Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday 18/02/08

On Sunday I have to do my weekly food shopping, and this is a task that he become progressively more difficult over the last few weeks, because I have started eating a lot more and to be honest it’s a fucking pain carrying all these bags back.  But I’m not desperate enough yet to try ordering online again, because if they even omit a single yogurt or banana or something, my weekly schedule will be completely thrown and this is a disaster I’m not willing to put up with.  Especially now that I feel relatively balanced mentally and I haven’t taken Valium for, what, two weeks? 

Well I’m actually taking Valium on Friday ahead of something I’m doing, but that’s a different story I’m not ready to tell yet. 

So anyway, in order to carry all the shopping back I come up with the brilliant idea that I should use my little scooter, a little scooter that served me well when I was 21.  And this might seem ridiculous, but it’s actually very practical and I don’t have to lift all these bags, I just have to load them on the scooter and err...scoot back. 

And Scott is there of course to take pictures of this major event and I’m here to post them.

For this shopping trip I'm wearing a pair of Diesel jeans, brown Timberland deck shoes, a grey sweat top from Boxfresh and a navy blue Energie jacket.

There is also a video but my face is exposed so I can’t post that. 

On Sunday evening another blogger who will remain anonymous sends me an email with the picture of a guy he saw on the tube and the following description: 

I saw the preppiest guy i have ever seen in my whole entire life.  He was so preppy it was like it was on purpose.  He had: the most amazing bouffant wavy hair; he was quite young - and was listening to his iPod and had brown leather shoes on, chinos with  a double-breasted navy blue jacket with gold buttons AND EMBROIDERY ON THE BREAST POCKET!!! - a white shirt and tie with various stripes of blue.  All he was missing was a Yale certificate and a lacrosse stick.  He even has the preppy pose of one-hand-in-pocket: the other not engaging in too much surface on the tube... 

Now this guy is fucking amazing of course.  His amazingness is only surpassed by his luck, because if it had been me who saw him on the tube and not this other blogger, I would have definitely followed him around, most likely taken more pictures, possibly attacked him from behind, held him at gunpoint and raped him. 

However, not having had the chance to do any of these things, I suppose what I can take away from this description and this picture is the fantastic hand position exhibited by this person.  And I promise to myself that I will never touch anything again with my whole hand in public (particularly on public transport), but I will just rest two of my fingers in a nonchalant / I’m too good for this place / “so this is the tube then” manner.


davey z. li said...

interestingly enough, when in sydney and you're on the train in the city circle zone you'll see huge numbers of preppies, most of them are actual preppies: cultured young men from well bred stock that attend private high schools (we don't usually call them prepatory schools in australia). i think the best preppy jacket i've seen are those from scots college.

Trybaby said...

Heheh you look silly running around on the too small for you scooter. Well it's always fun to make mundane into the frivolous. Maybe you could invest in some really nifty organic cotton cloth bags, save the planet, green sea turtles and all that? It could add to your Preppy image if you get some of the cooler upscale ones. I see that in your wish list you like the Mighty Boosh. They are so great. Noel is my favorite. I don't know what I like more, him on his show or him appearing on quiz shows.

Jon C said...

You need to find the 10-year-old kid that you stole the scooter from and return it.

Timmy said...

You have quite a bit to practice. Frown and pout. Hands and fingers.

Steven said...

The tube dude resembles my former boss.

He tried so hard to be preppy that he looked like a loser (which he was).

Seth said...

Rule #1 about being being preppy: never talk about being preppy.

This rule extends from the general proposition that WASPs, and by extension their WASP offspring, never talk about anything that would imply they actually care about their appearance (although they obviously do). That's why real preppies don't talk about labels, how much things cost, or the various sundries of dressing oneself. And, it really goes without saying that a WASP would never refer to himself as such.

Also, if you're going to wear two polo shirts at the same time, you absolutely must pop them both.

For one polo shirt, I recommend the half pop--imagine you couldn't be bothered to figure out how a polo collar works.

As a former elite boarding schooler in the States, thought you might like to know my two cents.

Love the blog. xoxo

Toddy said...

i. fucking. love. you.

george said...

he would have been perfect if he had a pair of those hideous boat shoes.....why don't you get one of those pushers for shopping. it's all the rage down under for sat market days. you can preppy it up with argyle and a big crest on the

Ben said...

Tesco? Had you down as a Waitrose man.

Bolt Upright said...

Pity about the video; it would have been great fun to watch perhaps speeded up double time and with a wacky soundtrack.

If only you had thought to bring along the ski goggles.

michael said...

hey has anyone seen the londonpreppypreppy blog?

hasn't been updated for months but it looks like a funny "homage" to prepster.

London Preppy said...

seth: I love these tips, thanks!

ben: I can't afford that!

Orchis said...

Brown shoes !

Mike said...

I'm not sure if it takes a stronger mind to do drugs, or not to do them.

Sorry to hear about the 2wk valium drought.

I hope you’re not turning into one of those people with “expressive, joyful eyes”.

As for the preppy stuff: remember preppies are from the upper class. Upper class live in the past (when granddad made his millions in the railroad industry or investment banking); the middle class live in the future (they are planning and saving for a better day to come); the lower class live in the present (working to pay the heating bill, buying used cars, and hoping their next lottery ticket is a winner).

As a prepster, you're focusing on the past ... e.g. shirts with popped collars, polo shirts, blazer with crests, boating shoes, khakis, pink and green are all fine.

Matt said...

is that the big tesco on oxford street?

Matt said...

p.s. you're adorable

London Preppy said...

matt: There isn't a Tesco on Oxford Street (anymore anyway). And thanks :-)