Thursday, 6 March 2008

Thursday 06/03/08

So here’s the story and the story is that yesterday a reader left a comment, a reader who chooses to go by the name of “daver”.  And in his profile picture “daver” looks kinda muscly and naked and lying on the beach, laughing and joking with his friends. like he hasn’t got a care in the world, apart from perhaps to go to the gym later, maybe after 5pm when the sun has gone down a bit. 

And due to overwhelming public demand (well me and a couple of other readers really) I had to ask daver to send us some more pics to assess the situation better.  Thankfully daver was back from the beach, he had a few minutes to spare before hitting the town and painting it red and he was quite happy to forward the following shots.

This is the body type of reader that you get when you link your blog on your profile (even though I have since removed the link).

So thanks to daver for providing the visual entertainment today, just before part 527 of answering your questions.

Don’t worry though, we’re down to the last category (even though it’s a big one) and we’ll be done in a couple of days. 

Category: Behind the Red Bar 

107) This one not so much a questions but maybe a request? What does your closet look like?  Fridge?  Picture a la "my desk"? 

Nothing exciting going on in my fridge, apart from a few chickens lined up waiting to be eaten.  Maybe I’ll take a picture on Saturday after I’ve done my shopping and we can all see said chickens.  As for my wardrobe (=closet), well all my t-shirts are hanging up in chromatical order, but that’s not because I’m obsessive compulsive or anything, it’s just easier to have all the same colours together so you can grab the right one when you need, for example, a green top.

108) How is it possible for someone who shops at Tesco because Waitrose is too expensive, to spend nine hundred pounds on a bag? 

When I was doing my Marketing degree, I remember there was a term for purchasing behaviour where you buy luxury items in one category (for example shoes) and dirt cheap items in another (for example holidays).  I wasn\’t really paying attention that year so I don’t remember what the term was, but I guess I fall within that.  Plus I really don’t care about food at all, so why spend money on it. 

109) When was the last time you laughed so hard you were embarrassed with your loss of composure? 

I laugh quite hard on an hourly basis, when I’m at work and I receive a personal email, but it’s OK, I’m not embarrassed, I just sit there holding my nose and mouth shout so I don’t burst out.  Alternatively I walk to the toilet and laugh there. 

110) Do you give to charity? Why/why not?


No.  I am my own charity.  They should give to me. 

111) Did you learn to play an instrument as a child, if so, what instrument? 

I tired to learn how to play the guitar, but that lasted for a week and then I sold it again.  Thinking back, I’m quite glad I was useless: public displays of rhythm are quite undignified. 

112) What's your favourite building in London?  And why? 

So I think about this and I could say the Museum of Natural History or something predictable like that, but then it occurs to me that, in fact, my favourite building is my house, because htat’s’ where I always want to be.  But this is a bit dull so I ring up Scott and I say: what’s my favourite building in London and he says: your bedroom ,no wait your living room, so I’m afraid this is going to have to be my answer: my house. 

113) When was the last time you cried?   

I can’t remember.  More than two years ago. 

114) What do you drink if you're drinking, low calorie drinks (vodka soda or liquor straight up), beer, wine, 'girly' drinks, no drinks? 

I don’t drink at all.  When I used to drink my favourite drink would be a pint of bitter.  Maybe Caffrey’s. 

115) Have you investigated job opportunities in Australia for yourself or is that an after the fact problem to be dealt with? 

I am not considering that yet.  It’s fair to say that my career will be even less of a priority there. 

116) Has anyone ever betrayed you to the point that it changed the course of your life? 

No, but you sound like you’ve got somebody in mind.  WHO IS IT? 

117) Speaking of your life...Where do you see yourself in 20 years? / What will your life be like in 2026? /  Ten years ago, where would you have seen yourself right now? 

A few people asked variations of this question.  You have to understand that I have no expectations or thoughts about the future.  Nor the past.  All I care for is right now. 

118) In your opinion, what is the best form of revenge? 

I don’t really believe in revenge.  When somebody really disturbs me I just completely forget about them and move on. 

119) If your building caught on fire what things would you grab on you way out? 

My laptop.  One of 4 copies of Less Than Zero.  The Official Preppy Handbook by Lisa Birnbach.  Pair of loafers. 

120) If you are such a local celebrity on the London gay scene, then why the red bars and __? 

I don't think anyone knows who I am on the London gay scene anymore since I stopped going out.  In any case the red bars are there to protect me from the exact opposite to the London gay scene, i.e. normal people with morals who respect laws.  But let’s face it, mostly they’re there for fun. 

121) We've read about your coming out to Andrews, so when did he come out to you? Did you live together for six years, both gay, and both thinking that the other was straight? 

