Saturday, 1 March 2008

Saturday 01/03/08

So here’s Part 1 of answering your questions.  For each category I will highlight in red the Star Question.  Then after I’ve answered all questions, we’ll look back at the Star Questions I’ve picked and decide which on the best question overall was.   

Category: London Preppy – Human After All 

1) How much of your self-worth is dependant on how you perceive others view your body / overall looks? I.e. if you were fat and ugly do you think you would be a) more psychologically stable b) less psychologically stable c) about the same? 

I think if I were slightly less attractive, or slightly more attractive (either one), I would be less troubled.  As I am, I consider myself kinda good looking, but not indisputably / undoubtedly good looking.  That unsettles me quite a bit; it’s like being a runner and trying to qualify for the Olympics, but my time being a few seconds above the cut-off point.  So I sit at home and watch the Games on TV instead, eating Maltesers out of a family-sized bag. 

2) What are you afraid of the most? 

Nothing in particular.  Maybe people.   People will go out of their way to make your life worse you know.  But so will I, so it’s fine really. 

3) How are you seemingly so damned perfect? 

That’s quite simple.  I will presume you don’t know me in real life.  So basically I write this blog and I have full control of what I write and I make myself sound better than I am.  That’s it. 

4) Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions and what are they and do you think you'll ever take the time and effort to complete them / Do you have any secret dream or ambition which you haven't shared with us in this forum

I genuinely don’t have any ambitions or hopes or expectations.  I don’t think I have any control over my life, so I think it’s a bit pointless.    

5) What is your greatest passion? 

Nothing.  I find passion undignified. 

6) Do you every worry that your readers are a bunch of voyeuristic lecherous creeps only interested in you because of your well-sculpted torso? 

It has crossed my mind at points that people might be coming back just to look at pictures, but then I got over myself and realized that I don’t get so many people checking this site every day in the faint hope that they might catch glimpse of my left nipple.  

7) We know that there are muscles and good clothes. And you say you and Scott are steady and you're looking forward to Sydney and you read a lot and listen to good (bar the Fox) music etc.  According to Maslow, your hierarchy of needs is fulfilled but of course no life is ever complete.  So, thinking about your life, what do you think is missing in it?  (Material objects are not allowed to count in this answer. Thanks) 

I’m trapped doing lots of things that I hate doing.  Particularly Mondays to Fridays from 0930 to 1730 (approximately).  I’d like to have an occupation that I actually enjoy and get something out of.  Maybe no occupation at all. 

8) Why do you try and always look bored and detached? 

Wherever I go, whatever I do, there are always more interesting things happening in my head. 

9) I hope that I can expect an answer free of the LP alter ego: How do you feel? 

London Preppy would say: I feel nothing, I’m empty, this gap between me and the world is like

I would say: Overall I’m quite content.  There is something that’s keeping me from being explicitly happy, but I don’t really mind. 

Category: Gym-Gym 

10) Do you do cardio at the gym or are you naturally ripped enough/eat zero carbs, so you only do weights, stalk, change and get out of there? 

I don’t do any cardio at all.  I hate it.  When I tried to do cardio, I just lost weight instantly, within days, and not bad weight that I’d want to lose.  I do eat some carbs now, but nothing much has changed on my body.  I was really skinny when I was younger and I notice that people who are naturally skinny get very good bodies when they start working out.  You sort of maintain your abs and definition, but put on muscle everywhere else.  Saying that, I’m sure a switch will flick sooner or later and my body will change (with age).  Then, I’ll start developing a personality. 

11) Have you ever tried working out in a thong? 

No, I have never been in close proximity of one. 

12) Do you know that you won't be able to get Post cereal in Australia? Wait. Hang on, I'm not sure you even eat cereal. Do you eat cereal? 

Yes, I eat cereal for breakfast.  I don’t know what Post cereal is though, we don’t have it in the UK, so I’m not sure I’ll miss it! 

