Friday, 29 February 2008

Friday 29/02/08

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions.  I now have between 180-200 and I'll answer them over the next few days.  I have come up with the following categories, and I think I'll stick with them even if there's overlap and the logic is non-existent, because it's really difficult to categorise them and it would take me ages to do it properly and I want to get on with answering them:

London Preppy - Human After All

This category includes questions from people who are trying to get to the bottom of me, and I'm not talking about my arse.

Shopping and Fucking aka Cocaine Sex

This category includes questions about sex and drugs and clothes.  It's the "fun" category I guess.

Books & Music & Film

This category includes questions about books and music and film.

Death Becomes Me / You Have Killed Me

This category includes questions which I cannot answer without sounding like a homicidal psychopath.


This category includes questions about my workouts and my diet.

Behind the Red Bar

This category is very large and I've piled up everything in it, that couldn't go anywhere else.  The general theme is people asking me what I think about this and that, what I would do in certain situations, that sort of thing.

My Data

This category includes questions about myself that I can give short, factual answers to.  


This category has random questions that are not really about anything, or about my person either.

Cemetry Gates

This category includes questions about the way I write, what I write, why I write, etc.  The name is inspired from a Smiths song that has many literary references and yes I know it's misspelt, it's meant to be.

Finally before I start answering your questions, on Friday I ask A Girl a question of my own and this question is:

What do you think all these people who read my blog want from me?

And A Girl says:

"This is a question I can answer for you with high certainty that I am correct. 

What they want from you, in order: 

Your soul

Your cock

Your ass 

And your firstborn child"

And I fear, no I hope, that she's not too far from the truth. 


Timmy said...

A Girl is very intuitive.

London Preppy said...

timmy: She's pretty damn good isn't she

Riky said...

I like reading your blog because your neurosis and habirs are very similar to mine.

r!ch said...

lol, loving A girl...more A girl please.
So this is one the readers can answer... Your soul: no fucking way, ass: definitely, cock: nah, and your child: LP + r!ch + BEE = Mini Psycho Muscle-Mary with a mind like Pi.

We've created a monster.

London Preppy said...

riky: Like incessant categorization and list making I presume?

r!ch: With us as parents, definitely mini

Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

A Girl seems fabulous: we should buy her jewellery.

Marcus said...

I guess now you know what it feels like to be a celebrity of some kind. We want the same things from you that we want from Prince Harry.

London Preppy said...

red exile: I will pass on the comments as she never bloody reads this blog!

marcus: I love Prince Harry. As William gets uglier with age, Harry is the opposite

Auctor Ignotus said...

I think you should figure out some sort of way to do a poll to determine what percentage of readers are after each thing. I think you might need to do several polls and then average the responses. I can't imagine everyone wants equal parts of you, the list is weighted.

London Preppy said...

auctor: I can start a poll with multiple responses possible on the right

Bolt Upright said...

I’ve seen at least one comment by A Girl, so she used to read this. Why did she stop? Let’s have HER take a poll:

A. My husband made me stop because he couldn’t take the constant comparisons and unobtainable expectations I was making of him.

B. Annoyed that I haven’t been able to walk down the street unrecognized since my red-blocked face appeared in this blog.

C. I hear about it all anyway, every day at work.

D. I’m starting my own blog and have already stolen all the ideas I need.

London Preppy said...

bolt: B. Definitely B. I think she does read to be fair, but maybe weekly or so

r!ch said...

Harry, as a member of the gingerhood, is one of the lucky ones as poor old Willy starts looking more like his FATHER! eeek.

When is the Anniversary of this blog? (This weekend?) And how many people are reading it daily???

London Preppy said...

r!ch: Anniversary's on the 22nd March. I get 1500-2000 hits a day currently. I'm sure this will go up and down...

Riky said...

Hmmmm I think your last post summed it up the best...The things happening in my head are more interesting. LOL.

Anon Ymous said...

for god's sake - you're a virtual character! you don't even really exist! how can people be after your cock or arse?
i'm definitely coming back for that soul of yours, all made up of 1s and 0s...
you are my favourite robot -
What was the title I'm looking for again... ah yes "Human After All"...

London Preppy said...

anon: This has been one of my favourite comments ever. I mean 0111001111110010101001100

Anon Ymous said...

Well, I was hoping so.
That is why I posted it as Anon.
Who'd have thought?
And now, go back to the virtuality you came from.