Monday, 3 March 2008

Monday 03/03/08

Are people enjoying these Q&A posts?  A couple more days left anyway.

Books & Music & Film 

48) Who should play London Preppy in the movie? If the movie was set 20 years from now, who would play the role? 

Nobody famous.  Some clueless young guy on his first acting gig, straight out of modeling.  The kind of guy who plays the muscly, good looking but unlikable secondary character in every teen movie setting.  In my movie, he’s not there just to provide a light (good looking) relief to the main character’s emotional complexity – he is the story, he is the star. 

49) How many songs do you have on your iPod? 

At this very moment 4,771 

50) Which literary character (fictional or non) do you most relate to? 

Clay from Less Than Zero. 

51) Which literary character (fictional or non) do you feel best reflects your life (all, or a good portion of)? 

London Preppy 

52) Which literary character (fictional or non) do you wish you were/could become/be more like? 

Probably somebody who’s got more brawn than brains, doesn’t think much, doesn’t consider consequences, just acts.  A Tennessee Williams character perhaps.  

53) How did you come across Frederick Nietzsche? Do you know about Osho? If yes, what are your views on him? 

I haven’t read anything by Nietzsche (even though I want to).  The closest I’ve got is reading “When Nietzsche wept” by Irvin Yalom, which is a novel with Nietzsche as the main character (obviously fiction).  No, I don’t know who Osho is. 

54) Favorite Friends character? (Sorry...I know…had to ask…bet I'm the only one) 

I can’t decide who my favourite is.  My least favourite is Joey.  I find him completely ridiculous (and not in a positive way), two-dimensional, annoying.  I can’t believe they tried to base a whole show on him afterwards, for fuck’s sake what emotional complexity did this character have for 10 years to carry a sitcom on his own?  

55) What song would you want to have played at your funeral to induce epic, monumental weeping? I think Von by Sigur Ros. 

I probably wouldn’t want any music played (I want a passage read instead).  If pushed, I’d say “Hear You Me” by Jimmy Eat World.  There’s a line there, where he sings: “…a song for a heart so big, God wouldn’t let it live”.  This lyric makes many assumptions of course (that there is a God – there isn’t; that my heart is big – it’s not), but I kinda like it. 

56) If you were to be immortalised in print, who would you choose (living or dead) to write your memoirs? 

I’d write them myself. 

57) Hot Chip or Goldfrapp? 

I don’t get Hot Chip’s first album at all.  The newest single is OK, but the answer is definitely Goldfrapp. 

58) You may have answered this before, but what's your favorite book not by Bret Easton Ellis or Lisa Birnbach? 

Probably Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney.  Maybe The Secret History by Donna Tartt. 

59) If you could live out one scene/event/chapter in any piece of literature (fiction or non), which would it be, which part would you play? 

There is a scene in Bright Lights, Big City where the main character’s Mother is in hospital dying.  The main character goes to visit her and after a short talk she takes his hand and holds it.  She looks at him and says “don’t let go”.  She falls asleep.  I will live out that scene and I will be the Mother.  I don’t know who the son will be yet. 

60) Which do you prefer - Glamorama or Lunar Park. You can't choose American Psycho or any of the college based stuff. 

I prefer Glamorama.  I like the fact that Glamorama (for the most part of it anyway), can fool you that it’s not an utterly depressing book.  If you don’t think about it (and are a bit thick), you could believe that it glamorizes the lifestyle it describes.  I like that. 

61) What is it that attracts you to Bret Easton Ellis' writing? Details please. Not a flippant, self-consciously slick 4 word answer. Though you are quite good at those too. 

I mentioned something about this in the comments section recently: I didn’t choose to like BEE and then worked my life around that; I was leading my life, came across BEE and I connected to the writing because I could relate to it.  I guess one main theme that attracts me is the contradiction between the surface of things and what’s underneath (which obviously he goes on about quite a lot).  I don’t want to oversimplify his messages with my not-really-that-credible analysis, so I’ll leave it here.  It suffices to say that I could potentially see myself in a BEE book, because like many of his characters I look like a completely different person than I actually am.  I.e. So clean-cut but such an emotional fuck-up. 