13) Ever had a gym stalker? Any good ideas of how I can get rid of mine? 

No, I’ve never had one.  I would need to know more information to give some proper advice, but on a first thought: kill him. 

14) How do you remain dedicated to your workout? I'm looking for inspiration.


I like routine and I like habit.  If I didn’t go to the gym after work, my day would be completely fucked up.  Also, I’m trying to delay developing a personality, so I need to keep up the training. 

15) With your typical meals consisting of chicken and fish with no sauces or spices and some cut up raw vegetables, do you actually find this satisfying? I can understand how it may fill you up, but do you really enjoy it? Do you like foods with sauces and spices and with lots of flavour? Or do you just eat this meal because you are overly obsessed with your diet/muscle building/maintaining? 

I don’t really have an interest in food for pleasure.  It’s just functional for me, for sustenance.  I do like sweets A LOT and I can’t eat them though, that’s the only thing that I miss.


davey z. li said...

haha, yay! one of my questions was answered. thanks for that preppy.

kim said...

... Then I’ll start developing a personality

I had no idea this was optional.

Jon C said...

Can you elaborate on your answers of saying, "I don't think I have any control over my life" and "There is something that’s keeping me from being explicitly happy"?

r!ch said...

Cardio releases endorphins that make you happy, maybe that's what's 'keeping you from being explicitly happy'... it doesn't have to be a lot, even a few minutes every second day.

Some dark chocolate has less of everything bad and more coco - which make you happy. (Well, certainly makes me happy. Sometimes have an erection for hours after a bit of Swiss...) - and this would go well with the cardio and sweet tooth.
But then that extra bit of happiness wouldn't really suit you, I assume...

No, you are passionate about something, you just act supercilious, maybe.

Hey look, your ass is winning! I knew it...

Matt said...

OK, so I win the Where's Wally aka Where's Donnell competition at Mardi Gras! I saw him several times today bouncing up and down and around toybox in his little red shorts and calf-high soccer socks. My buddy pointed him out for having a hot body, then I remembered I recognised the guy, none other than Donnell. So the needle in the gaystack was found. I would post a picture that I discreetly took, but my mobile is so bad, it would be just be a blur.

London Preppy said...

davey: All of them will!

kim: Definitely optional. Come on! You've been reading long enough, you should know this by now

jon: Control: Well I really don't think I can plan and schedule my life, cause things happen that I'm not accountable for and change everything. Happy: I'm just unable to be happy, I think too much

r!ch: I wish my soul would win

London Preppy said...

matt: Ha ha, amazing! Yes, that was him. I take it you didn't talk him?

Can we see the picture anyway?

Mike said...

... Then I’ll start developing a personality

Your happy to be unhappy, and make light of it, personality suits you fine.

There is something that's keeping me from being explicitly happy...

Always keep them guessing, both the men in your life and your adoring public. Very good. Jackie O's father once gave her this advice.

...I wish my soul would win

Wait ten years, it will.

Matt said...

No, I didn't speak to him. Didn't want to embarrass myself, by saying "Yo, I won the London Preppy competition" He'd probably look at me like I was nuts. I will post the blur as soon as I get home and manage to figure out how to download it!

London Preppy said...

matt: I did tell him about the "competition" and that he should be ready for somebody to talk to him. But fair enough, I suppose he didn't look very with it when he was there. I'm guessing anyway

r!ch said...

I feel you about thinking too much, but then that's why I talk too much, keeping myself distracted in case I implode. Playing the piano helps a lot! (my musical punching bag, sometimes you just need to forget about words!)
...While writing this blog is your thing. And I've just thought of another Q: What percentage of your waking time each day do you think about which things? (A pie chart would be great)... if this one hasn't been asked already...

r!ch said...

...your soul would never win here. You said yourself this blog is part fiction.

London Preppy said...

r!ch: I haven't stated that it's part fiction. I'm just not willing to say either way