Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thursday 28/02/08

And I’ve received dozens of questions by now, maybe it’s even in the hundreds I don’t know, so what I thought I’d do is put them into categories so it’s easier to answer them.  And I’ll answer a few categories per day over 2-3 days, and the categories we have right now are: 

London Preppy – Human After All 

Sex & Drugs 

Books, Music and Film 

Death Becomes Me / You Have Killed Me 

Giving Advice 

Why I do the things I do 



Of course these categories will most likely change by the time I get round to writing the posts – hopefully I’ll come up with something funnier.  But you get the themes we have already. 

Anyway, on Wednesday night I come home to find out that Greek TV is showing the selection of the song that will represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest which is on in a couple of months. 

Now, readers outside Europe might not be familiar with this annual cultural landmark, but in a nutshell it’s a competition where each European country (40-50 of them) enters a ludicrous song designed to appeal to the rest of Europe and/or demonstrate how fucking great this country is, and then they fight it all out in one big ridiculous TV show one Saturday evening in May –  where viewers vote for the winner. 

People watch this show ironically and to take the piss, but I can assure you I fucking don’t.  I.  Take. It. Seriously.  And even though I have very little interest in Greece otherwise, and I feel most comfortable with at least 3,000 miles between us, I always support them in every international competition.  I want them to win everything in the Olympics, I want them to win the World Cup, I want them to win Eurovision.  Then after they win I can turn my satellite TV off and continue living on London and making a very conscious effort to erase y past, forget how to speak Greek or how their alphabet goes etc, but I still love them on some level (deep inside). 

And on this TV show on Wednesday we have a shortlist of 3 songs to choose from and from what I can see these songs are: 

a)    ‘A chance to love’ by a woman called Chryspa.  Watching this song, it’s quite obvious that it’s not going to win, but on the positive side the performance features a dancer who I recognize, because he’s English and he lives in London and this one time when I was in Fire (a club) and vomiting in a bin in the corner of the dancefloor, he walked up to me and said “that’s dead classy”, which was kinda funny, so I call my sister and tell her that 

b)    ‘Always and Forever’ by a man called Kostas Martakis.  This song isn’t going to win either but at least it’s sang by a guy who’s quite pleasant to look at even though his smile is a little bit too gummy as Scott points out 

c)    ‘Secret Combination’ by a woman called Kalomira.  This song is the hot favourite and it features pseudo-ethnic Timbaland-inspired beats, 4 dancers who take off their tops to reveal the letters making up the word L O V E, and the nonsensical lyrics “My secret combination, boy you have to try it hard, to win a destination, in the centre of my heart”.  Quite obviously I’m 100% behind this song.  Thankfully, it wins 

And I’m afraid we haven’t heard the end of this, because I will certainly be watching Kalomira in the final on the 24th of May and telling you all about it.


r!ch said...

I think I'll take another sabbatical...

London Preppy said...

r!ch: Ha ha, which also means we're getting to the 1 year anniversary of the blog. And how fucking exciting is this going to be!

NGM said...

i wish they put bins in the corner of aussie dance floors for me to spew in.

London Preppy said...

ngm: Well, it was just off the dancefloor, A few steps away...

r!ch said...

I missed that part about the bin earlier... So where the heck are these 'bins' then??? (Although people these days skip the bin and go straight to the med tent!) Gay clubbing really is a blood sport...

Anniversary...I was checking past messages and guess who keeps popping up, NS :-(

DAMO said...

Ah Kalomira did a song called "Paizeis", tho for me the ultimate eurovision entry will always be the amazing, fantastic fantastic, amazing, brilliant that is Helena Paparizou formerly of Antique!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember when Sakis Rouvas did "Ola Kala", very catchy!!!

Tho last years Greek entry was a bit pez to be honest in my opinion.

Sounded a bit like a Ricky Martin song..

As for the UK, well let us just hope that we don't have some rubbish and desperate effort like Scooch last year. Yuck! Ofcourse us British are the only people in the World who understand irony....blah blah blah!!!!!!

I know that you will hate me forever for saying this, but equally I am glad that the (In my opinion) depressing Morrisey didn't represent eurovision, like was rumoured last

This comment won't get aired now after I have said that...I know lol

London Preppy said...

r!ch: Said bin is in the corner, just outside the toilets in the room with the Billie Jean dancefloor in front of the bar

damo: You know more Greek songs than I do!

And don't worry, I wouldn't want to see Morrissey in Eurovision either...

kim said...

you greeks have no chance against the might of Ireland's 'Dustin The Turkey'

i wouldn't even bother turning up if i were you

London Preppy said...

kim: Trust me, you haven't seen Kalomira's poor-man's-Jennifer Lopez impersonation

semistraight said...

Hmm..figuring it's hundreds of questions by now I don't feel bad about not having had the time to submit mine ;). But I hope this err "event" has a chance of being extended or repeated at some point. And Eurovision makes my ears bleed. If I watch it, I usually have the sound off (at least they're not short on eye candy there).

Mike said...

Let me just say "Giving Advice" seems a little weightless.

And "Why I do the things I do" seems a little moot. Does anybody really know why they do the things they do?

But I'm defintely looking forward to "Death Becomes Me / You Have Killed Me"...

NGM said...

another question, show me your new tat please, or explain why you havn't.

i said please.

London Preppy said...

semi: Yeah, there are hundreds by now and it seems that this will have to be repeated at some point. I like the interaction (as long as it's online and nobody kills me)

mike: Those categories definitely need catchier names, I'll come up with something

Should Know Better said...

I’m glad to hear there are others who are as fanatical about Eurovision as me. I know you don’t drink but thought you might like to know about the game we have played every Eurovision for the last 4 years. Each player is assigned a country (or two if there are not enough of you). When it’s your countries turn to sing you get the points for the following in their performance:

(1) Traditional dress
(2) A power pull (a classic Celine Dion move)
(3) Standing up for a key change (think Westlife)
(4) A solo violin player
(5) A solo accordion player
(6) A solo player of a musical instrument traditional to your country
(7) Removal of clothing
(8) Clothing that is designed to show a toned stomach
(9) Ballet Dancers
(10) Belly Dancers
(11) A song that sounds like it’s a Shakira b-side
(12) Winking to the camera

Points of course mean prizes but the prize is traditionally a coma inducing amount of Vodka that you have to drink after the performance. When it comes to the scoring round you have to do a shot of Vodka every time you get douze or nil points.

Last year I managed to survive the performance pretty well but passed out during the scoring.

London Preppy said...

should know: I laughed so many times reading this. Aah, I want it to be that night now!