Monday, 3 December 2007

Monday 03/12/07

So I don’t know how motivated I can be to describe Sunday night’s clubbing events, considering it’s now Monday afternoon and I am overwhelmed by feelings of shame, regret and err…trying to blank out everything that happened in the last 15 hours.  Anyway, these are some events and also text messages I was sending to Donnell through the night, to keep him up to date with what’s happening. 

-       I’m wearing shorts from H&M, white Marks & Spencer underwear, a red belt from Duffer, white socks, running trainers.  It doesn’t matter what top I’m wearing on the way there, because obviously I check that in the cloakroom as soon as I get in.  Here’s an older picture of the shorts I’m wearing on Sunday night, even though I have to say that they are definitely not hanging that low during the night – I have done up the belt tighter


Text sent to Donnell at 2232: First ___ and leave the house 

-       Scott and I get there and there are huge queues outside, not to mention an infinite amount of people inside 

-       Less than 3 minutes after going in, somebody licks and bites my chest (right pectoral), but I can’t complain because I half know them 

Text sent to Donnell at 0004: Fuck I’m ___ 

Text sent to Donnell at 0007: Scott tell me I’m a lightweight.  I says I can’t handle ___ but at least I can handle ___ well.  Scott says, no you can’t 

Text sent to Donnell at 0012: It’s very busy.  I haven’t ___ any ___ since I left home.  I’m staying off ___ thought because ___ 

Text sent to Donnell at 0059: So this is a first.  Frederik is at home but his boyfriend is out.  He told him he could come if he didn’t ___ Naturally I told him come find me if the need arises.  Feeling better now after that ___ 

Text sent to Donnell at 0138: Lots of sexy people around.  I found Trashy Nick now!  Night is looking up 

(Trashy Nick is a clubbing friend of ours who’s a professional clubber and always out, and if he’s at a party it’s guaranteed to be a great time – a bit like Fun Bobby from Friends) 

Text sent to Donnell at 0212: I’m ___ to the point where I find everyone sexy 

From this point on I don’t send any more texts to Donnell because I’m busy stumbling around, looking for people, talking to them for only 10 seconds when I find them, moving to find other people to do the same, walking around to be seen, walking around to see, not dancing, going to the toilet a lot, discussing the blog with people who read it, seeing my bedroom and my bathroom on the big screens in the main dancefloor (the club shot some short films of Scott in my flat to project on the video wall), thinking how weird it is that my bedroom and my bathroom are on the big screen in Fabric, being told by XXX that I come across as a miserable arrogant cunt who looks past everyone, making a note to use this on the blog, looking at my watch and not wanting time to pass, looking at my watch and being over it, forgetting to take many pictures to post on here, apart from these two:

 London Preppy and Friend


London Preppy’s Best Brazilian Friend Even Though Verbal Communication Is A Bit Poor


Then at 0600 the place closes and we go home. 

Text sent to Donnell at 0716: Just getting home now.  Conclusion: not missing much by not going out.

EDIT: You know what?  Isn't this the most boring post I've written for a while?  It's not funny, it's not entertaining, it doesn't add anything.  And this is what clubbing was like.  I don't really have any intention to get back into it soon.


Tim in Italy said...

I've read clearer accounts from doomed explorers lost at the pole.

Neil said...

how totally underwhelming. i think if clubs sold nitrous oxide and ballons at the bar, everyone would have a much better time!

London Preppy said...

tim and neil: Yeah I think that my love affair with clubbing will remain in the past for the time being. It was just boring and pointless. I'd much rather save my money and go traveling more

Neil said...

clubbing on the gay scene is a lot to do with pulling. if you have a boyf - why bother! parties with your friends are way more fun i think. last time i did a gay clubbing expeirence i remember standing in the middle of the dancefloor thinking 'how fucking pointless' its a shame coz i used to love it too.

travel tips for the north:

Oslo is kinda fun - i used to go a lot. But much nicer is Bergen.

