can see that he is attractive, but not so much obsession-worthy.

LP, I had two ideas for you.

1. What questions would you have for your readers?

2. A LP guide to life, a guide to the proper pills to take, The correct clothes to desire, the right attitude to take at an Alpine resort, how to make friends and influence people, or not, etc.

Just think about it.

kim said...

with the blue eyes and straight nose i figured you were implying you are the son of the local (anglo-saxon) milkman

London Preppy said...

orchis: Wow, I guess that was his way of sneaking some sexual thing into his intro spiel

billybudd: I really wouldn't advise anyone to follow my example in anything!

kim: Ah, very good. That went over my head the first time

tyler said...
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O'Leary said...

Greetings London Preppy,

As a newcomer to your world, I've been enjoying your Easton Ellis-esque tales of the city, and more interestingly your mind.

I appreciate the effort you make to describe your dress on most occasions, and think I'd like your sartorial style. I like good clothes myself... but find it an incredible chore to wash, dry, iron, stor and generally maintain my extensive wardrobe.. so much that the local dry cleaners and my lithuanian maid are frequently called upon to intervene...

What is your attitude to this ever time-consuming (though admittedly rewarding) task...? Are you as meticulous in the laundry room and wardrobe as you are in the gym and elsewhere? Do you see it as a burden or a pleasure and what's your secret to having your wardrobe in tip top position... apologies if you have answered this in the past... :-)