Thursday, 1 November 2007

Thursday 01/11/07


So on Tuesday at the 2-year anniversary, the following things happen.

I meet Scott after work and we go to the gym, where we do arms and abs and talk to Stephen who's also there and we comment on random gym guys, like the gym guy who has a great nose (but nothing else), the gym guy who's straight but has a fantastic spray tan (to the point where I'm about to go up to him and ask him where he had it done, but I don't think it's worth being punched over) and the gym guy that Stephen really likes but doesn't like Stephen back, well he didn't say hi to him after they chatted on gaydar anyway so it's either that or he's really shy.

Then Scott orders some steroids from Stephen, I also order something from Stephen, generally everyone places an order with Stephen, then I remember that I need Valium because I'm running low, so I ask Scott to get me some from Frederik when he sees him the next day to get his fat burning pills, then we all shower, don't find anything worth stealing in the changing room and leave.

After the gym Scott and I go to my house where he gives me my presents (a DVD boxset of British sitcom Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, a reindeer themed candle holder, a flashlight, a card that calls me by my middle name which I prefer to my first name) and I give him his presents (a Scotland rugby top from the World Cup, a card that calls him a cunt).

Then we get on his bike and go to this restaurant in Knightsbridge where we have pizza, followed by some chocolate/banana cake and then we get back on the bike and on the way home we drive through Hyde Park and past the Serpentine and I'm thinking how cold it is and if I wanted to kill myself I would certainly not jump in there, because surely there must be better ways to take your own life than freeze to death in a dark, cold lake in a central London park. Maybe something involving pills.

When we go home we watch an episode of the Simpsons and in that episode Bart and Lisa are in the old people’s home and they’re playing an edited version of Gone With The Wind for the people there with all the bad bits taken out (the war, the swearing, the “frankly my dear I don’t give a damn” line) and Lisa tells Bart that “the elderly aren’t like you and me, they thrive on consistency, predictability and a life with no surprises”. And I try to remember the point when I turned 70, but maybe I was just born this way.

Then Scott leaves and I watch the first episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (i.e. my favourite TV show ever) but I have to stop myself there and not watch the rest of season 1, because that’s the only boxset that’s released in the UK at the moment and I have to pace myself to delay running out. Of course season 2 is already out in the US currently and it can also be found on my Amazon wishlist here on the right – I just thought I’d mention this in passing.

On Thursday I’m texting Donnell to ask him how his medical exam went earlier in the week and the text conversation goes like this:

Me: Hi, how did your exam go? Did you identify all the diseases?
Donnell: It wasn’t that bad I suppose. Was hard though. What are you up to this week?
Me: This week I’m mostly wanting to be muscly, have nice clothes and be good looking. That’s what I’m mostly up to. Don’t forget, if you’re free on Sunday we’ll meet up.
Donnell: Yeah see you Sunday. Can we go somewhere though, not just sit at yours.
Me: Yes that’s fine, I have a whole week off work after that so I won’t be stressed.

I have 1 song by Dreadzone and I’ve played it 0 times
I have 1 song by the Droyds and I’ve played it 0 times
I have 1 song by Drugstore and I’ve played it 18 times


Jon C said...

"I give him his presents (a Scotland rugby top from the World Cup, a card that calls him a cunt)"


Scott didn't want to stay over?

Trybaby said...

Who is this Stephen and why does he have all this access to drugs?

I didn't realize how many drugs you guys actually take. So does that mean you can't look like you guys with out taking drugs?

Lol a card that calls him a cunt. Do you have to record your voice?

I used to watch Sabrina, I wished so hard that I could have magic powers like her(ok I still do). But I guess coming up with the rhymes would be tricky sometimes. I really like her aunts.

London Preppy said...

jon: Nah, we both prefer our own homes!

trybaby: I have never taken body enhancing drugs. Anyone can look like me :-)

seahorse said...

OMG....not wanting to miss any new news i am sitting in a internet cafe in a dodgy part of london (shall not disclose-fear of...well anything that would arise thereof) and catching up with the daily goss! The reason being i am not home tonite and doing a slumber session in SOHO again.

wtf? Great evening out then but u sent scotty home?? very romantic.

listen if u want vallys just say, i got my new batch on tuesday i can somehow have them dropped somewhere i suppose. tonite its 4 for sure as i am desperate for sleep.

Nevermind Sabrina...does any1 remember the 'Bionic 6'...gawd i wished i was born into that family with some power. It seemed a good idea at the time. They were sort of like the British version of the ' the thunderbirds'?? ring a bell..

Now on that bike ride u boys weren't naughty again in Knightsbridge and got pulled over by ne nice officers again i hope!

Jon C said...

Interesting article today about a married couple choosing to live apart:

Knight said...

LP! Doesn't wearing a helmet on a bike mess up your hair? Is that why your hair is short =)

Oh and didn't know Donnell is studying to become a doctor!

London Preppy said...

jon: Yep sounds like us. We lived together for a few motnhs but that didn't work out. We're both very possessive of our space

knight: The helmet does mess the hair and now that it's a bit longer it's slightly annoying. But with my new "careless" style I don't have too much of a problem ;-)

London Preppy said...

knight: Oh yeah and Donnell is already a doctor. He's taking further exam for other qualifications

DAMO said...

Sorry it is a change of subject...but with regard to your blogg the other day about name changing...How much is it actually...I am tping it into google and it has led me to a deedpole thing which tells me I cannot enter :-(

P.s. I was watching this BBC thing the other day called "house of cards" and suddenly you came to mind in terms of how he talks to the caudience in the exact way you do in your blogg! hehee
Maybe one could write a series about your life in a screenplay!?

Aw...Is Sabrina the Teenage witch also out of that series called "Clarrissa explains it all"??? It has got to be hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?????

DAMO said...


A card that calls your boyfriend a cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you live in different houses...

I can't think why lol!

tyler said...

i like gifts, also.
what no halloween festivities?

Trevor said...

I'm returning to my 3 theme, and wondering whether your relationship (that started 2 years ago) was in fact of an emotional kind at the start - or just when it became the 2 of you, 3 months later. And then how the three of you first met...

Oh and I hear hypothermia and drowning are peaceful ways to go - but none of which I would recommend. (though with your body fat - hypothermia would probably get you before drowning would). The ultimate form of chilling out...

London Preppy said...

damo: The name change is £34. Here's one place where you can have it done:

tyler: Nah. I just ain't no fun

trevor: I wrote the story of how I met Scott and the 3 became 2 etc. It's on the Thursday 17/05/07 post

george said...

after just getting home from my BF's place (sitting there playing my nintendo ds lite all night) i end up reading this surreal bizarre....i guess that's why i keep coming back otherwise i would just slit my wrists and throat (make it a bit more bloody)'re the best.....don't

Trevor said...

Thanks LP - I had a read and now it's all locked in, and the '3' questions (almost) resolved - I also realised that there is a lot of blog for me to read that was pre me-finding-London-Preppy the blog. Scary and exciting all at once - but I'll have to pace myself.
Have a great weekend.

Knight said...

Yes LP, with the helmet on and off, you'll be looking hotter than Toby Flood in no time ;-)

tyler said...

Nah. I just ain't no fun...
yeah...right! isn't there a photo of you somewhere in which you are dressed as pinocchio?