Monday, 19 November 2007

Monday 19/11/07

I still don’t know if I should talk about the magically appearing / disappearing BLR competition contestant(s). I just don’t want to antagonize people too much, especially as I could be easily tracked down and killed. I’m sure careful readers will have noticed which blog is missing from my blog links on the right, mainly because it was completely erased by the writer once he was exposed. Anyway, another blogger (The Guy Who) has some more dirt on the subject, so maybe he’ll be braver than me and tell all.

In the meantime, let’s try to remember that when something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t. I.e. amazing good looks + great writing skills + sensitivity + friendliness + compassion + six-pack + education + humility = something ain’t right.

Back to the BLR competition though, well there have been many votes so far and I’m not going to reveal who’s ahead of course, but I can share the following:

One contestant has 60% of the vote
One contestant has 20% of the vote
One contestant has 13% of the vote
One contestant has 5% of the vote
One contestant has 3% of the vote

If you want to change any of that please keep voting until Sunday.

Anyway, this is what happens at the weekend: On Saturday I go to the gym with Scott, where we do shoulders and abs and the personal highlight for me is this guy who’s working out there and he’s enormously muscly in an appalling / deformed way and he’s wearing sweatpants and a very stretchy very lycra top that barely covers his stomach. I think Grazia magazine would refer to this type of garment as a “crop top”. As I express my disdain and complete disgust towards this person and everything he stands for and his sartorial choices, Scott dares to laugh at me for also generally wearing tight fitting clothes, at which point I stress that fine, you could argue that I don’t wear baggy, shapeless clothes, but if anything I dress like a vain straight guy (you know the kind), rather than a flaming queen (ditto).

After this I go home for the rest of the afternoon and early evening where I: watch TV, transfer all my files from my PC to my Mac (songs, pictures, porn), think how ironic it is that AXM has called me a gay scene “it boy” considering I haven’t been out to a gay bar or club in 13 weeks, go through “American Psycho: A Reader’s Guide” which was sent to me by a blog reader, contemplate becoming a drug addict / alcoholic / scene fixture again in order to get more inspiration for my blog, reject the idea.

At the same time Scott is out working, so I decide to go over to his house and wait for him and surprise him when he comes back. Of course this is also a great opportunity to travel for a bit on my own, and now that I have a book I’m reading and enjoying (the one mentioned above), I’m looking forward to this even more. So around midnight I’m at Scott’s house and waiting for him and decide to take a picture and send it to him, to give him a hint.

And this is the picture. Now you might think, how is Scott supposed to recognize this mirror as their own, but let’s face it, who else in their right mind has a green bedroom wall.

On Sunday I have arranged to meet Mean and Matty and Nicole to go to a photographic exhibition, but when I realize that the exhibition is near London Bridge I text them with the following:

“I despise the fact that all our activities have to be in east London and it takes me 45 minutes to get there so I’ll just stay home”

Then Mean replies: “Loser. Only you could describe that as east London. Not our fault west London is shit”

Then Matty replies: “Loser. This is what happens when you live so far away from London”

Apart from the fact they both decided to call me loser because I couldn’t be bothered to drag my arse all the way over to fucking east London in the pouring rain, I would like to point out that I have lived in zone 1 for 29 months now and Matty has lived in zone for 10. I rest my case.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has sent Mac tips / advice, they’ve been very useful. Conversely, out of the 2,010 people that have visited this site in the last 24 hours, nobody has offered to write to AXM for me and tell them how amazing my article / writing is. Yes, I do know it sucks a little, but whose side are we on?

I have 1 song by Erick E and I've played it 4 times
I have 1 song by Eros Ramazotti and I've played it 24 times
I have 1 song by Etienne de Crecy and I've played them 9 times


Knight said...

LP, I notice your pictures are a lil' blurry. I'm sure it has nothing to do with your camera and its pixels. Do you intentionally make the pic blurrer? We need a clearer look of your damn fine body ;-)

London Preppy said...

knight: Well this one was taken in a hurry cause I wanted to get it over with and go watch TV. I promise my work in hte future will be less rushed

Andre said...

Oh well, I was going to write to AXM just before you passed the "let's throw dirt on contestant no.2" bomb on me! Ok, I'll post the story now, but you better hope he won't jump on the first plane to Italy (or London) because of this ;)

By the way, I rarely laugh out loud when I read something. But you succeeded, with the "crop top" comment. Loved it!

Trybaby said...

2,000 people wow that's a lot. I'll write if you want me to. Post the email. Wow green walls, why don't you just throw up all over them instead of painting it? Just spill the beans I need to know!!

London Preppy said...

andre / trybaby: In any case, the AXM email is

Knight said...

Though I won't get to read the article and the chance of stumbling upon AXM is slim here on Oz.. judging by the way your blog is written, I'm sure the article is fuckintastic!!! Will drop AXM a "I want more of LP" email =))

Ben said...

In fairness to the chap (?) who has now deleted his blog, it was a rather beautifully created piece of work. I would actually have carried on reading it even in the knowledge that he was not who he professed to be.

On which subject, it is time to confess that in reality I am a small potted rhododendron named Alice. Please forgive me.

Andre said...

hey, the truth has been told. go to my blog and add something if you see that I missed out some parts. I am so doomed...

by the way, you played one song by eros ramazzotti 24 times?? come on! ewww :D

London Preppy said...

knight: Very good, thanks. It might be useful to make referecne to the article on page 56 called The Wrong Fit, as they migth not know who London Preppy is :-)

ben: At this point I would also like to reveal that I am in fact Tyler