Stockholm is awesomely beautiful - try going for the midsummer festivities on the islands just outside of stokholm

The young people in both these cities clubs can however be sikeningly gorgeous. on a good day in london i feel top 20%. on a good day in 1 club in stokholm i felt bottom 20%!

Scotland - the drive from glasgow to Skye is the most beautiful drive i have ever done.

London Preppy said...

neil: That's a fair point.

How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

I'm most definitely going to Scandinavia next year.

Neil said...

28. why? do i sound like a moaning old git?

Christopher said...

When Charlie Brooker gets it right...,,2147663,00.html

I don't think I could add anything to that.

London Preppy said...

neil: No, I was just wondering because your point about being underwhelmed by clubbing would be more relevant to me, if you were near my age (which you are) as opposed to if you were 45 for example, in which case I would expect you to be over it for sure

christopher: My God, he sounds so bitter and alone. I love it!

Will said...

Hey L-P,

What club(s) did you go to?

I'm going to Stockholm in June... can't wait, but work is paying!!! Off to Barcelona over the weekend... woohoo


Neil said...

christopher - i cannot go to that link - it says sorry not available? i bloody love charlie brooker though- always straight to his articles in the guardian on saturday - bloody hilarious.

London Preppy said...

will: DTPM @ Fabric

Steven said...

You can insert the word 'knackered' into every blank and it can almost make sense.

Stephen said...

Were you taking drugs or just drinking?

Your bum looks good in the first pic.

London Preppy said...

stephen: "neither"

Alistair_London said...

Hey LP,
Your first night out clubbing in months sounded a lot more fun than mine. It was actually also my first proper night out since I last ran into you. I was looking forward to much silliness and dancing like a loonatic but the night turned sour (despite the amount of muscle boys on show) pretty early on.
I took ____ before I got there and had a couple of vodkas too. We queued for nearly an hour and once inside I took another _____ and felt great. By 3 o’clock my head was spinning out of control and the busiest toilets in the world meant that it was a struggle to cool down or pep up.
I popped outside for a breather with my fella, where he vomited, which set me off and even though he felt a lot better I just couldn’t stop, so jumped in a taxi home and was tucked up in bed by 4.30am.
I’ve decided my clubbing days are over and I am much happier spending my weekends going for walks in the countryside, enjoying a couple of beers by an open fire, or cooking for friends at home. Basically, I’ve become and old man but you know I am quite happy to embrace my middle age and run with it.
P.S. You up for the next Matinee at Area – it’s gonna be wicked!

kim said...

wow, and I thought my Sunday night at home watching paint dry was uneventful.

SPQR said...

I am sure I have read the following before in few others of your clubbing reports:
"looking at my watch and not wanting time to pass"
why? is this some kind of watch related obsession you got there or just recycling? lol
1000000 times I did the's so sweet...
...did your night ended up in a drugs fulled orgy err "chillout"?
Do you think that a gay guy without the clubs scene/drugs/big ego is a gay guy with no future?
I do and I think this is why you seems more melancholic lately. please keep up pumping and dropping matey!

Christopher said...

Neil, just tap 'charlie brooker clubbing' into Google.

Having a quick scan down the page, one of the things that made me laugh the most was a 'Rantydaves' comment (I rarely read the comments because they're usually vitriolic bile written by bitter Daily Mail readers):

"I, too, am a club hater. But unlike Charley I'm open about the reasons why: I dress like a nerd; Dance like a spasmo; Drink too much; Don't understand the drug culture (critically, how to get some) and couldn't pull a book off a shelf"

e-rock said...

i'm going to be in london next saturday 12/12 for a short business trip and i need a recommendation for a good bar or club. this will be my first time in london, and i'll only have time to go out that one night!

do you have any suggestions? i'm looking for something not too crowded and expensive, but nothing too small or grungy either. thanks!

London Preppy said...

alistair: That's a story and a half. Was wondering why I didn't see you again in there. Not that it was easy to find anyone anyway. Well, I'm with you - middle age here we come

spqr: I went nowhere at all after! My bed had been calling since 2am...

e-rock: Club? Bar?

e-rock said...

im looking for a club. do you have any favorites?