Sunday, 30 December 2007

Sunday 30/12/07

On Friday Scott starts emailing me that he’s about to go to the gym so of course I tell him if Aussie PT is there he should give me a full report back, I need something, anything to get me through my second-to-last day in Athens. 

So a couple of hours later he sends me a text and tells me that Aussie PT is there and they spoke to each other.  Then I make a leap to the phone and call Scott and find out the following: 

-       Scott goes to the gym with Donnell.  Aussie PT is in the changing room when they walk in, wearing only his underwear.  His underwear is a pair of white briefs.  We do not have brand information 

-       Donnell gives Aussie PT a 10/10 for body but he is not convinced by the whole thing, mainly because Aussie PT is not Brazilian (this is a problem Donnell has) and also he thinks he’s straight 

-       Scott and Donnell go to work out, about 50 minutes later Aussie PT emerges from the changing room all clean and preened.  He always takes bloody ages in the changing rooms apparently (according to Scott), I’m starting to wonder how many different types of moisturiser he uses 

-       At this point Scott walks up to Aussie PT and chats to him and tells him that his friend (i.e. me) is interested in having a session with him and can we have his card?  Aussie PT gives Scott his card and also takes my number 

-       During this conversation Scott also finds out that Aussie PT is originally from a different country but grew up in Australia and he has now lived in London for less than a year 

I don’t want to write anymore about him to be honest, because who knows who might be reading this and whether it might get to him.  Anyway, Scott also finds out his name of course (it’s on his card you know), so once he tells me that I log on to facebook straightaway and look him up. 

I do find him but his profile is private so I can’t stalk him very much, the picture is shirtless though, he has his arms behind his head and he’s sticking his tongue out.  I look at his friends list and they look quite a normal mix, the friends of a straight guy to be honest.  He only has one friend that I know (who is gay), but Donnell’s theory is that this guy is one of his clients as a personal trainer – he lives in the area that Aussie PT’s gym is.  So in conclusion, Aussie PT is most likely straight, and that’s cool of course, I’ll still do the training session with him because he really knows what he’s doing and I need new shoulders thank you very much. 

On Friday evening I go downtown to Athens to meet my friend Christina.  Christina is the only other person in Athens apart from Alex (who I met on Thursday) that I’ve kept in touch. 

My Dad drives me to town but I’m already stressing about my return home: it will be too late to catch the train back and I’ll have to get a taxi.  Interaction with Greek taxi drivers is one of me weakest points, but more of this in a second. 

So I meet Christina and we go to a bar and Christina orders a glass of red wine (or is it white?) and I order two bottles of sparkling water at which point the waitress pulls a face at me and asks me what? like what I ordered is completely unheard of, which I suppose it is in a country where chain-smoking, thick Greek coffee and hard liquor consumption is compulsory from the age of 14.  With Christina we talk about Greek singers, our love lives, Roisin Murphy and Bjork, how frequently you’re supposed to have sex, H&M, my blog, Aussie PT, infidelity. 

Then we leave and I attempt to hail a taxi, but the way this works in Athens is that you stop the taxi, you tell them where you need to go and then they decide if they fancy driving there.  Also, if you’re lucky enough for them to want to take you, you have to give them directions because no taxi driver knows where anything is. 

So I finally get one, I have to say the name of the area where I live 5 times before he understands (taxi drivers seem to have a particular issue with my fucked up accent), then he asks me which way I want to go, I tell him I have no idea, we set off, I call my Mum and ask for directions, I start playing with my phone to stop him from talking to me, we get home, I get in, avoid talking to my sister who’s feeling particularly needy and chatty at 0200 in the morning, I go to bed, stay awake until 0500 thinking about changing my diet, freak out about this, take a Valium, pass out, wake up at 0930. 

Finally, to conclude the Athens report, here are a couple more pictures from The Bathroom Sessions.  At the best of times I don’t need much of a reason to take pictures of myself, so imagine when I’m stuck in Athens and I have nothing better to do. 

Here’s picture one and in picture one we can see a quite formulaic shirtless pose (this must be the 3,476th I’ve posted on the blog), but the highlight is at the top of the picture where you can spot my ridiculous 15-year-old “beard”, which happened because I didn’t take my shaving kit in Athens. 


EDIT: What an idiot that I am!  I have been posting un-airbrushed, un-Photoshopped pictures on here for months, when I could turn this (look above) into this (look below).  Thanks to the very kind reader who went into the effort of making these small enhancements, even though I'm really scared to think what a Photoshopped picture of Aussie PT would look like, considering how he already looks in real life.

Here’s picture two (without Photoshop magic) and in picture two we can see what happens when you push your stomach out, i.e. your abs look better but your chest and arms disappear.  It’s a trade-off and I guess what we learn from this picture is that you can’t have it all, unless you are Aussie PT in which case you CAN have it all and you can take some of mine too.


Marcus said...

Your "15 yo" facial hair is enticing and makes me want to lick and nibble it. Maybe Aussie PT will feel the same way.

London Preppy said...

marcus: Trust me the facial hair is very lame, even though I did enjoy looking like a tramp for about a week...

Fingers crossed for Aussie PT anyway!

semistraight said...

A while ago, when I was ordering an "Apfelschorle" (mix of sparkling water & apple juice, popular here in Germany but not really anywhere else), the waitress went like "I knew!, I knew!" and then proceeded to claim I had an "Apfelschorle"-face o_O.

Oh and which Greek singers? Don't leave out the interesting parts ;).
And how do you function on 4,5h of sleep? Cause I don't, at all.

Trybaby said...

What a jerk, obviously Aussie PT thinks he is the shit and needs to have a private profile because people are going to stalk him and wank off to his photos. Well he's right if what you say about him is true but he's still conceded :)

Are you still going to try to make him your friend/flirt with him? Seems like fun. I approve. I hope he's not one of those dull straight boys that just talk about cars and banging girls all the time :(. Oh well if he was gay he would have been too perfect! HEhehe everyone must have a tragic flaw. What's yours?

London Preppy said...

semistraight: I wonder if I have a bottled water face. I hope that's the case.

Oh the Greek singers are completely non-famous and not worthy either to be honest. The trashier the better.

As for the sleep, I don't really function on 4 or 5 hours. That's why I have permanent head aches and sore eyes

trybaby: Well to be fair, everyone's profile on facebook is private because there's been a huge issue with employers etc looking up people online and finding out things they shouldn't and even firing people. But sure, let's continue slagging Aussie PT off, he deserves it for being so perfect.

As for me, my whole existence is a tragic flaw (as described on this very blog!)

Jim said...

I can not create what is not there. I can merely fine tune the perfection that already exists. (Wow, what a brown-noser!)

Trybaby said...

Yeah I've heard of that but I didn't really give any thought to it. Maybe I should do that too. I'm quite dastardly in my private life. Oh the scandal that follows me, and the heartache and bedlam that lay in my wake........ but yeah I should do that.

Timmy said...

PhotoShopped or not you're still hot! Maybe I should learn PhotoShop and enhance my image. :-)

LAmua said...

Ever been told you resemble the American actor Shia Leboufe? Great blog by the way.

Ben said...

What about Vicki Leandros "Apres Toi" one of the the best Eurovision songs ever. Not to Nana Ioanna Mouskouri. You Greeks are great...

Tim in Italy said...

What, they don't sell shaving kits in Athens? Admit it, you liked being a bit less than trendy for few days. Frankly, I think that's the sexiest pix you've ever posted. No, I meant that as a compliment.

You don't need Photoshop. I need Photoshop. But they haven't come out with the industrial strength version and optional spray attachment.

Happy New Year, Beautiful Man.