Monday, 12 November 2007

Monday 12/11/07

So it’s now Day Two in Iceland (Wednesday last week): We wake up at 0900 and go to get breakfast (which is included in our booking) and while we’re having breakfast we also steal lots of food to take with us for the rest of the day, because everything is really expensive in Iceland and I don’t mind having stale sandwiches with salami and processed cheese and strawberry jam for lunch, as long as it’s free.

Then we decide to go to the Blue Lagoon, which I think is the most famous landmark of Iceland and it basically involves a lake with hot water that you can swim in even though the air temperature around you ranges around freezing levels. I am not making this up, there are thermometers there and at some point the water temperature is 44˚C compared to 0˚C for the air.

While we’re there, we decide that this will make the perfect setting for our Christmas card this year so we try to take a picture of both of us in that lake, which proves a bit difficult as there is nobody around with dry hands / the willingness to stop what they’re doing and start taking pictures of us. So we set the timer on the camera, put it on a wet rock in the pouring rain and hope for the best. This is the best we can come up with.

At this point I would like to point out that the idea of sending out a Christmas card as a couple is a very tongue-in-cheek one and as far as I’m concerned the more ridiculous it is the better. If I had it my way we would both be wearing sweaters with reindeer on and wooly hats and there would be snow in the background and maybe an open fire and cheesy grins, but I suppose standing half naked in a steamy lake very near the North Pole is also satisfactory.

Last year our Christmas picture also featured a lake, but that was taken just outside London so that is definitely not good enough. Here it is anyway, so you can make your own comparisons. Before we send the cards out I Photoshop Happy Christmas or something on it of course, for that extra ridiculous touch.

Apart from the one picture that we take of the both of us though there are many other pictures that we take of each other in that lake, so here is a selection of those.

My front:

Scott's back:

My back:

Scott's arse:

My front again I guess:

After all this excitement we go back to the hotel to have a rest and then we go out again and the following things happen:

- We head to the Reykjavik harbour looking for a hot dog place as recommended by Enid, but by that time it’s pitch black and pouring with rain, so we can’t find the hot dog place, the harbour, or the way back so we get lost and walk around for about an hour.

- When we get back in town we decide to get a takeaway pizza instead and the pizza place is fabulously lit up in green neon lights and playing Britney Spears music videos on a TV screen, so we decide to take some pictures while we wait.

- On the way back to the hotel we walk past a shop and we see a group of around 10 women in their 40s-50s knitting together and somehow I get really upset about that and there is nothing more that I want at that point in my life, that to be a middle-aged Icelandic woman gossiping with her friends in the Wednesday night knitting group; talking about our useless fishermen husbands, hoping that it will be a mild winter this year, commenting on a neighbour’s son who moved to London (“I bet he’s back in Reykjavik within 3 months”), planning a trip to the North coast that will never happen.

I have 1 song by Elica Todorova and I've played it 10 times
I have 2 songs by Elliott Smith and I've played them 16 times
I have 3 songs by Elton John and I've played them 6 times


DAMO said...

You do always look quite tall in the Iceland pics, I have to say. (especially the indoor photo)

Was the flight long?

Tim in Italy said...

Damn, I love that jumper you're wearing at the pizza place... and I don't like jumpers.

It sounds like you had such a blast! As far as the Christmas card, what's wrong with the 2 of you naked on a bear skin rug in front of a fire place? There's gotta be a fire place in Iceland, eh?

You should come round to Monfalcone sometime this winter. That's all my mates and I do, but knit the evening away while watching Inspector Morse repeats. And you're right: my fisherman boyfriend is absolutely useless!

tyler said...

grandmoms taught me how to knit and i am pretty good at it. in high school i started a knitting club and coerced my bf at the time, the proverbial captain of the american football team (as opposed to a futbol/soccer player)to join in. so it's me, the capitano, 3 teachers and 4 plain high school girls (who turned out to be MAJOR ganja freaks) sitting around gossiping about boys, knitting scarves and sweaters and having a great time.
i learned more about women and what REALLY makes them happy there than i ever learned any where else.
on top of that i was able to procure the best ganja that i ever had the privilege to smoke.

Timmy said...

Once again, great pics. Also enjoy the commentary on your trip.

Jon C said...

That all looks and sounds fun.

The colors and setting of the first picture of you - My Front - is incredible. But, I really like the "Christmas card" photo best as it shows off your great smile, and the 2 of you look quite happy together. Maybe you could photoshop some Christmas sweaters and wooly hats into it. :)

tyler said...

i love that you are in fucking iceland, waiting for your pizza in front of a NACHO machine......
i wouldlove to have nachos in iceland....ha!

Wyler said...

Odd that in a blog devoted mostly to your torso, you have cleverly made the true object, your eyes, the eyes we never get to see, that is. So, can it be true that in the photo of you lying on your back on that plank in the steam, there is no red square over your face? But of course your eyes are closed. You tease, you!

Trybaby said...

You look nice in a toque. I like those pictures. In them you look very calm and candid. Some how you look more real, like we get to see the real you , not the you that is posing for a picture.

Andre said...

maybe you can photoshop merry christmas or happy holidays in icelandic..

I really like Scott's hat in the last picture!

george said...

scott has visible love handles.....oooops did i say that....well since your eyes are 'reded' out what else can i look

about a boy said...

sounds awesome! and looks so beautiful. enjoy! not that you need me to tell you that...

London Preppy said...

damo: The flight is about 3 hours (from London)

tim: Ha ha! I love the bear skin rug idea - definitely on the right track

george: That's a sensitive subject for Scott, but we love him anyway!

Superdrewby said...

Next holiday try Lapland inthe middle of winter, choose Rovaneimi the capital. In winter it can get to -45 centigrade and is amazing.

Finnair fly from London to Helsinki and then to Rovaneimi.

I took the boy about five years ago in winter and he has sworn never to go again it was so damn cold. BUt they do have one of the worlds Ice Hotels and that's an amazing experience in itself

lola h. said...

came here through firefawkes' site. awww... i went to the blue lagoon last december. beautiful!

i don't think that pizza place was there, but i'm intrigued by the neon and britney.

you gents are gorgeous, and i hope that you have fun in iceland! glad you're not into the women, because they seem to hit the wall around 28 years of age. urk.

kim said...

hot damn ... shoulders like that should be illegal