Thursday, 14 February 2008

Thursday 14/02/08

I’ve tried taking a picture of my new haircut but it’s not really showing in the picture, mainly because the hair is flat on my head.  It’s not too dramatic anyway, and I might even get rid of it soon, I’m not sure yet.  It does look a bit more ridiculous in real life, but here are the pictures anyway.

On Thursday it’s Valentine’s Day, or so I’m led to believe, and on Valentine’s Day at lunchtime I’m walking around Covent Garden and I come across this jacket in the window of Hugo Boss.  Please note the overall preppiness and general perfectness, particularly focusing around the crest stitching on the left breast pocket.  Now look up and see the title of this blog.  I need this. 

Please try to ignore the fact that they have paired it up with a thin zip-up hoodie that completely destroys the poor jacket, and don’t worry, if I had this I wouldn’t not ruin it like that.

And this jacket breaks my heart a little because I want to have it, so I go in to check the price and the price is unfortunately £350, which I’m not willing to hand over to Hugo at this point in time.  I’m saving to go to Australia after all. 

Later I go to the gym where I meet Scott and this is where I give him his Valentine’s present.  I’ve hinted about the Valentine’s present before on here, but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was – well I guess I can now. 

I got us both silver rings and they have our initials engraved on them (on the outside) and we are meant to wear them not on our fingers, but on chains around our necks.  And I’ll be wearing the ring with Scott’s initials, which are _ _ _ _ and Scott will be wearing the ring with my initials, which are _ _ _ _.  Then when I’m off to Australia I will demand my ring back thank you very much – my initials are better anyway, I spent months choosing my names and putting them together. 

Anyway, back to me now and here are three pictures with different chain options of how I could wear my ring.  We have: 

1)    Very thin long chain.  I kinda like this because it’s very thin and it looks almost like the ring is hanging there on its own.

2)    Very thick short chain.  I like this a lot because it makes me look like a thug, which is my second favourite look after preppy.  

3)    Medium sized chain from Gucci army tag.  I don’t like this chain because it’s kinda crap and it doesn’t go with this.

Anyway, let me know what you think, even though I’m quite sure you won’t like any of them and at the end of the day I’ll still do what I likes, cause I always like to make ridiculous choices. 

Finally, on my way back home I’m on the tube and this girl (mid-20s, black, holding the biggest Valentine’s bouquet of red roses I’ve seen all day) walks up to me and says, excuse me, that’s a very nice bag, and I say oh, thank you.  And this makes my day more than I care to admit and right now I’m feeling great about having spent £930 on this navy Ralph Lauren holdall with brown leather handles and strap three weeks ago.


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Favorite line: I like this a lot because it makes me look like a thug, which is my second favourite look after preppy.

Also, 1. I like your bag and 2. I wish you hadn't posted that picture of the jacket because now there's something else in my life that I don't have and want.

Bolt Upright said...

#2: Thug it out till we get it right - the chain will be perfect with the blazer AND the hoodie.

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

umm "you spent months choosing your names and putting it together" = does your mother know you have changed your name ??

Almost as odd as spending 930 pounds on a bag !

You intrigue me more as each day passes, preppy!!!

Marcus said...

I love the thug look the best, particularly in combination with the new haircut. Then you can go for the Scally lad look this weekend. That would be hot.

Daver said...

First off, that bag is damn sexy.

The haircut looks good from what can be seen. Kind of an understated mullet.

As for the chain, I like the first photo, the smallest chain. It's subtle and the ring seems to be the attention getter.
When people wear big chains they look like they are too purposefully trying to show them off. Plus the ring on it isn't going to be noticeable, the chain takes away all the attention.
As for the last chain, if it's not a nice chain it should be reserved for the dog tags.

graham said...

definitely number 1, the thin chain looks the best. You can definitely pull off the fauxhawk too

Phillip Pirrip said...

the first look is obviously the best. that third chain is crap and the second one i think cheapens the ring. happy valentine's day prepster!

London Preppy said...

frontier: Well, you better start saying goodbye to £350 then!

bolt: I think this could work - with e different hoodie though. Something thicker

tom cat: Yeah she knows. She's had to deal with a lot in the last few years

marcus: Ha ha, and I definitely would look more scally than thug, it's true

daver: Agreed, the ring is most prominent with htin chain. I could wear with both of course depending on occasion.

Nice pic too

graham: Fauxhawk! Awesome!

Orchis said...

930 quid ! Is it whale foreskin leather ?

How about popping your ring through a nipple or cock piercing ?

London Preppy said...

philip: Yeah the thick chain is prob best worn on its own on night I actually want to look cheap!

orchis: Eek, don't give Scott ideas!

meshugener said...

What did scott think of his ring?

Greg Turner said...

Hot hair. Hot chain No. 1. Hot bag.

Jacket? Not. The crest is too much. Maybe if it were pink and green.

London Preppy said...

meshugener: I think he liked it a lot. I can't tell. His emotions are the non-tangible equivalent of a face that's had Botox

Guy Ruben said...

I think you should let a real stylist have a go at the haircut. Its a cute look, albeit a lil Footballers wives from a couple years ago. lol

Definitely chain number 1 and might i add, that your abs look fab in that pic too!

LordNelson said...

Got to agree with others, the chunky chain looks better.

p.s. You spent HOW much on that bag? :|

Trybaby said...

