Saturday, 22 March 2008

Saturday 22/03/08

So in the middle of this Easter Holiday weekend, and before another spectacular clubbing post (coming up), here's a couple of things:

1) On Saturday afternoon I'm on my way to Tesco to do my weekly shopping, when I realise that I don't make a contribution to anyone around me, I don't really have any talents, I'm a big void of skills and competences and that maybe I should consider developing one.  And the skill that I want to develop is to be the best chocolate dessert maker in the world.  Or somebody who can make a half-decent attempt at making a chocolate brownie anyway.

So I go in  bookshop on the way to Tesco and I ring up Andrews and I tell him my plan (I can always benefit from some encouragement), and whilst talking to him I flick through about 5-6 books of chocolate recipes in the Cooking section, but it all gets too confusing and I get too hungry, so I leave.  But that's OK, I wasn't planning to make anything this weekend anyway, I don't really have the time.

So here is where you come in.  I've now gone on Amazon and added about 10 books of chocolate recipes to my Wishlist (found on the right), and if anyone is kind enough to want to send me one, I promise to spend the following weekend making different desserts, until I've found that one I'm best at, and it can be my signature dessert.  

And if you invite me over to yours, I'll also make it and bring it.  Well, maybe I'll just leave it outside your door, ring the bell and run, because I don't want you to kill me or anything.

2) A couple of people recently suggested that maybe I should have a reader tattoo competition.  This didn't seem like a great idea at first (we all know what happened with the Best Looking Reader competition and how every second entry was a fake), but I've decided to do it.

And in order to prove that the tattoo you've sent in is yours, you'll have to take a picture and include a London Preppy sign or something in it.  I'm warning you though, you have to know what you've let yourself in for: I will give my opinion on all the tattoos that I receive, and you have to be prepared to hear me rant about them too.  

But it' OK, it will be in the trademark London Preppy rant style, surely everyone wants to be on the receiving end of that?

So that's all for now, get sending tattoo pictures (with London Preppy reference) to


T said...


Screw the cookbooks. This is the best chocolate dessert ever and it's pretty easy to make.

It's seriously amazing!

London Preppy said...

t: Nice one thanks

Northern Monkey said...

Sent my tattoo look forward to the review and I found a use for my i touch too bonus!!!!

Dick Pics said...

Don't you think the blog counts as a skill? It contributes to me not being bored for how ever many minutes it takes for me to read it.

London Preppy said...

northern: Excellent, the first entry - thanks

dick: Yes, but you can't it the blog. It's just no good

Jon C said...

When are you answering the rest of the questions?

London Preppy said...

jon: I don't think I am. There was only handful left and not really anything I had much to say about. Why, was there anything you asked and were curious about?

Ims said... Your twins?

London Preppy said...

ims: Wow, more charming and good looking than me, but I see what you're saying. Very good

Jon C said...

I was wondering what question you were most hoping to be asked, and also what question were you hoping no one would ask?

And you're much more interesting, charming and better-looking than "Davey Wavey"

London Preppy said...

jon: I didn't really want to be asked something specific (I would have written about it already I guess). And I didn't mind what I was asked, at the end of the day I didn't answer the ones I didn't want to answer (e.g. most of the sexual ones)

kim said...

Wow, more ... good looking than me

that HAS to be sarcasm at it's best or you're truly full of shit.