Saturday, 16 February 2008

Saturday 15/02/08

So on Thursday I get home and I find a small heart-shaped picture frame on top of the stove (stove off) which contains a picture of me and Scott – stolen from one of my drawers earlier in the week – and the frame also says It Must Be Love, which I suppose is a good ridiculous surprise and then Scott turns up and he’s brought me some fresh squid for Valentine’s, which we grill and eat.

Then we start watching TV and this programme is on where they determine how good looking people are by assessing the symmetry of their faces and the way to do that is to take a face picture of the victim and then create two more pictures, one showing the face with two left sides and one showing the face with two right sides.  And if the two new pictures look like the original one, the face is symmetrical and the person is good looking.  Or summat.

So they do that on the show and when one of the guys realizes that his face is not as symmetrical as he thought, he starts getting violently sick and I realize this is something that I need to do, secretly hoping that my face will be crooked to and my reaction will be as messed up as his.

So here are the pictures of Scott and me doing this same thing.

Scott’s normal face:

Scott’s face with two left sides:

Scott’s face with two right sides:

My normal face:

My face with two left sides:

My face with two right sides:

So I suppose the results aren’t’ as hilarious as they could have been, but it’s not like we have the perfect symmetrical faces either. 

On Friday at work I finally have some time to write something down so you can see my handwriting and what I write down is an excerpt from Bret Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park that I want read at my funeral, and the expert is this: 

“So if you see my son, tell him I say hello, be good, that I’m thinking of him and that I know he’s watching me somewhere, and not to worry, that he can always find me here, whenever he wants, right here, my arms held out and waiting […] From those of us who are left behind: you will be remembered, you were the one I needed, I loved you in my dreams”

Looking at this picture I took on Friday it’s very blurry so you can’t quite see, so just now, this Saturday morning, I also write this down, a quote from Franz Kafka’s Description of a Struggle, which I like a lot and it says: 

“Yes, even remembering in itself is sad, yet how much more its object”

I’m sure my handwriting doesn’t look as square and ordered as I had promised looking at it on a computer screen, but I think this is because the context is odd.  Everything I type around it, DOES come up more square and ordered, but that’s because it’s coming out of a computer.  So in comparison my writing is completely messy.  Anyway, I’m sure you get the idea.


fuzzy logic said...

Love, your spelling Nazi

London Preppy said...


Auctor Ignotus said...

LP you are a symmetrical showoff! Nice.

Northern Monkey said...

Am loving the symmetrical faces!!! Does this mean if both sides of the face of the same it is perfect??
mmmm not sure. How are you?

London Preppy said...

auctor: Well, almost symmetrical show off

northern: I think that's the idea. But I can find very flaws with it!

davey z. li said...

i ought to have a crack at kafka. 'the castle' and 'the trial' both sound really good.

Bolt Upright said...

What's the paper position you use to write like that? I've seen lefties turn their paper almost 90 degrees to get a comfortable position.

Northern Monkey said...

There are no flaws with you stick to that principle its everyone else thats wrong.

Northern Monkey said...

I am addicted to your blog your very funny, Andrew told me about your blog and now I am a fan!

London Preppy said...

davey: Definitely worth a try

bolt: I actually write with the paper straight. I've seen lefties turn the paper too, it's so odd!

northern: Oh you're C! I didn't realise! Well, hello :-)

Jon C said...

Is that all Scott got you?

How fast do you normally write?

London Preppy said...

jon: Yes. I told him I didn't want anything.

I write quite quickly, I don't really sit and sweat it

Bolt Upright said...

When did Scott start looking like Kevin Godley?

London Preppy said...

bolt: I don't know who that is, but google shows me a guy with a beard. Very good!

Timmy said...

The whole symmetry thing is funny. I'd be afraid to do it because I have friends who tell me I have chipmunk cheeks and well, who wants to look like a symmetrical chipmunk?

London Preppy said...

timmy: I agree, I don't really get it either. The theory is that as long as your face is symmetrical you are good looking. So savour your chipmunk cheeks, if they're symmetrical you're HOT

seahorse said...

i believe denzel washington is one of few that has a 100% symmetrical face..

saying that, i like the 2 left sides shot, although the normal looks fine.
the right shots look to robotic??

Marcus said...


First of all, I love how the color of your lips matches the color of your shirt. Both are the same shade of pink!

Anyhow, that's not my point; which really is that I think what Scott did was very sweet and very thoughtful. It required forethought, planning, some stealth and excellent (stove off) execution. And the grilled squid was a good touch.....I personally love grilled squid, especially the cute little baby grilled squids, if you have ever had those.

It's kind of depressing that you and Scott will soon be apart because it seems like he kind of gets you.

Trybaby said...

I see you are one of those people ... not only are you a lefty but you write in all caps. Do you have other signs of gayness? Does your hair grow in a counter clockwise fashion, is your pointer finger longer than your ring finger, and do you have older brothers?

The thing with the symmetry is that the brain sees a symmetrical face as a sign of good genetics and thus finds it more attractive. Although this does not mean if your face is symmetrical that you are attractive to everyone. Personal tastes clearly apply.

London Preppy said...

marcus: The little baby squids is exactly what we had. I really like those

trybaby: Is writing in caps a sign of gayness? My hair does grow anti clockwise but my ring finger is longer than the index finger

Didier said...

my brains tells me I like your right side.
my soul tells me I like all of you.

kim said...

i just like the way Scott's right/right photo shapes his hair like horns. subliminal messages a plenty.

Trybaby said...

OH ahahah no, oops, I was going to write a sarcastic thing about you having two writing "quirks" but then changed my mind and started to write about something else and just didn't change it appositely.

Graham said...

Facial symmetry gives away more than just attraction, it also gives you an indication of mental state. The greater the symmetry in men, the more likely they are to suffer from schizophrenia, whereas the opposite is true for women. What does this mean? Well, very symmetrically faced men are hot, but crazy!

London Preppy said...

didier: Sweet, thanks!

kim: He is the fucking devil, it's true. And he says I'm evil!

graham: I like that quite a lot. Also, cool blog

Graham said...

Yup, you can't beat crazy hotties in my opinion too. And thanks LP ;-)