I like the thin chain the best. I like the juxtaposition of the delicateness of the chain and then brawny toughness of your muscles. You can wear the thug chain on it's own. And for the Ralph Lauren bag. Wow very very nice but hot damn 930 pounds? That's $1,822.72 Canadian JEBUS!! So jealous. Not sure if this is preppy but I saw this and thought it my interest you.

Trevor said...

"His emotions are the non-tangible equivalent of a face that's had Botox": best line of the post.

I'm going to go against popular opinion and go for a chain about the thickness of no. 3 but shorter. The thin is too thin , the thick is too thick... You want JUST RIGHT, or better, of course.

Riky said...

The thin chain is the best.

Timmy said...

Definitely #1. I have a small cross that I wear on a thin chain (yes, it is a woman's chain) and I get many compliments on it from men and women.

Love the bag! And I love the blazer.

And Happy VD!

Matt said...

1. I think we need more pictures of the hair, I can't really judge from the ones provided.
2. The first chain is best, but I do like the second one by itself as it is very thuggish and thug is a good look. You could be in a Lauren Cooper sketch with that chain.
3. That is a very nice bag. However, I am 2.5 times more horrified than your UK readers as I am these days anytime I see prices in pounds. I imagine brits will soon be using dollars to paper their walls.

Jon C said...

Good lord! 930!!! Craziness.

I like the thin long chain.

What did Scott give you?

david l. said...

that's one bloody awesome jacket preppy. i might just have to pop down to the hugo boss boutique in sydney and see if they have it there in my size ;). and the ring was a really cute idea.

Sam said...

At first I thought chain 2 was best, because thug is indeed a good look. But then I read all the comments approving chain 1, and I guess I'm impressionable because now I like that one best.

London Preppy said...

guy: Definitely Footballers' Wives! I'll lose it soon to be honest

More VD stories in next post

Tobes said...

A ring on a chain - you're not aspiring to be Frodo Baggins are you LP?

Tobes said...

A ring on a chain - you're not aspiring to be Frodo Baggins LP?

Fresco said...

Good heavens, 930 Pound Sterling for a RL bag!?
Something out of the sales, I presume? :-)

eL'Pippino said...

have you seen Ralph Lauren's regatta jacket of 2007 - has no rival in Preppy-ness.

Joe said...

I vote for chain 1.

As for the blazer: as a real life American preppy who actually went to prep school... please don't get that HB jacket. Real prepsters don't need fake crests - real prepsters have mysterious crests from country clubs, societies, schools, etc. You would be better off getting a loud blazer, designing a crest using random symbols, and having the tailor sew it on. Much more realistic.
Just my two cents. However, you'll do whatever you want and that's why I love you.

S said...

Chain #1 is the only one that accentuates the ring and the draws the observers eye to the wide triangle created by the ring and your perfect nipples. I like the hair cut, but it seems to take away from the preppy look a bit. I enjoy the juxtaposition of your top two favorite looks.

semistraight said...

Well, my vote would go to number 2 even though none of the options seem to really be perfect for the ring.

And with that bag you successfully spent 4 times the amount I earn per month (a part time job with ridiculously low pay) :-X. Do you manage to save some money next to all that spending?

London Preppy said...

tobes: This is a Lord of the RIngs character, yes? No!

el: That sounds like something I need to see

joe: I realise that. As we all know I'm not a real prep though, I just like elements of the preppiness that filter through to popular culture

semi: Yeah I do save something. I don't spend much money anyway, just a big thing every now and then

george said...

chain option looks the best and proportional in size and length for the ring and your neck. no one thinks about proportions and balance these days. that is why there are a lot of badly dressed people around.
the thick chain is so "gino". can't even believe someone calling himself LP would even entertain that option!!!!!

lose the faux hawk....if you can't do the real thing then it is best not to do it at all. is everyone sucking up to you or do they seriously think your hair cut looks good?.......look at it this way if you walked around with your top off then it would not matter what your hair looked

Moscow said...

As a new reader I am a tad confused. Why are you getting so hung up about Scott and what he thinks? You are leaving him in a few months so does it really matter how a ring looks on a chain?

You seem like a nice guy and I hope you spend some time when you are away healing from the inside- your illness and its consequences still obviously touch you.

brenton said...

I like the really thin chain!

seahorse said...

hey hey LP...sup..

been ages, but have been away from net 24/7...

happy New Year to u an a Happy V day aswell!!

Now that my net installed I can catch up on weeks of entertainment from your side!!

With regards to your latest poll...
I like the first 'ring' it shows some emphasis on the pecs although i prefer the second 'ring' as it seems more manly. yes the 3rd one is crappy.

a recommendation perhaps??

a friend of mine, when she left her ex, she took all the jewellery he gave her over the years and melted it down into a little ring which she wore on one of her pinky toes so that she could step on the bastard each day.. u like?? haha

anyways good 2 be back..

have a good 1..

the horse..

Jeff said...

thin chain- wins
def. not the thick one, unless you want the staten island/new jersey guido look

Maluminas said...

Ok i didnt want to comment since i have really nothing interesting to say but:

1- Chain #1.

2- I dont like that hair-cut on you.

3- Handwriting!

L.A. Fireman said...

When I first read your comment about "more VD stories in the next post", I thought, "What kind of Venereal Disease stories has he got? "I don't remember him ever talking about that before", I thought. Stupid me then realized that you were talking about Valentine's Day!

I like the #1, thin chain.

London Preppy said...

Re: Handwriting, I know, I know, well at least I have now taken a picture of it, I promise next post definitely

Angelo said...

i love that holdall.