Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sunday 03/02/08

On Wednesday I decide to drop out of skiing school partly because I fucking hate having lessons and a structure that I haven’t imposed myself during my holiday, and partly because dropping out of anything is very cool and I wish I could do it more often.  For example dropping out of school, dropping out of work, dropping out of life altogether…it’ all great. 

And because I can’t be bothered with skiing for the 4th day in a row and I’ve also fucked my ankles I spend the day:

…going in the internet for an hour and posting a blog and changing my picture on facebook and messaging people I’m not interested in and avoiding to message people that I am interested in to stop them from knowing that 

…working out in the hotel room and also taking pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror and also pictures of my legs while I’m lying in the sun

Here is my leg with various shades of being tanned from knee to ankle:

Here I am slouching forward so that my chest looks bigger:

Here I'm flexing my arm so that my arm looks bigger:

Here I'm doing nothing:

Then Matty and Nicole come back form skiing and we take a bus to the local thermal baths, but the local thermal baths are nothing like the ones in Iceland which were ace, they are in fact just one lame heated swimming pool next to a building site. 

On the way back from the lame heated swimming pool we bump into John A and Emma! in the local supermarket and whilst Emma! is buying a bottle of Diet Coke and some Pringles and possibly some chocolates too, I don’t know, that’s the aisle where we left her anyway, she invites us to the pub after dinner. 

So Matty and Nicole and I make plans to go to the pub after dinner and try to come up with ways to get rid of Emma! and these ways include to throw her in the frozen river, to get her drunk and throw her in the frozen river, to poison her and throw her in the frozen river. 

Before the pub, we go out for a meal at a local restaurant and the restaurant is very good apart from two complaints that I have, which are: 

-       Everyone around us seems to be ordering the cheese fondue, which stinks 

-       The owner/maitre d’ (what the term for female maitre d'?) has a terrible attitude and is quite rude and when I order the lamb’s leg which comes with potatoes gratin I ask if I can have it without the potatoes please and she says no, they make the best potato gratin in the area and I will have it and I will like it (actual quote).  Of course I eat around her stupid potato gratin and when she collects the plate later, it’s all there 

Then we go to the pub where we’re supposed to meet Emma! and John A and these two turn up an hour late, but we can’t complain, we’ll take anything we’re given at this point to be honest, we are desperate to spend any time with them. 

Then we spend some time with them and then everyone goes to bed.


Bolt Upright said...

What's that on your leg? I thought for sure you didn't have a human hair anywhere on your body below your eyebrows. Very sexy!

London Preppy said...

bolt: :-) Yep I do have hairy legs (well, what you can see there anyway), I like that too

semistraight said...

Haha, yes, those legs destroyed the whole hairlessness perfection conjured up in our minds ;).

Dropping out is fun...exactly the same thing I did when I was supposed to learn how to ski (lying in bed reading sure beat the whole lying in the snow cause you managed to fall out of the ski-lift again...). Btw, human memory is supposed to be unlimited (don't ask me though what's the use of that if you can't access it anymore at some point anyway).

In regards to the maîtresse (?), I think you were simply treated to the usual level of French service in tourist areas (recalling my horrible Paris experiences - I've literally been screamed at there...).

London Preppy said...

semi: Ha ha, can you imagine if I were completely hairless everywhere - I'm not sure about perfection; more like a plucked chicken

Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

Female Maître d'? I would have automatically said Maîtresse, but there is a tad too much innuendo, the way the French use that word, I would hazard a guess.

Maybe it should be left in the masculine; in the way female sculptors loathe being called a sculptress.

Joe in the OC said...

Your chest is looking amazing! Nice work. Wish I had your dedication. Yes I'm bitter. LMFAO!

London Preppy said...

red: I did consider Maîtresse, then made the same association as you. A quick google search actually implies that Maitre d' is used for both genders

joe: Thanks. Obviously all it takes is the right positioning of the body as you will have seen in the picture variations!

Mike said...
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A said...

Sorry to hear that the holiday has proven tedious in some ways. Loving the photos of you, and the new look for the blog. It has a freshness that seems to dovetail more with your professed nihilism, to my eye anyway.

London Preppy said...

a: It was good overall really. I'll tell you one thing, I'd rather be there than on my way to work this morning

Trevor said...

Firstly, I love the new banner. Secondly those pecs have lives of their own - aren't they starring in a new tv drama? and Thirdly, despite throwing people into icy rivers and the like, your trip to the alps seems to have shown a very warm and incredibly funny LP. It has been fun travelling with you. Where are we going next?

Mike said...

Do you know if either the Johns or Emmas have found and read your blog?

Timmy said...

Love the hair on your legs! On a the sexy scale (1-10) you were always a 10 but now that I know you don't shave your legs you are now a 15. :-)

BTW...great pics of your upper torso!

W said...

On an aside the quote of the weekend for me was:

'In England the birds twitter, in Australia they squawk'

maybe something to consider...

London Preppy said...

trevor: I love the banner too - thanks to Kim who made it. As for the travels, well, we'll just have to see!

mike: I should hope not! Nice picture by the way

timmy: Cool, thanks. I like shaved legs on some people but definitely not on me

w: I take it you voted no then ;-)