Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Wednesday 16/01/08

Despite being utterly pathetic, agoraphobic, tortured and a humble little chamomile flower, I am also restless, easily bored and a (minor) thrill seeker.  I don’t know how you can combine these traits, but this fucked up personality is what made me leave Athens when I was 18 and move to northern England without knowing anyone there (even though I was fucking scared) and also leave northern England when I was 24 and move to London without knowing anyone there (even though I was fucking scared). 

Now I’m having similar ideas about going to Sydney.  Mind you, I don’t want to go to Sydney permanently, I am quite convinced that my long-term future is in London (or Iceland of course, but nobody in their right mind wants to move there with me and I don’t speak Eskimo so I can relocate them on my own), but I wouldn’t mind living and working in Sydney for up to twelve months or so. 

I’ve been to Sydney once (in 2006) and kinda liked it and Matty and Nicole are moving there for about a year this March, so it might be a good opportunity for me to also go while my friends are there.  If I were to go it might have to be around the end of the year, for boring logistical reasons that I won’t go into now. 

Now obviously for a decision like that my mind is working overtime and I’m freaking out on a 24-hour basis.  On the one hand I think I want to do this, on the other hand I don’t know whether it’s a very feasible idea.  So let’s think why I should and why I shouldn’t. 

Why I should:

-     Sumfin to do, innit 

-          I could use an escape from my every day life where prevailing themes and activities are: obsessing about and stalking strangers / self loathing and desperation as an everyday pastime / substitution of over-developed pectoral muscles for a personality / the pursuit of trivial goals that nobody should care about / etc.  Don’t get me wrong though, if I were to move temporarily, I would do the same only in a different setting 

-          Might be a good idea to do this while I’m still relatively young instead of having a midlife crisis and starting to travel around South-Eastern Asia trying to befriend 21-year-old Oxford graduates on their gap year when I’m 38 

-          My friend M (a Sydney native) says that Sydney is great fun and very shallow so I would love it 

-          Matty and Nicole will already be there when I arrive, so they can pick me up from the airport, find me somewhere to live, show me all the boring straight hangouts where they’ve been going out, initially I pretend to be interested and have a good time until I familiarize myself with the city, work my way into the guestlist at Arc, run off with drugged-up destroyed Australian muscle boys, dump Matty and Nicole, never talk to them again 

Why I shouldn’t go: 

-          Before I moved to London (when I was up north), I used to visit every now and then and I would go on the tube or walk around and see those English boys in their 20s or early 30s, wearing their suits and going to the office, knowing their way around and looking tired and bored, with their light brown hair and blue eyes and their graduate jobs and friends and lives and samey faces; and I desperately wanted to be them.  Now, I am.  Having found my ideal demographic, do I really want to abandon it and go and spend a year somewhere completely different?  Shouldn’t I stay here and be part of this group and serve as inspiration to other pathetic non-Londoners who once day want to be me?  And if I go away, when I come back, will I belong again? 

-          Apart from Matty and Nicole I won’t have any real, close friends there.  Yes, there are a couple of other straight friends working there, and I’m sure I’ll bump into a few hundred gay acquaintances that have lived in or visited London at some point in the last 3-4 years, but my friends are in London.  Is it easy to make new friends now?  As we know my personality won’t help 

-          I am quite settled here.  I have my nice one bedroom flat, my big TV, my Sky, my Greek satellite, all the conveniences that keep me happy every evening between 2000 and 0000.  If I go away, I’ll have to give those up (temporarily anyway) 

-          Can I continue writing London Preppy when I’m in Sydney?  Or will it have to be Sydney Preppy (sounds wrong) or perhaps London Preppy Down Under.  Obviously this, the title of the blog, is the major consideration on whether I should relocate or not.  Mind you the blog content will definitely pick up, I can foresee the paranoia, neediness and general fret will make for excellent reading material 

-          Finally, on the pitfalls side, Scott can’t come with me.  But if you’re commenting or giving your view on this (whether I should go or not) please don’t mention / consider this, as it’s probably the biggest issue and I’ll have to deal with it myself 

Erm…that’s all.  Do I go or not?