Yes that is correct.  We never questioned our own sexuality, let alone each other’s.  This is how he came out to me: It’s the 28th of December 2006 and Andrews has just taken me to the hospital because I’ve become paralysed.  I’m lying on a hospital bed and we're becoming aware that what I have is very serious.  It's a good time for honesty.  I ask him: do you like boys?  He says yes.  I ask, do you like girls as well?  He says no.  I say, yeah, they’re not very good, are they. 

122) I've just handed you £14,999 and you must buy a car.  What would you purchase? 

I would not buy a car worth £14,999. 

123) Would you pose nude on the jacket cover of your book (with the appropriate parts concealed of course)? 

No.  I would want my book to appeal to everyone and not scare off straight people etc. 

124) How would you prefer it all to end? (choose the closest one to your preference)

a- marriage and children (adopted or surrogate)

b- marriage and a nice garden to keep

c- a single life at 60, in too small shorts and vest perving at fit lads at the gym

d- the future is not somewhere I choose to dwell thank you.

Definitely d. 

125) If you were to be really famous (like much more than you are now), what would you want to be famous for?


I would like to be a famous writer who looks like a complete airhead.  I want to be a male Paris Hilton type, but churning out literary masterpieces.  I do not want to be either a famous socialite with no merit and I certainly do not want to be a balding, bespectacled, well spoken author.  If fact, between the two I would choose the former. 

126) Would you rather lose your hearing or your eyesight? 


127) If you believed in reincarnation, and you had to choose an animal to return for your next life, what animal would you be an why?

I would not want to come back as anything else apart from a Northern European / North American / Australian male.  Or a Southern European male who is lucky enough to overcome his genetic background and look Central European.

Continued tomorrow.  Thanks to the people who have added London Preppy as a friend on facebook, please continue to do so. 


Bobby Van Quish said...

So I saw Davey's picture yesterday and your comment and these pictures that you have acquired are brilliant.

Please don't be embarrassed, and will you excuse me for a second but...

"Davey, hi I'm Bobby and I'm a big fan of you and your work. If you ever have time on your hands, I can think of a way to kill it. I'm in London - come and find me. Please (like now). Thanks."

London P, thanks for that. If we have kid(s) we'll name them either London or Preppy or both, as a tribute to you. When the first one turns 18 I will get your name tattooed on his pec.
You can be the maid of honour at the wedding.

I'm not getting ahead of myself, am I?

London Preppy said...

bobby: Of course I'm in full support of this arrangement, in fact I don't even want anything in return, just bringing two people together - two people who deserve to be loved, is reward enough.

kim said...

...just bringing two people together - two people who deserve to be loved, is reward enough

WTF was that???

Timmy said...

hmmm...bobby beat me to it. LP, is daver on facebook 'cause I could be his fan and/or friend. :-)

London Preppy said...

kim: That was what we usually refer to as "a joke". Please keep up!

timmy: I think we'll have to wait for daver to make any further revelations if he wants!

Matt said...

"You have to understand that I have no expectations or thoughts about the future. Nor the past. All I care for is right now"

I love this quote, I think it epitomises our generation (or at least my thoughts too). My boss gave me the strangest look when I basically said the same thing during my annual review.

Seriously who asks somebody where they see themselves in 5 years...its a loaded question. But in this job you are supposed to reply..."I see myself as you, a successful managing director, who has accomplished all his wildest dreams of mergers and acquisitions" BLAH!

kim said...

That was what we usually refer to as "a joke". Please keep up!

thank god for that.

it was only 8am (or so) when I sent that; my sarcasm radar hadn't been calibrated correctly.

Jon C said...

"I would not buy a car worth £14,999." Is that because it's too little for the car you would buy, or too much?

Is your coming out story to Andrews on this blog?

Auctor Ignotus said...

thanks for being such a sport about all the questions. And hello from hollywood where u would have both comments and insights to amuse us.

London Preppy said...

matt: Yes, I hate this question in interviews as well. Well at least there you just make things up and lie, as you're supposed to

jon: It's too little. I don't like inexpensive or mid-range cars. The coming out story to Andrews is on the top link under "if you're new read these first" on the right

auctor: Ah yeah, that would be fun to write about!

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Bolt Upright said...

Right. Daver pic 2: what's he got in his mouth that his whole face had to be blocked in that one?

London Preppy said...

bolt: I don't know. I just don't know

Daver said...

Wouldn't you all like to know.

Okay, I'll tell you. I actually had my mouth wide open catching a Cheerio (cereal) being thrown at me from a boat (purposefully playing a game and trying to catch it-not so sober). I didn't feel a big wide open mouth shot was so hot.

London Preppy said...

daver: Thanks for clearing that up

Daver said...

I am brutally honest typically. Sometimes it gets me in trouble.