62) Would you boykiss Bret Easton Ellis if you had the chance? I think I would. Even though he's getting on now. Still... 

Sure.  And fuck him too.  But I would wrap something around my tattoo so he doesn't see it. 

63) What is your favourite chapter/paragraph/line from any of Bret Easton Ellis' books? 

I like this paragraph in the penultimate page of Glamorama best.  Basically he’s had enough by then, he just gives up and in half a page he states explicitly what he wanted to say over the previous 300 pages through his prose.  I’ve typed this paragraph up before – check the bottom of this post here.  

My Data 

64) What is your actual job title? / What is your job exactly? 

I can’t actually say.  Think of an incredibly boring, generic job title that every Graduate has in their mid-20s and that’s it. 

65) How sensitive is your sense of smell? 

Very.  I can often smell what Scott has eaten during the day when I meet up with him. 

66) What type of job does Scott have - Bartender? Banker? Etc. 

He’s studying towards something and has several part-time jobs in gyms, bars, clubs. 

67) What does your second tattoo say? 

It’s my full name including middle names. 

68) Do you speak conversationally like you write? 

My speech could not be more different to the way that I write.  It’s very fragmented, I’m not good at telling stories, the accent is strong, I generally don’t like it and I’m not good at it.  Anyone who knows me can confirm this.  If you met me and talked to me, you might start to wonder if I actually write the blog myself. 

69) What size are your feet? 

8 (UK), 42 (Europe) 

70) What is your star sign? Just curious if you are an Aries and if I (a fellow 19 year-old Arian) will grow up to be just like you - a hot, neurotic, Valium popping Ellis fan (though the last book wasn't so good). 

Capricorn.  I don’t know anything about star signs and whether this is meant to be representative of me. 

71) How tall are you? 


72) Do you speak with a British accent? 

No.  I speak with a non-specific European accent.  It’s quite strong but at least it cannot be narrowed down to a country.  Greek people think that I have a British accent though. 

73) _ _ _ _  isn't remotely in any of your names, is it? 

Yes, it is. 

74) Are you out to your parents and/or siblings? 

I’m out to some of my parents and all of my siblings.


Marcus said...

I am enjoying the Q and A very much and think it was a very good idea.

London Preppy said...

marcus: Cool, thanks, I was just wondering

Riky said...

I could see you being played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

London Preppy said...

riky: Trust me, I'm a lot less glamorous than that!

Graham said...

Q&A might just have been your most brilliant idea yet.

I love it.

Timmy said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying the Q&A but then I don't much to amuse me in my life these days. :-)

Trybaby said...

And Rhys isn't that short !*!ZING!*!

Jon C said...

I am also enjoying the Q&A. If only you would answer every question. :)

kim said...

re #68 and #72

I think it's about time we had a London Preppy PodCast.

I know you've said in the past when you recorded your voice you didn't want to read anything personal, so maybe a reading of a BEE passage (though some Kafka might be more entertaining) or even a vocal rendition of that fantastic My day in the office.

London Preppy said...

kim: I find this thought terrifying already!

Kevin said...

this may be a bit late, but i had two quick questions for ya. you may have already posted the category, but i'm going to ask them anyway

1) thread count? (i'm talking sheets)

2) do you give money to bums/panhandlers?

was just curious. also, i hate joey too. my friends and i are obsessed with ranking our 'friends'. rachel is number one for me. watch for it, she's underrated.

kim said...

embrace the fear LP

OR, gather Scott, Mean, Donnell, etc, etc and put on your own homemade version of The Goon Show ... that would be terrifying, and doubt I'd listen to it (that is a lie).

r!ch said...

At the risk of sounding like a space cadet; you are a true Capricorn. I am one and I know many. It's easy to mistake you for a Pisces though, but Pisces are either more passionate or over-sensitive (or like people to think they are!), not 'an emotional fuck-up'.

Hey, I could get a job at MI5...

London Preppy said...

kevin: 1) No idea. Cheap. 2) That's a question already asked, I'll answer in the next couple of days

Joe in the OC said...

I am kinda upset there is no mention that I saw about your views on enjoying live theatre. Are you a patron of the arts? If so what aspects?