NGM said...

do it! in Sydney you can still wear a suit to work (although a little hot in summer), we also have big TV's, one bed room apparments, gyms etc. And if you are feeling home sick, just duck down to melbourne - it is the biggest Greek city outside of Athens, or so they say.
Sydney is also a lot more relaxed than London (for better or worse), might be just what you need.....

nylon said...

Hi LP! You should definitely go, it's a wonderful city and the experience will be worth it! I just came back from there and I'm considering it as a future home too, once I'm done with this continent. Like you, I know in my heart that London will eventually be home again and of course I miss it but why not try as much as possible before getting old and fat? Go for it!!!!!!!!! Btw your friends will be there when you get back to London and they'll be doing exactly the same things they were doing when you leave. Personal experience! :)

Gabriel said...

i think its probably now or never. a year off will do wonders and you'd get back to london appreciating it much more. sydney is shallow and relaxed. perfect gay getaway.

Andre said...

In my opinion, life is all about the thrills and the idea of losing your safe spot for something new and challenging. Living a predictable and confortable life is for.. cattle.

I'm sure that it's going to be a great experience, and considering what I read so far about how much you love your job, I wonder why you aren't on the first plane already.

But please don't get too tanned...

Oh, and if you go there you have to meet Corey, the 16-years-old party boy, and tell him I love his sunglasses.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Thinking only of your blog: it would be strange, but perhaps still fun if you went.

Kind of like "Sex and the City," when they go to Los Angeles.

It's a risk though--"Ugly Betty" isn't as good when they're in Mexico.

kim said...

come ... I mean go ... I mean yes, do it.

and if you DO meet Corey, this would be the perfect chance to act out ANY scene from American Psycho. The result would be that 99% of Australian's would love you for it.

London Preppy said...

Who is this Corey that you people speak of?

W said...

My mother loved Sydney, so why not.

Jim said...

If you're so uncertain that you have to ask all of us, don't go.

(I just really need to be contrary)

Woodsman said...

Corey is:,21985,23064389-2862,00.html

Best to check out his youtube interview on A Current Affair to understand his full appeal/wankerness. Youth of today etc etc.

Sydney plus sides = North Bondi beach which is basically a gay nightclub on sand where abs and no bodyhair are mandatory. There are more Brits in Sydney's eastern suburbs than there are Ozzies in London these days (u can always tell cos they are the ones bright red and drowing at the beach) so u will know more people than you think. 1 pound = $95. The food's crap so u wont be tempted to lose your abs.

Sydney downsides = North Bondi beach queens. Neighbours and Home & Away arent nearly as good when you watch them here. The good weather generally promotes doing things which makes u feel worse when all you want to do is sit at home and watch Home & Away and Neighbours. It is nowhere near as interesting/cultured/enjoyable as Melbourne.

Timmy said...

I love Sydney and so for that reason alone, I think you should do it. I'll come and visit you.

However, I think the deciding factor about going is the name of the blog. If you can't come up with a good name for the blog, then don't go. :-)

Matt said...

I got bored of London 2 years ago and did the same thing. It's good here, but in the end you get bored more quickly!!

practical things you need to think about:

1. Immigration, 2 choices
a) Working holiday visa, you have to do it before you are 30 (so Scott is out?), you cant have the same job for more than 6 months, so people aren't as happy to hire you
b) 457 skilled visa, you need to be sponsored by a company (which isn't hard as you may think). Also, you can add Scott on to it as long as your sponsor is willing (or is there another reason.

2. Not much else! It is cheaper, sunnier and cleaner than London. You can bring your big TV because it will work here. They have Greek TV on cable. And yeah, it is just as shallow, fewer guys but higher proportion of them are smoking hot!

Anything else you need to know, just ask me!

Bolt Upright said...

How can you be thinking of leaving London?

