Sunday, 2 March 2008

Sunday 02/03/08

First of all: remember how I had asked people to look out for Donnell at Sydney Mardi Gras and talk to him?  Well somebody found him.  And he said: “OK, so I win the Where's Wally aka Where's Donnell competition at Mardi Gras! I saw him several times today bouncing up and down and around toybox in his little red shorts and calf-high soccer socks. My buddy pointed him out for having a hot body, then I remembered I recognised the guy, none other than Donnell. So the needle in the gaystack was found. I would post a picture that I discreetly took, but my mobile is so bad, it would be just be a blur”. 

So all this is very cool.  Now here’s Part 2 of answering your questions. 

Category: Shopping and Fucking aka Cocaine Sex 

(There are quite a few questions here, but around 10-15 of the sexual ones were sent by the same person) 

16) What is your favorite brand of briefs? 

I’m really not bothered.  I’ll wear whatever.  I don’t particularly like super gay brands like 2(x)ist or Aussiebum, etc though. 

17) You have a harness, large tit clamps ... what other s&m devices do you own? 

Looking through a drawer in my flat I see: rubber mask, leather gag, leather wrist and ankle straps, neck collar, padlock with chain, some thing that fits on a door frame to tie somebody from, handcuffs, leather eye mask, gas mask, a couple of leather belts 

18) What was your trashiest hookup? 

What do you mean by trashy?  I didn’t particularly like to go home with people from clubs even when I was single.  I prefer to go on dates.  After going out I’d rather go home take a sleeping pill and rest. 

19) What are your thoughts on safe sex? 

I don’t think that’s an area to be liberal in. 

20) If you could be a designer  - what your logo be 

I like this question.  Something duck related.  A duck outline.  Is this taken already by anyone? 

21) Have you ever done a striptease for anyone? 

No, I find the idea quite unattractive. Reminds me of the episode of Friends where Monica is doing a striptease for Chandler and she says “oh I’m going to take off these boots, they are so tight” as she’s doing some ridiculous gyrating and Chandler says “can you not narrate”. 

22) Do you prefer to bottom or top and why / Top or bottom / Do you like to top or bottom more / Are you a top, bottom, or versatile? 

So, a popular question then.  I am obviously not answering this.  I’m only going to say that I have never done one of the two.  This is the end of this. 

23) How many male sexual partners have you had? 

More than the fingers of my hands, fewer than the fingers of four people’s hands. 

24) Do you fancy jockstraps? 

Yes, a LOT. 

25) Is your crotch and/or arse shaved? 

I’m not answering that. 

26) Does your cock hang to the right or the left? 


27) Donnell is sexy, is he a top or bottom? 

I’m not answering that. 

28) Whose cock is bigger:  you, Donnell or Scott? 

I’m not answering that. 

29) How often do you masturbate? 

As often as most guys. 

30) Have you had sex with a girl / Did you ever sleep with a woman?  And, if not, how far did you get with one? 

No, I haven’t.  Not very close at all, I’ve only ever gone as far as kissing. 

31) Why do you not drink alcohol? 

Reasons: I hate hangovers, health and fitness reasons, you end up saving lots of money, etc. 

32) What is your sexual fantasy? 

Usually when I like somebody when I first see them I think about kidnapping them and keeping them in a basement somewhere as a sex slave.  The problem with that is that if I did keep somebody trapped in a basement, they would end up losing weight / not going to the gym / lose their muscles.  So it’s a Catch 22 situation really. 

33) How many regular boyfriends did you have before? 

I’ve never had a boyfriend before Scott. 

34) Have you ever hooked up with other guys in your office? 

No, even though I’d be up for that, mainly to kill time and have something to talk about. 

35) Size? 


36) What illegal drugs have you used over your life? Which do you still use regularly / What kind of drugs do you take socially? 

‘Stay in school’ 

37) Have you ever used steroids? If so, successful? / Have you ever once, or more, taken steroids to get your physique? 

No, I never have.  I might change my mind in the future, but right now I have no plans to. 

38) Is crack whack? Is meth whack?

I can honestly say I have never taken either of these things.

39) So why do you take valium? 

It kinda relaxes me, it’s not illegal, it’s all good. 

40) At the gym do you wear: old clothes (I assume not), athletic clothes made by companies such as Nike, expensive athletic clothes by Hugo Boss etc., or designer clothes by Armani, Prada, Versace etc, not really designed for the gym? 

