Sunday, 16 December 2007

Sunday 16/12/07

So on Friday it the work Christmas party.  I usually don’t find myself in bars or amongst groups of people who drink a lot, mainly because I’m an agoraphobic hermit, but the office Christmas party is a different thing and I kinda feel obliged to participate in the alcoholism.

And because I actually hate every alcoholic drink there is, I decide that the best way to get to the required state is to down a glass of something every half and hour or so – to get it over with, just one gulp and it’s gone, like taking a pill.  So I do that with 4-5 glasses of white wine over dinner and then we go to some bar where I have a number of gin & tonics (I don’t remember exactly how many), which I’m told that at least won’t make me fat instantly compared to other drinks. 

I don’t really talk about work people / stories / events on here and I’m still not going to, but some memorable points include: 

-       Leaving one of the achievement awards handed out at the dinner earlier in the bar toilets like Amy Winehouse did for her Q Award for Best Album a couple of months ago

-       Having a conversation with a colleague who came out to me 

-     Having a conversation with a colleague who should come out, I mean COME ON 

-       Leaving just in time before the carnage begins and everyone starts making out with each other and then pretends that nothing happened on Monday 

-  And that’s all I want to say about work related events 

So I leave the bar and as it happens Scott is near where I am so I go over to say hi and our friend Taylor is also there and blatantly I’m quite drunk and stumbling and stuttering and maybe dribbling a bit and both Scott and Taylor agree that I’m much more fun when I’m drunk, which might be the case, but it really isn’t an achievement at all as I usually I’m not fun at all, so anything is an improvement comparatively. 

Then I take the tube and go home and pass out, but not before posting a short blog heavily borrowing from Bret Easton Ellis’ The Rules of Attraction. 

Now then, a couple of issues left over from previous posts. 

As we all remember I was trying to flog my picture with Scott in Thursday’s post.  I may not have had any amazing offers so far, but the two following things have happened: 

a)    A reader who would like to remain anonymous (with good reason I guess) has created the following two images, which I am very confident that will drive the sale price right up (when the first offer arrives anyway)



b)    Superdrewby has started a campaign here (also supported by Aussielicious here) for me to send the picture to him (he will cover the postage costs), which he will then utilise for “diverse promotional activities”.  I have to say that fun though this is I am a bit hesitant, mainly because I did pay £150 to have this made and I would like some reimbursement please and also these promotional activities sound a bit dubious to say the least. 

Other than that, what also happens this weekend is this.  You may remember how I wanted to pass a note to the Eastern European guy in my gym in order to assist him with his coming out / destroying himself / going to gay hell.  Well guess what, I’m not the only one who thinks like that because my friend Mean just found himself on the receiving end of such a situation. 

So Mean is at the gym working out and when he finishes and goes to his locker, he finds this: 






Of course you can’t see this but don’t worry here is a verbatim: 


For you! 


Hi, I hope you don’t mind me doing this.  Never done before, but just had to this time :-) I have seen u around the GYM and would love to get to know you.  I am abit scard to ask u in person as I don’t know how u are gonna react.  If u are up for it, why don’t u send me a txt and we go for a drink? 07_________8.  Would love too :-) xxx INITIAL 

(I have left spelling mistakes in, have edited the phone number and left out the initial obviously) 

So when Mean tells me that, I tell him well I hope that you got in touch with him and Mean says well I sent him a text and unfortunately I know that this is going to be disappointing and I’m right because the text only says “thanks for leaving me the note, I’m flattered and it’s nice of you but I’m straight”. 

And this is how Mean either: 

a)    broke somebody’s heart in the gym (if they genuinely liked him and wanted to play with him 


b)    ruined somebody’s blog by not playing along (if the person who left the note actually writes a blog and had chosen Mean as his Eastern European guy, which is very likely I guess) 

Mind you this has given me new ideas about what to do in my gym, so it can’t be that bad.


Joe in the OC said...

Hey, Coming into Paris on the 25th for Winter Break. Heard it's amazing. Any tips or thoughts? Will be heading up to Amsterdam with friends on the 30th. What are your Holiday plans? If I don't hear from you, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Tim in Italy said...

I can't get away from the idea that the Eastern European guy is the one who left Mean the note (am I playing up the spelling mistakes too much here?).

I'm seriously thinking about making an offer for the photo I just have to figure out a) where to hang something the size of a picture window and b) what my landlord would think (he's one of the most prominent judges in the city).

Of course, these sorts of things have never stopped me before...

London Preppy said...

joe: Well I was only in Paris for 2 days to be honest, so can't really pass out advice! It's good though

tim: Sadly this is whole different gym - no Eastern European guy. I do have my doubts about the person's intentions though - not sure if it as completely serious or not...

devon said...

I love the 2 pictures the reader made for you. There are great! Hope they help.

Timmy said...

Hey LP. I'm in a funky mood today and just your post. It made me chuckle. Thanx for putting a smile on your face.

I know that making people happy goes against everything that you stand for (LOL) but wanted to send the message to you anyway. :-)

NGM said...

Hey LP,
are we allowed a pic of Mean???/

London Preppy said...

devon: I know they're great aren't they?

timmy: Cool. It's alright if I make people smile every now and then. Very occasionally :-)

ngm: Hmm...Mean will have to get back to us on that. (And submit a picture if you wants). Mean?

Superdrewby said...

I'm not quite sure what you think dubious may or may not be in my desire for 'promotional' activities.

More likely promoting both your blog and mine maybe even superimposing the red bars over your eyes as that adds to some of the mystery.

And anyway by the looks of it my evil campaign to have it is coming together nicely.

Remember this is very much something that Warhol would have loved himself too, and since I want a Warhol like the rest of my friends own one its perfect!

London Preppy said...

superdrewby: I'm joking about the dubiousness of course

Orchis said...

Why not donate your double portrait to the National Portrait Gallery - it's a splendid example of its type and I'm sure they would be delighted to have it. You wouldn't get any money but think of the cache.