"This is the place for you just look around this room
Is anybody here made out of stone?
Down among the heretics, the losers, and the saints
You are here amongst your own
You've come home
Everybody loves you here"

Trevor said...

I think there are enough London Expats in Sydney for you to feel right at home when you want - and enough true locals to be able to escape and enjoy things like beaches and warm weather in a lifestyle to which you are not yet accustomed. Will London Preppy become Sydney Surfie?

Andre said...

Corey is this guy:

Since there's nothing going on in the world at the moment, it actually made to the News..

Stephen said...

do a search for corey delaney or corey worthington although his name is quickly disappearing due to his recent arrest. Search on youtube also for his interview.

Forehand said...

Hi LP,

I like your blog, and I like the way you write.

I think you know the answer in your heart of hearts.

The trouble with life in any busy, noisy urban center like London, with its soul-numbing work schedules and its creeping compromises, is that sometimes it can become hard to hear your own voice in the din. So in a quiet moment, perhaps in the morning when you're still in bed but before the day begins, ask yourself this: Do you want, however briefly, a new life in a new city? Does the prospect fill you with excitement?

That's your answer. Everything else after that is just logistics to make your decision happen (and logistics should never drive your decision). Trust that you have enough ability and strength to pull it off, and just as you did in Northern England, and again in London, you'll find a way to make your decision work. You'll make a life of it, and you'll be fine.

London will always be here. So will Sydney. And I dare say that even when you're, say, 45, Sydney will still manage to be pretty awesome. So the question really is: What would make YOU happy?

Alpha Omega said...

You will have the support network in the beginning that did not have before.

Sydney may be the place where you finally take root and enjoy life completely.

Robert Maxwell said...

LP: Stay in London. I left San Francisco for London 7 years ago and have not regretted it at all. Can you put up with endless "Hiya Mate" and shrimp on the barbi and Kangaroos? Even Kylie can't stand Australia for more than a few weeks at a time and comes back to London.

Also if you are in Sydney, it will be a 28 hour plane trip (with connections and wait times) to go back to Iceland. The alternate choice for Aussies is the Falkland Islands and that does not have much to recommend it as a tourist hot spot.

No, London is BEST! Stay in London. Even with all of its faults, it is still wonderful!!!

DAVID said...

Well, if you went, you'd be closer to the guy from New Zealand that you "won" a date with! Maybe you could hook up with him. On the other hand, what would you do for income out there. More importantly, what about the job you have now. Was it easy to come by, or would it waiting for you upon your return? What if you just went for a loooonnnnggg vacation there so that your job and flat would be waiting for you when your return?

Brad said...

Oh please come down, LP. You'll love it. Especially how incredibly superficial and vacuous most Sydney-siders are (me not included). It's beautiful and big enough to be interesting too. Not sure how your pasty white non-tan will go here though - tans are big and the sun is fierce.
Brad in Sydney

London Preppy said...

Thanks to everyone for comments and suggestions, I'll think about this obviously and I might get in touch with people there and ask more questions. Also if I come over you'll have to be nice and friendly to me, but not too friendly and scare me.

george said...

take the are young still so it will be easier for you to adjust. Sydney is great although not as good as Melbourne.
Yes, we are ashamed to have Corey here. he is actually the equivalent to your CHAV. but alot more tragic cos he thinks his sunnies are more famous than him??? and he is not famous just a car crash!!! don't hold that against us.
you will fit into sydney cos there are so many freaky people

Didier said...

I think you should go - a little change of scenery might do you good although I doubt you'll be able to really "get away". You can run but you cannot hide ... from yourself.

fuzzy logic said...

Of course you have to go - who else I am going to annoy when I'm there?

Chris said...

Come down to Sydney, it is great here. Nice change from London! Give me a bell if you want to know about anything.

sfqwer said...

You have amazing writing skills. Go not to Sydney but to law school.

Queen said...

"a humble little chamomile flower" ?
Kapoios vlepei poli Kwnstantinou kai Elenis se satellite tv. :p