I wear just athletic clothes from Nike, Adidas, Abercrombie, most of which I’ve had for years. 

41) What is your favourite item of clothing right now that you own? 

I like my Lyle & Scott sweaters a lot.  I have the same one in three colours (grey, navy, pink).  They go with everything.  I like a pair of Dior sunglasses I have that are completely irreplaceable.  I like my deck shoes a lot.

42) What one item of clothing would you love to own? 

Nothing in particular.  I’d be happy with most things from the Ralph Lauren on Gant stores. 

43) When dating, what is the greatest difference in ages permitted when money is not in the equation? 

I don’t think this is an issue at all. 

44) Sack and crack; are they a) both smooth, b) both hairy, c) one of each? 

I am not answering that. 

45) Since its kinda obvious that you're a big ol' muscle bottom, what is your favorite position to get pounded? 

a) On your back, heels to heaven and your prayer that the pounding won't ever stop

b) On your stomach, biting the pillow in feigned pain yet screaming silently "HARDER!"

c) On your side getting poked from every angle possible and some impossible ones

d) Sitting on the guy's rock hard penis bouncing as hard and fast as you can 'cause you just can't get it hard enough, fast enough or deep enough

e) On all fours, arse arched up and open while growling and barking like the bitch in heat you really are 

Fucking ace.  Thanks to the person who went into the effort to practice wanking with one hand, whilst using the other to type this.  I tried doing the same thing myself, but I just can’t do both things at the same time.  Obviously my readers are more talented than I am.  And to answer this: I don’t know, you decide.  Whatever makes you cum faster on my banner picture at the top of the page. 

46) What minor physical quality do you find most gets your attention on guys?

Inherent aggressiveness. 

47) When you are perving on someone you are obsessed with at the gym, what's your favorite exercise/machine and body part to watch him work on? 

I don’t really get turned on by watching people lift weights.  Scott actually has this DVD showing two freakishly muscled guys doing a full body workout wearing very little in a gym, but I don’t get the sexual appeal at all.  Maybe because I like having the delusion that the guys I fancy have acquired their muscled physiques through endlessly playing sport, being outdoorsy and naturally athletic – not by doing reps in the gym.


Greg said...

Hahaha, I'm so glad that you made a reference to friends in this entry.

London Preppy said...

greg: That scene is exactly what I think of seductive stripteases

r!ch said...

kinda relaxes you...!?
My god, it completely turns me to jelly!

LOL to 45 response. You can put that sense of humour towards personality training when you start sagging.

Mike said...

Hey LP,
Just wanted to let you know I saw Donnell last night, he was at DTPM which was a bit quiet actually. I didn't go talk to him but I recognized his abs and then his chin. He was wearing glasses on his head, even though it was 1 am...
Peace out

davey z. li said...

haha, no. 44 made me laugh. sometimes people are amazingly upfront and unabashed to ask those sort of questions.

billybudd said...

I've prescribed myself a daily dosage of London Preppy now, and you more than deliver.

I feel the same way about my appearance - that if I was a little more attractive, or a little less attractive, I would have a place that I belong. As it is, its a toss up.

You get a kick out of the fantasies of your blog-audience, I bet. You love and hate that we all think that you are better looking and more interesting than you think you are - other times, you think you can never live up to our creepy fantasies. Oh, the internet is just like life.

Jon C said...

Dick has pulled ahead!

Dick Pics said...

you've got some very odd people reading this blog. granted ive probably wanted the answers to every single one of these questions but i dont think i could ever actually ask. and im quite shameless. so thats saying alot.

London Preppy said...

mike: Ha ha! I would have definitely told him off for the glasses. Thanks for the spot

davey: Indeed. I wouldn't even dare read this question out loud!

billybudd: Good comment. I have reached the point where I think that whoever writes this blog must definitely be more interesting than me

jon: Yes! It seems that the ass fans were more keen to vote first...

dick pics: The more shameless questions came from anonymous emails, so it's easier I guess

Guy Ruben said...

Q 45 totally gave me a hard on!

Riky said...

The thought of you being a top or bottom never crossed my mind, what IS interesting is that you've never done one of those.

London Preppy said...

riky: There you go then. Fascinating revelations non-stop on this blog