Monday, 17 March 2008

Monday 17/03/08

So on Saturday night I take half a sleeping pill at 2230 and go to bed and at 2330 I have another half and at 0100 I take a third half and then my alarm goes off at 0630.  And I go clubbing.

And because I can't write clubbing stories well and anyway there is no way I can do justice to the madness / surrealism / randomness of spending 7-8 hours in a maze of dark rooms with hundreds of half naked people you don't know but interact extensively with, I have decided to just post some pictures and intersperse them with text messages I sent and received during that time, plus some quotes of things that I said or were said to me and my friends.

Text at 0811: Which loos?

Quote: "Do you  ___? We need to wake up XXX"

Text at 1141: We're now at the loos.  Come here?

Quote: "What job do you do?" "I don't want to say" "You're a rentboy, aren't you?"

Text at 1256: Well, I came back but couldn't see you.  I'm upstairs in the bar where the front doors are.

Quote: "You should know who I am, I've been on the cover of your magazine twice"

Text at 1805: Still here, lights came up.  You?

Quote: "Why are you still wearing your top?" "It's my way of standing out"

Text at 0812: Upstairs somewhere?  If you find a bottle might also help.

Quote: "Yes, you're very hot too, but I can't do anything"

Text at 1110: I'm queuing for the main toilets.  Wanna ___

Quote: "Listen, it's been good talking to you, but I think I'm going to be sick. I'll go find my boyfriend". "Yes, be sick first and then find your boyfriend"

Text at 1138: I'm in the main room with XXX and the American guy from the gym

Quote: (Person A to random person) "Can you stop licking my face?" (person B observing all this to person A) "I think you've handled this well" (person A to person B) "Thanks, I try not to be rude, because then people say you have an attitude" (person B) "That's true.  But you have to draw the line somewhere"

Text at 1153: I'd like to but it's kinda fun here.  We're on the small stage.

Text at 1236: I'm  ___.  Come back!

Quote: "Can I fuck you?" "I've got to go and find my friends"

Text at 1300: We're at the main toilets, Donnell ___

Then I come home and I eat a pizza and a big chocolate cheesecake and some noodles and an asparagus and stilton soup and two chocolate brownies and after vomiting I have a bath and watch 3 episodes of Family Guy and 3 episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and go to bed.


Mike said...
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London Preppy said...

mike: I still think if I had taken a knife with me, I would find it hard to write clubbing stories

MediocreMonster said...

Oh that rent boy quote hits so close to home.

That's thing about Orlando, everyone under the age of 30 either works for Disney and:
A) strips
B) escorts
C) does porn

-Dial M for McKenzie

London Preppy said...

mediocre: The thing is that this was said to me. And it was said by some skinny guy who obviously had a chip on his shoulder and couldn't really deal with the fact that I like to go to the gym but I'm not a whore!

Should Know Better said...

I hope last nights antics have wetted your appitite for the Easter weekend. I'm definately going to _____ on Sunday night. I hope to see you there. x

Dick Pics said...

my favorite is, why are you still wearing a top....that ones a classic.

London Preppy said...

should know: The probability that I will be at ___ is very high!

dick: Yes, it was a good one. Maybe something worth trying out in the future too

Bolt Upright said...

Hmmm. I don't like this post one bit. Something seems missing.

Where is the self-loathing and regret that usually follow a night out in Vauxhall? Where is the proclamation that you won't be clubbing any time soon?

You didn't actually enjoy any of this, did you? :-)

London Preppy said...

bolt: Well, I think I've reached a stage where I actually know I'm not that much into clubbing anymore, so I take it for what it is. It's OK to do 3-4 times a year

Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

Dark and (presumably) dampish, not enough clothes, vomit and access to fresh water an issue. The random invitations to fuck...

Sounds remarkably like a Russian prison to me... (I have not been incarcerated in one, personally, yet - no doubt all a matter of time for some political crime - but did once see inside one, elsewhere, not dissimilar)

The guards and bouncers I bet are also similar in temperament.

Sound slike living hell to me, but ... um... eye-opening.

London Preppy said...

red: That's interesting. I'm curious what the "clubbing" I describe might appear like to somebody who doesn't really do it. Any other contributions welcome

Oldyeller said...

The shredded guy with the black arm band--did you just meet him? Your impression of him? I would think it would be hard to go clubbing & not drink.

Daver said...

I like recognizing someone in your pics that I know

London Preppy said...

oldyeller: This is Donnell actually!

daver: Really? Who is it?!

Daver said...

Pic number two. May see him the beginning of april when he's home.

London Preppy said...

daver: Ah OK, yup. The American from the gym

Neil said...

was that you in those yummy red aussie bum undies?

MediocreMonster said...

Ah well that is rude of him. You should just fabricate fanciful jobs next time:
Grave digger.
Chimney sweep.
Professional Easter Bunny

London Preppy said...

neil: That's Donnell. But you didn't hear that from me

mediocre: Chimney sweep is my favourite of those and I promise to use it next time

semistraight said...

What does it appear like to somebody who doesn't really do it? Well...out of this world maybe ;). But I guess an evening (morning?) like that would totally throw me into depression. On the other hand, being able to get a peek into that world of its own was interesting for a change. Though I hope that the picture-text-ratio will be a little lower again for future posts ;).

Jon C said...

As someone who has never been clubbing before, this is very interesting to me. Don't clubs normally open at night and stay open until the morning?

Steven said...

When you said you can't write club stories, you weren't kidding.

BTW, are you standing on a box when taking pics, or are your arms always up in the air (which wouldn't make anyone stand out in a crowd of half-naked people)?

MediocreMonster said...

I'm a spokesperson for Valtrex™

Alpha Omega said...

Orlando is not that bad. Yes a lot of people work for Disney...but hey it's a big place.

Love the are amazing person. Love seeing life through your eyes on here.

Mike said...
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Matt said...

Those must be Donnell's clubbing undies...he wore those in Sydney!

London Preppy said...

semi: Re: the depression I'm quite convinced that people who go clubbing regularly are more prone to commit suicide than others

jon: If you're in London there is a club open with this happening at any point during the day

steven: I just can't come up with any narrative in such a setting. As for the arms, well I was holding the camera up high to take the pictures

matt: Yeah, I guess he's running out of ideas

Mike said...


george said...

i hope the dagger was not to uncomfortable in your pants. you must have rubbed alot of guys the wrong way with the dagger in your pants.....your a

Tim in Italy said...

LOL! Change the setting to the White Party in Palm Springs XX years ago and the boys, the bathroom stalls, the vomiting and the amount of exposed skin is all about the same. We weren't as buff as you guys, though. Cardio was king in my day and we ran ourselves lean and mean. Our choice of recreational chemicals also kept us tight as manniquines. Fucking was like riding a racing bicycle over railroad ties.

Now I have a PASS card so I can stay at home and hire rent boys, which just goes to prove that regarding sin, the aspect may change, but not the essence.

Bolt Upright said...

And what's that thing between you and Donnell in the last picture? Is that a pre-op transsexual? She looks like one. Has she had the operation yet? Did they take one off or are they putting on one?

Guy Ruben said...

Lets have more pics of you in your leathers!

Jim said...

I've spent hours combing through the Preppy Handbook and for the life of me, I can't figure out what page that harness is featured on. Or is my color off and the harness is actually pink and green in person?

London Preppy said...

mike: Yes, maybe I should auction him at some point on here

george: Very good. Subtle

tim: I'm definitely looking forward to the other stages of sin. I imagine I'll feel better the next day, physically at least

bolt: She's a girl! A proper real girl!

guy: I'm sure that will happen

jim: Did you check the appendix? I think it's there