Saturday, 2 February 2008

Saturday 02/02/08

Skiing day four: By this point it has become apparent that the guy who hired me the boots was right and they were in fact too big for me, which meant that my feet had been able to move inside them, which has led to an annoying ankle injury making me even more hopeless at skiing than usual. 

After a disastrous skiing lesson on Tuesday morning… 

spent mostly lying on the snow watching people race past me whilst I’m lost in my thoughts making plans to: clean the bathroom as soon as I get back to London / learn the lyrics to Bitches Ain’t Shit by Dr Dre word by word / rape __ at gunpoint, maybe keep him tied up naked in his bedroom for a few days possibly weeks / buy a new t-shirt from Replay and flirt with the bored salesgirl / have blonde children 

…I take the afternoon off skiing and try to do a gym workout instead.  When I realize that there actually isn’t a gym in the whole resort (despite what they had promised us), I decide to do a workout in the room.  That involves some press-ups (300), sit-ups (200), back stretches (50) and an inventive use of the wooden beams on the ceiling for some pull-ups (45).  Pictures of the latter can be seen below.

Avec shirt: 

Sans shirt:

In the evening, after the dinner (where I finally break down and I have my dessert, followed by Nicole’s dessert, followed by Emma!’s dessert = some crappy baked apple with nuts and two pieces of chocolate cake with cream), we move to the lounge for the hotel’s quiz night. 

And on the quiz night the following things happen: 

-       We name our team London Preppy’s Concrete Igloo. The Concrete Igloo is a tedious in-joke that I won’t bother explaining, but I won’t pretend that the general consensus to use my name as part of the team name doesn’t satisfy me (and no, it wasn’t my idea) 

-       I volunteer to write down the answers, in fact I don’t volunteer, I demand, because I like my handwriting a lot, not to mention that my handwriting is one of the most blatant signs that there are some serious imbalances in my brain.  More specifically, I write like people type 

-       There are 6 rounds of questions in the quiz and these are: Sports, General Knowledge, Music & Literature, Famous Sayings, Geography and Something That I Can’t Remember Right Now.  Despite not knowing anything in Sports (Matty, John A and John B take this one on) I make up in the Music & Literature one of course 

-       We win the quiz 

-       The prize is a bottle of red wine, but my prize is the fact that the quiz master makes a big deal of the handwriting on our answer sheet and everyone in the room knows I am more machine than human 

After this amazing bonding experience John A and Emma! go to bed, John B an Emma go to bed, Matty, Nicole and I go to bed, I continue to regret making judgments about all these people the first hour I saw them cause I actually kinda like them now.


Trybaby said...

Haha cool that you won the quiz. Isn't that always the way with meeting people no matter how repugnant they are at first meeting they start to grow on you.[especially if you are forced to be around each other]

Oooo post a picture of your robot handwriting. I'm always impressed when people have really nice printing. I have nice writing too unless I have to write really quickly, then it just turns to shyt.

Do you do your pressups/sit-ups all at once or in sets? What are back stretches?

London Preppy said...

trybaby: Definitely did everything in sets, there is no way I'd do all those reps at once!

Back stretches are where you lie on the floor on your front and lift your arms and legs at the same time. Tightens your lower back and helps your posture

Jon C said...

Excuse my stupidity/ignorance, but I once heard that it's not good to do that many reps of sit-ups, push-ups, etc. The reasoning was that you wouldn't do 200 reps on the bench press (or any other muscle-building exercise), so why do that of anything else?

Please set the record straight.


I also want to see your handwriting.

Trybaby said...

With the back stretches how long are you supposed to hold them? [if at all]

kim said...

you are a machine, but one that evolves (apparently) as now you actually have feelings (other than hate) for these people.

Body-weight squats are another great one for when you've been duped out of a gym.

London Preppy said...

jon: You could well be right, I'm no expert like Jack or anything, but I do lots of reps in this case because there is no heavy weight involved. So it's a bit like a cardio workout really

trybaby: I don't hold them, just do them quickly, like ab crunches

kim: Yeah that's a good on too, I left legs out though because I was working them out enough with the skiing. The was really good actually

kim said...

body-weight exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, etc) can be done at a greater repetition (at pace) as a cardio work-out or with slight modifications (holding for longer, etc) for strength and short, fast sets for explosive power ... plenty of variations.

there are any number of 'Gurus' online (ie Matt Furey) but the best I've come across is Ross Enamait -

perfect for those holidays where you're cooped up in a foreign chalet sans gym

george said...

show us your hand writing....i can't stand bad hand writing.......congrats on the quiz

London Preppy said...

george: Fine, fine I will do

Tim in Italy said...

In spite not being a champion skier right off the lift, it sounds like you're having a great time. And now, having read your post and these comments, if I'm ever deposed into Gaol Redding, I can at least keep fit.

I loved the comment about cleaning the bathroom. I did the same the first time I hit the slopes where I perfected sliding down mountainsides on my face. You need something to take your mind off it all... like dustballs.

Timmy said...

"...I make up in the Music & Literature one of course." Well of course. That's what I would expect of you! Thanx for not disappointing me.

London Preppy said...

tim: I'll actually post some pics "on the slopes" in the next few days so you can see I really did have everything else on my mind apart from to learn how to ski

timmy: Yep, that's all I know!

buckyboy said...

so how long does it take you to do 300 press ups ?