Monday, 31 December 2007

Monday 31/12/07

The Greek satellite TV that Mummy and Daddy pay for me to watch here in England includes a porn channel.  On Sunday 30th December at 2200 the porn channel is showing the cinematic masterpiece that is Santa's Sluts, where I get the following captions.

In the first picture, I have tastefully added a little snowman to spare us all the shame.

In the second picture, the subtitles read "I'm loving the North Pole". 

Throughout the rest of the scene Santa keeps the beard and hat on, loses his clothes, Santa's Slut loses everything, keeps repeating "oh Santa it's so big" (it wasn't) and I guess what I'm trying to say is Happy New Year.


Trybaby said...

Aren't you glad that you could see that in High Def with your wide screen tv? At the very least was the Santa hot? I guess you can't see the face but the body? That kind of conceded porn is so funny and silly. I know of one where they do the pizza boy theme and then when the guy shows her the pizza there is a hole in the box and he has a "surprise" poking through. And he's all like "Well you did ask for extra sausage!", it's pretty classy I'm sure you would approve. The porn that I like tends to be the stuff like Sean Cody or fratpad. Even though they are still kinda fake, I like that they aren't faking situations, it's just like okay we are two guys making porn, and that they don't have any music in the background. I never got that, why would you want to play music during sex? What kind of porn do you like, if you feel like saying.

Bobby Vanquish said...

It's such a nice touch that they subtitle.
Just incase you weren't sure of what the fuck (!?) was happening.
And check those cheap blue curtains. They've obviously pulled them to try and make it like night except the sun is shining right through.
A touch of class.

the one in your dreams said...

i dont know if there is anything out there LESS sexy than santa paraphernalia

Trybaby said...

LOL I missed the point of that post all together. What I should have said was...

Happy New Year London Preppy, thanks for bringing me countless hours of distraction. I hope this year is better than the last. It's a certainty that this year would have been less bright with out your blog. :)

Best wishes,
A loyal reader.

London Preppy said...

trybaby: I'm not fussy about the porn. What I do find ridiculous though are the themed ones, where for example it's a locker room setting and everyone is supposed to be a hockey jock but they just look too puny and gay to have ever played

About your second comment. ah, very sweet

bobby: This was blatantly filmed on the North Pole last August with 24-hour daylight. It's authentic so shut up!

the one: Santa's Slut?

DAMO said...

Well, it's been an action packed blogg like no other, with attacks from wierdos, Abercrombie and Fitch, the coming and demise of Ratboy, the only gay bar in Iceland, Krispy Kremes, bitchings to the stupid people, zone boundaries, choc fudge brownie ben and Jerrys, H and M, AXM, fraud scannings in Tescos self service checkouts and bum bum bums.

Thanks for not only brightening the days, but also for giving a reason to avoid doing coursework and catching the earlier train, just to get home and crack me up laughing with your wit and style!

So here is to another year of must read entertainment.

Happy new year!

Timmy said...

LOL to think this will be the last impression on my mind for 2007! I'll have a permanent mark on memory.

My intent was to check your blog one last time in 2007 before I put on my going out clothes and to wish you a Happy New Year!

Thanx for the rear end...I mean year end laugh.

george said...

another amusing the way you commentate your life.........your blog has been a great find.....hope for many more in the new year.......HAPPY NEW

Fresco said...

Gelukkig nieuwjaar!
Bonne année !
From Belgium (tiny but bilingual).